Whitaker: Lisa Page made calculated move to front run IG report

Matt Whitaker, former Acting Attorney General, discusses the move of former FBI lawyer Lisa Page to speak out ahead of the DOJ's IG report and weighs in on the House Judiciary Committee's upcoming impeachment hearing. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News Headlines 24/7, FOXNews.com and the direct-to-consumer streaming service, FOX Nation. FOX News also produces FOX News Sunday on FOX Broadcasting Company and FOX News Edge. A top five-cable network, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for 17 consecutive years. According to a 2018 Research Intelligencer study by Brand Keys, FOX News ranks as the second most trusted television brand in the country. Additionally, a Suffolk University/USA Today survey states Fox News is the most trusted source for television news or commentary in the country, while a 2017 Gallup/Knight Foundation survey found that among Americans who could name an objective news source, FOX News is the top-cited outlet. FNC is available in nearly 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape while routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre. Subscribe to Fox News! https://bit.ly/2vBUvAS Watch more Fox News Video: http://video.foxnews.com Watch Fox News Channel Live: http://www.foxnewsgo.com/ Watch full episodes of your favorite shows The Five: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-the-five/ Special Report with Bret Baier: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-special-report/ The Story with Martha MacCallum: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-the-story-with-martha-maccallum/ Tucker Carlson Tonight: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-tucker-carlson-tonight/ Hannity: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-hannity/ The Ingraham Angle: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-the-ingraham-angle/ Fox News @ Night: http://video.foxnews.com/playlist/longform-fox-news-night/ Follow Fox News on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FoxNews/ Follow Fox News on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoxNews/ Follow Fox News on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foxnews/

100+ Comments:

Colleen OConnor
Colleen OConnor:
Looks like Lisa should have written herself an insurance policy!
duck B
duck B:
The world is watching and more and more people are seeing through the charade.

