Woman Promotes Freedom after Brother's September 11 Death

Many Americans know one date for sure: September 11, 2001. They refer to it in shorthand - 9/11 - the day nearly 3,000 people died when terrorists hijacked four planes and crashed two of them into the World Trade Center in New York. One woman's life was permanently changed with the loss of her brother. Now, she channels her emotions into a performance about freedom. VOA's Carolyn Presutti brings us her words and the unique photo that may have been left behind by her brother.

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Kenzie Harris24
Kenzie Harris24:
18 years ago..still feels like it happened yesterday...rip everyone who died that day. 🙏😔
ski past
ski past:
Rip everyone who died except the terrorist
Ariana Beesley
Ariana Beesley:
Rest in peace all the people who lost their lives that day. 18 years on & it still breaks my heart.
Eddy Goodwin
Eddy Goodwin:
my son says they should have parachutes in the buildings now.
Alice Avery
Alice Avery:
R.I.P everyone who died this day 17 years ago
April W
April W:
God bless everyone who died this day .
Akeel Abdan
Akeel Abdan:
Our prayer and love for those who died in 9/11
Maggie Gomes
Maggie Gomes:
So sad 9.11.01 will be remembered rip 🥺💔
My uncles dad was in one of the small building next to the towers during the attack. Thank god he survived
18 years today. I wasn’t even around or thought about yet but man does it break my heart knowing someone would do that to so many people who haven’t done anything wrong
Catherine Garcia
Catherine Garcia:
Poor R.I.P the falling man and the rest that jump :'(
Pat Melton
Pat Melton:
OMG, I am so sorry for you. I cried bitter tears on that day. And I will never forget this day. It broke my heart and I have still not recovered, even now, in 2018 -- 17 years later.
Itz JuXn
Itz JuXn:
rip to all the people that died that day, may god be with their family members... 🙏🏼
It’s sad that almost as many people have died from cancer as they did on that day.
Katie Purcell
Katie Purcell:
I just saw a comment that said “oh my gosh this video is so funny!😂” like what the hell this is a heart braking video of a heat braking event😔
Michelle Hartmann
Michelle Hartmann:
17 years ago and I still feel sad about it..
This haunts me every single day
How people lost their lives trying their best to make it out alive
I feel so ashamed that people make fun of this situation
Brooke Collins
Brooke Collins:
Seeing of the man falling feels like a stab to the heart
1:34 Seeing all those people about to jump, it just breaks my heart ♥️
ben nadjib
ben nadjib:
JD God's Child
JD God's Child:
I was off work that day and woke up late to view this terrible attack. I literally cried all day. Went to church that night still crying. Even now when I view these and other pictures the tears start flowing again. Mercy God.
Charles David
Charles David:
It's so sad that happened. Words can really never really describe
Taylor mana12345
Taylor mana12345:
I really do hope he didn't suffer! May he rest in peace!
Pyro ZNL
Pyro ZNL:
9/11 now 17 years ago
lina sanchez
lina sanchez:
I'm crying this is so sad
Ivett Taboada
Ivett Taboada:
Poor people that day💔😢
Jay Rilley
Jay Rilley:
Like an Eagle who lost it feather and fall into the ground.

