Who’s the Man Ranting Inside Bagel Boss Store?

A shocking video shows a customer at a New York bagel store losing it because he says women reject him over his height. The man, identified as Chris Morgan, lives on Long Island. “Why is it OK for women to say, ‘oh, you're five feet,’ on dating sites. ‘You should be dead?’ That's OK?” he screamed during the incident. When pointed out that no one in the store had said that to him, he replied, “Women in general have said it on dating sites.”

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SpongeBob NiggaPants
SpongeBob NiggaPants:
They sent the tallest reporter they had 😭😭
DTnT Ghost
DTnT Ghost:
Chris Morgan:*walking*
Big ass hawk:"i'm kinda hungry right about now"
Andrew McGee
Andrew McGee:
He was being “short” with Inside Edition.
Lol. Challenges several people to fight. Later calls them "bullies" when one of them takes him down. Love it.
I doubt that his height is the main reason he can't get a date. He is still a little boy emotionally and mentally.
Nicholas Blasi
Nicholas Blasi:
Man: “Go ahead and attack me, big guy”

“Instantly gets bodied”
Caleb Jackson
Caleb Jackson:
Give him a break! He saved the Mushroom Kingdom like 2000 times and all he got was a cheek kiss!
Maddox 30 SC
Maddox 30 SC:
I just got one thing to say...

He’s an angry elf!!
CTG Test
CTG Test:
I am kind of a short man, only 5" taller than him ,but i will never go over a women taller than me so i understand how he feels been rejected.
Booty GAwD
Booty GAwD:
The interviewer is 6’2 😂😂😂😂

He don’t like her that much cuz she’s tall
Albert Pak
Albert Pak:
This is 45 years of bottled anger being released.
Richard Hochroth
Richard Hochroth:
“I sense great vulnerability. A man-child crying out for love. An innocent orphan in the post-modern world.”

“I see a parasite. A sexually depraved miscreant who is seeking only to gratify his basest and most immediate urges.”

“His struggle is man's struggle. He lifts my spirit.”

“He is a loathsome, offensive brute. Yet I can’t look away.”

“He transcends time and space.”

“He sickens me.”

“I love it.”

“Me too.”
Zomboy XD
Zomboy XD:
They're hyping this man way too much lol , he's just a miserable person lol they need to leave em alone XD
Noor Abdulkhalek
Noor Abdulkhalek:
Just cause he’s so insecure doesn’t mean had to get mad at woman, it’s also probably his attitude that’s driving women away
Elida Cadena
Elida Cadena:
Bro the lady filming “i just wanted bagels” OMG 😂💀 she would be me in a situation like that
You already know that tall reporter was no coincidence.
lolita johnson
lolita johnson:
When you can’t differentiate between real life and dating sites. That’s a rant for online. Give him a bagel he’s hungry damn it!!!
David Corado
David Corado:
If they ask about your height ask them about there weight
Yo Soy Bob Oso
Yo Soy Bob Oso:
Yo, who let out Santa’s little helper from the work shop?
Him- *claims to be all mad because people use hIs night to judge him*
Also him- *uses height to defend himself and say people can’t come ta him*
Jonathan Rose
Jonathan Rose:
They sent their tallest female reporter to interview him on purpose, didn't they? Well played, Inside Edition. Well played. 😂
YouTube Daily
YouTube Daily:
If that’s what getting rejected do to someone I feel bad for the man.
1000 Subscribers With No Videos
1000 Subscribers With No Videos:
If this guy is doing this stuff at multiple different places it probably just means that he is a trouble maker. - 1:47
Ivan Karamazov
Ivan Karamazov:
Hahaha. They sent an above average height woman, probably wearing heels, and she was clearly attempting to maintain a position in the foreground of the shot.