You don't have to be a Trump supporter to see this.
Elizabeth's Oracle
Elizabeth's Oracle:
Incredible, has an affair and lectures us about integrity.
Some jail time will erase the smirk off her face.
Len Ovo
Len Ovo:
She can smirk when they give her an orange jumpsuit to wear....oh, the irony of that picture !!!!
Joe Coox
Joe Coox:
Lets hope we see a lot of indictments REAL SOON ! It's called Sedition and Treason.
John Doe
John Doe:
This is like when McCabe tried to sue the DoD after getting fired. These people have no fear of repercussions
spider monkee
spider monkee:
the FBI should be dissolved"' to many agents compromised.
seven dyseven
seven dyseven:
Lisa, forget being quiet, your just 'Done' !
Robert Wolff
Robert Wolff:
Ya truth to power how righteous, committing adultry, election interference, and character assassination of a duly elected
“When the law enforcers turn out to be the law breakers, then we have totally upended the rule of law. Nobody is safe and everybody is in trouble. Our system of government is under attack.” GovMikeHuckabee
Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth
Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth:
She is still very political and just trying again to shape public opinion
Barbara Zeman
Barbara Zeman:
Why is Lisa Page's mother wanted by the FBI and Geez, they couldn't find her mother? What a scam.
Dni KL
Dni KL:
"Speaking truth to power...?" Lisa Page actively participated in a COUP against the American presidency....she belongs in jail. And she's upset because people said things about her that were not nice? Drain the swamp.
"Where are they Lisa?" See her stop her an question her. These people will never be able to walk the streets.
Top Secret Bear
Top Secret Bear:
Lisa Page is guilty of conspiracy, sedition and treason. She tried to falsify evidence, frame the president and rig the 2016 election She knows what is coming and she deserves to be put under Guantanamo.
Pam Gilley
Pam Gilley:
I don’t trust the upper echelons of our government their still trying to cover up ! Truly disgusting!
Linda Springer
Linda Springer:
All these “leaks” and even the impeachment are simply dems and media getting ahead of whats coming in the next few years..
Crazyhands Hands
Crazyhands Hands:
Darkness cannot be in the light .
Charles Hull
Charles Hull:
She's such a victim, of the orange man.
In another era, she'd being swinging from the gallows, for her crimes.
Pam Doyle
Pam Doyle:
I love when he told Nadler he’s “ 5 minutes are up”.
If I were her I would probably avoid wearing orange clothes to a hearing.
Poopoo FAg
Poopoo FAg:
How come no “news” network ever tries to interview strzok’s wife he cheated on????
Dangerous Employees must be relieved. No more foolishness in the FBI.
Slash Rocks
Slash Rocks:
The rats are starting to run.
Anthony Perry
Anthony Perry:
Page is thinking: "Well since Mueller deleted much of mine and Strzok's emails I can play the innocent victim card.
mark price
mark price:
"he's not going to be president is he"??===that is treasonous and she should be tried in court.
Jefrey Ptchersr
Jefrey Ptchersr:
I would say this to all the Democrats that running for office and the Democrats are are now in office come 20/20 you're all fired start typing up a resume
Cindy Barker
Cindy Barker:
The snakes are coming out of the wall's and everything they try keeps blowing up in their faces, these people are doomed.
Cy Todd
Cy Todd:
Lisa Page has already been thoroughly discredited. Nothing she can say at this point can justify her decisions and actions.
Mike D
Mike D:
When the Dems are hiding witnesses until the day of the hearing, it's a clear indication, they have no case!
Old Seer
Old Seer:
How does "front running" erase a person's crime.
Wow they're getting nervous about, ig report and prosecutor John Durham
The Griffin
The Griffin:
Dems: We need to get ahead of this ....... Page!!!! You're up!!!!!
Iam N.
Iam N.:
As their ship sinks, the rats will scurry to save themselves, anyway they can. Popcorn, anyone! 🍿
rodney worthington
rodney worthington:
This Woman Lisa Page Needs to do Time for Sedition.
"My affair -- with that other woman's husband -- is deeply personal, thank you very much."
-- "deeply personal" is an actual quote Lisa Page used to describe the affair
Jim Lambright
Jim Lambright:
December 9th is going to be Christmas 🎄 come early.
Planet Mojo
Planet Mojo:
Lisa Page is part of an attempted coup. That is treason. She and all of her fellow conspirators need to be brought to justice.
Gary Clouse
Gary Clouse:
No need to lend even a hint of legitimacy to the House dog and pony show!
Richard Segura
Richard Segura:
Lol, dems are turning on each other! Can’t wait to see Barr’s full report and see the heads of the traitors roll.
Kathlyn Lapointe
Kathlyn Lapointe:
Lisa Page is not a low level person period. She was one of the higher level in the FBI... She has done TREASON to this country...
S Ward
S Ward:
What the heck does "truth to power" mean anyway? Makes zero sense and just sounds stupid......
E J:
I cant watch him on TV without laughing inside thinking about his amazing response to some of the DEMONcraps during his hearing a while back.. I can watch that over and over LOL
Richard Pruett
Richard Pruett:
"The American people's faith in the FBI?...Representing so much about what is excellent in this country?" The FBI has not deserved our faith, or any claim to excellence, since it deliberately covered up the facts showing a government conspiracy in the assassination of Pres. Kennedy.
Norman Astwood
Norman Astwood:
If she didn't do anything wrong, why did Bob Mueller fire her?
Ivan Mckinney
Ivan Mckinney:
Here is a person who is been are being investigated like all the rest of the cabinet
alords watchman
alords watchman:
It's called Sedition and Treason.
karl wheelock
karl wheelock:
That's okay Lisa we are having a GoFundMe page for the bullets for you and Peter. It is called treason you can't be hung but they still have a firing squad.
Mary Davis
Mary Davis:
The worst crime of all is that she is a homewrecker... It's all downhill from there
"truth(?) to power" OH PLEASE...The unfaithful Lisa Page and her, smug, cheating lover were telling each other that they were better than the smelly Walmart shoppers. Are they the "power" telling the "truth"? I don't think their spouses would think so.
Otis Pulos
Otis Pulos:
Still waiting for the Democrats to participate in a process of getting to the truth of their corruption 🤨
We Believe
We Believe:
Everyone saying "nothing will happen".. YOU'RE THE SPINELESS COWARDS THAT PUT US AT THIS POINT
Richard Willette
Richard Willette:
What’s an IG report and what does this have to do with impeachment
Nohwun Yewno
Nohwun Yewno:
I don't want to hear about the 'good people at the FBI', where there wasn't a single whistleblower about what was going on.
Jame Brooke
Jame Brooke:
Gee when I was a Correctional Officer that's what EVERYONE doing time told me! So when the FBI says that I get very VERY worried!
Armed Rodent
Armed Rodent:
report comes out monday ! lets hope we see alot of indicments !
David Schmidt
David Schmidt:
Deborah Masters
Deborah Masters:
Look at her boyfriend testimony in Congress you cant trust a woman who would want to be with such a complete devil.
Stew Ramone
Stew Ramone:
Scott Fabian
Scott Fabian:
Lisa Page and her boyfriend; appropriately named "Peter", are now playing the Victim Card.

