What Really Happened To Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart’s disappearance isn’t just one of aviation’s great unsolved mysteries—her vanish is one of modern history’s enduring human interest puzzles. Earhart was at her peak of fame, attempting the first around-the-world flight, when she and her twin-engine Lockheed 10E Electra went missing over the vast equatorial Pacific on July 2, 1937. Subscribe to The Story Behind https://is.gd/hixAAr Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

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Amee Bee
Amee Bee:
No kidding, that was literally her farewell flight.
"women must do things as men have tried"- Amelia Earhart
My favorite YouTube channel. Always waiting for your uploads
Galaxy Flowers
Galaxy Flowers:
This is really weird because ever since I was a kid, I’ve been thinking about what happened to her and whether anyone will ever know or it will simply never be solved and that was the end of her. The fact people may have found the plane. Unbelievable. Can’t wait for more of the journey to come.
Angela W
Angela W:
I always heard tales of Amelia when I was a kid and her disappearance has always interested me. I've searched for information on google and everything but never read anything like this. You really do a great job researching topics for your videos. Very much appreciated!
Ashley okechukwu
Ashley okechukwu:
At least Amelia Earhart was brave and courageous she will be with god forever and ever!
Jerry Umfress
Jerry Umfress:
It's a big ocean, she probably ran out of gas and went down. No conspiracy.
xXTheBest_ChristopherXx 73
xXTheBest_ChristopherXx 73:
I Amelia love my Ear 👂and Hart ♥️
Fawad Shah
Fawad Shah:
Story behind Bermuda Triangle??
*T H A N O S*
Jemma J
Jemma J:
Sad really, it's difficult to know how much fuel you'll consume in an unpredictable weather. I'm sure they refueled before taking off.
Arif aman
Arif aman:
Found on latest news as the video is 3 months old

According The Telegraph, bones found on a remote Pacific island are most likely those of the lost aviator Amelia Earhart, a new forensic study has concluded

As of july 17th 2019
Rick Linn
Rick Linn:
She took off in May, 37 from Oakland, CA. You should probably fix this.
Jaycee Cee
Jaycee Cee:
Depending upon what article you read, they allegedly found human remains, and have been sidelined until October. So the Buka Island government, can conduct forensic analysis on it. Once again, I mentioned they allegedly found human remains. A ton of regurgitated articles about this possible find, then it abruptly falls off the radar. Having the updated report, written by media outlets that aren't mainstream, just feels like tabloid fodder. However, if it is true or this is the plane, we have finally figured out what happened to Noonan, too. I love how people get so caught up with her, they forget, she was flying with another person on board. Lol...joking... They found Male and not female remains?... Not sure who that could be... hrmmm.
Esmeralda Hernandez
Esmeralda Hernandez:
Yeah this was always a mystery to a lot of people.
Mr Potato
Mr Potato:
What if.. she didnt died and just lived a normal life.... meh thats impossible being an aviator is her passion...she couldnt just give it up
People read too much conspiracy theories. Amelia earhart case solved.
El M. O.
El M. O.:
In case anyone wondering, Mistery is an archaic form of Mystery. This channel deliberately use it, maybe as a way of channeling an aura of the old era.
Lee Connor
Lee Connor:
She ran outta fuel then ditched,it's well documented
Ray corda
Ray corda:
The spelling of myster is my not mi theee
Who heard her name in the song someday will know by mandy moore ???hit like
London Sanders
London Sanders:
The word mystery in the thumbnail is misspelled, but I love this channel!!!
She disappeared just like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared on 8 March 2014, after departing from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing, with 227 passengers and 12 crew members on board. So sad it's still an unsolved mystery 😭😭😭
Kunjumon Varghese
Kunjumon Varghese:
Super early...oh and mainly your videos are really awesome..the story behind everything is really cool...again love your channel a lot.
Death rose
Death rose:
This is really helpful because i have a S.A that is all about Amelia Earhart and this is really helping me I'll let you knoe my grade when I'm done
Mr. H.
Mr. H.:
She’s fine and living in Southern California. I just saw her & James Dean microwaving burritos at the Circle K. Buddy Holly was in the car, pissed off, cause they were taking to long.
I never knew that she was captured by the Japanese soldiers for being a spy.
