Should the Packers Re-Sign Jordy Nelson?

This was going to be a very different video today about Eric Berry and Ha Ha going to the Bears, but after getting dozens of messages and comments, I figured this video had to be made. Snag your Packast merch here: Subscribe! Patreon: Twitch: Use promo code: TOMGROSSI to save $20 on your next ticket purchase from SeatGeek. Fan mail: PO Box 614 Jefferson Valley, NY 10535 Buy 'Allergic to Fun': iTunes:…s&ign-mpt=uo%3D4 Amazon: Physical Copy: Twitter/Instagram/: @tomgrossicomedy

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Tom Grossi
Tom Grossi:
Like I said in the description, this wasn't supposed to be today's video, but I got a ton of messages asking about getting Jordy back.

Gonna go to sleep now, as I have to get up for work in 4 hours. Hope you enjoy it, thank you for all the messages. I really appreciate you all.

Tomorrow will be about Eric Berry and Ha Ha.
Anthony Sarabia
Anthony Sarabia:
We should so if he decides to retire after this year he can retire as a packer
Nicholas Jandrue
Nicholas Jandrue:
Packers should trade a 7th and a bag of Doritos to the Giants for their entire team I think they would accept
Tom Adamo
Tom Adamo:
Remember When James Jones came back from the raiders? Just sayin.
If they resign Jordy you will stop crying, right?
R.M.S Olympic
R.M.S Olympic:
He’ll always be a packer in my heart.

Also I like how the photo is jordy as a packer and the raiders in the background
Jasper Bernstein
Jasper Bernstein:
I’ve seen so many bad photoshops of Jordy in a Packers uniform today! Tom, do you think you could do a better job?
Jack Football
Jack Football:
Yes yes yes a thousand times yes. If we just gave him a one year deal to gauge what he’s capable of I think we could potentially resign him after this season. It brings a familiar face to the locker room and will obviously make Arron happy.
I would love to just see him retire and we sign him as a WR coach for us
Dylan Keiner
Dylan Keiner:
i think it would be pretty cool if we resign him, though it probably won't be the same.
Joe Vick
Joe Vick:
Jordy Nelson and marquise brown and davante Adams 🥳🥳
At least let him retire as a Packer.
As a bears fan I think they should I mean Jordy and Rodgers have really good chemistry and always toasted us.
Jakeplayz games
Jakeplayz games:
all we need is a slot smh...
Carlos Santiago
Carlos Santiago:
Can we sign him to be Aarons emotional support friend
Donut _
Donut _:
Country Road
Take me home
To a place
I belong
Green Bay
What would mike McCarthy even look like in a packer coach uniform? That sounds so darn silly!
Fix It
Fix It:
Well at least Jordy Nelson and Toms shirts have 1 thing in common they are gone for a while but they’ll be soon?
Baus Beast The Real Mvp
Baus Beast The Real Mvp:
Hundley never targeted him in 2017
Joel Farley
Joel Farley:
Yes yes yes but unfortunately my guess is he will go to the pats calling it right now ..... if he’s cheap enough why not right ?!
answer to the title, Y E S spells yes
Let Cobb and Matthews walk. Sign Nelson. Might be an unpopular opinion, but that's just my opinion.
If Jordy was cheap and was a rotational piece I’d be fine with it. When they won in 2010 Donald Driver was 35. But the packers need to add more depth to the line in the draft, along with a solid tight end like a Noah Fant. I still think the receivers will develop but it’s gonna take time. But lafleur will take the offense to the next level in my opinion and we added some depth to defense. It all depends on the draft now and a lot of this could be fixed with the draft.
KTA 916
KTA 916:
Jordy: You up?
Aaron:New phone, who dis?
Great analysis, you have a new fan. Awesome video. You should get hired by ESPN or FS1, but then you would have to talk about other teams, and our Packers is all that really matters. Although you're right I still think they should give Jordy 1 more year, just to make Aaron happy. But what they really should do is try to draft DK Metcalf.
Jimmy Her
Jimmy Her:
I'm on the same boat, I LOVE Jordy Nelson as much as all of Packer nation, but signing him doesn't make sense. We're entering a new HC era, this is no longer Mike McCarthy so the system and calls are completely different. We need to draft a slot receiver, and hope that at least 1 of the 3 rookies we took last year takes a sophomore jump. If Jordy retires, let him sign a 1-day contract and have him retire a Packer.
Ethan Look
Ethan Look:
Was not expecting a heart to heart, but I have the same outlook on the matter...... personally I really like jmon Moore and hope he can figure out how to catch a ball...idk why but I feel like all three of those rookies are gonna be great.
McGrath Makes
McGrath Makes:
Tom looks like he is gonna cry.
3:01 here comes the but.....
Tom if you wanna drop a receiver for Jordy, I say bye bye Trevor Davis.
Slim C
Slim C:
The truth hurts. My emotions still say you are wrong, but I know you are right.
We already did the hard part, parting ways.

