Yung Miami is PREGNANT! JT is STILL locked up! Is it OVER for The City Girls?!

I did a live asking if its over for the city girls.

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Nemesha Smith
Nemesha Smith:
Another baby shower... never a wedding ... good luck tho
j122 s122
j122 s122:
Its 2019 women can balance careers and motherhood 🤦‍♀️
Oʙᴇʏ Eᴍᴘʀᴇꜱᴢ
Oʙᴇʏ Eᴍᴘʀᴇꜱᴢ:
Cardi b was dancing on stage with a whole human in her stomach. Anything is possible!
jay B
jay B:
It's funny all these women with kids are saying "career over" in the feed while at work 🤣. Stop it
La La
La La:
They will be fine. People go to jail, get pregnant and still make it happen. They from Florida..... they will be fine.
Jordan Pless
Jordan Pless:
So don’t nobody find it odd that women are encouraging other women to smut it up basically but turn around & have a whole family? Dudes do the same thing, it’s corny either way. Stop listening to people who tell you to do something they ain’t even doin. Stay sharp
But she popping off at Josline! Gurl bye !
Tracy KaPoni
Tracy KaPoni:
I like JT...buuuuuut she scammed and she gotta do the time. He tryna pay to get her released but have those ppl she stole from gotten their money back..WTF. IT wouldn't be no free JT if she had stole his money.
Shun S.
Shun S.:
The City Girls are over. They will not give her a pass like they did Cardi. Also, you never know how your body will react. She may have to go on bedrest or have other complications. They do not have the complexion for the protection. Sometimes you have to ride the wave as you see Cardi missed her wave if you really think about it.
Amina Lazz
Amina Lazz:
Could go both ways, there is no telling what's in the future honestly. I do wish them the best. Thanks for dropping another great video
Beauties' Art
Beauties' Art:
Regular! They was the new ratchet group! Now one pregnant the other in jail! NEXT✌
Lady Leo
Lady Leo:
I feel like it’s a wrap for them Now days people are easily replace and people are forgotten about if they don’t hear from you in a while!
Cadillac Deville
Cadillac Deville:
I don't listen nor watch them...congratulations but I'll pass.
thislilladycooks s
thislilladycooks s:
It was over from the beginning.. PERIOD 😭
women get pregnant so stay their fans and celebrate the music
cнιna wнιтe•ʙᴏᴀ4ᴸᴵᶠᴱ
cнιna wнιтe•ʙᴏᴀ4ᴸᴵᶠᴱ:
If Cardi did it why can’t she do it Black people need to stop hating
mileyskha senhouse
mileyskha senhouse:
Ms. Social Media Mogul-MUA
Ms. Social Media Mogul-MUA:
Nahhhhh she’s following Cardi B’s lead twerking while pregnant
Tyrician Kelly
Tyrician Kelly:
Young Miami is ratchet AF. Out here trying to fight people and ish.
Smiley Lightfoot
Smiley Lightfoot:
Wait what! She big and pregnant too! But why da hell was she out there tryna fight Hazel E & Joseline H.! I guess it doesn't matter 2 her so y make it my issue!!!!
Tangela teamaquarius
Tangela teamaquarius:
Was it over for Cardi when she got pregnant. Yall so aggy
Layla LottaBody
Layla LottaBody:
Congradulations Yung Miami I'm So Happy For U!! Ain't Nothing Betta' Then A New Beautiful Baby Relaxe & U Made Your Platform It Will Be There & I Can't Wait For U & JT To Link Back Up, Y'all Will Be Even Betta' Then Before, So Continue To Do What U Have To Do To Be A Betta' U & Congratulations Again!!
## God Bless!!!##
City Girl
City Girl:
Should have never started.... smh
Kia Smith
Kia Smith:
Why should your career and or life be over because your pregnant? For somebody to even to think that puts us women in any career at risk especially for black woman. Im just saying
Dionna Ballard
Dionna Ballard:
I'm just here for the 🥤
JackieO Elmore
JackieO Elmore:
I don't like this format right here...hit my line when u get bk 2 ur regular videos...Thanx 💜 💯
Tonya Parker
Tonya Parker:
It doesnt have to be OVER. There are plenty of artist who have children and continue a career.
Vonnda TV
Vonnda TV:
They will be fine JT will be getting out very soon and Yung Miami will be having her baby very soon.. I don’t see the problem
Universal element
Universal element:
I hope they are over, their music is hot trash.
Chosen JUDAHiTess
Chosen JUDAHiTess:
Miami🌴Chics Are Unstoppable. Continue To Take Notes. We Ain't No Joke.
Shawnette Mo'nye
Shawnette Mo'nye:
She look like she about 5-6 months pregnant now she should be having a baby this year
Mz_und3r5t00d 89
Mz_und3r5t00d 89:
She looks like she's in her second or third trimester. It don't look like she just got pregnant.
Can Can
Can Can:
Miami been holding it down. JT release date 3/21/2020. They’ll be good.
Dawn Zeendoll Winston
Dawn Zeendoll Winston:
Soooooo she knew she was pregnant and wanted to fight people ima sip this hibiscus tea hunni
Jourden Murray
Jourden Murray:
City girls got this... don’t worry. Enough said. 💯
Universal element
Universal element:
Really, what does their music bring to the table? Please teach your daughters to go beyond what the music industry represents them to be. Yung Miami may have money and so called made it 😏 yet she doesn't represent us. We are beyond this type of representation. Promote women of color EXCELLENCE!!
They'll be fine😊
Damita Hyde
Damita Hyde:
I totally agree with your point of view Joose!!! Great insight ❤️
MoneyDiamondsHappiness Love
MoneyDiamondsHappiness Love:
But her baby daddy is ugly as hell though.
DeAndra Shante
DeAndra Shante:
They will be fine like u said the timing is right for when JT get home Young will be coming off maternity leave win win
Sharie Johnson
Sharie Johnson:
Her last performance she was in tshirt and short, she was showin bih
Phyllis Glowing
Phyllis Glowing:
Having a baby is not a death sentence people make it seem like after a child your life is over.
Ray Litty
Ray Litty:
For right now they're over but once JT gets out they will be back on top
Tashiba Lampkin
Tashiba Lampkin:
Thats nice and all, but is there a wedding? 🤔
Nikki Badbii
Nikki Badbii:
Lawd I Hope So 🤦🏽‍♀️🤞🏽
Billy Bonds
Billy Bonds:
They will be fine they can still release music
Deena Deen
Deena Deen:
I love Yung Miami. I'm happy for her. The group isn't over.
Melody Brown
Melody Brown:
Why am I not surprised. Not surprised.
QC should change their name to PS (Payola and Sympathy) they artist stay lying 🤥 and then back tracking....The BD is rude and disrespectful he just dragged her a few months ago online🧐🧐
T Shay
T Shay:
Your voice is everything ❤️
today’s generation looses interest very fast. Do you really want to hear the CG in 2020/2021🧐😑
Nakia Burton
Nakia Burton:
She didn't write that. Lol
Jaela J.
Jaela J.:
This is a stretch, but judging by how she acted when revealing she was pregnant, it doesn’t seem like something she wanted. But it was probably encouraged because JT is locked up, she’s holding the weight of the group by herself. So the pregnancy would keep people talking about her.

