WFAN Mike Francesa on the passing of former Yankee/author Jim Bouton & Jets Head Coach Walt Michaels

Here's Mike Francesa opening up Thursday's show remembering a couple of people who left their mark on NY-sports who passed away over the last 24 hours in former Yankee pitcher during much of the 1960s & well-known author of the book 'Ball Four', Jim Bouton & former Head Coach of the New York Jets from 1977-1983, Walt Michaels. _________________________________________________________________ If you appreciate the work I do on YouTube, show your appreciation by making a donation on my virtual tip jar: #PinstripePride #Jets #RIP #InMemoriam #TakeFlight


Jade Zee
Jade Zee:
dude if you dont want people thinking you are
.then you really should give your uploads some VOLUME
Audio is a bit low. TURN MY MIC ON!
Cman win
Cman win:
I have this on max volume and Mike sounds like whispers McMillan.
Steve Richter
Steve Richter:
Bouton was very smart guy. Well respected by other writers.
jerry Bustid
jerry Bustid:
increase volume plz........
Marco Deo
Marco Deo:
Bouton was hated by all yankees for breaking the clubhouse rule-"What you see here stays here"
Jack smith
Jack smith:
Johnny Keane, not Johnny Sain.