These two homewreckers have no basement to their moral elevator.
Teddie The Three
Teddie The Three:
She's a scared little rabbit.. only place for her is prison
Don Thursby
Don Thursby:
The villains have to spin this to make themselves look like heros and victims before the report is released. Not gonna work.
Studio Rotoscat
Studio Rotoscat:
2019: yes
Lorenzo Beckmann
Lorenzo Beckmann:
Actually hoping this goes to the Senate for a trail;  then witnesses, supoenas, testimony under oath----!!oh, what fun
Diane Stewart
Diane Stewart:
Why should he participate in a rigged process is spot on!!!
Angela B
Angela B:
Page is a woman of low character at best. Her words are meaningless.
Deborah Masters
Deborah Masters:
I put some cheese in the rat traps last night, got up and guess what I caught a bunch of demonrats.!!!!!!
Chris Kuchem
Chris Kuchem:
"Oh Peter, strozk me.....strozk me good!
Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy
Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy:
Lisa Page, like the other swamp rats, is trying to muddy the water aka Obstruction of Justice!!!
Jesse Leinard
Jesse Leinard:
Our government agencies have lost their credibility. And Democrats have lost their s also .
Clearasmudyeah001 Init
Clearasmudyeah001 Init:
Lisa Page will be squealing before she ends up in jail for a long time.
Joe Morgan
Joe Morgan:
How does she have an affair then lecture people about integrity and morale. Where is stroke at
Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K
Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K:
Former AG? sounds like he should be Future AG.
John McCarthy
John McCarthy:
Do not speak in the hearing of A. Schiffty fool, For he will despise the wisdom of your words.
D Storm
D Storm:
The IG is an Obama holdover, so he will almost surely try to cover up the extent of Democrat corruption. And, so far, all of the coup plotters are free as birds.
Paul Reynolds
Paul Reynolds:
The silly cow has escaped the full measure of justice that she deserves for her part in the attempted coup.
Mohammad Nure Alam
Mohammad Nure Alam:
If she is done being quiet we can expect her to tell us more about that insurance now, right?
Impeachment is a total illegitimate Process to take part give it legitimacy
Justin McClure
Justin McClure:
The culture was that the mafia is in the FBI, DoS and SES and almost nothing could have been done to stop it.
Reality isnt A choice
Reality isnt A choice:
Unleash the IG REPORT
And let the sky rain indictments so as to blot out the sun..
Take heed..
Jim Bennett
Jim Bennett:
She's alpha woman hear her roar look at this way there going to walk& no charges will be handed out to the whole party of criminals it's great to be rich,connected & a democrat can do what you when you want
Jbyrd Texas
Jbyrd Texas:
Every TV interview in 2019 has been a lie from jussie Smollett to the r Kelly interview the Hunter Biden interview the Lisa Page interview all lies plus the fake war footage from a Kentucky gun range plus the native American banging on the drum in front of the maga kid they called him a racist even though he did nothing. The media is all lies and propaganda for the liberal Democrat socialist and globalist rino Republicans. They hate America and they all deserve prison for treason
Jack This Out
Jack This Out:
Yep, she is making herself look like a victim ahead of the release. There must be some interesting stuff in this report.
Bryton MacPherson
Bryton MacPherson:
Why do they hurry these questions? Let the man explain everything. I want to hear his thoughts and his points.
Matteo C
Matteo C:
Mr Chairman, I see that your 5 minutes are up...
Allen King
Allen King:
There still is a dark shadow over the FBI.
Why is no one talking about how they may have committed treason. The insurance policy would be treason in and of itself. Time to lay down the law.
C P:
Who is Lisa Page other than a cheating sperm receptacle for the boyfriend
David Rhodes
David Rhodes:
When she's laughing she's laughing at all of us .... She knows nothing will be done with her
paradigm respawn
paradigm respawn:
"Rank and File who bring their lunchbox to Work Every Day"

More like "their iPod to IHOP"
More Feds than Cops at a Donut Shop!
Paul Blake
Paul Blake:
The Democrats are like an Autoimmune Disease, out of know where, they are attacking themselves! And even as they attack President Trump, the worst damage is to themselves, strange?
We want a Senate trial because that WILL expose the Demonrats crimes.
Which is exactly why they WON'T impeach!
John Dahle
John Dahle:
Sounds like FOX is starting to run scared....shift towards favoring an illegitimate, illegal, process.
Righteous Indignation
Righteous Indignation:
I don't know what Democrats mean when they say black people are "dipped in french fries."
Kim Coughlin
Kim Coughlin:
Why do any of these democrat crooks still have security clearance why???
Rufus , just Rufus
Rufus , just Rufus:
"Former Acting Attorney General" sounds much better than "guy who got fined $26 million by the FTC for cheating consumers."

It's a lot less honest, but hey, it's Fox.
James Dickens
James Dickens:
She used taxpayer's phones for personal reasons - instead of her own phone - that is theft by taking.
T. D
T. D:
I can picture this unattractive pencil neck ugly woman standing alongside Hillary on the platform of the gallows awaiting for execution.
Tina Tester
Tina Tester:
This house Democrats and what they have been doing for the last three and a half years have caused the trust other people 2 not trust any of them including the FBI CIA the professors a university people a college has the whole system is on a do not trust list