Bye!! We need new energy for female rap. She threw God in there real smooth. 🙄
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith:
Trash+++ these people are going to be a meme!
Le'Shun Monroe TV
Le'Shun Monroe TV:
They living their life... They going to be OK! They some strong women
Roshanda Wilson
Roshanda Wilson:
As long as they can bring back some bigger hits than act up they should be ok!
Stacie Rose
Stacie Rose:
“It was nice to know ya”...
Sezz Bo. sub to me
Sezz Bo. sub to me:
I was out taking my 1st baby for walk 2days after I had her.. At 19--depends on the situation. If she has a healthy pregnancy n birth
butterli bloom
butterli bloom:
Get that moneyyyy
Tia Joy
Tia Joy:
No they are not over😊❤️💯
Charisma Dixon
Charisma Dixon:
Not that its the end-all-be-all, but it sucks to see so many women, especially black girls, having these babies with no ring, no wedding, no COMMITTED man either. Like, is being a single mom and having a "baby daddy" the new trend? If so, count me TF out. That's why so many non black folks think of black women as nothing more than gold digging, single mother thots and look at black men as nothing more than baby-making, deadbeat niggas. Smh. Everybody just loves fueling these stereotypes, then cries about the lack of black respect and the slow pace of black empowerment and leveling up. I fucking can't....😭😭😭😭😭
I’m glad it’s over they are very toxic to young girls
Elichia Moore
Elichia Moore:
He has five kids right ? Love yourself better lady’s
Mar Mar
Mar Mar:
They are not over Periodt y’all aint no real fans if u think that
Karen Hill
Karen Hill:
I'm the wrong one to ask because I'm not checking for them no how. But I don't think they will be relevant unless they can keep the music coming through the year...
Roshanda Wilson
Roshanda Wilson:
With the rumors ABOUT JT being pregnant there is no way they are letting her out bc they will get to the bottom of who the father is when she have the baby since she is is allegedly suppose to be pregnant.
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez:
Why would they be over
Nicole Baker
Nicole Baker:
Not, sure ..
Allison Broom
Allison Broom:
Nancy Byron
Nancy Byron:
Ain’t nothing wrong with her having a baby. Cardi did her thing during her entire pregnancy so why wouldn’t young miami be able to?
Nakia Burton
Nakia Burton:
Please cancel her I'm over this girl.
I'm glad she had her PR team write her statement...clearly she didn't or else it would be filled with typos and broken English!
Ms J IfYouAsking
Ms J IfYouAsking:
This is a gd thing for her to sit dwn cuz u can tell the group is missing jt energy so by time jt get home the baby will be here n they can gt back to it ig
I thought JT was supposedly preg
Hey Joose
Yolanda  Johnson
Yolanda Johnson:
Who is this?
Apply MajorPressure
Apply MajorPressure:
Why do ppl think it's wrong to have a baby? Why do ppl think you can't have a career with one? Ppl forget where they come from!
Jaya Jay
Jaya Jay:
I hope so. Their music is horrible.
timeless99 A
timeless99 A:
Young Miami should of held of on family first and focus on her music more this is going to slow her down that all
Lameka Jones
Lameka Jones:
I don't like Miami but I like JT but just because someone is having a child don't mean there career is over please has women we do it all so name this click bait something else
milidia stafford
milidia stafford:
Well good for her ole well on to the next
Welp... 15 minutes come up fast.
shereca swearington
shereca swearington:
They are over
Anna Rodriguez
Anna Rodriguez:
Jaela J.
Jaela J.:
Cardi B. Cardi B. CARDI B. CARDI B!

