Video shows September 11th terror attacks

Footage from an NYPD helicopter caught footage from above the World Trade Center on 9/11.

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Super Girl
Super Girl:
This video was posted the day my dad died... I was two
Jennifer Pagano
Jennifer Pagano:
18 years gone by.. 💔🥺
Cricket champion Rebel
Cricket champion Rebel:
CIA if u watching this then.....u watching this
Shiksa Queef Smeller
Shiksa Queef Smeller:
Magic passport survives but the black box did not...
Miles Castillo
Miles Castillo:
Today is September 11 2019 RIP twin towers D:
Im a South African,bit this is still,so so sad
lily the loser
lily the loser:
I'm a South Korean but it is still very sad

너무 슬픈 😔
R.I.P Twin Towers
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita
Joshua Matthew M. Samarita:
"Some people did something?"
Ch Martin
Ch Martin:
Why was all the footage from the pentagon quickly deleted definitely a cover up
I just turned six years Old three days before this happened. Saw it live on this channel on that day with my classmates. Instead of morning announcements, they showed this and when the towers fell.
Real Racer
Real Racer:
How could this happen to our strong country
God Bless The U.S.A.
Jake P
Jake P:
"Phill Collins announces retirement"
Shauna Roblox606
Shauna Roblox606:
I was 1 years old when this was uploaded-.-
Kennedy’s & singing Forever
Kennedy’s & singing Forever:
Well today is my birthday and it’s sad🥺🦋
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
The crazy GREEDY minds involved in this is creepy....CHILLING
Bryan Santiago
Bryan Santiago:
When you successfully predict program the sheeple to expect the twin towers to be destroyed, and use bad CGI planes to convince people that the twin towers were not ExPlOsIoNs💥💥👺👹...
Ray Rocher
Ray Rocher:
thanks for remembering and the memorial. it is tough to watch. this tragic event is like Pearl Harbor, it is American History . Amen.
Secret Agent
Secret Agent:
this 9 11 Event was written in Quran 1400 years Ago
Fat Pigeon
Fat Pigeon:
This is my first time seeing this
"non war time terror attack" LOL

we've been bombing middle east since ronald reagan. get with the program.
Stephanie Bailey
Stephanie Bailey:
You can see someone in the window with a white shirt on at the very top when the helicopter goes past the building ...
@variousiroiro guess you missed the part where she said " IN THE US "
Erin Mc
Erin Mc:
The poor pepole in this attack are forever in our players, I hope something like this never happens again 💔😥
Gillian CN
Gillian CN:
m sa
m sa:
alhamdolelah allah o akbar
varshinee's World
varshinee's World:
Sep 11 I actually my birthday and I have been told that this haves happ
Samuel Green
Samuel Green:
I'M SCARED my for life 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Apex-_ -Tweezy
Apex-_ -Tweezy:
Im from Germany, and two guys from Hamburg did it..
Action Berlin
Action Berlin:
Video Qualität ist komisch :)
Just sad thinking about those who had to choose between burning or jumping. Thankful my co workers and I were able to make it downstairs and across the bridge safely. My condolences to the families who lost loved ones, the pain never fades it just morphs a little.
Joey Noyes
Joey Noyes:
they need to fix the tracking on that tape...imagine if this happened now, all the HD footage we would have
9 11 (2) soon Allahu akbar
Johnathon Barker
Johnathon Barker:
I've never seen this until now.
The investigation was still ongoing 10 years after the attack? Wow.
J Chr G
J Chr G:
Rome sweet suspects your all next
911 k views :(
deana dimler-wise
deana dimler-wise:
R.i.p everyone who died
fun fact, this day was the day when friday was posted in 2011.
Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae
Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae:
Today it is a sad day. I hope that this will never happen again 'cause it was one of the worst days not only for the U.S, but also for the whole world.
Enough commercials already!!!
Thanh Thoang
Thanh Thoang:
So that happened on my younger brothers birthday...
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch:
title: 9/11
published: 7/11
*bruh not only do I feel horrible for those 2,750 people who died but also feel bad for does 10,000 people who took atleast 10 years to build that tower and now had to watch in fade away*
Eletriconical Gamogamers
Eletriconical Gamogamers:
this is so scary!!!!! glad I live in indiana
Sean Berman
Sean Berman:
Mike Oleary
Mike Oleary:
Cuz it's entertaining and fun!
wounder why its been away for so long?
Pro Noob
Pro Noob:
So simpons were right
emily Martinez
emily Martinez:
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley:
To loved ones lost... Rest in Peace... 'O Lord, perpetuate their existence in Thine exalted rose garden, that they may plunge into the sea of light in the world of mysteries.' ~ Altered Baha'i Prayer
Did a ton of footage get taken off you tube? Of the planes hitting the towers?
This is really hard for me to process as an 12 year old living in Australia.

