Vikings Season 6 Episode 1 PREVIEW/TRAILER Breakdown

Vikings Season 6 Episode 1 Preview and Trailer is here and this is my Vikings 6x01 Season 6 Episode 1 Vikings S06E1 breakdown. Season 6 will continue the development so far as times get tenser and tenser for our characters. Vikings Season 6 Episode 2 Preview/Promo breakdown will be uploaded as soon as season 6 is released! Twitter: Patreon: Discord Community: The fifth season of the historical drama television series Vikings premiered on November 29, 2017 on History in Canada. The series broadly follows the exploits of the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his crew, and later those of his sons FAIR USE NOTICE This video may contain copyrighted material; the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available for the purposes of criticism, comment, review and news reporting which constitute the 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided in the NZ Copyright Act 1994. Notwithstanding the provisions of the 42 section, the fair use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, comment, review and news reporting is not an infringement of copyright.

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Ivar the homeless
Lets talk about how good Alexander Ludwig acting was when he yelled to everyone that he wasn't the enemy damn I felt that emotion that was pure acting skills OMG! And even tho I like Ivar I loved that scene from Bjorn pure class!
I like floki but hope hes dead Iceland was the worst thing this season they could have replaced iceland for the kingdom of rollo would be much more interesting
Life Byte
Life Byte:
So much for the "I'm no longer Lagertha shield maiden since my shield is gone."
Linda W
Linda W:
I think Vikings will end better than Game of Thrones.
Taryn Estabon
Taryn Estabon:
We should be talking about Ivar's dope new hat not this crap.
Nano size Picture
Nano size Picture:
No sign of Floki..
King of Fedoras
King of Fedoras:
Here's hoping Ubbe doesn't die, especially considering it looks like Torvi might be pregnant, so I'm sure he wants to see his first child.
It's like they had nothing left for Floki's character and hoped we forgotten. One big mess after Ragnar's death.
3:07 looks like a Landing in Normandy
Mu36asim :D
Mu36asim :D:
Not seeing sons of Ragnar uniting again is so sad ,, imagine with ivar tactics bjorn’s leadership and courage, ubbe with his peace mentality like Ragnar, hvitserk finding his fate lol
berza -
berza -:
Joda St. John
Joda St. John:
It’s a Russian prince that Ivar is talking to..... according to an interview Michael Hirst did that I read this morning.
Jakie Astilla
Jakie Astilla:
0:19 Bjorn looks like his father here. Damn I miss Ragnar:(
Idea: make a spin-off season about what Ragnar does when he leaves for years.
where u wanna be
where u wanna be:
Who else thought Ivar looked like Raiden?
Richie Santiago
Richie Santiago:
Claire Pierson
Claire Pierson:
i love the scene where bjorn has the sword and hes on a hill top its just like the scene with his father when he has the sword and just became king looking foward to the next season
What a massive disappointment this season ended up being. Apart from Ubbe getting the settlement running in England, what else have the characters achieved? We are literally in the exact same point, except Bjorn is king and now Ivar will be the invader most likely. Half the scenes this season were a waste of time, given the fact characters like Magnus and Floki went nowhere this season, and the other scenes were incredibly poorly written. Then there was about 10% of pure brilliance just hiding somewhere underneath all this trash, because I know Hirst has got what it takes to write a genius show, like he's been doing for the first few seasons, but the man is out of ideas, and that's that. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy watching this show, I'm a fan after all, but it no longer leaves me satisfied or wanting more after the credits roll. It's no longer this inspiring piece of media that is part of my life once every week, it's just like a chore, something I gotta scratch off the checklist of things I gotta do. Season 5 is forgivable, but *please* let season 6 go back to the roots and be truly great.
Wolf Lord Gio
Wolf Lord Gio:
The beach scene looks like D-Day WW2.
I can't hate Ivar. He's too brilliant.
Hell yeah! Finally it's time for slavs to get in action.
Kanema Shamboko
Kanema Shamboko:
The final episode was so emotional. I almost cried .
Yusuf Nur
Yusuf Nur:
The King Of the North!!!!!!
They Live
They Live:
3:05 looks straight from a scene of saving private ryan.
Kaylee Lesheski
Kaylee Lesheski:
Torvi low key looks pregnant, I can’t tell if it’s the dress or angle tho.
Shay The MUA
Shay The MUA:
I thought the finale was amazing. The seer at the end was perfection. I can not wait for season 6
David Badihi
David Badihi:
Since 5x15 the show has been crazy. The fight vs the black dane with Ubbe, Battle of Marton, Battle of Kattegat and flashback of Ragnar Lothbrok. I mean come on guys, this season for sure has been chaotic and strange in some ways with the plot but they have really made the battles great.
Landing craft? Plus Ivar leaving town looks like some VC on the Ho Chi Minh trail.
BenThirty Productions
BenThirty Productions:
IVAR IS JOINING THE RUS, ATRENTION IVAR IS JOINING THE RUS, #TeamIvar, Next season I’m getting a lot of popcorn and diabetes..
Kokane Cowboy
Kokane Cowboy:
Just sad that they say the show is loosing ratings I don’t know how it’s one of the best shows on cable tv right now
Alexandre Joly
Alexandre Joly:
The scene with the fiery water seems to be taking place in Kattegat, there's the cliff on the side.
And for the beach attack, we see what really looks like a dead saxon next to Bjorn
Leslie Sauceman
Leslie Sauceman:
Where in the gods names is Floki?
Tony Elberg
Tony Elberg:
uber went on to start his own cab company in the 21st century, so dont worry about what happened to him.
Isaiah Quinn
Isaiah Quinn:
@King McKay I was wondering what do you think that scene with Bjorn having the king sword covered in blood, and all those dead bodies behind him represent? My theory was that it represented all the man he had to kill to get to the position of being king. I also think it could represent all the people he will have to kill to keep his position as king. What are your thoughts?
Redneck Russian
Redneck Russian:
Loved season 5 and that episode 20 was so amazing and season 6 looks so good and I can't wait.
K M:
Just seen this KM, great news they have made so much of the show already, I was also thinking it would be a LONG wait for the final season.
I feel that the Most sad thing about last nights episode is that we only have 1 more season to look forward to, saying goodbye to a tv show u been following for alot of years builds an emotional connection to it, no more vikings to look forward to is like a break up from a girl u been whit for years its going to suk big time, hope it all ends on a good note though has been a Hella of a ride
Runa Reinert
Runa Reinert:
Regarding episode 20: I noticed Hvítserk tossing the buddah. Then switch to Lagertha, and Torvi asking her about her "death". And funny enough her being pagan, she summed up the esence of buddism. Life is all about suffering. Seems like everyone is ending their spiritual journeys and deciding to live and be pagan. Including poor Magnus. Well he died a happy boy if he did not live happy.

