The Tragic Life Of Demi Moore

Demi Moore's Life Story From Childhood and Teen Years Is Tragic, And Things Didn't Get Easier As She Got Older. Subscribe: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Demi Moore is a star with a long career in Hollywood. In fact, at one point she was the highest paid actress in all of film! But bringing in those kinds of paychecks ended up costing her more than most people realize. Her life story is a tragic one; she didn’t know who her real father was until she was a teenager. And after losing her step-dad she rushed into a marriage with Freddy Moore who was more than just a few years older than her. Her marriage to Bruce Willis lasted longer, and her new book reveals the reasons for divorce. Then, she made an attempt to recapture her lost youth through her relationship with Ashton Kutcher but all it did was send her down an even darker path. She’s always struggled with her self esteem, despite her roles in movies like G.I. Jane and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. It also might surprise you to know that she hated a nickname she got for appearing in the movie St. Elmo’s Fire. Although she struggled for years with her estranged mother, she sadly ended up putting her own daughters in a similar position. What do you think about the fact that this famous actress shared so much about her own private story in her memoir Inside Out, and about the fact that she wasn’t afraid to name-drop while writing it? Tell us what you think in the comment section below and then click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at TheTalko. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Laura Hope Remen
Laura Hope Remen:
Demi is a goddess. Love her! ❤️
WVgirl1 through&through
WVgirl1 through&through:
56 years old and still 10× more beautiful than the Kardashians!
Houda Bouraya
Houda Bouraya:
Ironically the most beautiful women have self-esteem issues 😔
Røsã Lìã
Røsã Lìã:
I love Demi Morre💜💜
Who else is with me??
Ash sttarlightts
Ash sttarlightts:
Wow she’s so pretty her mother was toxic
Denise Cox
Denise Cox:
She was so gorgeous in Indecent Proposal...she looked different than all the Hollywood Clones...loved her in Ghost too! 💚💙
Taisen's Cool Stuff
Taisen's Cool Stuff:
I didn't know Demi went through a lot
Dora Argy
Dora Argy:
Definitely brave and blessed she has wonderful daughters
kris Nofla
kris Nofla:
Nobody child get same face of her.. shes so beautiful woman..
She was AMAZING in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle! 😃
Ruth Gomez
Ruth Gomez:
Love Demi Moore.... totally brave & beautiful...who Now is even more beautiful because she's being totally honest about herself and what she's gone through. As mom , wife, friend , ect,ect . 💖
Kai EL'Zabar
Kai EL'Zabar:
Demi remains one of the women in the world that I respect and appreciate for her own brand of bravery and her accomplishments which have contributed to us as women and made a difference in our lives.
YaYa Says
YaYa Says:
She’s a true warrior 💪🏼
nealanilove life
nealanilove life:
Why is she telling this to the world? Every one has a past.
Karen weste-Hamilton
Karen weste-Hamilton:
I am happy Demi Moore shared her story it helps women who are going through some similar things to get help. I love how she has learned to love herself. Something I struggle with myself. Love you Demi Moore
Summer Sky
Summer Sky:
She's brave enough and strong enough to reveal her interesting life story in public. Thanks God she recovered after all the mess.
Carmen D
Carmen D:
Rich or famous, we all need our creator his guidance his advise his strength there are many things too strong for us to handle and carry even us.
WhisperingJane ASMR
WhisperingJane ASMR:
What a desperate soul she is - it's so hard when you always seek love on the outside instead of nurturing it within yourself. Wishing her much love and healing.
Karen Bar
Karen Bar:
How sad her own mother did, that's crazy
Yogitha Shetty
Yogitha Shetty:
Demi you’re a rock star 👍🏻hang in there
Dawn Mckeown
Dawn Mckeown:
Demi is everything i cant stop reading the book!!
bloo jkl45
bloo jkl45:
0:52 oh my god her mother belongs behind bars
alex papathanasiou
alex papathanasiou:
She is my favourite actress
Crystal Cooksey
Crystal Cooksey:
I grew up in the 80s/90s, so I love Demi & Bruce! They were a "Dream Team" to me as a kid.
Pamela. Nam
Pamela. Nam:
She had the right to crack up, we all do. Charming woman, so beautiful!
Series Fanatic
Series Fanatic:
Indeed, there are things better left unsaid.. I hope she gets happiness she deserves
Viridiana Life
Viridiana Life:
Wow what a woman ! She went to all the and still came out strong Demi I respect u !
Karen Yoxheimer
Karen Yoxheimer:
A woman after my own heart! Thank you Demi for your book. 🖤
I can't believe she let Ashton take another woman to bed with them.. What did she think was going to happen next.. ? I feel kind of bad for her that pressure and insecurities she must have been feeling in that marriage must have really taking a toll on her.