If you bring him back you are stunting the rest of the guys on the roster. We want to have a shot at the Super Bowl for 4-5 years, and getting rid of guys with potential compared to Jordy for possibly 2 more seasons isn't the right move to make.

You'd have to cut at least 2 of Allison, Moore, MVS, EQSB, Davis, and Kumerow.
Simon Dillemuth
Simon Dillemuth:
This man is so smart! About the packers! Sometimes I'm like what? Than he explains and I'm damn that makes since. Keep preaching dawg!🙏🏽
Brandon J.
Brandon J.:
Hey... he’ll always be on the Packers in Madden 18.
David Y
David Y:
Tom Grossi the voice of reason! Thanks for the content... I couldn’t agree more on this point really. My dreams are for him to come back on a super cheap deal to retire a Packer but I will not fault Lafleur and company one bit if they pass. But but but...I miss him! It would be so amazing to see them spinning the ball in the end zone just one more time!
Alex Neang the class 2023!!
Alex Neang the class 2023!!:
Not trying to be rude but I don't think need him but maybe?
Donut _
Donut _:
Packers can cut/trade Jimmy Graham
Let go of allison
Forget Cobb
Forget Matthews
mi mar
mi mar:
Thinking with your head and not your heart is difficult, but I totally agree with everything you've said.
Ice Tray
Ice Tray:
1 day contract retire as a Packer. Love you Jordy.💚💛
brandon d
brandon d:
Why do I keep watching you
Nathaniel legendary fan
Nathaniel legendary fan:
Tom grossi in a packers uniform
......oh yeah
Elizabeth Hunt
Elizabeth Hunt:
YES YES YES. I couldn't agree more. I've been trying to communicate all of these points and you just did it beautifully. Sharing and ordering a shirt.
Vertex Realm
Vertex Realm:
This was the most heartbreakingly true video ever😭😭
Joseph Wang
Joseph Wang:
Like a tsunami the comments came.
If only we had Jordy we could win a game.
Please sign him sexy LaFleur
I dont know what rhymes with LaFleur
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon:
I agree with everything said in this video 1000%
Packer Talk
Packer Talk:
Hey Tom did you hear the raiders released jordy Nelson ? 😂😂 JK
Jason Butler
Jason Butler:
This is the video Packers fans didn't know they needed! It's sad, but the league and this are different. If we look at the past more we can never move on to the potential we have!
Terrence Peters
Terrence Peters:
indeed, it would be so heart warming like wonderful to see Jordy back with the pack. But it was told like it is in this moment....that was then and this is now! To see Jordy retire as a Packer YES, but that's about it. Maybe a receivers coach someday? YES...I think he would be in line for that. Jordy always was one of my favorite players and always will be... I wish him the very best. where ever he lands with whom ever he plays? he will make an impact and can only make that team or organization a better one.
Max Palmer
Max Palmer:
I still have my Nelson jersey from when he was in green bay
I don’t care who signs him I just wanna see him play in lambeau field one more time
Manuel Hernandez
Manuel Hernandez:
Jordy the goat Miss him
Keep making these sick packers vids
Kyle Duffield
Kyle Duffield:
How can you say no to Kumerow. The name practically beckons!
N Yang
N Yang:
Sign him to retire as a packer. But I dont believe he is going to offer much in return at this point of his career and with the offense switching to a new system too. I could be wrong and he maybe can hit it off again with Rodgers but unless that can translate to a superbowl appearance, I'd rather Rodgers develop chemistry with the newer receivers. People who are screaming to get him back are looking at it through their nostalgia glasses.
All social media? I didn't see you on MySpace?
Chuy 209
Chuy 209:
The Aaron Rodgers + Jordy Nelson duo is legendary and plus now that Davante Adams is one of the best in the nfl we need another WR.
Mark F.
Mark F.:
Please, by all means....sign declining players. Bring back a guy that your QB will want to focus on. You'll be looking back at the 2018 season fondly.
Just think he’s going to want more money they want to give . But maybe
Rick Eisenberg
Rick Eisenberg:
