The Odd Vanishing of Amelia Earhart

What truly happened to the famed aviator? BuzzFeed’s hit docuseries Unsolved True Crime follows conspiracy theory enthusiast Ryan as he deep-dives into the mysteries surrounding the most notorious unsolved crimes in history, in order to convince his dubious friend Shane that sometimes, the evidence isn’t always as it seems. Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! GET MORE BUZZFEED: BuzzFeedBlue Sports, video games, Unsolved & more epic daily videos! MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( STILLS Evidence in plastic bags Paul Taylor/Getty Images Call me napkin grapegeek/Getty Images French resistance fighter, World War II reenactment ands456/Getty Images leftovers from yesterday's fire, dust and ashes andreonegin/Getty Images Cat Paws Rubber Public Domain/Getty Images Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra at Takeoff Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Amelia Earhart Around 1935 Keystone-France / Contributor/Getty Images Amelia Earhart Boarding Airplane Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan Entering Plane Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Irene Bolam Speaking to Press Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Amelia Earhart's Record Breaking Hop over Golden Gate Bridge Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Amelia Earhart Working on Raft Besides Airplane Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Amelia Earhart [Misc.] Time Life Pictures / Contributor/Getty Images Undated picture taken in the 30' s of Am STAFF / Staff/Getty Images Amelia Earhart Topical Press Agency / Stringer/Getty Images Earhart's Seaplane at Southampton : Historical / Contributor/Getty Images Usa. Amelia Earhart At The Age Of Six Months And At Seven Keystone-France / Contributor/Getty Images Daily News front page May 21, 1932, Headline: AMELIA E New York Daily News Archive / Contributor/Getty Images Earhart Arrives Central Press / Stringer/Getty Images Earth Rotating James Desira/Getty Images USA Map young84/Getty Images Amelia Earhart FPG / Staff/Getty Images Amelia Earhart's Lockheed-Vega Monoplane Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images An early cut-away drawing of a P-40 Tomahawk IIB, made for the benefit of a 1942 press visit to No. 414 Squadron, then based at Croydon Airport NYPL/Science Source/Getty Images Aviation Oil Truck Cincinnati Museum Center / Contributor/Getty Images American aviator Amelia Earhart, c 1930s. Science & Society Picture Library / Contributor/Getty Images Navy Officers Performing Different Tasks Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images Sir Sefton Brancker opens new system for controlling planes by wireless - 25-November-1929 Planet News Archive / Contributor/Getty Images Vintage airplanes from different angles ivan_baranov/Getty Images Close up arms on altitude dial turning round and round Petrified Films/Getty Images MS View of windsock flutters at small airfield as approaching storm clouds / Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Earthvisions/Getty Images NOV 1 1971, NOV 2 1971; Pilot After Great American Dream; Time isn't factor in Elgen Long's planned Barry Staver / Contributo/Getty Images Itasca Buyenlarge / Contributor/Getty Images blueprint grid paper belterz/Getty Images Incredibly Detailed Boats Leontura/Getty Images PL- Marshall Islands, Jaluit Atoll, Jaluit Island. Jaluit Harbor. The National Archive/Getty Images Scenic View Of Sea Against Storm Clouds Mike Forman / EyeEm/Getty Images Old Disused radar JohnDWilliams/Getty Images Navy power vadimmmus/Getty Images Naval set vadimmmus/Getty Images Fuel gauge passenger plane tzahiV/Getty Images View of rain falling in the sea WIN-Initiative/Getty Images flames illustration rizal999/Getty Images D.W. Hoodless Handbook of Fiji, L.G. Usher (ed.), 1941/Getty Images Sextant in wooden box, made by Lorieux Hurlimann, Paris, France, late 18th century De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images Abandoned boots with foliage growing out of them at old Huon pining camp, Gordon River catchment Grant Dixon/Getty Images Ma

