Virgil van Dijk should have won the Ballon d'Or but Lionel Messi is the best - Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

Liverpool legend Steve Nicol reacts to Barcelona’s Lionel Messi winning his sixth Ballon d’Or over Virgil van Dijk. Nicol says Van Dijk was more important to his team than Messi in 2019, but ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno disputes that, and Julien Laurens says Van Dijk was a victim of being part of “the best team in the world right now” with Liverpool. #ESPNFC Subscribe to ESPN UK: Follow ESPN UK across multiple platforms:

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R13 Denim
R13 Denim:
And they said Liverpool are lucky😹😹
When a Liverpool player got nominated they started look at numbers instead of trophies the opposite of the last years when Modric and Cristiano won it
Completely ignoring Mane's impact in them winning the CL, it's not just van dijk
I love how Stevie goes silent for half the video lol
Elwooddestiny11 Blues
Elwooddestiny11 Blues:
And Liverpool wasnt winning the champions league without Mane either !!! Or Alisson !!! Or Salah !!! Or Arnold !!! Shall i go on !!!
When Messi was announced as ballon d’or winner, Mateo (messi’s son) started to mock the guy next to him, that guy turned out to be van dijk’s nephew 😂😂
Carlo Castillo
Carlo Castillo:
Messi has become a victim of his own success. Just like they said people will realize how high the bar has been set once he retires lol
Wenny Mawlong
Wenny Mawlong:
Imagine Messi won the ballon d'or even with valverde as a coach. This speaks volume of this man
Erik Litsenius
Erik Litsenius:
Liverpool had 4 players in the top 7 here (VVD, Mane, Salah, Alisson). That by itself makes a good point that Liverpool's success is quite a shared achievement. It's not just VVD's credit. Messi on the other hand stands for a monumental amount of what Barcelona is
Wolf Boy
Wolf Boy:
Modric be like: Please Have It Back Bro
Romeo De Silva
Romeo De Silva:
Messi deserved it imo
Steve, Messi literally carried Barcelona the entire season
Nandan Hegde
Nandan Hegde:
Q: What does post messi barca look like?
A: Manchester United
Masoud Sarvin
Masoud Sarvin:
"Whenever you need a fireman, Messi is the man to call"
Van baz
Van baz:
A year of magic Messi gave to the world. Enjoy watching him as he lasts.
wano wano
wano wano:
More I watching this, more I feel that they are idiots.
tes tes
tes tes:
Enjoy while he is alive and playing!! Trust me when I'm saying this no one is going to do it again like messi did!!
The best football player on Planet Earth didn’t deserve the Balon D’Or?

