"This is one of New Zealand's darkest days," says Prime Minister on mosque shooting

Police in New Zealand say multiple people have been killed in shootings at two mosques in the city of Christchurch.

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Jason Johnston
Jason Johnston:
This was a terrorist attack and the charge is terrorism not just murder.
Considering what the internet is usually like this is a pretty tame comment section
Joehua Elwood
Joehua Elwood:
This has come as a big shock here in new Zealand our police don't even carry gun on them I've driven passed both mosques 1000s of times
People aren't even safe in their places of worship. This is just cowardice.
Tech God360
Tech God360:
Now no one calls terrorists, huh?!
Sky Gamer
Sky Gamer:
"One of New Zealand's darkest days" couldn't word it better. This is not a good time for anybody in New Zealand, and best of luck to the victims families and most importantly the victims. This is not what New Zealand is about. ❤️❤️❤️
Ahmed Tahsin
Ahmed Tahsin:
R.I.P 49 people killed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Pray for their soul, family & children.
This is heartbreaking, I saw a lot of people posting on facebook and instagram, but i had to show my remorse another way. It took me just about an hour, but i tried my best to make the best song to honor the ones we lost. I hope yall like it, and I hope it does justice to the ones that lost their lives.
Shahran Hussain
Shahran Hussain:
How come he post his manifesto and evil plans on social media and yet, he wasn't on the watchlist?
W.D Gaster
W.D Gaster:
Why cant people get over with their diffrences, and get along

What a sad world we live in
adnan raza
adnan raza:
My deepest condolences for the families who lost their love ones.
This kind of just tells you that nowhere is safe nowadays. Look out for each other, so that you, or other people do not fall into this sick pit.
Ross Martinez
Ross Martinez:
God, help the families and surviving victims.

Prayers from American.
Anthony Lemkendorf
Anthony Lemkendorf:
What politicians generally suggest after terrorist attacks:
1.Don’t hate the the group terrorist say they represent.
2.don’t give into fear
3. Trust the authorities
4. Go shopping
Egyptian Doctor
Egyptian Doctor:
it’s shameful how things are called these days “act of violence”! IT IS TERRORISM
Very unexpected for usually a very safe country

Edit:Thaanks for the attention people!
Christian Traverse
Christian Traverse:
In the manifesto he was very clear his goal was to jumpstart a civil war in America and further the divide that exists
cody bellinger
cody bellinger:
Just despicable. All love from the US😞
They clearly don't understand the famous word *_Terrorism_* .
Panzer IV
Panzer IV:
New Zealand shooting happens:*everyone respects*

American shooting happens:*everyone makes memes and makes fun of it*
People have lost there decency. Celebrating murder because they don't like someone's religion. I thought we tried the whole kill everybody thing in the 20th century?
Kalem Babar
Kalem Babar:
Why am I scrolling through the comments, you ask?
Because I like to suffer.
Clara Shoe
Clara Shoe:
Caused by mental illness.
Someone give this woman a big hamburger.
Agis 13th
Agis 13th:
thats definetely called an terrorist act too
we must PRAY TO THE PEOPLE DIED IN THE MOSQUE!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. once we ignore the labels given, we see upon those who died are Humans just like us, made from the exact element materials that you and I are made out of.
someone somewhere
someone somewhere:
God bless victim's , and banished the terrorists who's shot them ... !
New Zealand has no death penalty and hasn't given anyone a "life without parole" sentence in over twenty years.
We cross live now to the new Immigration Minister Brenton Tarrant for an up date on the situation
Elias Contreras
Elias Contreras:
The chilling thing is there are people just like him out in the world plotting their own ways to destroy innocent lives. How can someone sick like that live with knowing the loss they cause? May those 49 people who died rest in peace and their families get justice
Amazon TV
Amazon TV:
regardless of a religious believer who defends the purpose of directing, loving humanity, in this way causing hatred, death, they are not believers, deserving of condemnation
Virginia Taylor
Virginia Taylor:
This just makes me so angry and sad. I am so sorry New Zealanders.
The only good thing that guy said was to subscribe to pewdiepie. This guy is insane
Andai Saja
Andai Saja:
Sadiq Kahn : What I do know is Part and Parcel of living in a great global city you've got to be prepared for these things
Jeff Christianson-Ziebell
Jeff Christianson-Ziebell:
Wow how sad and tragic. Obviously it’s not just the US. My heart goes out to the families and all of New Zealand as well.
mark scarboro
mark scarboro:
Probably a gov operation to take the Kiwis guns.
They have probably forgotten the battle of the Coral Sea.
Vitor HugoS
Vitor HugoS:
Oh, Dear New Zealand.... U all have my blessings
Josh Gundlach
Josh Gundlach:
How come nobody's talking about the other mosque, the other gunmen/ people arrested, and that the other mosque was protected by.......
Fruit Dull
Fruit Dull:

I heard a man was shooting for 20 minutes and police station kilometer far from a mosque..
Su_mayah A
Su_mayah A:
This is horrifying. How much hate must you have to commit such a crime on HARMLESS INNOCENT INDIVIDUALS!?!
Those that survived will remember this every single time they go to pray, and let me remind you we pray 5 times a day.
May they Rest In Peace
انا لله وانا آلية راجعون
Sending love from the US, I'm so sorry guys.
Amin Karim
Amin Karim:
Hugs and prayers from Canada.
Your PM is one classy lady in the way she has conducted herself in this tragedy.
Ars Jae
Ars Jae:
She said Muslims where the problem although they were the targets today.
She said it was an act of violence, not a terrorism
robert greblheo
robert greblheo:
Lets blame others and not the actual shooter
Do strict gun laws stop gun crime?
jai ibvr
jai ibvr:
Its a set up, trying to disarm new zealanders so they can do more of the same. Globalist agenda clear as daylight :)

Resist the lies NZ.
Optical Popsicle
Optical Popsicle:
Not only was this situation extremely tragic, but so is this videos (Thumbnail)... The thumb-pic made this nice Prime Minister lady look like some sort of 🐁 Mouse or maybe a Rat of some type...

IDK Why...?
Bryan Iseli
Bryan Iseli:
the police were told to stand down...
Horiboyable MGTOW
Horiboyable MGTOW:
False flag event, tighter gun restrictions, limits on your freedoms and liberty.
Mission accomplished before any sheep shagging Kiwi has even noticed. They are still crying, how could this happen in Gods Zone. LOL Get up to speed guys
Zenny LZ
Zenny LZ:
This is really upsetting I'm very sorry for everyone on earth especially new Zealand
DialogueS On Peak
DialogueS On Peak:
Remember world ..this time The terrorist wasn't Muslim and I'm not gonna say he was Christian so whole Christian community is Terrorist because I'm not like you people ...
And if you don't have Any soft corner for these people Watch that Footage and Think of Someone you love dying like this ...
Toni Olson
Toni Olson:
It's not much comfort yet you are in my prayers. I'm so sorry.
imran khan
imran khan:
No doubts.but be a brave lady we are with you till the end of terrorism.be a brave PM of world our sympathies are with you even always will be... beautiful lady dont worry
This is not violence.