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Cassidy Rich (STUDENT)
Cassidy Rich (STUDENT):
Every episode
Theory 1: hmm seems probable
Theory 2: oh that’s definitely what happened
Theory 3: that’s just silly
Theory 4: aliens
Evan H
Evan H:
Technically Michael Jordan did disappear once and was found in a different dimension where Buggs bunny played basketball
Lee Skelton
Lee Skelton:
I was expecting the Bermuda Triangle theory 😂
Clumsy Studios
Clumsy Studios:
With a last name like “Airheart” you kind of are just destined to do something with a plane.
Amelia may have worn shoes too big because your feet swell when you fly at high altitudes
im the weirdest thing ever. -i like sandwitches.
im the weirdest thing ever. -i like sandwitches.:
"Ya know, that babe of the sky is gonna fly around the globe."
"Oh is that so?"
*Is that what she thinks she's gonna do?*
Random Fandom Trash
Random Fandom Trash:
*looks at bones*
“this aint it chief”
Sky Hayward
Sky Hayward:
“the sky belongs to men” SENT ME 💀💀😂
Krabby Patty secret formula confirmed:

*Amelia Earhart*
You guys should next do a series called "Buzzfeed unsolved- Roadtrip" and self-sufficiently road trip in a camper van around America to different states' random scariest crime/mystery destinations (like camp near Area-51 and do a paranormal episode)
J W:
My volume was way to loud and now my ear hart
Blockli 'N Cheese
Blockli 'N Cheese:
I love how everyone is all "where's Amelia!?" I'd be the person who's like " what about fred? "
k i l l m e
k i l l m e:
plot twist: it wasnt just any crabs who ate her it was.... Mr. Krabs 🤯🤯
Coast Guard: We think the plane crashed and Earhart died.
Amelia: Quit tellin' everyone I'm dead!
Coast Guard: Sometimes we can still hear her voice-
Manasi Khade
Manasi Khade:
I secretly want them to move the mannequin towards Shane every episode😂😂
Edvardt Osmanov
Edvardt Osmanov:
Is Amelia Earhart the Michael Jordan of flying or is Michael Jordan the Amelia Earhart of basketball?
Shady Shay
Shady Shay:
Wow buzzfeed makes some sort of quality content
Krish Bhuchar
Krish Bhuchar:
wow it has been exactly 82 years since her disappearance today
Anita Pranoto
Anita Pranoto:
After watching captain marvel.. she probably got abducted by Kree and ended up by the name Hart 🤣🤣
Amelia Earhart : I'm out of fuel and plummeting into the water. Goodbye I am about to die.

Ryan : Although she said she was about to die and her body was found she may still be alive living in Cuba with a secret lover called Javier
Plate of Kookies
Plate of Kookies:
Is it just me or does all the music they add make it 5000000 times creepier 😧😵
Elyse Moran
Elyse Moran:
the scary thing is that Earhart and Noonan are the only people on the planet who actually knows what happened.
Fallen Besach
Fallen Besach:
"Well, Michael Jordan never disappeared on a basketball court forever, so"
Best quote ever
I am awesome
I am awesome:
Could you do the case where people disappeared into a forest because of a plane crash and then they appear 5 years later with the same cloths, and can't remember anything. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE
Kristina S
Kristina S:
Do a video on the Hash Slinging Slasher 🙌🏼😩
"Hoodless discarded the bones"
Me: * looks at the camera like I'm on the office *
DaDorkieBoys 1
DaDorkieBoys 1:
If the plane crashes under water, they would have found it...
Titanic is still found under water but it's incredibly rusty
big smoke
big smoke:
maybe they got stuck on a cloud
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach:
So many people commented that it’s been solved but everyone says something different 🤔🤨🤨
Di Lu
Di Lu:
it's not an unsolved episode without Ryan's wheeze
Interestingly, the Japanese Navy worked with the US Navy for the searching mission for Earhart.
Hamster Amster
Hamster Amster:
NAUTICOS: “we’re going to find this plane”


Plastics: Try me!

