Trump Fires John Bolton as National Security Advisor

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Nathaniel Claw
Nathaniel Claw:
Finally! Who was the idiot that hired him in the first place? Oh, wait
Enda Rochford
Enda Rochford:
The irony of a man married 3 times who has affairs with porn stars claiming that others are not religious
Trump just drew his new national security advisor with a sharpie. And I bet he has two horns on his head...
Pam Timmins
Pam Timmins:
So funny Seth...the only thing that would make Bolton removal better is if he took Trump with him.
John Bolton is a crazy Lunatic SOB, a warmonger whose last wish is to bomb few countries.
Good Riddance. Now he should be tried for war crimes along with Bush-Cheney Criminal Duo.
Dan Fernandes
Dan Fernandes:
You're fired! Trump still thinks he's on reality TV
Next National Security Advisor is ...
Alex Jones.
B. Ciernioch
B. Ciernioch:
One threat less to the world, ...... now get rid of Trump
Normally it would be cause for celebration, but unfortunately we know Trump will very likely give the job to some as bad if not worse.
John Wright
John Wright:
@Knock Out did you watch the movie? 'Vice' and McKay himself are very anty- Bush and anty elite. The movie presents Cheney very accurately as the SOB he was. We need more movies like this one
Knock Out
Knock Out:
That pre-emptive strike joke was excellent. Have people really forgotten what a warmonger John Bolton is and his role in the invasion of Iraq? Also loved the joke about the colors racist people say, it's so true.
So Trump casually panders to religious groups, despite being everything they’re supposed to be against? While also implying the religious belief is a prerequisite for office...

If that were the case the USA would be a theocracy, and would need to endorse one religion above all others, though there no shortage of examples where people believe that’s the case already and throw their weight around.

And can people stop using the case of “let he who is without sin cast the first stone” about trump? The guy isn’t a sinner who turned to the light, he’s an unrepentant narcissist who finds paying lip service to people who want to believe him very easy. He said it himself in an interview, he thinks he’s spotless and has literally nothing to ask forgiveness for from god, despite that being part of a weekly prayer from the people he’s trying to associate himself with. It’s simply not in his character to be humble or repentant, he’s too full of pride and will never admit he was wrong, only explain why he wasn’t quite right.

Following trump for religious reasons is like drinking used oil directly out of a deep fryer for the health benefits
Aashish Khakha
Aashish Khakha:
The only sensible thing he has done.
Peter S
Peter S:
Bolton's mustache is not gluten free.
sasan ahoora
sasan ahoora:
We love you in IRAN.
We are not your enemy
Plz ignor propaganda
95% of iranian pepole LOVE AMERICA.
God bless IRAN and USA.
Shane Montgomery
Shane Montgomery:
Trump: What Would Geekus Do?
Me: Not print up campaign signs for 2024
Toallpoints West
Toallpoints West:
Has anyone asked him how it felt to be fired by Putin's coffee boy?
Todd Romain
Todd Romain:
Some people think tRump did a good thing by firing Bolton but they forget he hired him in the first place. That's like praising an arsonist for putting out the fire he started.
Markus Andrew
Markus Andrew:
Trump: "I fired Bolton, now I need a new NSA. How about H.R.?"
Advisor: "McMaster?"
Trump: "No, Pufnstuf. He's my friend when things get rough".
Old Uncle Bob
Old Uncle Bob:
Bolton angry at following Putin's agenda.
You can't fire me because I quit. Oh, wait.
lab rat
lab rat:
Only Bugs Bunny can defeat president Yosemite Sam, bugs was a libertarian
Bryan Walker
Bryan Walker:
Dear Divider Chump, “Excuse me. I’m talking. You stop talking and listen”.

Hindsight is an exact science and I now understand your predominant use of repeated illogical statements and lies. Many sessions for the TV series The Apprentice trained you as an actor. And your punch line was always “You’re fired”.

Actors often have to live a life remote from their own, to say and to do things (for entertainment) that may be totally foreign to their actual life. They may play the part of insulter, destroyer, groin groper of women, murderer; these must be carried out with total detachment and conviction. {Even while in The Apprentice you published a book advising readers how to get rich while your own businesses failed repeatedly resulting in a series of bankrupt statements}. This approach helped you into presidency where you continued in the same acting role that is virtual and not real. And it was sad to see your intellectual inferiority compared with those of the other fine leaders in the G7 meeting.