I loved Bjorn and Gunnhild. They looked like Marvels new power comic. Really loved that Harold decided to save Bjorn. Maybe it was cuz he thought Gunnhild was watching, but I think it was just as much, because it was what he wanted to do. Harald and Bjorn are great, how they appreciate and admire each other. They know they should kill each other, but they really don't want to. Just adorable in its own way.

What I kept thinking was "why don't they just burn down the walls. ìvar is not beyond using fire. Just burn them and wait and bam rush in to victory!

That last scene with Freydis, I was hoping she had a dagger and would do what she wanted to do. But of course not, she ended up dying. Freydis someone I really have not liked, but at the end I could sympathize with her, cause of her baby. But in a way just as good she went now, cause she would not have a future. She stood by ìvar while he has been burning people alive and other horrible things, she would have to face justice, or at least have no place to belong again. So yea, she kinda had to go.

ìvar escaping. Not surprised, but it certainly was not heroic.

Ubbe, Tovir and Lagertha arriving in perfect timing for crowning Bjorn as king. Very cinamatic, but ok, lets just enjoy it. I like the calmness over lagertha. A role as a wise woman, and advisor for Bjorn would fit her. I can't put into words how disappointing the trailer with her becomming younger raising another band of sheild maidens is :/
I can accept her motivation, her spiritual path took her to focus on how life is lived. But I don't see how that should take 10-20 years of her appearance and how it will fix those fractured bones and other injuries she seemed to have taken. No she should not have taken up the shield in the trailer at all :(