Rip :'(
Enrique Mendoza
Enrique Mendoza:
My uncle was on the roof when this happend i miss his so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ryan i miss you so much. You were so kind and nice to everyone and then this happens to you😭😭😭😭😭
Lexa Love
Lexa Love:
I remember September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday. I remember waking up to my stepmother yelling and calling me to wake up and see what was happening on live tv. I seen the second plane hit on live tv and it broke my heart. At the time I was in high school and believed the world was a safe and wonderful place. 9/11 changed that for me. I feel as if 9/11 robbed us of innocence and a sense of safety and protection in our own country. I will never forget the images I seen on tv. Those images are forever burned into my mind and every year on September 11th it feels just as raw as it did when it happened. This day may have changed us forever but it doesn't define who we are as a nation. We are strong people who will rise and get through any hardships or obstacles that come our way. I have never been more proud to be an American. God bless those whose lives were forever changed by this horrific tragedy. Rest in peace to those we lost and god be with those who survived but still deal with the horror that happened that day. My heart was changed that day and it will never be the same. I will NEVER forget 9/11/2001❤💙
Faith Hdzツ
Faith Hdzツ:
2:30 😭💘🙏🏼🙏🏼
leder of wolf packs
leder of wolf packs:
sorry the sister of jonathan hope god can make you borther live again
angela 2019
Martha Vlogs
Martha Vlogs:
Hope your all ok up there! It’s been 18 years but no ones forgotten u! Rest in paradise x
Adonay Ivis Jr Avilez Maradiaga
Adonay Ivis Jr Avilez Maradiaga:
1:35 😔
Nichlas Suan Danielsen
Nichlas Suan Danielsen:
Even i saw this in 2019... R.I.P....
Sticky Granada
Sticky Granada:
Even though he chose to jump he was murdered like the rest. G.B R.I.P
Mystic Clan
Mystic Clan:
it is sad because little kids would have been screaming and crying when it was happening and they missed the life they could have had
victoria cook
victoria cook:
Rip man ❤️
Jaydengamer222 1
Jaydengamer222 1:
Who here in 2019
Tanja Groen
Tanja Groen:
9/11/19 feels like yesterday ( T ʖ̯ T) ☹️☹️☹️🙏🙏🙏
Analise Villafane
Analise Villafane:
R.I.P 😩❤️
Kalhara Herath
Kalhara Herath:
Remember me ❤️
SuJ Juarez
SuJ Juarez:
RIP to everyone who was involved in this date 9/11😢😭💔💔💕💞
💔💔💔💔💔❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭i feel so bad R.I.P.🙏🙏 😭people who weren't ment to die
It’s gorgeous Beauty
It’s gorgeous Beauty:
Rip 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️
Lil Hummingbird 1
Lil Hummingbird 1:
mangletangleØWØ oof
mangletangleØWØ oof:
:O i almost cried
i was at school today and this video was at the end of another video. a kid said to me “look it’s spider-man” I can’t-
aaftab arnav
aaftab arnav:
Feel bad
lowkey lorna
lowkey lorna:
The falling man... we’ll never rly know who he actually was
my teachers husband almost burned but frequently their daughter (who was 2 at the time) didnt want to go to her grandmas house and was a pain in the neck so the dad was late to work in the twin towers that same day and got fired 🙏🏽🕊R.I.P to all those beautiful souls who passed away
littlewolflover 123
littlewolflover 123:
I might have not been alive when it happened but I cried watching it
King Shaun
King Shaun:
R.I.P 🙏
This woman would come to my school and perform plays!
peace and love✌️
Blake Matthew
Blake Matthew:
Crazy its been that long ago now. I was in my freshman year in science class when it happened and they turned the tv on right before the second plane hit
Wwe supercard GACHA etc -Abduldaim
Wwe supercard GACHA etc -Abduldaim:
18 years
Corbin Michelson
Corbin Michelson:
Wait, her brother was falling man?
Wcatrachow JCA
Wcatrachow JCA:
R.I.P everyone who died in 9/11 We miss you 😭😭😭
Adanely Samayoa
Adanely Samayoa:
Aw. It's sad to see that man falling from that high😔😔
Hoonior Man
Hoonior Man:
So sad😢😥😭
thot Patrol
thot Patrol:
J West
J West:
Your still loved god bless ant tracy
Ernesto Barajas
Ernesto Barajas:
Ernesto Barajas
Ernesto Barajas:
nick bolle
nick bolle:
I hope the made it in heaven I hope I hope
Ariston Trazona
Ariston Trazona:
9/11 now 18 years ago
ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅʏ Rᴇғʀɪɢᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ
ᴄʟᴏᴜᴅʏ Rᴇғʀɪɢᴇʀᴀᴛᴏʀ:
18 years ago.... its 2019 rn the world has gotta worst please read this

Turtle being killed is become a meme now

Terrorism has gotta worst

You are probably reading Years later so I just got to tell you to save this Earth we were responsible for it and now our action has make a difference sense 2001 September 11- to 2019 September 11
Cherish Bendy ÒwÓ
Cherish Bendy ÒwÓ:
10 years ago do you mean 19 years ago
And oh one thing cool kids:this is sooo sad...that’s me
Dumb kids:who’s in 2019...not me
Idk kids:um so what know
Melissa Martinez
Melissa Martinez:
That was so sad
linda parsons
linda parsons:
RIP to those who were murdered that day 🙏🏻
Denise Escalante
Denise Escalante:
Rip 😪
Logan Wiginton
Logan Wiginton:
I was in 7 grade when this happend and the teachers just left the room for like 20 minutes and came back and turned on the tv and I just watched in shock
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith:
My teacher told us this and this is sad😥
Blue Icecream
Blue Icecream:
May they rest in peace
Fohskii Is lit
Fohskii Is lit:
Rip this was so sad may god bless them and their souls
cLaRk Richardson
cLaRk Richardson:
Letty Ramirez
Letty Ramirez:
That is just sad I feel bad for that lady's brother god bless u
Normal people: people hit the ground and die.
Her: god caught him and put don down to heaven
Studio -S
Studio -S:
2004 Kingbro
2004 Kingbro:
Rip everybody
Eloy Reyes Reyes
Eloy Reyes Reyes:
Rip all the pepole who died it is sad. But there in my heart even tho i dont know them R I P . REST IN PEACE
God bless who ever died that day. 😪
The falling man looks like Jonathan Briley.
Hubert Hubert
Hubert Hubert:
2.1 Billion Dollar for a short before sold real estate..? Too many awkward things around it
Tyler Priddy
Tyler Priddy:
Rip everyone who perished
regal insanity
regal insanity:
That must've hurt i feel that
Benedek Porpáczy
Benedek Porpáczy:
wølfie Skies
wølfie Skies:
9-11-19, 18 years after the worst and most devastating attack in history. We lost to many people and not just in twin towers in Pennsylvania, and Washington we lost to many people to this day and we shall never forget this moment in history💙😭 I will miss everyone who died
August L
August L:
Hope this have the best life in heaven and there's no plane
Gamer mynew
Gamer mynew:
We are not a bad country and there jealous of our freedom
Drift DFinal34
Drift DFinal34:
Learned about 9/11 in school today. Breaks my heart. Rest in peace to all the people who didn't make it back home that day. And to the brave passengers of flight 93. To everyone who passed away that day,and to all the first responders,bless their hearts.🙏😢😥😭😓💔. We'll miss you allways. 18 years ago we lost many good people. RIP
Leila Astbury
Leila Astbury:
Sophia IsCool
Sophia IsCool:
Young Skywalker
Young Skywalker:
Icryed when I was watching this
the man who planned this is the most evil man on the entire planet im glad he is burning in hell