Why Lionel Messi deserved to win the Ballon d'Or over Virgil van Dijk | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Alejandro Moreno, Steve Nicol and Julien Laurens react to Lionel Messi's sixth Ballon d'Or triumph. The guys examine how Lionel Messi and Virgil van Dijk's seasons for Barcelona and Liverpool compare. Moreno and Laurens argue that Messi was most deserving of the award for "the way he's carried Barca." Nicol contends that Messi may be the best player in the world, but Van Dijk had a better 12 months. #ESPNFC For all the latest from ESPN FC TV, be sure to sign up for ESPN+: https://plus.espn.com/ ✔ Subscribe to ESPN FC on YouTube: http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEtoESPNFC

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Very true the difference between van dijk and messi last season is that, Messi carried Barcelona, While van dijk made liverpool better.
Haha 99
Haha 99:
Its like how Xavi said,
“Messi is the greatest not because he s capable of everything, but because he knew how to last.”
Luke Fielding
Luke Fielding:
Its an individual award, everyone seems to forget
Just imagine if Higuain had scored that goal in the 2014 WC
Jamie Mcintosh
Jamie Mcintosh:
“I have no problem with Messi winning this”
He clearly does 😂
Fernando Padilla
Fernando Padilla:
Why does messi have to be perfect to win a award any other player could have a season like him and they would be considered better than him
Son Gokuu
Son Gokuu:
"The player who has helped his team more in the last 12 months"
Messi, single handedly gave Barcelona the LaLiga title.
Srikar Hasthi
Srikar Hasthi:
8:46 that's absolutely false
What Messi does on the pitch I can't even do that in video games
He truly is the GOAT
Marlon Blade
Marlon Blade:
His goal v A Madrid on the day of the award just reminded everyone of his genius. 😲🔥😂
Joe Sawyer
Joe Sawyer:
Giggs played until his 40's.

Giggs is not Messi. Imagine Messi still being the best at 45. Lol.
Ali Bryte
Ali Bryte:
Steve Nicole is so biased. He's just contradicting himself
Justin Choi
Justin Choi:
I hope he wins 7 Ballon d'Or
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name:
I see Barça suffer big when Messi leaves.
The Mad Rider
The Mad Rider:
Now, I really don't care who where when how says anything or everything against Messi, the fact is he has won the 6th ❤️
Itumeleng Thibile
Itumeleng Thibile:
These people talking about Messi's retirement are giving me an anxiety attack
If life was fair, messi would have won every year for the last decade.
Putin The Great
Putin The Great:
When Messi finally goes back to his Galaxy, Messitianity religion will be born with many billions of followers
Rex Reed
Rex Reed:
Alisson has more to do with the CL title than VVD.
Klaus Brinck
Klaus Brinck:
Messi as an attacker: scores 91 goals. Messi as a midfielder: scores 32 goals, those are the facts... Fiction: Messi scores goals even as a defender or goalkeeper, VVD doesn´t!!!
Joseph Pedraza
Joseph Pedraza:
vvd word for word “it’s not something I’ll be thinking about I think Messi deserves it as long as he plays”
tajwuani grant
tajwuani grant:
They should just rename Ballon d’Or to Messi d’Or most rational thing to do rn😂🤷‍♂️
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke:
Steve: "i have no problem with Messi winning, but i think Van Dijk should have won" 😂
tedi shkurti
tedi shkurti:
Messi’s back must be killing him from carrying the whole barcelona team on his back for years
Jadi Jadi
Jadi Jadi:
Renaldo I’m the best player in this world 🌍
Messi there’s a lot of best players in this world 🗺
Zlatan / I’m the best player in this world because Messi is not a human 😧
Thabo Mashale
Thabo Mashale:
Mark Muriithi
Mark Muriithi:
We watched Messi play, that will be a privilege we'll appreciate more in the years to come.
Šūβhř0 Ř0Ÿ
Šūβhř0 Ř0Ÿ:
Stevie is "worldwide liverpool fans in a nutshell".
Praneet Singh
Praneet Singh:
I dread the day when Messi says he's had enough
Luke Fielding
Luke Fielding:
In the final Alisson saved them, without him him they're losing that to spurs
victor xyz123_xyz456
victor xyz123_xyz456:
Dumb stats. They had Karius then and Alison now bruh
G B:
"Personally I think we should get rid of this and say who's the best player in the world, then give it to them. And he would get it". That is what the Ballon d'Or is for, omfg he just said we should scrap it then give someone a trophy for being the best player in the world. Hahahahaha
Indroneil Biswas
Indroneil Biswas:
Messi - forward
Van Dijk- defender