You have continued to lie, cheat, steal and to repeat, “You’re fired” more than any other president before you. Your wall is nonsense. If people cannot get over it, under it or through it, they will just go around it! So stop acting, step off the stage and disappear before the final curtain comes down. As Shakespeare said, “Out, out damn spot”.
Noir X
Noir X:
Don't know why, but laughed so damn hard at the Jets joke... ouch 😂😂
R.F. Khoury
R.F. Khoury:
Although it is still Comedic License, Comparing Coward Donald to the Rock is Nauseating.
Mrs. Arthur Morgan
Mrs. Arthur Morgan:
Put that chickenhawk in Shady Pines!
Bolton's going to fox news, he's doing a show with sarah sanders.
The Walrus and the Whale show.
Michael McBride
Michael McBride:
Thank God he’s gone we avoided disastrous decisions by the bumbler tweeter in chief on the recommendations of Bolton.
What was the point of hiring him if you weren't going to listen to his advice anyway??
Feed The Nation
Feed The Nation:
I bought a spirit airlines ticket at the airport and a homeless guy living in the terminal came to me asking if I needed a few bucks or a hot meal.
Daniel Larocque
Daniel Larocque:
Mick Mulvaney, better watch your back! Rumor has it that Ron Jeremy is interested in your Chief of Staff position!
John Bolton was a realist, a good man, sad the president isn't.
APPLE & HAPPY x-files
APPLE & HAPPY x-files:
Surveys about my favorite child 😼
Totally true!!!😸😸😸😸😻😸😸
-Ding- -Dong-
-Ding- -Dong-:

😂😂😂😂😂 the joke is very fitting
IK Rico
IK Rico:
Trump the Convenient Christian...laughable!
Jeffrey Gillespie
Jeffrey Gillespie:
The Rock and Malcolm Gladwell....LOL....nice cultural spread there, Seth.
gina delsasso
gina delsasso:
I think i would be more comfortable hanging onto the straps and standing the whole flight.... Took a united flight and couldnt even move the seats were so small. I am an average sized person. I spent most of the flight in the bathroom because it was the only place i could go where no one else's body was touching mine.
Knot Good
Knot Good:
Jeebus——-he was looking for Jeebus...jus askin
Robert Weston Lee
Robert Weston Lee:
good @Nikki Seven write abt drump who hired him and repubs defending him. not one true liberal defends him. we are happy he is gone.
Vivian Perino
Vivian Perino:
1111 Pel...yes.. we are old , but you must be too!
Lb. Wav
Lb. Wav:
Oh yeah Seth, Tell is the good stuff!
Henry Calvin Ajax
Henry Calvin Ajax:
Need a mustache fashion Designer? John Bolton is free right now.
Ed Axeman
Ed Axeman:
Remember "He only hires the best people", then fire every f'n one of them!
javier moreno
javier moreno:
Good!!!! One less snake at the white house. Now someone needs to fumigate the white house to get rid of the orange STD it has now.
A J:
Nikki Haley, John Bolton, Who's next?
#Global_Hawk 😂
Happy Feet Salsa - Dubai
Happy Feet Salsa - Dubai:
The apple joke was brilliant 😂
B. Ciernioch
13 hours ago
One threat less to the world, ...... now get rid of Trum
Was this firing approved by Netanyahu of Israel , since Bolton was basically working for Israel .
Heather M
Heather M:
Trump will just have Kushner take on the duties of security advisor, too.
jerk fudgewater
jerk fudgewater:
I laughed out loud at the end
Kyle IKI
Kyle IKI:
Trump: shave that moustache.
Bolton: shave your head.
Trump: your are fired.
This man is a cold blooded murderer of women, children and babies in Iraq..he should be JAILED in the Hague!
nar ́to Uzumaki
nar ́to Uzumaki:
lets give Donald 5 minutes in the Ring with Khabib The Eagle ..
The sooner Trump leaves office, the sooner he goes to prison.

