Week 12 Rapid Reaction + Melvin Gordon's Injury Fallout (Ep. 296)

We're here to put each game under the microscope and share our biggest fantasy takeaways from Week 12's matchups. Nick Chubb (3:02) and the Cleveland Browns appear to have a bright future ahead, Amari Cooper (16:27) was definitively the standout player on Thanksgiving, and Adam Humphries (26:43) strongly deserves your attention. How should we view Doug Baldwin (46:54) and Tyler Lockett moving forward though, how much time could Melvin Gordon (56:08) miss and who would benefit the most from his absence, and is it time to drop our optimism regarding Courtland Sutton (1:01:49)? Win a signed Dalvin Cook helmet: https://www.fantasypros.com/2018/11/win-a-signed-dalvin-cook-helmet/ Follow Us! Twitter: https://twitter.com/FantasyPros Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FantasyPros/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fantasypros/ Matchups: CHI @ DET - 12:47 WAS @ DAL - 16:24 ATL @ NO - 20:42 JAC @ BUF - 24:46 SF @ TB - 26:28 OAK @ BAL - 32:14 CLE @ CIN - 35:34 NYG @ PHI - 40:34 SEA @ CAR - 46:29 NE @ NYJ - 51:14 ARI @ LAC - 56:05 PIT @ DEN - 1:01:19 MIA @ IND - 1:04:32 Sponsors: Pristine Auction - Get the best deals in sports memorabilia including signed helmets and custom jerseys with guaranteed authenticity. Enter our special giveaway for free for a chance at a Dalvin Cook signed Vikings helmet. Just go to "fantasypros.com/contest" for more information.

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Having CMC, Sony Michel, and Josh Adams helped me to victory this week.. and I had Gurley on the bench too. Playoffs here I come
Cole Espo
Cole Espo:
It’s wraps bro. Melvin Gordon not coming back for playoffs. It’s over. I do have Ekeler tho
Jordan Howard completely sabotaged my matchup.
Would you drop Godwin for Humphries??
Damn this tags dude is a bonafide hater! Good lord!
Dapper McNuggets
Dapper McNuggets:
Allen Sumas
Allen Sumas:
what's good danny boy?
I also wonder, why are we not seeing more from Mike Williams in San Diego.
C’mon guys, Barkley deserved the number one pick.
the sports guy with common sense
the sports guy with common sense:
need the houston D to get 11 pts and need DHop to get less than 22 standard pts tn. crossing my fingers😬
jereme edwards
jereme edwards:
Um Josh Allen had decent day
jereme edwards
jereme edwards:
Redskins couldn't tackle
jereme edwards
jereme edwards:
Baker needs to grow up it's a business.
Kerr Conkle
Kerr Conkle:
Lynn is an idiot for playing Gordon injuried did not need him to win
Dustin Burnett
Dustin Burnett:
Maaan im up by 3 points, and i have corey davis & TN defense. My opponent has Hopkins. I can pivot to keke, but would yall go w corey davis or keke? I need to win this rematch so I can talk smack.
Taylor Duran
Taylor Duran:
TY Hilton
Do they read the comments? I havd a question for the podcast:

A po contender has Melvin Gordon. And I have a spare RB to trade and WR need. His RB need is a bit worse than my WR need. Would you trade a bench RB (my 4th best RB) to get his no2 WR? O would make his team way better but also improve mine.
Would you do that or how would you decide which trade is acceptable or not regarding that. I don't want to make his team better but I also want to have the best lineup possible at my side
Matthew Washington
Matthew Washington:
Down 6 with only K. Fairbairn left... What are the odds I win this?
Paul Senzig
Paul Senzig:
They got to force-feed Amari pooper I've never been a fan and Jenny Jones is definitely not going to waste all that so they're going to make sure he signs Jerry Jones I know but I like calling him a Jenny Jones
jereme edwards
jereme edwards:
Cincy is garbage that's why
I fully expected A Cooper to be better with Dak (like it or not, Dak is a superior passer to Carr), but I don't think one big game validates all of Mike's glorification of Cooper. He has had big games before and they have been anomalies. I mean, Bishop Sankey had a 2-TD game as well but I don't think that means he was worth a 1st round pick either.
How dare a person accept another job after they are fired from their previous job! What does Mike think Hue was supposed to do? Be out of work for the rest of his life?