You can’t compare the two
Stevie contradicting himself cos his Fav didn't win when it goes to the Best Player consistently week in and week out which why Messi deserves it no contest
Fadzli Realtor
Fadzli Realtor:
10:19 Rubbish managers. I'm glad he has said it.
The best thing that's comes of this ronaldo and messi's children carrying on the legacy and there's more of them.
Itz Me
Itz Me:
Please Barcelona listen to me:

Get rid of Valverde. You have THE BEST PLAYER in the world. He will retire soon.
i just came here to see stevies burned face after his golden boy didn't win it
i never care about these awards anyway, I'm glad this time they chose the right person but it doesn't mean these awards are credible
Mohamed Zain
Mohamed Zain:
But Liverpool also wouldn’t have won the champions league without Alisson Becker
Alie Kamara
Alie Kamara:
It takes five hundred years to break up his records
aires NO beat
aires NO beat:
Someone tell Steve that If Messi was in Liverpool last season, they would not only win the Champions League, but also the premier league... This is how consistent Messi is.
ken hall97
ken hall97:
This is nonsense. When messi Win's something everyone says he is the goat, next year someone else gonna win and you'll say he is the goat.
Mark Jossop
Mark Jossop:
A million more people have different thoughts than you, accept and start living with it
President T Nediserp
President T Nediserp:
Two things in this world that I like: real women and real guns.
Man united
Man united:
If Messi was at Liverpool stevie would be fine with it
Fabrisio Gomez
Fabrisio Gomez:
Messi-2019 + Marketing = Van Dijk
jeremy makokha
jeremy makokha:
Why does Lionel messi winning Ballon dor hurt some people
I 'm
I 'm:
Let's talk about 6 baby!
Nul Rai
Nul Rai:
Steve can’t be taken seriously for real. How would Liverpool wouldn’t win if they had Messi? Messi plus much better Liverpool team....
Liverpool would have won every title with messi in their team
Jims Nanno
Jims Nanno:
Yea sure, thats why they lost Against Napoli and got in 3 goals against a team with a name redbull.
Rul Shah
Rul Shah:
Cr7 decline bcos of his girlfriend n his coach sarri..
abdi moha
abdi moha:
Messi greatest player ever
Glenn Robert
Glenn Robert:
I cant do what Messi does even in a video game... The Greatest... Leo... 😍😍😍
alisuo toko
alisuo toko:
Stevie is "worldwide liverpool fans in a nutshell".
MF Anal
MF Anal:
My only question is, why is this even a question? No one is near Messi’s level
Carlos Villalvazo Puentes
Carlos Villalvazo Puentes:
nicolas villamizar
nicolas villamizar:
How u have Ronaldo higher than mane lewa etc 😂
glarem zerp
glarem zerp:
the day when the king stops i'llstop watching football....
I was expecting Ronaldo to win but is all good... he’s still the 🐐
Miguel Vale
Miguel Vale:
One of my favorite things about Messi is every now and then he slaps his deluded fanbase back to reality and dispels their psycho fairy-tales.

"When Cristiano Ronaldo pulled level with me, I'll admit that it hurt a little as I was no longer alone at the top." - LM
"But, at that moment he deserved the Ballon d'Or and I couldn't do much more about it." - LM
"I understand why I didn't win, as we hadn't won the Champions League and winning that competition gives you a better chance of winning the Ballon d'Or." - LM
"When Cristiano Ronaldo was winning all the [individual] trophies it was because he'd had really good seasons and had been winning the Champions League, being decisive as his team did so." - LM