She looked safe, now maybe ìvar will get to kill her afterall :(

No Floki or Iceland, I supposed he did really kick the bucket. Tho I think we should see a spiriatual scene showing us the end of our beloved friend Floki.
Season 6 looks very good. I hope Ubbe and Bjorn survive
Than TheBig
Than TheBig:
Man,I wished that Ivar could go to Dublin and raid the Isles....maybe that could happen in S6B but now he takes refuge in the Kievan Rus,where he can rebuild his power.I have heard though that the producers were searching for Greek-speaking males...maybe we could see a Rus attack in the Eastern Roman Empire, with Ivar for company!
Big daddy Shark
Big daddy Shark:
Did anyone else think it looked like the see’er was breaking the 4th wall tell the audience to hush by putting his finger over his mouth and smiled when Bjorn asked if any of it was real?
Son Of Ragnar
Son Of Ragnar:
I just cant wait to see the scene where the Rus vikings meet Ivar
René Gufler
René Gufler:
My main question.... Is Floki DEAD???? Whats happened with the group in "Iceland"?? And what happens with Rollo and the French
Ashraful AL Ashad
Ashraful AL Ashad:
We know no King,but King in the Norway whose name is Bjorn Ironside...
Humble man
Humble man:
Ivar the last man standing ✊⚔ C'mon Ivar let's win all the battles⚔
I am IVAR The Boneless! Yu can not kill me Awesome scene.
Josy Shen
Josy Shen:
"Is any of this real?" Uhmm I dont know what to make of that ending.
Oussama Rouaba
Oussama Rouaba:
The finale was sick it made me cry
SHAsns Media
SHAsns Media:
I like floki...from India
Nikola Markovic
Nikola Markovic:
didn't expect Ivar to destroy everybody but lose only cuz Freydis helped them
Susan Jewell
Susan Jewell:
Ivar could also be talking to a brother of one of the Danish kings Ubbe was involved with or fought. Although it does look more Russian. I'm just hella excited for season 6 and not disappointed with the finale at all.
Bucket Of Noises
Bucket Of Noises:
Ivar looks like a DiCaprio version of Joseph Stalin.
I think its Hvitserk whom Ivar is talking to
Antonio Montana
Antonio Montana:
I cannot wait! There’s no way it can possibly be as disappointing as the ending of GoT.
Ryder Wilson
Ryder Wilson:
6:15 this shot reminds me of the Khergit units from M&B
2:09 it’s blurred out but he uses the line “our brothers” so I’m thinking it’s Ubbe cuz it kinda looks like him. Idk why they would be working together though. Maybe Ubbe wants to be King of Kattegat
yoyo bro
yoyo bro:
"This has been an awsome season" Except for the ill planned deaths of heahmund, ethlred and magnus.
Remember in season 1 when everyone laughed at the idea of a old man going to fight in England well no one seams to be laughing at a 70 year old woman still fighting and looking 22 this is the last straw SJW's need to be fired
Zero 8880
Zero 8880:
I'm kind of done with Lagertha already.
Q fire
Q fire:
They going kill my man Hvitserk love that dude he is my guy but he better still accomplish something great before he get burned alive 🔥
robin krieger
robin krieger:
I love Vikings.... and await a season to top the final one Travis Fimmel starred in....Most Moving scenes with Ivar, King Ecbert....and who can forget Jarl Borg from earlier seasons...I miss Ragnar.
I must say that I really dislike the character of Ivor the Boneless?
He's an obvious narcissistic psychopath? He rules by fear and bullying. I hope he has a quick and nasty death....
Surae KinCannon
Surae KinCannon:
I'm excited for this to start!
2:43 Well it could be anyone really. But I think that its Rurik or another rus' noble.
Aaron Lombardi
Aaron Lombardi:
I can't wait to see the new season of Vikings
Mary Bogue
Mary Bogue:
Alex Hoeg is so charismatic. I can't wait to see how he manipulates his way through Russia in Season 6. Meanwhile, I want to see Bjorn hanging on to power over the other contenders. He deserves to be King.
The Teenage Storyteller
The Teenage Storyteller:
If Ivar teams up with Oleg of Novgorod then we can definitely see some raids on the eastern Roman Empire since thats what made Oleg famous
Tanki Dinek
Tanki Dinek:
Loved season 5 and looking forward to season 6, hopefully this year.
Hvitserk in historical text had 3 sons, Askold, Dir and Oleg the prophet who were all confirmed for season 6.