I just recently found out about the twin tower incident. And I was born on 2006, 12th September. A day after this event. I’m shocked.
حسن العيسى
حسن العيسى:
Eric Ortega
Eric Ortega:
After this happened. My mother would say " en la torre" for everything. Ex,"en la torre,I forgot to buy aguacates ".
Pantom Rim
Pantom Rim:
Emilly bland
Emilly bland:
I watching this in 2018 and im shock that people do this
Jojo Ape
Jojo Ape:
NOTICED no planes hitting the towers?
LOL i was 5 years
Arden Pheng
Arden Pheng:
This is really sad
Unknown Player
Unknown Player:
There were still some people alive on the top floor of that building when it collapsed. How horrific for them. I think at the 33 second mark you can even see someone waving something white to try to let people know they were there and still needing to be rescued.
Skunk Man
Skunk Man:
Yeah the 9/11 attacks where pretty tragic
This was made in March 7 2011 Way before that happend.
Katano Asuki
Katano Asuki:
😭😭😭😭😭 I fill bad
Arianna Bourland
Arianna Bourland:
Rest In Peace.....
My Tiny vehicle
My Tiny vehicle:
It’s been 17 years...
خليل التوحيد
خليل التوحيد:
george bush did it
yaman yılmaz
yaman yılmaz:
black _ikram
black _ikram:
Memang al quran itu benar...di dalam al quran...ianya berbunyi...sebuah menara yang mencakar langit akan dilangar oleh burung.
Correction :
Correction ::
What does this have to do with the nagisa x rei ship
Paul Pape Productions
Paul Pape Productions:
The Religion of Peace in action.
James Graham
James Graham:
Brook looks so young...
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim:
Rest In Peace.....
Trinity Gamer
Trinity Gamer:
I’m British by the way
Bendy Demon
Bendy Demon:
it may be true but all this death must stop!
@tehcexymeowmix You're a fucking idiot.
OMG I never saw it from this perspective!! And my grandpa told me that he was on the J train coming home from work and he saw the first plane hit!! He said and I quote “I couldn’t believe what I was watching!!” Both collapsed when he got off
@tehcexymeowmix how the hell would this be photoshoped
the kid with no tast .-.
the kid with no tast .-.:
Hiram Ramos
Hiram Ramos:
Making USA
Tom Mathew
Tom Mathew:
It's easy to identify who did it! On 12/ 31/2000, the USA had a $1 trillion pension surplus. On 12/31/2001, the surplus turned into a deficit of almost $2.5 trillion. We were fiscally robbed as well. Reverse the pension deficit and you get to the Rockefellers, unions, the Swiss banks and the Vatican. All four entities are Roman Catholic.
Вывод? Сталь из которой строили была гавно, а значит наебали и построили из гавна. Поэтому строители говорят что там был использован термит. Чтобы скрыть что они воровали.
SexPistolsakaSixBullets 1
SexPistolsakaSixBullets 1:
9/11 is a jojo reference
Shitboy Shah
Shitboy Shah:
Nice job CIA👍
jeffs world
jeffs world:
The day Toby Keith’s music career changed. 🇺🇸
Enrico Bianchin
Enrico Bianchin:
Name of journalist pls
lol u mad bro
excellent Ministry
excellent Ministry:
what happned one 9/12/01
Nibber Fabbot
Nibber Fabbot:
great video guys!!! keep it up!
Crystal Watson
Crystal Watson:
Man listen my father was stuck on the Brooklyn bridge for hours i was on my way to century 21 store on Manhattan a man stop me and said go pick daughter the world trade was hit by two planes it was 10:45 am that morning
R.I.P Nan 😢
Trinity Gamer
Trinity Gamer:
I don’t even know what 9/11 is that I why I’m watching this
Andrew Slay
Andrew Slay:
This is sad
Matthew Cameron
Matthew Cameron:
The real hero are the ones that died
Legends of speed
Legends of speed:
A moment of silence my dad was at the fire house in my city which is philly my mom called him saying "Shit 2 planes crashed into the twin towers" and since he was working at a shit company aka the worst fore fighter company he had no tv plus if you ever wondered who was one of the 2 fire men hurt during the one fire that happened recently of 3/2/18 he was hurt
Monika Kleszczyńska
Monika Kleszczyńska: