Tranmere vs Liverpool 0-6 Extended Highlights & Goals | Friendly 2019

Tranmere vs Liverpool Highlights Club Friendly 2019


I Am Always Happy
I Am Always Happy:
Brewster is better then Messi don't wanna here it.
JC AlreadyKNO
JC AlreadyKNO:
I was looking forward to go to one of there friendly games and I come to find that Salah won’t be there
thanks for upload
Sular Torez
Sular Torez:
Ezra walian (transmere Rovers)
Khaled Chaaban
Khaled Chaaban:
ليفربول الكبير امضي قدما والامل يملئ قلبك ولن تسير لوحدك ابدا ❤
Tufah Nuur
Tufah Nuur:
the best play
javii 17
javii 17:
Is ah gud look
Steven Hamilton
Steven Hamilton:
Ryan Kent is rubbish. Send him to Rangers for free. Please