10/10 trolling
D B:
And two black men we're ARRESTED for sitting down in a store but this man walks away after making THREATS.
Frantz Lenin
Frantz Lenin:
Tbf his life is very stressful, he is in constant danger of being carried off by a large bird.
ii.eloany salgado
ii.eloany salgado:
I just wanna say, height, size, doesn't matter, you will eventually get a date man.
Jayingee Is Best
Jayingee Is Best:
"Oh, my gosh! I just wanted bagels!" LMAOO 😭😂
* Starts Fights With Random People *

*wE NEeD tO stOp BUllYiNG!*
I'm curious how tall he really is...
That shirt is maybe a medium
He said hes 5'0 but I feel like hes 4'11 but wants to round it up
Inside Edition, y'all shady af. What did you do, go around the office looking for the tallest woman to interview this guy?? Damn. 😆😆😆😂😂😂
The Roblox Santa Claus
The Roblox Santa Claus:
I’m assuming his dating status is labeled STRESSED now?
Zachary Barnes
Zachary Barnes:
Here's a tip. Dont use a dating site. :/
Capri Meyer
Capri Meyer:
Plenty of fish might not be the place for you. More like SHORTtemperdgrindr.com
Dean Brown
Dean Brown:
How can we get him angry again for the interview....
Send the tallest best looking reporter we have.
Carrie Kelly
Carrie Kelly:
Inside Edition is sooo shady by sending a TALL WOMAN, and filming at an angle.😂😂
Tus Raven
Tus Raven:
Doctor: Ok I need your height

Him: let’s go come on she asked my height oh my god your mean :(
DBZ Villain
DBZ Villain:
“Omg I just wanted bagels” 😂😂😂
Super insecure about his heighth. I feel sorry for anyone who carries that much anger about something that will never change.
Can Snow White come get The 8th dwarf back
Wispy Foxx
Wispy Foxx:
I think it’s his temper that women don’t like.
RIP George Smith
RIP George Smith:
*He's sick and tired of p2p.. he just wants true love man*
Sunflower Editz
Sunflower Editz:
“Go ahead and attack me big—“
Me: 😂
ash anarchy
ash anarchy:
According to the article shes only 5'5, he claims hes 5' , somebody's lying about there height
He must think a bagel store is eharmony
same energy as the *“can I get a waffle? can I please get a waffle?”* vine
_"We represent the Lollipop Guild!"_

Someone get this incel a bagel.
Abrahán Rodriguez
Abrahán Rodriguez:
I like the Bagel Boss guy he doesn't give up when people disrespect him. I respect that.
keith Morgan
keith Morgan:
It's a misconception that super tall men get all the girls. Every guy I've met that was an extreme player was around average height (5ft 9in) and average looking.
Thats his casting tape for little people on TLC
My dad is 5'3 and isn't going around yelling at people lol
Soviet II
Soviet II:
Well I am a 6'4" woman, I don't care for taller men, in fact I think 5'8 3/4" is the PERFECT height for a man !
meep meep
meep meep:
Lol 1:52 so basically it's all a hoax, and he's using the interview to get a bigger following?
chevy bangz
chevy bangz:
You wanna step outside lol lil man took the first step outside and committed suicide off the curb
Brock Lesner
Brock Lesner:
"Call me elf ONE MORE TIME" .... "He's an angry elf." - Buddy
Wassup fuckers Wasted
Wassup fuckers Wasted:
I guess you could say he is “short tempered” 🤡😅
Jon W
Jon W:
Well you've got to hand it to him...because he cant reach
*Dude gets slammed to the ground*

News reporter: “back on his feet”

Super shady and foul inside edition. Super shady and foul.
David Wilson
David Wilson:
Awww, poor little guy! I'm short too 5'7"
James Manley
James Manley:
That's some real thought provoking reporting there. Great job advancing society through mass media. 👏👏
Anthony jackson
Anthony jackson:
It would’ve been hilarious if they had the reporter crouch down with the mic to interview him 😂.
Swnsasy _
Swnsasy _:
And that's why they call it short man syndrome.. Dude has issues about his height and they send the tallest reporter... 🤣🤣
Indy’s Journey
Indy’s Journey:
Lmaooo my mom showed me this yesterday we was laughing so hard🤣
Dani Morrow
Dani Morrow:
*interviewer shouldve bit her lip & smirked.*