Mistery Solved or Mystery Solved ? im confused right now
Rochel Luneta
Rochel Luneta:
P51 mustang
Mariana Gheorghe
Mariana Gheorghe:
I was amelia in a play
Fleugar OutDoors
Fleugar OutDoors:
One theory is, the US government convinced her to let them install a spy camera in her plane. The Japanese shot her down. Makes me wonder why the military would spend 4 million in 1936 looking for the plane. That is 100 million today. Were they looking for Amelia or a spy camera?
yawar khl
yawar khl:
This new guinea is s vicious place
It did put an end to various talented and genius minds like Michael Rockfeller💔
Lucinda Gray
Lucinda Gray:
Thank you 🙏! I’m so glad that I’ve subscribed to you!!
ebony rOse
ebony rOse:
you forgot that the interviews with civilians also give alot of evidence
Irma Pardo
Irma Pardo:
It was broblably the Bermuda Triangle cause it my have some magnetic thing that makes airplanes disappear instantly and u lost track and then u vanish
LivingTheDream 21
LivingTheDream 21:
The thumbnail said "Mistery Solved"
jackson ding
jackson ding:
Thank you sir for the video 🙏
More bullcrap foisted on us by the charlatans at TIGHAR.
I'm a pink potato hehe
I'm a pink potato hehe:
I discovered Amelia Earhart in my english book when I was in third grade. When I read her in my book, I became curious whether or not if she's still alive or got abducted aliens. Now, grade 11 i'm still curious about her and would often think where is she now. Is she dead? In the depths of the ocean where her skeleton corpse lay? Or alive and changed her name to avoid fame and lived her life to the fullest?
thats really badly researched. the us government has files which state that she landed safely near some island and then was taken as a prisoner by japanese people. she later was killed by them. not only the us files but also a picture proofs that. multiple people on the island and nearby know about that story because their grandparents where there. they teach this in school and even have her plane on their post stamps because its a really big part of the islands history.
Johnny 32211
Johnny 32211:
At the back of that ship was thatAmelia Earhart Electra
Kuma Shabazz
Kuma Shabazz:
I saw on unsolved mystery United States military had her killed
Brian notafan
Brian notafan:
They probably didn't feel so good
Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers:
Only be ended if they find her and Noonan remains in the plain.
yawar khl
yawar khl:
This new guinea is s vicious place
It did put an end to various talented and genius minds like Michael Rockfeller💔
Jerry Miller
Jerry Miller:
could be a WW2 plane that they found should not be that hard to tel if it was a Lockheed electra
Mick Walkerden
Mick Walkerden:
What about the photo on the pier , that certainly appears to be them can that pic be dated date wise.
Mayur Jagtap
Mayur Jagtap:
Please make a video on battle of saragarhi........please
Oyis Oywis
Oyis Oywis:
She was lost in 1937 began her last flight she was disappeared
Why can people say the truth? She was lost n died. Nothing glamorous.
Steven Surprenant
Steven Surprenant:
No mistery,she crashed then died.
Juns Lee
Juns Lee:
We crave your knowledge
Shota Princess129
Shota Princess129:
I never considered the possibility that she simply just ran out of fuel and sunk with the plane. I always assumed that she crash landed on an island and was lucky enough to survive for a good while, but eventually perished due to exposure from living as a castaway. For all we know that really could be the remains of her plane they stumbled upon
iiiZxra Playz
iiiZxra Playz:
June 1 is my brothers birthday..
Allie Wallace
Allie Wallace:
so sad i almost cried
Mick Cooper
Mick Cooper:
I love it when people spell "mystery" wrong..
Same peddling of the same BS with NO new information.  Just a rehash of the same tired photos!
Akira RBLX
Akira RBLX:
Been here since 3k subs. So awesome to see this channel grow, its so interesting too
Minty Gacha
Minty Gacha:
Looks like my teacher except my teacher is REALLY OLD and quit last year to travel the world
kikay San
kikay San:
Her plane fell in the ocean coz ranning out of fuel.