So...Bolton will be boltin'" for the exits.
Good riddance.
Jim's videos
Jim's videos:
The pre-emptive strike crack was wasted on that crowd.
Barrier Boy
Barrier Boy:
great job mr prez. if barry made the same international moves, hollywood libs like sethy would be jizzing themselves 247
g mun22
g mun22:
"Preemptive strike" - that line was gold.
Damn, there really *is* a revolving door in this administration 🤣🤣🤣
Rich O
Rich O:
That preemptive strike gag was WAAAY underrated!
Damn funny Seth!
Andrew Burton
Andrew Burton:
Oh yeah, I heard of this guy when John Oliver did a video on the Iran Deal on Last Week Tonight

About time they got rid of him, he nearly brought us to war with Iran. Also, on a personal note, his mustache combined with his expression makes him look incredibly creepy.
Top Dawg
Top Dawg:
I am not surprised and I know why.
Tango Bango
Tango Bango:
Damn...I just LUVED Bolton’s mustache!!
Frank Winkhorst
Frank Winkhorst:
Bolton says he quit. Another lie from Trumpo the Clown. Word is, Bolton plans on writing a book. That should be a real doozy. Especially if it comes out right before the election.
noah goldman
noah goldman:
Nah, the machine wasn’t working in the mcD’s on South Broad
"Let 'em grow!" 🤣
Paitoon Khemapanon
Paitoon Khemapanon:
Thanks holy moly
Pretty awesome
Great one
We Are Venom
We Are Venom:
Did you really compare Trump to The Rock???
You guys are slipping
Farit Kalimullin
Farit Kalimullin:
I liked the small pause after "President Trump announced today that he's fired"
Wayne Black
Wayne Black:
Jesus wasn't born on Christmas. December 25th was chosen by the Roman Emperor Constantine as the day of celebration.

The Christian Bible gives us a hint to when he was born.
It says the shepherds were out tending their sheep. Sheep won't find any grass to eat in the winter time. They're kept in mangers and feed stored grains during the winter cold.
Most likely he was born in the spring or early summer when the grass is growing.
#Dr. Auntie
#Dr. Auntie:
Glad you have a black writer👍!
jon burpfart
jon burpfart:
mik Ds new motto: our burguers are legit ground beef just pick one up from the ground
K M:
Spirit Airlines -- Double Buuuurn =D
Courage Karnga
Courage Karnga:
John Bulton wouldn't so much speak for the trees as make them glow in the dark.
ender ceylan
ender ceylan:
New man for the job Ben shapiro
The mess
The mess:
I spy and edited joke there
45 = 'It's my way or the highway'...Too many 'Acting Secretaries' in the circus
American relieve a warmonger get sacked without any punishment for mass crime all over the world and happy to go quite about it
Dirt Merchant
Dirt Merchant:
A low key Antonio Brown joke, well done. Sometimes I forget Seth is a die hard Steelers fan.
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson:
Trumps like thanks for the years of loyalty john! Now would you mind stepping in front of this moving bus.😅
Maritza Piccarillo
Maritza Piccarillo:
Bolton said that he handed Trump his resignation.
So which is it?
Did he quit or did he get fired?
Handsome B. Wonderful
Handsome B. Wonderful:

ONE Meraz
ONE Meraz:
Not a funny late show...TRUMP TRAIN COMING...2020 MAGA
Thank you President Trump.

from Japan and rest of the world
Fauxnews just for a new segment with Bolton!
I’m John Bolton and I speak for the trees. The trees say... KILL.
anthony reed
anthony reed:
Belu Pilem
Belu Pilem:
about a million dead iraqis applaud the firing
Christoph Grimmer-Dietrich
Christoph Grimmer-Dietrich:
0:12 Not ok! The Lorax is peaceful and would never be in cahoots with Nukularman.
Terrence Peter Ritchie
Terrence Peter Ritchie:

With Bolton on board everyone could expect war at any time. With him gone, the element of surprise is restored.
Erik Cnating
Erik Cnating:
Best firing he's done so far.
Dev De Silva
Dev De Silva:
Long overdue!
This psychopathic maniac should not only be fired; he needs to be put in a very tight straight jacket and locked up in a windowless cell one mile deep and the key thrown into the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean!
Waxoff Waxon
Waxoff Waxon:
Spirit airlines has to hire Trevor Noah first thing first!!!!
Gustav Gnöttgen
Gustav Gnöttgen:
Why do I get those always a few days relayed?
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson:
Never trust a man that sports a stash like Bolton.😄
Eric Brosius
Eric Brosius:
Seth Myers sucks Andersons mini-cooper
Look at my suit
Look at my suit:
Weirdly enough my experience with spirit has always been better than United or American airlines
Duane Brodnick
Duane Brodnick:
Why does Seth's audience sound like canned laughter?
Gerald D
Gerald D:
Give Trump credit where it's due, this was one of the best decisions he has made.
Docktor Jim
Docktor Jim:
You neglected to mention that Trump also said he's never leaving office.

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