*but fr, this is the quintessential "severely insecure guy with the chip on his shouldr"..guy.*
Issa Nyia
Issa Nyia:
He probably heard someone talking about it and he was probably mad BUT he did handle it a little wrong
Bobby Joe Jr.
Bobby Joe Jr.:
This guy reminds me of the satyr in Disney's Hercules
daddy deodorant
daddy deodorant:
lmao i’ve been to that bagel shop a couple times
Only way to describe him is “All bark no bite” 🤡
Rudy Hernandez
Rudy Hernandez:
"Look it Mr Frodo don't get Short with me!" Hey Chris Morgan "Santa Claus, what's he like?"
John Moo
John Moo:
"You wanna step outside? You wanna step outside?"

*later on*

"That man twice my size attacked me :("

Edit: Thanks for the likes. And cool comment wars I suppose?
John Crawford
John Crawford:
Shortie just wanted a sandwich.
KaMau Mau
KaMau Mau:
I thought this was Cotton Hill, but he's not old enough....nor confident enough.
*Gets tackled for demeaning woman and provoking a fight*
"I am a victim."
Fox sniffing flower
Fox sniffing flower:
Its always the woman's fault for a man's shortcomings
*Rare Footage Of One Of Santa’s Elf Going Sicko Mode*
RyAsia Williams
RyAsia Williams:
“OMG I just wanted bagels” 🤣
jonathan crane
jonathan crane:
FBI watch this man. He's the next Elliot Rodger
B. Fortune
B. Fortune:
As I stated before, the situation is above him now😔🤭😂🤣
Just like your typical feminist; they talk smack and beat on our men whilst believing that man will never strike back for fear of being labeled a wussy.
He's just mad cuz with that height he got to smell everybody's farts first
"That guy whose twice my size attack me."

He may want to get some dating advice from Zach Roloff!
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
You could tell this guy a short joke and it would go right over his head.
They should've put some floaties on him, wrap a bagel around his waist and roll him into the river!!!
Eden Every Week
Eden Every Week:
1:42 “No offense, I don’t really like you that much.” Wow. He just says what he wants
Edit: Guys! I am not offended! Chill out! I thought it was funny!!!
Colonel Crossfire
Colonel Crossfire:
This dude could play hand-ball on a curb.
SuperDuperC00L-Roblox And Minecraft
SuperDuperC00L-Roblox And Minecraft:
*OMG I JUST WANTED A BAGEL* good luck with that.
Tricky_ Wulfx
Tricky_ Wulfx:
Big guy attacks little guy.
Customer: oh my god i just wanted bagels
This joke has probably already been said but the what the hell...

He's got a short temper.😆😂😂
Metra force
Metra force:
*_Man this guy has no idea Lisa Guerrero is watching him and about to get rekt by her!_*
Rene Mendez
Rene Mendez:
He reminds me of a Chihuahua 😂 also insider mess up for sending a tall ass lady to do the interview 😭
Capri Meyer
Capri Meyer:
Lord Farquaad got a haircut and some bagels
Why, hello fellow human
Why, hello fellow human:
“Oh my god! I just wanted bagels!” 🤣🤣🤣
Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé:
Somebody in the comments said " he's just mad cuz with his height he got to smell everybody's farts first "🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying
Everyday Trash
Everyday Trash:
“He’s an angry elf.”

Buddy, 2003.
Jordane 12 Findlay
Jordane 12 Findlay:
I died when she said epic fight same time I remember flamingo epic. : ) chiiiil
Shaneece Grant
Shaneece Grant:
Lmao he needs to pick on someone his own size 😂
Geoshua Holsinger
Geoshua Holsinger:
All he needs to do is grow up. Maybe to like at least 5' 9.
Kelly Kerwitz
Kelly Kerwitz:
Me thinks it's not just his height he is insecure about 😂🤣 wtf is a bagel sounds delicious
His sexual frustration has reached its peak. Dude needs to bust a nut and chill

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