Oyis Oywis
Oyis Oywis:
Who know it give a like
Albert Tan
Albert Tan:
Possible theories: 1. An ICBM killed her. 2. The island she was going to disappeared. 3. She just want to make history. Lol
Sean the pokemon collector
Sean the pokemon collector:
Amelia Earhart is related to me she is m 6th great ant
The_Boi_1213 O
The_Boi_1213 O:
Um you spelled mystery wrong
Bernice CHOW [6G]
Bernice CHOW [6G]:
where did you found that info
josh ku Gonzales
josh ku Gonzales:
my mom said that she thinks she was shot down by japanese soliders
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers:
Can't spell, won't spell.
Casper D.
Casper D.:
That picture at 5:42 is not here...Somebody did a Google search..that picture was from a Japanese magazine years before she disappeared...
zack zenith
zack zenith:
She is 1000000000000 times badass than any feminist nowdays
Debra Wolf
Debra Wolf:
I love your videos. So well put together. Thank you for doing this.
vaishnavi shelgaonkar
vaishnavi shelgaonkar:
There is a similar documentary about her which I saw on history tv 18 and it was shown that she might have been captured by the Japanese soldiers on that island and the place where she was chained with other men was also shown.
Frisbee dog
Frisbee dog:
Why did you play the music over the radio I couldn’t hear it at all
Liza Walker
Liza Walker:
Spelled mystery wrong
Stephanie Aspen Moreno
Stephanie Aspen Moreno:
I believe the plane crash and both had to swing to shore but at that time the islands probably have tribes that captured them and either killed them or still kept them as prisoners till they passed. That's my opinion
evaan sonal
evaan sonal:
make video about barmuda triangle
Webber The Indigestible
Webber The Indigestible:
Some people think she was eaten by crabs on an island. No, really. It's true.
I looked at this because I was doing a report on her and I found 3 drops of blood on my appear and I wasn’t bleeding
noel obando
noel obando:
brave woman....
Jeszzie K
Jeszzie K:
Thank u for the amazing story. May we finally able to discover the truth of Amelia n Noonan's disappearance. N may their souls finally be put to rest. Amen.
Marilyn Biondi
Marilyn Biondi:
Great content and interesting pictures.i really like your style
DreamKiller 33
DreamKiller 33:
All this entire time I never knew she had someone with her when she disappeared. I read books and looked stuff up about her when I was a kid. Or maybe I just don’t remember. It’s been like 9 years ago.
UniCorn Bax
UniCorn Bax:
I dont like history subject in school but I literally love this legendary videos. I make sure that I'm always updated here.I'm so inlove watching...Thanks you.💗🍷
Stupid bermuda triangle
carry on
carry on:
Amelia such an inspiration!
But why was the dissappearence a mystery considering the voice transmission by her and also the logical conclusion if crashing in to the sea.
Ian Favel
Ian Favel:
I was under the impression that she survived the crash and lived on the island till the age of 77 before perishing to natural causes. Pretty sure her skull and stuff was found
Iyanne Lee
Iyanne Lee:
My mom told me about this when I was in middle school.
Will you please do patricia hearst , was it?
yuu Asami
yuu Asami:
She's very tall.
Umer Raja
Umer Raja:
Cannot wait for the update !
Namal Eranda
Namal Eranda:
Marilyn Moore,Amelia Earhart,Bruce lee, one of the greatest icon in history died young, it's looks like the world don't want them to live long
Rella Ruelos
Rella Ruelos:
I think she was attacked by the cannibals in Papua New Guinea........ Just kidding 🤗
yensha may
yensha may:
it's like she was giving a premonition when she informed that it will be her farewell flight.
I've always been mystified by the choice of Howland Island. I know they were trying to stick as close as possible to the Equator and all that but Howland is a fly speck. With todays GPS it would be fairly easy to find but with the navigation aids in those days , not easy at all. I cant fathom why she didnt pick Samoa? Much larger and it is American territory
Kemba Ilham
Kemba Ilham:
How tall was she?
Shikha Chaurasia
Shikha Chaurasia:
Third 😂😂
Geraldine Azurin
Geraldine Azurin:
how did this take over 50 years to realize Amelia could’ve crashed on her flight path
What a tragedy
Galaxy Flowers
Galaxy Flowers:
Lmao ”mistery”
Tommy Sparks
Tommy Sparks:
Lies like this are what Youtube should block