UNDISPUTED - Shannon SHOCKED Patriots sign Antonio Brown hours after his release from OAK

Shannon Sharpe SHOCKED Patriots sign Antonio Brown hours after his release from OAK


Tah Adin
Tah Adin:
Touchdown garwin why did we hear that audio 😂😂
Archie Lee
Archie Lee:
New Golden England State Patriots😲
here We Go J
here We Go J:
Was waiting all weekend for Monday just for this show
The show everyone was waiting for and skip kicks it off right out the gate 🤣🤣🤣
1:51 Skips mind at this moment lol
rinku singh
rinku singh:
How about them COWBOYS.. skip 😂
Who was Shannon refering to when he said we seen guys kill somebody and get a chance? Surely not his ole buddy Ray?
Patrick Krott
Patrick Krott:
Brady got that Benjamin Button, looking younger than he has in five years
shannon be acting like he doesn't gloat after one game.
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy:
"How do you win when you get 10 million, when you had an opportunity to get 30" - Some people may think investing their prime years into a rebuilding team, isn't worth the money. Some people might look at getting 20 mil less, but the real possibility of hoisting a Lombardi as a worthwhile exchange, especially since your market value skyrockets when you're a great player, on a SB winning team (even the SB losers get cannibalized). His stock, right now is terrible, because he's considered a plague to a lockerroom. If (and it's a big if) he avoids that here in NE, and they get their 7th? Yeah, his stock will go right back up among contenders (I think rebuilders/bad teams will know what's up now, though).
Robert Hayden
Robert Hayden:
💩Payless it’s the Giants ! Calm down 👊🏾
Frank Hooks
Frank Hooks:
Skip, one of the few that can make Sharpe speechless. Ha ha!
Casey Mathews
Casey Mathews:
I love this show! So happy football season is back!
Touchdown Jarwin!
Jordan Roman
Jordan Roman:
AB will make them better on the field but worse off of it
The mere fact that the Patriots have Gordon and then picks up AB tells me were they are at with it. You see to me it isnt about acquiring these super athletes to build the team but more to keep the other teams from gaining on them.
Almighty Syte
Almighty Syte:
AB is gonna act his way right into being blackballed
Condoleezza Perry
Condoleezza Perry:
When people show you who they are believe them. #SitBackAndWatch #TheDramaAintOver
Roderick Hood
Roderick Hood:
j dubb foot man
j dubb foot man:
F**k AB! I love me some Jenny😋
Just Saying
Just Saying:
Brady would have had 5 tds last night if AB was in the game.
Calvin R. Johnson Jr.
Calvin R. Johnson Jr.:
The man is a selfish man. AB has the worst ego of all time
John Rayez
John Rayez:
Patriots are winning the Super Bowl again. Antonio Brown officially locked that I’m lmao.
Jeremy Shirland
Jeremy Shirland:
The Patriots structured his deal so they can cut him at any moment without risk. The minute he starts doing shit, they will cut him. They didn’t give him $10M guaranteed, they gave him a $10M signing bonus, which they disperse PER GAME.

As long as they use him in a limited role, and also to spread the defense, the Pats will be fine.
Magister Tremere
Magister Tremere:
Skiuup... Giving it to Shannon!
Joseph Webster
Joseph Webster:
I'm sorry!! But listening to Shannon Sharpe speak pains me dearly....
Kenneth Garrett
Kenneth Garrett:
Benhasbeenberger is his new name🤣😂
Chris Piper
Chris Piper:
Skip...1 game bruh.....15 to go
Horse face or Stephen A. Not sure which I detest more.
James Johanson
James Johanson:
#$#$. AB
Jignesh Patl
Jignesh Patl:
skip be happy and keep puttin stats. goff got 35M/yr, julio got 22/yr. Dak and Amari looking for payday..we holding popcorn to see how it gonna work out
John Penafiel
John Penafiel:
skip makes my day
Damn, Shannon callin out Stallworth. 😂
Karim Amin
Karim Amin:
Tom about to get another ring or two or three
Chris Neal
Chris Neal:
The price & quickness of the deal spells orchestrated to me
Daniel Hursey
Daniel Hursey:
No one beating the Patriots
James Valt
James Valt:
Godfrey brought me here lmao.
cheddar black black
cheddar black black:
Kountry wayne need to patten HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS
Miguel Castillo
Miguel Castillo:
First of all. *That's not the normal Cowboys, that's the Cowboys with Patriots colors.*