Janet Michel
Janet Michel:
She’s always had a problem with her age. Did everything to keep a younger man and chose some stupid husbands.
Shannon Romine
Shannon Romine:
I love her...I think she is a beautiful, intelligent, unique woman and she should never doubt herself
Nicola Nicola
Nicola Nicola:
How do you "shear off your front teeth"????
Ferenc Pichler
Ferenc Pichler:
She does not have a tragic life. She had everything in life...
Thabi Mas.
Thabi Mas.:
Most beautiful actress I know. We still love her.
Fatima Arey
Fatima Arey:
Even the most beautiful actress go through the worst
Oh wow what I’d give to look like her
Margaret S
Margaret S:
Love her. Courage. Gusty. Lovely. Blessed.
Kim Gow
Kim Gow:
Her Mom pimped her out for $500? What a pos, she just gave birth to you ,she deserves this to come to light
Annie Chan
Annie Chan:
She's beautiful
She's gorgeous as ever!
Susan Liu
Susan Liu:
she's so georgous!!
Barbara Eastbourne
Barbara Eastbourne:
I understand her pain and wish her well. I would love to see her on the screen again. ❤️
Debbie H
Debbie H:
Always loved you are a beautiful actress. ♡
Jesus loves you... Run always to Jesus...He is your Rock. There is no other Rock that can sustain you!
Kapuso Cozy nook
Kapuso Cozy nook:
She need Jesus Christ to fill in the emptiness of her heart.
Yoga Wasana
Yoga Wasana:
Feelings are time traveller, they don’t go away when you get older.
Christine Sealy
Christine Sealy:
Love her
Scottie Bibble
Scottie Bibble:
Demi is so stunning and brave! I love her!
Omer Peretz
Omer Peretz:
Most people who self-destruct so aggressively DO NOT end up looking as sublime as Demi, who’s managed to somehow maintain that truly stunning look. She’s remains one of the most beautiful women.
Haidee Lum
Haidee Lum:
Our Lord Jesus Christ will give her peace that passes all understanding 🙏 GOD BLESS
Ram Razak
Ram Razak:
1 minute ago. definitely too early to scroll thru the comment section
Ziky Z
Ziky Z:
When you 40+ but you still think you can play 20+ years old girl instead of an strong women which is much much more challenge role.
Melissa Se
Melissa Se:
I feel very touched by this. Hope she's doing well these days!
Sharon Wright Weeks
Sharon Wright Weeks:
I love her...
Dana Limbocker
Dana Limbocker:
Ive always loved you Demi......and im still a huge fan of all youve done....your a perfectly imperfect.....lady who has learned to pick yourself up and carry on ....lifes not easy but your a beautiful lady and should be proud that your also a awesome mother ...and thats not an easy you are inspiring to me....and a real lady....with class.....its hard to love yourself ....and im glad that you have found the love for needed...and i will and have always loved you....from a texas lady.....
Stephen Fermoyle
Stephen Fermoyle:
SO MANY STUGGLES yet always looked amazing still does
Demi is amazing despite her turbulent past - she has had a full life and still has much to offer - thanks for sharing her ups and downs - its inspiring for the rest of us!
Edson Böhler
Edson Böhler:
I think Demi is so pretty!!!
Becky's Balcony
Becky's Balcony:
I have always loved Demi Moore and Bruce WIllis and I always will.
Carol Worth
Carol Worth:
"Al-Duss" is the way it's pronounced. I am so happy Demi is in Recovery. Proud of her!
Jasmine Medici
Jasmine Medici:
Beautiful lady..🌹
Kayla D
Kayla D:
It’s sad how we parallel our parents. I’ve always loved Demi!!
Ishika Doshi
Ishika Doshi:
Okay! She’s my inspiration😍💘
Manuela Gh
Manuela Gh:
Always Loved you Demi 🌹 GOD Loves you too, much Blessings.
Linda Jennings
Linda Jennings:
Lots in common with Demi and she IS very brave through all of it. ❤️
moni alcid
moni alcid:
Demi was my favorite actress , Her beauty and her acting ability were the best in my opinion . I felt sorry when she went rock bottom . Hope she will be genuinely happy from now on to forever .
Wen Sky
Wen Sky:
She's one of my Girl Crush before 😍💛
Celebrities Today
Celebrities Today:
She blames herself for losing Ashton Kutcher's baby
Nirupama singh Dar
Nirupama singh Dar:
Demi is a fighter and a role model to the world when children are at the mercy of uncaring and horrible parents !!!