Have a seat, clowns.
Rafi David
Rafi David:
It's a CRIME Messi won it after four years🤦‍♂️no argument the best player on the planet by miles🙌
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia:
Stevie’s butthurt a Liverpool player didn’t win the balon d or
Typical Procrastinator_13
Typical Procrastinator_13:
I feel more bad for Stevie than Virgil. 😂
Poor guy.
jeremy makokha
jeremy makokha:
Why does Lionel messi winning Ballon dor hurt some people
Kyle Tippel
Kyle Tippel:
You know how you know the ballon dor is a joke, Michael Owen has won one.
Criss Cross Applesauce
Criss Cross Applesauce:
I agreed with most of what Ale Moreno has said there, but there's something about that guy, he just irks me man
shyam pakhrin
shyam pakhrin:
See you next year
Again again ballon d or
Lionel messi
A Adham
A Adham:
how can you say even ronaldo hasn't been that consistent when he's only won 1 ballon dor less than messi lol
chinmaya panigrahi
chinmaya panigrahi:
The last 30 secs made me cry
Amol Paradke
Amol Paradke:
Mbappe can be great goalscorer like CR7 but can he be like Lionel Messi i didn't saw the single sign of that yet
Not Banished Indian
Not Banished Indian:
4:55 did he really just say Messi carried Argentina in the copa 🤦‍♂️
Lewandowski 8th place...
No comment.
Tolzen R
Tolzen R:
This is all Damm, don't you why Virgil is just the best of this season.
Raza Khan
Raza Khan:
Van Dijk is a defender. Messi is a striker. Most people won't even know who Van Dijk is, but most people around the world know who Messi is.
Liam Van Rooi
Liam Van Rooi:
The guy speaking first doesn"t know a thing about football
●hes simply too good!
there shud be a reward that is given after 3 years for the most consistent, impressive performances.
Christian T
Christian T:
Because he's the goat...end of video
Piyush Sharma
Piyush Sharma:
Kick stevie from the show, make him do only Liverpool specials. He's bso biased
2:25 🤦‍♂️ i really don't know how to react to this statement at this point i think they just say things like this to get more viewers
Yeh, remember this when you consider Lewandowski for the Ballon D’Or next year.

Lewandowski is carrying the Bayern Munich team and also integral to Poland as well.


League and Champions League

League - 8
CL - 2

League - 5
CL - 1

League - 16
CL - 10

Messi/ Ron 16 v 26 LEWA

Let’s see how the season continues!
Omar Minhaj
Omar Minhaj:
5:00 did this shiteface say messi carried his team to copa america,my my,HE HAD 1 GOAL IN 5 GAMES,and the goal was a PENALTY
prasad sadaphule
prasad sadaphule:
I clicked on this video just to write comment that there is no need to explain why he deserves.
kambi ulle
kambi ulle:
An award not deserving for Leo fifa is corrupt very corrupt this is so sick
Messi clearly deserves the ballon d'Or based on his performance over the entire year.
Elvis Majoni
Elvis Majoni:
Steve always is biased when it comes to Liverpool.messi deserve it old man 😎
Nigora Ganiyeva
Nigora Ganiyeva:
God Bless you Messi 💙❤
Lewandowski most calendar goals in 2019.
mayur ganatra
mayur ganatra:
Imagine winning Ballon D'Or under valverde😂😂,messi is really the 🐐
And yeah people keep saying he can't win without xavi and iniesta,there you go now
Zo Liantb
Zo Liantb:
A moment of silence for Steve Nicol 😂😂😂
I was fine with either
Congrats to Messi
Tough luck VVD
It truly will be a sad time when both Ronaldo and Messi no longer play
dashy 20
dashy 20:
Anyways Messi is just the goat u can't take it away from him I'm done here
robert ingram
robert ingram:
Messi will win balon d’or when he retires. 🤪
okow tina
okow tina:
Alisson has more to do with the CL title than VVD.
Eventually there will be categories for the Ballon d'Or and all this ambiguity will disappear.
January - Present 2019 Stats (Top 5 Leagues + National Cups + UEFA Champions League + Europa League)

Robert Lewandowski:
- 45 Goals in 43 Games Played
- 18/19 Bundesliga Champion

Lionel Messi:
- 41 Goals in 44 Games Played
- 18/19 La Liga Champion

And yet Lewandowski comes in 8th place....
How is Ronaldo and mbappe higher than lewy is still mind boggling
Zebin Illyzz
Zebin Illyzz:
You must also make a video on "why Messi didn't deserve Ballon D'or"
Fatih Aksu
Fatih Aksu:
Ronaldo is like Isaac Newton
Messi Albert Einstein
If you know i mean 🤔