US commemorates 18th anniversary of September 11 terror attacks

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Jeremy Heck
Jeremy Heck:
Concrete dust is very toxic and cancerous, I was told that when I worked in a concrete factory
Bravo116 and OCMJ
Bravo116 and OCMJ:
I Memorial video?
sascha cohen
sascha cohen:
RIP to all those innocent people that were murdered on 9 11 Roast in hell to the terrorist beasts
Michael Gaynor
Michael Gaynor:
Remembering all the people who lost their lives, 18 years ago today and we will never forget!
Paulo 2079
Paulo 2079:
About the title of the video, the term "commemorate" is not suitable when the subject is a terror attack. You could change it to "remember".
Sheeple are Lame
Sheeple are Lame:
Shame on USA for not hanging Bush <<< 9/11
D. lockhart
D. lockhart:
Commemorates? What a disgrace the French language
Austyno Rolando
Austyno Rolando:
Will they be asking for compensation if they were dead?