Torvi and Asa (her daughter) were looking over 2 animal skulls and i think they may represent erik and refils (bjorns sons) deaths.

Who ivar was talking to could be one of the 3 founders of the Kievan rus like Rurik.
I really like the season finality but holy shit am I worried for Floki...
Tanki Dinek
Tanki Dinek:
I just read the interview with Hirst about characters in season 6 and at the end he said that season 6 should come at the end of this year so probably november
Melz Bellz
Melz Bellz:
One my favorite shows wish would come back on like yesterday
Zehra Roberts
Zehra Roberts:
Hiya I'm new. To vikings.. I watched all series and I'm up to date withing 2wks.. I haven't been so hooked on a series in ages! I'm loving it can't wait 4 the next lot x
Mathias Bauer
Mathias Bauer:
Ragnar already succeded with that
LadyStonedHeart Kimberly G
LadyStonedHeart Kimberly G:
BenThirty Productions
BenThirty Productions:
Episode 20 was insane! Still #TeamIvar, that last scene was awesome! Am I right McKay? That straw hat on a wagon? Yup.
C L:
🌻Great Review....Cant wait for Season 6!
robin breslow
robin breslow:
The best series I ever saw in NETFLIX! Keep up the great work Congratulations!
Ryder Wilson
Ryder Wilson:
Oh god this is AMAZING!!!!!
I'm dying to see how this show ends
Dedicated Spartan
Dedicated Spartan:
4:51, mabye not but I hope this is the battle when Bjorn was returning from his massive raid.
Joe George
Joe George:
Ivar is talkin to the prince of rus
Fabien Le Henaff
Fabien Le Henaff:
Wixer instead of Vitsurg ?
hahahaha if you speak german you will know ;)
Love this show! I like the sons. I didnt like the last couple of seasons with Ragnar. He was a nut. The story of the sons has been as entertaining as the early seasons.
Balyeet Bhagaloe
Balyeet Bhagaloe:
0:11 bjorn takes over king haralds city, i am pretty sure the wale bones was in his city near the peer
JEnnifer MCguinn
JEnnifer MCguinn:
I've loved watching your breakdowns so much I have no idea what I'm going to do on Thursdays now!
Warren White
Warren White:
Skol…. King Mc... Thank you for all your hard work and the great video's.. Looking forward to season 6 and sharing thoughts and ideas with you...
Lovely Skull
Lovely Skull:
Thank you so much, I really enjoy your Vlogs about Vikings.
3:09 look at that dead man, he is waring lamelar armor which was widely used in russia and asia, vikings used it only much later
The Swedes are coming back! Watch out for the Rus~
T Sommers
T Sommers:
I love any "period themed" dramas but Vikings is one of the best dramas I've ever watched. It only got better with each episode! Incredible!!!
Christina Agudink
Christina Agudink:
When I first saw this trailer months ago I knew that the wide shot of the snowy village was Russian/Mongolian. Also the carriage that Ivar rides in is Chinese or Mongolian or Russian because of the “checkered” wooden background(thanks Mulan)
Anthony o sullivan
Anthony o sullivan:
I can tell you a lot of your theorys are some of them are close your right about the Russians and I can tell you for set be prepared for one of the greatest last of any show ever
Clark Thompson
Clark Thompson:
Thank I king McKay for all your trailers. They have helped me understand some yhings I questioned. Much love and look forward to your season 6 trailers. Skol.
Alex Blazquez
Alex Blazquez:
2:49 thats the normandy landing in WWII wtf
2:55 looks more like d day haha
yeah ivar's talking to hvitserk. hvitserk will have to battle his way out of kattegat as stated by marco ilsø (his actor) on instagram: 'after many episodes of fighting' and on the picture he has wet hair and bloodshot eyes. connected to that theres a picture of ubbes actot and hvitserks actor (hvitserk again bloodshot and same outfit) so my guess is that he fights his way out of kattegat after maybe having a confrontation with ubbe or possibly lagertha who knows.
Donna Paige
Donna Paige:
I wish this show didn't have to end. I really enjoyed season 5.
Nick Seditious
Nick Seditious:
What if fretis was a god and shes haunting ivar?