Tom, your logic is tough to argue with. That being said, it is also irrefutable that last season's GB wide receiving corps suffered from lack of experience. So, in my opinion, if Jordy is willing to sign an affordable one-year contract, I believe he could give us the experience we need at wide receiver.
GreenBay Packers
GreenBay Packers:
Arik Westberg
Arik Westberg:
Expectations are high when you want a player to come back after dumping him a year earlier.
Wayne A. W.
Wayne A. W.:
As much as dem Saints should resign The Real Jimmy G(raham) :-)
Steven Fauver
Steven Fauver:
No, use the money on another free agent o-lineman.
Kurt Jenschke
Kurt Jenschke:
The NFL is a young man's game.
Thanos Snaps Fingers
Thanos Snaps Fingers:
Watch him sign with Patriots and put up double digits TDs. Lol
Sean-Luc Shanahan
Sean-Luc Shanahan:
Next video
Netconner Sports
Netconner Sports:
Notification squad
Nigs Boomin
Nigs Boomin:
Well that’s cool.forgot that I left my volume on blast for my alarm and never turned it down so then I hear grossi possi packers
Eric Smith
Eric Smith:
War eagle auburn represent
Alex A
Alex A:
I hate how you speak the truth 🤣
big Mike
big Mike:
He’s just not good anymore
Daniel Seliger
Daniel Seliger:
The green and gold in me says yeah, but my brain says no. Overall I say no, especially after Aaron's collarbone injury. We must force Aaron to spread the ball around and not just have that security net all the time. Good analysis my man. Been argueing with doods all day. Let's save some of that money and roster spot for Eric Berry! Go Pack! GO!
Wramor 84
Wramor 84:
Very Very good point on the College analogy... Devante was mediocre during his rookie season because he didn't know how to react to Rodger's scramble. We leaned on Jordy during Devante's development. Now that we have some really young WR's we have to wait for them to develop as well. I completely agree with you on it's a really big gamble that if Jordy comes back.
Veezo TV
Veezo TV:
Mogul Joe
Mogul Joe:
Can* Can the Packers sign Jordy Nelson? No.
1 year 2.5 mil...
Alan Velasco
Alan Velasco:
IMO we convince Jordy to retire and hire him as a WR consultant or some other position so that way he helps our young wr core while not sacrificing a roster spot
Tom this video was painful to hear
RIP This man, unfortunately he chose to retire
Anthony Slazas
Anthony Slazas:
He going to the Saints
Chad Higdon
Chad Higdon:
hope he comes back!
James Jones all over again
Mr.Sarcastic OD
Mr.Sarcastic OD:
lol retires as a raider
Hipolito Soriano
Hipolito Soriano:
We can just draft one
Juju Az
Juju Az:
The packers shouldn't do it
David Huff
David Huff:
No thanks.
Baus Beast The Real Mvp
Baus Beast The Real Mvp:
Put hom on a team with a great Quarterback and hes productive
Bryan Peterson
Bryan Peterson:
Tom - Do you have Red Zone Efficiency numbers for 2016 and 2018? Id be curious if GB was more effective in the RZ with Jordy.
Like Jordy when he played here but it's time to move on. We already have several potentially good receivers that could have a break out season.
I hear what you're saying, but I think we have enough young upcoming receivers, one more veteran would be nice to help transition those young guys into solid receivers. I also don't hold his numbers with the Raiders against him because the Raiders were just trash last year and it was his first year in a new system that is still trying to figure itself out.
Giovanni Ferrari
Giovanni Ferrari:
I can see both sides...first hes gettin up there in age...but if we do sign him he could b dbl teamed n have the other guys wide opened or vice versa
Roblox Master
Roblox Master:
Hey Tom, Cobb is a Free Agent, it wouldn't hurt to sign jordy on a cheap 1 year contact
Tom Adamo
Tom Adamo:
Derrick Carr hasn't been the same since he broke his leg. That's why Amari Cooper blew up after the cowboys trade.
Tough love
-Build Legacy-
-Build Legacy-:
I’ve been waiting for this vid lol. #jordycomehome
Isaacnewsgamer 42
Isaacnewsgamer 42:
If they want to win
corbin olson
corbin olson:
What if a quarterback slides in the draft, and we get him to learn from Rodgers? Like a Drew Lock situation. Kind of the way Aaron studied under Favre... just a thought.
Giovanni Ferrari
Giovanni Ferrari:
Let trevor davis go
Come home Jordy

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