Yung Miami finally admits she is really pregnant

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Miami florida
Miami florida:
Yung Miami & J. T. got these hoe's out her saying period meanwhile they missed theirs. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
India Shep
India Shep:
So basically she shared because she couldn't hide it anymore?
Official Ashten Olivia
Official Ashten Olivia:
Ain’t no more #period 🤰🏽
Diamond James
Diamond James:
Everybody knew. That belly button told it all
Whit Nee
Whit Nee:
I think ol girl in jail will have better comeback with a solo career
Nyasia Harris
Nyasia Harris:
My thing is why lie and curse your fans out for assuming and asking if you knew it was true. These new celebrities feel the need to respond back to everything and come at the people that are paying their bills. Instead of responding she could’ve did like Beyoncé does and ignore it.
Life of a Mom
Life of a Mom:
Yes, pregnancy is a beautiful thing. With the right person.
candie olivia
candie olivia:
City girls need to quit rapping
Divine Understanding
Divine Understanding:
The same people who believed her are the same ones who keep taking their lying cheating boyfriend's back. Y'all believe all of what you hear and none of what you see🤷🏿‍♀️
Stefanie Renee
Stefanie Renee:
Birth control works, it worked for me for so many years lol. I didn't even know my man could get me pregnant, cause he mastered the skill of pulling out for so many years! We are now pregnant after 20 years of being together! Yeah we were very young when we got together, but we are ready now. Blessings to this young lady, so glad we waited though. Birth control = him pulling out before he finishes in me lollol. Don't ever let a man tell you he can't pull out, cause they all jerk off, and they know that feeling when they are about to bust!
MissKay _OshunGoddess
MissKay _OshunGoddess:
We already knew that 🤷🏾‍she went from a little 4 months over night.
Elichia Moore
Elichia Moore:
Another pregnant girl dancing onstage
Philicia Pierre
Philicia Pierre:
Wow, they ruined the “city girls” one is pregnant and one in jail.

Talk Talk
Talk Talk:
How many baby mama’s is America gona produce in 2018/2019? Kylie, Khloe, Kourtney aka all baby mamas
She definitely didnt write that
Shots with Tea
Shots with Tea:
Ok lmao reading that statement and listening to her talk. I know she didnt write that statement 😂😂 congrats boo
Jackie Casey
Jackie Casey:
Yung Miami we knew this boo so this ain't nothing new. We got eyes too We see you Prego periodtt!! 🧐🤗
Spartacus Ani
Spartacus Ani:
I never seen so many ppl PRESSED about pregnancy in general. Congrats to her. Some of y'all need to chill in the comments
Goddess Vibes
Goddess Vibes:
Is this how Quality Control promote they women on their label?
Toy Toy
Toy Toy:
I knew she was lying that's all these women doing getting pregnant dummies rap it up ladies damn birth control something 😂😂😂
My thing is why curse out people and stuff over it? I like how Kylie did it, she didn’t even acknowledge the rumor.
Young rich and famous lol she’ll definitely bounce right back! By the time she drop her baby and get it alll back in tact Jt will probably be home. They’ll be fine🙏🏽
Baby mothers and baby fathers is what our community has become sadly 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Nea J
Nea J:
JT has nothing to do with her being pregnant? Umm, of course she doesn’t! Lol
J Green
J Green:
Lawwwd she got a baby by a man who proudly and publically threatens to beat on women 😐😖
At least she can talk to Cardi for advice 😂
Madeline Powell
Madeline Powell:
She can't say period nomo she gon have to say pregnant 🤣⚡❗
Angela Colagene
Angela Colagene:
Why didn’t she take her BC? I meeeeean.....🤦🏽‍♀️ I don’t think JT will be home for a while.
Diamond B.
Diamond B.:
Well first off her baby daddy Southside is a bum who beats up on women. She was already talentless so idk
itsme hi
itsme hi:
I know jt is so madd especially their producer losing money.. do not bring God in this, the Devil is a liar
Cherelle Roberts
Cherelle Roberts:
Trey Diggz
Trey Diggz:
City girls seem like some girls who grew up in a good southern household, and make the music they do to be rebellious.
CrownedxKay The MUA
CrownedxKay The MUA:
IDK why people think pregnancy ruins an artist career...It's 2019 we need to leave that old thinking behind! Despite JT's being incarcerated, the City Girls have solidified their fan base and garnered enough backing to continue their Career without a hitch...People are & will be checking for their Music!! I personally love them and support!! I wish Caresha the best with her pregnancy and pray she does not allow the pressure of public opinion get to her!! Keep shining Mama and Congrats!!
tomaya young
tomaya young:
Congratulations.... Mother hood is beautiful
hOw YoU dOinG
hOw YoU dOinG:
Now they can stop saying period 🤣🤣
Gwynnith Coleman
Gwynnith Coleman:
Good thing she did admit it cuz she definitely looks pregnant look like a red chili pepper beautiful pepper but red chili pepper
Only 8 weeks showing like that? Hmm🤔
Eleshia Madison
Eleshia Madison:
I don’t understand why people try to hide a pregnancy especially being a public figure eventually it will come out.
rahama hassan
rahama hassan:
Oh...she pregnant too? 👀 two new additions to their city girls family
luvangel myers
luvangel myers:
⭐️Best wig part EVER!!🤣👏🏾
VIRGO Queen:
Isnt he the one that went off on social media calling her names and saying he dont even like black women? Lol smh!
itsme hi
itsme hi:
She knows what Best for her to do 🤦+quickly 😉🍳
Sade Grant
Sade Grant:
Congrats to yung miami💚
You'll float too
You'll float too:
Still don't have a clue who these girls are 🤷🏾‍♀️
If I had the opportunity of a lifetime at my feet, I’m on birth control until I’m ready for ANOTHER child. 🤷🏽‍♀️ hope the child gets all the love and attention it needs while she builds her AND JTs career. It’s a lot.💪🏽