She's so beautiful! Strong women to know her mother did that so sick it made her stronger!
Sydney Prescott
Sydney Prescott:
Her book was so good, I just wish it was much longer
Graduate Butterflies
Graduate Butterflies:
I am proud of You Demi:All is well.Just believe❤️❤️❤️❤️
Røsã Lìã
Røsã Lìã:
When u r too early to read comments.🤣🤣
Migdalia Romeu
Migdalia Romeu:
I admire her so much and she was one of my favorite actriz I always follow her so happy for her shes doing OK Bravo 😘😍👍💕🇵🇷
Azra Velic
Azra Velic:
Takes a lot of courage to do inventory on one’s self. Good for her. It wasn’t easy but she got through it. That’s what life is all about, learning to get through it all and being able to come out of it surviving. If your lucky you get to be happy in the end and understand what the most important love really is, the love for oneself. Because if you don’t value who you are it doesn’t matter how many kids, boyfriends, husbands, family or friends you have, they can’t save you! You have to be willing to put in the work.
Ani B
Ani B:
Upload : 2 mins ago..
Me: Ooh , need to see it or else I'll miss a great part of information !!!
Wow, Demi is awesome! ❤️
bella boom boom
bella boom boom:
Well I found this story beautiful. This make her real. There is something beautiful in allowing others to see your vulnerable side as it shows that you are human.
Maryam Nour
Maryam Nour:
Early squad!! I love being part of this stuff lol.
young demi slightly looks like hailey baldwin
Billy Wehrenberg
Billy Wehrenberg:
I think it was Very Brave of her.. I Love Demi.. And I will always be a Fan of hers.. I hope she keeps Acting and Stays Healthy!! I think she’s just So Great..
Jianne Abaquita
Jianne Abaquita:
Most beautiful Hollywood actress 😍
Amie Agcanas
Amie Agcanas:
Demi is a brave woman to face all the challenges life throws at her. I love Demi.
Natalie Gallegos
Natalie Gallegos:
God bless you Demi Moore! Be strong when you can and ask for help when you cant be strong.
Theresa Hartzenberg
Theresa Hartzenberg:
Stay strong beautiful Demi!
Yvette Arby
Yvette Arby:
Poor Demi! I’m glad that she is finding peace! And I think she is brave to reveal what had been going on behind the superstar façade.
Alison Watson
Alison Watson:
Good for you!!!! Bravo Demi! I applaud you for openly coming out and telling all about your ups and downs, your troubles about your insecurities and the problems you’ve had with people in your life including yourself. I hope you understand just how helpful books like this are when people recognize that celebrities just as yourself, who others place on pillars and believe them to be without fault or difficulties can see that your life, in many ways was just like theirs. Unfortunately most of us non-celebrities think yours and others like you started out illustrious, fantastic and advantageous from the start. I’m so glad you published your book to show your life has its bumps and turns like others. Good job, Demi!!!
snehal mali
snehal mali:
She is brave that she shared her story
Smith Js
Smith Js:
Whatever she or anyone think of her, she has been living her life to the fullest. that’s All it matters
Riza Lukman
Riza Lukman:
People know demi moore from the silver screen.
They do not know the background or the real life she really face
The One Who Laughs
The One Who Laughs:
I hope she's on the eight fold path. 🙏
Tahir Ahmed
Tahir Ahmed:
Loads of honor, respect, love, care to an actress and lady who faced so many pitfalls of life but as a woman remain determined and won every time and set an example that life never ends until you ends so kept working and jerking hard and we just appreciate and applause her always due to her amazing beauty and wonderful roles in all her movies which will make a Demi Moore a Demi More and more in our hearts and souls..God bless her and role model for new artist that acting is not a piece of cake if you want be like her ...
I've always loved Demi Moore...her acting is great, her beauty still shines and her inner strength is awesome. So brave to talk of her past tragedies but she's made it to here and will keep going. Proud of you girl.
emma miss_dark_angel_model
emma miss_dark_angel_model:
i love demi grew up watching her movies. omg her roll in gi,jane.. love talko uk fan here x x
katherin johnson
katherin johnson:
God bless you Demi your in my prayers 🙏🙏 😉
Jaclyn Schilt
Jaclyn Schilt:
She got way too personal with her book!
Emelda Fernando
Emelda Fernando:
She is very brave ❤️
Michele Condon
Michele Condon:
Brave, very strong , very helpful to us people out here. Thank you
I like Demi, she’s a classic sexy woman..
Kat2016 Msp
Kat2016 Msp:
Early squad 💕
leanne dominguez
leanne dominguez:
She’s human I respect that