Cardi, married her child’s father, and his net worth is literally DOUBLE Cardi’s. Both Cardi and Offset are worth *millions.* Yung Miami isn’t even worth ONE yet. (Commenters) Stop comparing the fact that Cardi got pregnant and is still relevant to Yung Miami. The comparison is out of pocket.
shereca swearington
shereca swearington:
JT pregnant
Kim Willis
Kim Willis:
Who cares.. Wheres onika?
Hopefully, she'll drink water for the baby's sake...😒
Brittany Brandy
Brittany Brandy:
Idk if it will be over but it’s going to be difficult to be a good mother to a newborn and be traveling all the time ...not saying she can’t do it but this wasn’t a wise move in my opinion. Especially when all these rappers and singers are fly by get bored and rappers are easily replaced 🤷🏾‍♀️
milidia stafford
milidia stafford:
Lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao 😂
AIN’t nothing messed up they all planned that ish out so what that’s just what ghetto chicks do when they get a lil exposure
Ayanna Stafford
Ayanna Stafford:
Ratchet trash🚽they're lyrics are garbage! They can sit down now.
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez:
Cardi worked while she was prego we
Mx Tooreal
Mx Tooreal:
Over dramatic
Stormy Caris
Stormy Caris:
I don't care
Hugh Mad Bro
Hugh Mad Bro:
Who even is yung Miami 😒🧐
Ophelia Edwards
Ophelia Edwards:
Finally!!!! Rat Time finally over!
They are 1 the worst black woman artists!
1 in jail, the other knocked up!
Please be over
Nicole couture
Nicole couture:
They will not accept a pregnant girl on stage dancing and acting a fool they will call it disgusting and harmful for the baby smh

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