Tiffany Urbay
Tiffany Urbay:
I'm so so so sorry for all of the families and friends of those who didn't survive this tragedy, and i hope that those who were injured get well soon. Truly one of the saddest days yet. ☹️
What the? I just heard about a school shooting in Brazil just a few hours ago, now a shooting in New Zealand?? People are getting crazier
Pollution X
Pollution X:
There is a lot of hate but we all get to the same place eventually, I hope we can hold our hands doing so, and not waste our time on dividing.
Peace & love from Israel
The real Mac Ter
The real Mac Ter:
I bless my brothers that they will be ok in New Zealand
You guys should probably train your law enforcement to react faster. It took over 10 minutes before a siren was even heard. Live could have been saved.
Jordan Corish
Jordan Corish:
The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has said that living with terror attacks is 'part and parcel of living in a big city'.
Lil Litlers
Lil Litlers:
*Hold still while I Glass ya*
Patrick Fields
Patrick Fields:
"Terrorism is just part and parcel of living in a big city." - Muslim mayor of London.
Ghoulface HD
Ghoulface HD:
*What Is Wrong With This Modern-Day Earth? 49 Dead.*
Supposed S
Supposed S:
"Suspect" more like a TERRORIST.
Ozkan Onalan
Ozkan Onalan:
Poor naive pm ,this happens if you stand up for palestinians .
Jackie Earle Haley is the prime minister of New Zealand?
abdelwadoud salime
abdelwadoud salime:
he is not a GUNMAN but a TERRORIST
Mr. Krabs Sold Spongebob's Soul For 62 cents
Mr. Krabs Sold Spongebob's Soul For 62 cents:
New Zealand: this shooting is awful!!

U.S: first time?
The comment section is absolutely vile. Regardless of their religion, innocent people were killed today. Have some respect.
Pennywise Wadford
Pennywise Wadford:
unknown mexican
unknown mexican:
May god be with all the fallen souls" sad just sad.
James Whitman
James Whitman:
Next they'll demand that we need to accept caravan after caravan of their rejects
Dane Pacheco
Dane Pacheco:
Anybody wondering where new Zealand is on the map?
Pratyush Srijan
Pratyush Srijan:
Australia following Pakistan..
beautiful world
beautiful world:
Abrahamic religions spread peace and love among themselves

Ban religion
Jonathan Valdovinos
Jonathan Valdovinos:
Blessed be the children who suffer because of Gods name.
The World Is Not The Same.
We stand with you new Zealand! Love from india💜
Dunlop Kuhmo II
Dunlop Kuhmo II:
Why hide everything,what are you afraid of?Socialists love any excuse for gun control.When the truth comes out about the shooter----then what?
Isis : *is on last limbs and will soon no longer be much of a threat*

Me : Yay no more terrorism!!!

Terrorist: *well yes, but actually no*
cheese master
cheese master:
Shout out to all Americans specially the ones on the comments because you stepped up with our side and I will always respect you🙏🙏🙏🙏
grizzly adams
grizzly adams:
May this man die lonely and in obscurity, rip victims of new Zealand
Snap moroco- سناب المغرب
Snap moroco- سناب المغرب:
حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل 😥😥😥😥😥😥
Now a couple good guys with guns could of prevented this
Nesiannn Blue
Nesiannn Blue:
Prayers to Aotearoa. Especially the victims and their families
About what I expected for this comment section.
We're alike as being human beings, yet we are so different
Rudy Cornejo
Rudy Cornejo:
Oh ok now i see why they have armed security 24/7 at many churches here in USA. They should start punishing both parents of these evil individuals.
R1m Ls3
R1m Ls3:
Guns are outlawed in Australia...
no my friend got caught, wait what?
Spindled Head
Spindled Head:
I don’t know why people are trying to place blame. There are a lot of people in the world and everyone is doing their own thing this is going to happen. But the bright side is the law of probability will always be on your side given how many people there are. So get to fornicating you little rascals!
A clash of cultures, religions and beliefs separates the modern world.
Is Tramp going to say something? Nope.
I mean, I'd say being invaded by a group of people in a hand-full of years after defending against them for nearly two thousand, would be the darkest days.
Can't believe this could happen in New Zealand.
dacii mini
dacii mini:
No....this is the best defense for your own country.
"Act of violence", huh?

What about saying "act of terrorism"?
Matt Garcya
Matt Garcya:
Damn not a place like New Zealand. Was a laidback country man
Wesley Scott
Wesley Scott:
CNN says this is Trumps fault. Is this true?
Fred Bread
Fred Bread:
That's the prime minister in New Zeland? The more you know ....

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