S/N: Miami gets best dressed rap female from me 👌🏽
Sagittarius 12
Sagittarius 12:
I thought this was already confirmed.
Miss Barbi White
Miss Barbi White:
Parker Lion
Parker Lion:
I'm sure she'll be fine and the city girls too.
Alot of these 'celebs' are calculated and about timing(not all but some).
The baby is going to keep some millennials and most of Gen X tuned in for the baby but then her home girl is gonna get out too, keeping momentum going.
🍿 wouldn't be surprised). I need to go read a book🙃.
Period Gurlll
Period Gurlll:
Hands down idc what y’all say young Miami and her man looks fine together
Sandra Segarra
Sandra Segarra:
She will be fine if this what god am 🌍 wind 💨 an 🔥 has for her ! It’s life she pick up just where they left off because they rock ! I’m excited for her 🥰🥰❤️
MMXIX Music & Art
MMXIX Music & Art:
Tidal Wave X
Tidal Wave X:
Is the father on child support yet?
itsme hi
itsme hi:
What if she can't preform N everyone is counting on her
Keyanna C
Keyanna C:
I knew she was I thought I was tripping when I seen her out in Vegas
Sonia Singh
Sonia Singh:
It already in Jail but when you not the writer hits just roll out.
Duece Momm
Duece Momm:
How she only 8 weeks? That documentary is old.
CC Gang
CC Gang:
barbii.chila TV
barbii.chila TV:
damn they kept yelling period right? look😂 somebody missed there’s. 💀
Juliana Thompson
Juliana Thompson:
They're funny. U have to admit your pregnant. And u have a time schedule to admit it. Hahahahahhahahahahahahahaaj. Caption says finally admit. Smh. Noisey
happy for Miami 🤪
Alrita Burks
Alrita Burks:
Dang I can’t believe she did that too her career, Nay Rob put this out yesterday didn’t believe it, and JT supposed to be pregnant also by a security guard in prison
Jay Francois
Jay Francois:
Who cares 🤷🏽‍♀️
Couture Bae
Couture Bae:
He is going to have hood twins there is a chick who is pregnant too Lordt fix it
itsme hi
itsme hi:
I think she meant to do this 😂 jt please get out please
Key West
Key West:
He’s fine
critic for the uploader
critic for the uploader:
You swallow watermelon seeds you end up🤰🏽The fact that he disrespects her and has 2 more women pregnant... #desperatemove #practicewhatshepreaches
Kym Oatis
Kym Oatis:
Did I hear the word share 7 times?
Sheis shamya
Sheis shamya:
What do they need a Doc for?
Shondreka Lott
Shondreka Lott:
So she cant write or wrap it up😭
Leyla Sekyi
Leyla Sekyi:
Omg seriously?
R Rowe
R Rowe:
No more period for you ma’am
Gossip Barbie XoXo/FamilyHustle
Gossip Barbie XoXo/FamilyHustle:
Congrats to her on her daughter
Lisa Rice
Lisa Rice:
She is due in October
Tiffa Kang
Tiffa Kang:
victoria b
victoria b:
Just because Cardi pulled it off doesn't mean the next girl will. That's all im saying.
Lovely Dime
Lovely Dime:
She has QC if there a lable who knows how to handle this situation is that lable. But Jt needs to come out. If this was the 80's and early 90's it would be another story but now a days if you have the backup support and the fans you can make money exploiting your situations.
They will rapping those freak songs play out now. Hope they got some new ish to run with
Audreya Johnson
Audreya Johnson:
Shantel  Goggins
Shantel Goggins:
Free JT
Jennifer Savage
Jennifer Savage:
Holding it down huh! Shoulda hold those legs closed! Dude disrespectful as hell but hey thats her tragedy! What is the point of trying to keep a whole child a secret is just stupid! Good luck raising the kids.
Daphneamy360 AkA Daphne's World!
Daphneamy360 AkA Daphne's World!:
City girls disrespect Haitian Women I don't like them at all
coco capricorn
coco capricorn:
Okurrt 😒
James Sullivan
James Sullivan:
Black women are strong 💪 and beautiful. She'll make it.
Southside stays employed, he's one of the top producers in the game. He has money, much more than her
Kay Elizabeth
Kay Elizabeth:
Not against pregnancy at all, but I don’t like the idea of being pregnant and being and an upcoming artist.

I don’t care if Cardi made it, I just can’t look at a female rapper the same when they’re pregnant. While they’re twerking and performing.
Who is she????? So many new artists out here!!!!!!
Dee Grandison
Dee Grandison:
Knew it.. hope jt can go solo once home
Soulful Child
Soulful Child:
I was sick of them, anyways! PERIO-.. oop! You pregnant sis nvm. 💀
I'm upset she not married honestly 🙄🙄🙄
Candace Williams
Candace Williams:
Guess she missed her PERIODT
YellowBone Godess
YellowBone Godess:
But you support this GIRL BYE!
l ol
l ol:
The city girls are over...thier career is dead
And still not married...
Parker Lynn
Parker Lynn:
What works for Cardi doesn't work for you sweetie. JT pregnant by a correctional officer, Now Young Miami pregnant. City Girls already garbage. This solidifies the future of their career. Their is NONE!!!!!