Give me a break.
Gaunter O dimm
Gaunter O dimm:
Liverpool fan here and I think messi deserved it tbh and yes I’ve been watching la liga.
Kypriee Eleison
Kypriee Eleison:
Steve is Hurt😂
1999 Hunter
1999 Hunter:
He's biased when it comes to Liverpool, no surprise here.
joseph ritho
joseph ritho:
messi has one more Ballon d'Or before he retires
Steve Nicols - Do you want some chrisps with your bitter?
Ali Njie
Ali Njie:
Just listen messi was so unplayable last season and he scored over 42+ goals and 18+ assist last season and he would have gone to final of the champions league if his teammates had the right mentality and strength to keep out Liverpool he single handily carries Barca last season 🐐⚽️👌🏾❤️
Philip Amedanu
Philip Amedanu:
Ronaldo is still my fav but dang... he’s still immature 🙄🤣
Tashero Plet
Tashero Plet:
Messi has just begun
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
This geaser doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
Deepanshu Sharma
Deepanshu Sharma:
3:04 The only sensible guy here
When Messi turns 35 he'll be shocking.
Probably only score 35 goals per season :(
O Pensador
O Pensador:
I don't know why for some reason, everybody keeps forgetting that Liverpool reached the champions league final the year before with VVD and they still lost, thanks to Karius. Liverpool's main problem was their goalkeepers hence Alisson and so making it seem like VVD is the main reason for Liverpool's champions league victory is just ridiculous. Liverpool with VVD and Karius couldn't win the Champions League. Btw, most of those defensive stats should be attributed to Alisson and not VVD.
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan:
Agree, he deserved the award, it’s more than stats, it’s the years performance
Nig Nog
Nig Nog:
He was acting like it was ronaldo that flexes his fitness and stuff it’s just his past teammates that speak to the media that’s all
"VVD should of won the ballon d´or but Lionel Messi is the best" ????????? so messi is the best but VVD should of won it, NICE
He is a Liverpool fan, he’s being biased, I don’t take his opinion seriously, and did he score all 3 against Liverpool? Suarez says hi
Pratik Choudhary
Pratik Choudhary:
The sad thing is, despite Messi's crazy stats, they don't do justice to how good of a player he really is. I mean to say all the dribbles, key passes and pre-assists that don't count. Also, only the players and the coaches know what he is doing in training.
Shane Mosley
Shane Mosley:
Finally Jules speaking facts this is long over due. Just look what he can do when he isn’t sacking French players
Zero Xenos
Zero Xenos:
paused the video at 0:00 and enjoying the comments instead.. 😂
Lino Lino
Lino Lino:
Julean said ''rubbish manager''. That's valverde I believe. lol
Hin Lam
Hin Lam:
The title sentence itself doesn’t even make sense, Stevie is just too biased
This mans said VVD made a bigger difference on his team than Messi. Stevie, off with you.
3:04 onwards ..
That's satisfying
Haha Steve Nicol and he's senile comments bless him 😅
yonis gure
yonis gure:
Jules made a good point: if VVD was more important to his team’s success than Leo Messi was to his team then why did so many Liverpool players dominate the nominee list and no other Barca player were nominated?
tes tes
tes tes:
Wait a minute did they check the VAR ?
Fortu Mohlala
Fortu Mohlala:
Anyone who plays video games knows that even with your own created player, you're not scoring 50 goals season in season out
According to Steve: "Liverpool team and it's players should win everything."
I know Liverpool is currently one of the best teams but they are too dependent on Van dijk and Sadio Mane so if anyone of these players is unable to play for 2-3 months then you'll feel their absence.
Kamil Malina
Kamil Malina:
It’s individual award for individual achievements ffs just look at messis stats duh
Ngog-NLiba Nguimbous
Ngog-NLiba Nguimbous:
The happiest man at the gala was Modric. He finally had the burden of winning the ballon taken off his shoulders by the person to whom it truly belongs to.
Messi: The most goals, most free kick goals, most assists, most dribbles, most opportunities created, most man of the match awards while being the most strictly defended, most tackled and possibly most fouled. Most admired, most viewed in live tv and in youtube and in the last month of every competition during 2019 his team was still fighting for every title. Who can compare to that?
Jasminson Tlang
Jasminson Tlang:
Messi it's no doubt the best of the best...king always get his reward
Brandon Moriarty
Brandon Moriarty:
Messi makes a promise to his home fans before season starts, then loses in CL to Liverpool in horrible fashion.. but yeah let’s just reward him
Marshall Zinhurimwe
Marshall Zinhurimwe:
The pub question of swapping the two really got Steve unaware.
liFE 707
liFE 707:
The only person who ever managed to compete with Messi was Ronaldo in his best seasons.
We need someone to win the Ballon dO'r 4 times and the Order will be restored.
Dervan Burke
Dervan Burke:
😭😭😭 thinking about messi not playing anymore got me so emotional he will be missed I am enjoying him while he is here
X-man's Tribute Jack
X-man's Tribute Jack:
Steve should listen to Julian what he mentioned distinguish between messi and van dyk...
Carlos Villalvazo Puentes
Carlos Villalvazo Puentes:
Nick Jones
Nick Jones:
The criteria for the Ballon D'Or states its given to the best player... Everyone agrees Messi is the best player so what's the issue?
Victor Jacobo
Victor Jacobo:
I want to see messi carry Argentina., then i'll consider him the best, but until then, CR7 is the goat.
Van Dijk v Everton - another no clean-sheet!

Liverpool only 2 clean sheets this season in 20 games!

League 15 games
Champions League 5 games

Only v Sheffield Utd and Burnley.