The team, the system, that game vs the Giants... That's bootleg copy of the Patriots system. They watching the Patriots😂
Sam King
Sam King:
it was NYG at home pmsl!!!!
Dante McCloud
Dante McCloud:
Skip looks like an old queen.
Darius King
Darius King:
This show🔥🔥🔥
Robert Hayden
Robert Hayden:
His behavior will get him out of this league. After this 🛑 he will be in Canada 🇨🇦
My terrible towel was deflated watching that game.
emile heskey
emile heskey:
i dont get why skip is always so hyped about a team that won 3 playoff games in the last 20 years haha the jets have been better in that same time span
yee lee
yee lee:
I keep telling you people if this AB is willing to record a conversation and post it on you tube, what makes you think we wont post a sextape of Tom or bill on xhamster?
Caliwarlord 40831510
Caliwarlord 40831510:
AB just did a KD to get a ring🤔😂😂
Chris Rudis
Chris Rudis:
Skips wrong like always
Dwight Stewart
Dwight Stewart:
Antonio Brown won by getting a superbowl opportunity. I'd take a million less to be on a superbowl contender. i usually agree with shannon.
carlos harris
carlos harris:
I'm thinking he did not want to be on the Raiders team. In the first place and if that's the case. He did win
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs:
CUT !!
Dwayne Vega
Dwayne Vega:
Lol I get it...the Patriot way and all that. But hell they had aaron Hernandez
Jenny back from that bbc birthday weekend
Mani Zahir
Mani Zahir:
Shannon wrong about this one
Mani Zahir
Mani Zahir:
He fits perfectly just wait and see
A.B. is in it for "THE RING". I don't think he has one. Pats Have SIX, I can't see how he would like being a"PIECE" instead of "THE WHOLE PIE". I hope it works but If he is self indulgent....gone before season end or sidelined. jmo
Jack West
Jack West:
It will not be the “all time greatest test” the patriots have faced much more adversity. If he doesn’t fit he they will get rid of him nothing dramatic.
Lonny Fuller
Lonny Fuller:
You're missing the end game. Patriots were the first team when he left Pittsburgh. They didn't want to cut that deal. Went to Raiders saw nothing drama. Gets released. Goes to Patriots.
Keith Winston
Keith Winston:
Antonio loudly but secretly us telling us that The Raiders QB Carr SUCKS. and the Raiders Suck!!!
Carbage Man
Carbage Man:
I hope Antonio Brown wrecks the Patriots.
Lyndon Fair
Lyndon Fair:
Let Skip have his day man. The Cowboys kicked some serious booty last night and there are plenty of COwboys fan who have been waiting along time for this. WIll it last into the year, that remains to be seen, but last night they looked like a force to be reckoned with. That said, Antonio Brown scares me. If anyone can straighten him out, it is Bellichick. I think he is the biggest Diva the league has ever seen. TO, Ocho Cinco, Randy Moss, none of them was ever as offensive as what Brown did to the Raiders. It was unprofessional, it was disgraceful. If it doesn't work it will be his ego, not his skills. He is a great player, but he got to stop acting like a douchebag... ...but I'm with Shannon. This guy has got to learn how to eat crow and in a hurry. Just don't think he can do it. Hope I'm wrong.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams:
AB wants money, fame and his numbers with NO accountability. He loved Oakland UNTIL they held him accountable for his actions.
zach newman
zach newman:
We dem boyzzzzz
Clownshoes Brown pretty much guarantees the patriots are going to the superbowl
Faheem Carter
Faheem Carter:
AB is a Boss. They mad because he not a fall in line guy. Sharp stop being a puppet. The Raiders suck. Mike Mayock was on his high horse and AB knock him off. The patriots played everybody. Nobody cheated more than Tom Brady. Spy gate. Deflate gate. But they defend cheaters I guess
Anthony Oatis
Anthony Oatis:
That's so funny Shannon I was thinking the same thing the Giants really skip the Giants lol
Bx Bully
Bx Bully:
Skip is an imposter , he's a patriot fan , how the hell you a cowboy fan and pick patriots to win the Superbowl what real fan does that? And cowboy fans never pick another team ..
Earnest T Bass
Earnest T Bass:
The horse's ass is angry.. should be a translator for this Moms Mabley..
Claus Kaaihili
Claus Kaaihili:
AB accused of sexual assualt https://www.scribd.com/document/425320484/Former-trainer-of-Antonio-Brown-accuses-NFL-star-of-sexual-assault
lew allen
lew allen:
What if bill was trying to be shady as fuck and told brown to get released only to find out it was Pittsburgh’s idea for the last three years brown goes to New England fucks them over gets resigned to Pittsburgh lololol. Not reality but that would be fucking hilarious
Englewood Frank21
Englewood Frank21:
Bitch ass Shannon big mad lmfao shut the fuck up bitch and suck LeChoke's dick some more.
Sam King
Sam King:
Patriots schedule's a fucking joke, I just can't see how they're not gonna win the SB this year
Sam King
Sam King:
The only way Pats ain't winning the SB this year is if AB goes in there and fucks them up! Pats really don't need him
Joseph Neira
Joseph Neira:
This nigga lost his breath 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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