TNC 191B: live from Chicago! Errol Spence car crash, Usyk vs Witherspoon preview

On episode 191B of The Neutral Corner boxing podcast, host Michael Montero talks about Errol Spence Jr being in a serious car accident in Dallas, then previews all of this weekend's action including Oleksandr Usyk making his heavyweight debut, live from Chicago. --------------------------------------------- JOIN THE MOB TEAM & PLEDGE TODAY!! PATREON: LISTEN TO "THE NEUTRAL CORNER": iTUNES: SPREAKER: STITCHER: SOUNDCLOUD: LIKE! SUBSCRIBE! FOLLOW US! TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: --------------------------------------------- EDITED & FILMED BY - Tiffany Lam FACEBOOK: TWITTER: MUSIC BY - Dante SOUNDCLOUD:


tim nic
tim nic:
who is Chazz Witherspoon ? :-)) 38 years old (or maybe 70 years old like the Ortiz haters use to say), but Haters are claiming that Wilder would be ducking Usyk.

i would rather see Usyk vs Tom Schwarz :-))
Andy Garcia
Andy Garcia:
Michael make sure to hit up Polernos pizza. 🔥🔥🔥
Naiman Mussin
Naiman Mussin:
HI Mike
Well I guess you should've jumped on Spence situation and updates first instead of speaking on how you gonna hang out and what a great weekend you gonna have.
Admiral Xizor
Admiral Xizor:
I'd be shocked if Spence ever fought again at 147...
Edward Azrilyan
Edward Azrilyan:
U had Bicept surgery..TY Michael
Paul Keogh
Paul Keogh:
All Canelo has to do to win is stay on his feet. You beat him by 4 rounds you might get a draw if your lucky.
Got away with just broken teeth and face cuts. Put that bottle down PLEASE
tim nic
tim nic:
Chazz Witherspoon (not to be mixed with his brother Tim Witherspoon) lost 3 times by KO vs Arreola and vs Seth Mitchell and vs Tony Thompson.
remember the same Thompson was spanked by Luis Ortiz, and the same Arreolo was spanked by Wilder.
PLUSkiss antons
PLUSkiss antons:
Usyks ko/tko is around 10/1 or 12/1 bookies think, they also think its 50/50 that most likely fights ends in early 3-4 . idk about that. I think it's almost most definitely goes at lest in middle rounds. Usyk always takes first 2-3 rounds off calculating
Old School Boxing Talk
Old School Boxing Talk:
See these guys don't live a Fighter's lifestyle hate to say it but Floyd would never have done that
Old School Boxing Talk
Old School Boxing Talk:
Just plain dumb but that's our society today young kids with a lot of money and some popularity doing dumb things
dean thiessen
dean thiessen:
Another idiot behind the wheel of something too much for them ,good thing nobody else got hurt!
Dan R
Dan R:
I'm not a fan of Spence but I'm hoping for his quick recovery because after all he is a human , someone's dad , someone's husband and a someone's son. Good vibes towards his family. Spence's mistake might serve a purpose for other athletes who will think twice before driving intoxicated. I'm just glad it happen at 3am an not during a busy day were another vehicle (possibly a family) would have been involved.
Paul Keogh
Paul Keogh:
I can’t wait for DAZN to enter the U.K. any American boxing fan who doesn’t subscribe needs their head testing as we say in the U.K. . I really think they need to pick up M O B. Their fights are good but fight a twice weekly dose of M O B would really complement their boxing content.