Van Dijk has to sort his defence out!!!!
Jay Shan
Jay Shan:
Nah Messi earned it!
Barca girl
Barca girl:
simpre messi
Di Roy Sama
Di Roy Sama:
Moreno is a smart man
Goderich Sikwana
Goderich Sikwana:
Mane is the best player in Liverpool
Last time I saw Messi he was crying in the middle of pitch at Anfield.
prashant Gautam
prashant Gautam:
Can I sue These Guys For Speaking nonsense since when?
Salomona Reang
Salomona Reang:
I congratulate to messi
filmon yohannes
filmon yohannes:
It’s worrying that that many don’t feel that VVD really deserve the ballon for. When will a non attacking player win the price if not this year. At least this year it’s motivated.
Memory Machingambi
Memory Machingambi:
These arguments will never go away - and for good reason: there is no clear criteria. One year, you see team success being a big factor (eg Modric) then there are times it’s more about the best player in the world (most of Messi’s).
Real Talk
Real Talk:
0:30 Paul Mariner , I disagree, it's not about the impact of the player on their's the players performance.. Messi is the best performer for the past 12 months so he won.. simple..
When someone out performs him then they'll win it...
Not becuase VVD is Liverpool's most important player that makes him entitled to the award.
kola nut
kola nut:
1:12 😂😂😂😂
The Gitz Journey
The Gitz Journey:
2:43 there has been no productivity from coutinho and dembele too since they arrived
S W:
Messi is so extraordinary and he is so good that he has won nothing for Argentina. Honestly its a joke that no pros call him out on this. SMDH
Joe Springer
Joe Springer:
That title dosent make sense. The Balon d or is awarded to the best 😂
Neo Brian
Neo Brian:
Fact is nobody is consistent as Messi, he has the class, he doesn't try to have class
good boy
good boy:
Jules last year you mentioned it was nice to have someone besides Ronaldo Messi to win the Ballon d'or...I suspect Van Dijk deserve it more... Cristiano(in 2017-18) had better stats and more trophies than Messi this year!Still you'll say shits and act fan boy🤦🏻‍♂️😹👎👎👎
When Ronaldo deserved it last year, you flipped the rules. Then flip it again this year so he can win.
Just dumb.
Good they gave it to the best player. How Modric won it last season no one knows, almost as bad as Ryan Giggs winning the Player of the year.
Ritesh Chamola
Ritesh Chamola:
This conversation sums up everything in proper order👍
Nelson Roman
Nelson Roman:
If Leo is the best, van dijk didn’t deserve to win it 🤷‍♂️
Against van Dijk, Messi still had a 1 goal to game ratio
Yoni Caragay
Yoni Caragay:
“Who made the biggest difference in his team” lol exactly why Messi won this year. Van Dijk helped the Liverpool but its a solid team effort. Messi on the other hand is carrying hardful this disoriented barca team. It’s not even Van Dijk who stopped Messi in the UCL semis.
Alpha Arsenic
Alpha Arsenic:
9:47 exactly.....
the point steve makes here is so true and unfortunately people just think messi is just that much gifted that he does so little to achieve what he has.
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams:
Agree 100% with Ali on the whole Messi on Liverpool has higher chances of winning everything than Barcelona with van dijk.
Liverpool fans doesnt understand this is an individual trophy
Ron Basten II
Ron Basten II:
Thank God Shaka wasn't there
Obasola Obafolajimi
Obasola Obafolajimi:
You crying man
Arnavxarc 007
Arnavxarc 007:
Biggest difference im there teams, messi is doing that for more than 10 years
A Team
A Team:
Playmaker we talking about artist in real essence.
musa abdullahi
musa abdullahi:
Mane carried his team to afcon final UCL final and won but still didn’t consider him how poor I dnt like mane but just saying
Anil Gurung
Anil Gurung:
Ronaldo had 54 goals with highest goal in history of champions with 15 goals and still didn't win.
Luther Williams
Luther Williams:
Poor stevie lol.....with his very basic argument
Fernando Aranda
Fernando Aranda:
I understand his point
Hard to understand but messi makes others look good with his skill
But the other guy brings out his teammates skill
Imagine a super genius who showed you how to do it vs a strong willed man who wasnt skilled but worked together with everyone and brought out their strength
Andres Suarez
Andres Suarez:
Messi 2019: La Liga winner, Spanish Supercup winner, La Liga Pichichi, La Liga max assistant, Golden Shoe, Copa América pichichi, Champion's Leage top scorer, World's best Game creator (midfidler) by IFFHS and FIFA The Best and everything being a MIDFIDLER!!! false 9 y not a regular 9!!! With a team of old glories with some new and FAILED newbies (coutinho, dembelé)??? And What did Virgil do? Win Premier and Champions? With at least another 5 nominees to Ballon D'Or amongst the 30 best players in the world? And with Klopp that is, at this moment, better than Guardiola? Try to win anything with Valverde. Give up you stinky atheists! Surrender and kneel down to the God of Football.
S B:
Consistent in his greatness 🙌 Messi is the G.O.A.T!!!!!!!!!!!
Debbie Ryles
Debbie Ryles:
While Messi still playing he should win them all he’s the best
It’s actually a good hypothetical question whether swapping them changes the title results. I think Barca doesn’t win the league without Messi even with VVD. They likely drop more points (wins become draws), including losing one of those Atletico matchups which spring them to win La Liga. However, while I think swapping Messi to LFC means they don’t win the CL, I DO think they would’ve won the Premier League with Messi, as many of their 1-1 draws turn into 2-1 or 3-1 wins.

Also, another fun question: If the swap were to have happened, who would’ve won the CL? Crazy as it sounds, I think Bayern maybe beats LFC over 2 legs and then runs the gambit over the matchups LFC would’ve had, including VVD’s Barca. Also the other option means putting my faith in Spurs to win a title which history tells me to do anything but that
Lars Saint Morning Glory
Lars Saint Morning Glory:
They're just making up for the Modric debacle
Great- Inspire
Great- Inspire:
I finished watching this competition. Why because it’s the Messi or Ronald show no other great player has a chance to win, which is very sad.
kola nut
kola nut:
1:12 😂😂😂😂