US commemorates 18th anniversary of September 11 terror attacks

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Jeremy Heck
Jeremy Heck:
Concrete dust is very toxic and cancerous, I was told that when I worked in a concrete factory
Michael Gaynor
Michael Gaynor:
Remembering all the people who lost their lives, 18 years ago today and we will never forget!
sascha cohen
sascha cohen:
RIP to all those innocent people that were murdered on 9 11 Roast in hell to the terrorist beasts
Paulo 2079
Paulo 2079:
About the title of the video, the term "commemorate" is not suitable when the subject is a terror attack. You could change it to "remember".
Bravo116 and OCMJ
Bravo116 and OCMJ:
I Memorial video?
Sheeple are Lame
Sheeple are Lame:
Shame on USA for not hanging Bush <<< 9/11
D. lockhart
D. lockhart:
Commemorates? What a disgrace the French language
Austyno Rolando
Austyno Rolando:
Will they be asking for compensation if they were dead?
UV Gardener
UV Gardener:
Any nation considers to import South Asians, South Eastern Asians, Africans and Middle Easterners must learn their superb breeding ability. They quickly out breed locals and take over the nation. Also check world IQ map to learn their average IQ levels which explain their poverty.
We The People
We The People:
Coventry in one German Air RAID lost more people than 911. Then Obama pays Iran a Terrorists Regime Billions in Cash , sounds like bribery by Obama to me. Or extortion by Iran, so get your perspectives correct, nobody bombed the USA during WWII, 911 was pure negligence.
Dim Dim
Dim Dim:
Islam should be eradicated

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