I know it’s not that funny but it was funny in my head
Danna’s Channel
Danna’s Channel:
“ the woman just vanished “
- Dr.Ross Geller
Wasn’t there also a theory of the Bermuda Triangle involved with this?
Jimmy Peffer
Jimmy Peffer:
Michael Jordan never disappeared while going for a dunk but he did go missing playing golf just watch space jam
So Amelia Earhart is the Krabby Patty’s secret ingredient.

drawn on
drawn on:
“She was eaten by crabs” crab rave starts playin*
Lauren Stam
Lauren Stam:
Let's stop pronouncing Earheart as Airheart shall we?
Nick Hentschel
Nick Hentschel:
Shane really hits the nose on the head (for once) when he points out how many "unsolved mysteries" are marked by carelessly lost or discarded evidence.
I love how these two are always completely at odds but seem to have such great chemistry and seem to GENUINELY like each other 😊
The Rascals
The Rascals:
Status: OK
True To you
True To you:
Probably chill’n at a undiscovered remote island lol

Then got took by aliens 👽
Alice_Macaron 238
Alice_Macaron 238:
My great great grandma met Amelia Earhart. I mean, I wasn’t there, but my great grandma told me the stories. (You don’t have to believe me obviously 😅)
can you do one about "the lack of motivation I have for school this year" next? thanks
Abby Cate Holman
Abby Cate Holman:
why didn't they have more then one scientist examine the bones you don't know if he made mistakes
Storm Cloud
Storm Cloud:
When he starts talking ab the possibilities they just keep making more and more sense... then.....a slight pause.....
Ryan : but.......
Shane : .....i know what you're thinking
Ryan : .....
Shane : nO DOnT DO iT
Ryan :
Ryan : *ALiEnS DiD iT*
Snails Snails
Snails Snails:
1:14 did Ryan seriously pronounce Newfoundland “New found land”😂
Legend says.. she is still flying in the air
Samantha E
Samantha E:
i love how shane and ryan are like an old married couple who always disagree but still love each other
So Amelia Earhart could had been eaten by the same crabs in Crab Rave?
They try so hard to be funny is just clingy cute couple tho 😂
Why is this a mystery? It’s a tragedy.
Ax Ks
Ax Ks:
"New-phin-land" not "new-found-lind". "Phin" is like "fin" but subtly softer on the F sound.
Actually Michael Jordan disappeared when Looney Tunes kiddnaped him. So yeaah...
Alan Cobain
Alan Cobain:
How can you make this video and not mention the Bermuda Triangle theory 😂 it’s like the most famous one 😂
CH North Korea
CH North Korea:
She turned into a wax statue in the Smithsonian Archives.
tony allman
tony allman:
that oceans gonna have nicely combed hair
me: "wave check"
Addyson Hyde
Addyson Hyde:
Omg I was on tick Tock and someone said they found Amelia missing airplane in the water wtf
Was that absolutely terrifying mannequin in the background really necessary?
I think she somehow went to a parallel universe and the radio I guess made a connection between universes.
Emma Rušiņa
Emma Rušiņa:
5"7-5"8 ain't tall I'm 12 and 5"6
Kate Ackerly
Kate Ackerly:
I can't hear a story about Amelia Earhart with out recalling another woman pilot. My great aunt Gayle Burns.
I mentioned that I wanted to learn to fly, off hand, to her when I was 9 or so.
She had a delighted reaction, but I made the mistake of mentioning Amelia Earhart.
Suddenly my usually jolly favorite great aunt got very serious and started waggling her finger in my face, delivering a stern lecture about learning instrumentation.
In the middle of all that I learned that she personally knew Amelia, was a pilot, was a member of The 99 when it was a much smaller number (12?)... and mostly I had better be better than Amelia Earhart!

I did have a chance to get my pilot license when I was attending NWMSU, but I made a mistake of mentioning the plan to the grandfather (Gayle's brother in law) that was paying for my college education at the time.
My allotment for the semester was cut off just that quickly, until I promised I would not take the course. (Seriously, it was a steal at $500, vs the $1500 regular source at that time... listed as a science course...sheesh! And my rationale was for when the family wanted to fly... Well... considering my other grandparents were more likely to benefit, and his quirks in that realm... 😣 Soup opera stupidity...)

Any rate, you didn't mention her instrumentation short comings...
I'm Luke Skywalker I'm Here To Rescue You
I'm Luke Skywalker I'm Here To Rescue You:
Please do an episode about the Hash Slinging Slasher. He is so creepy and has commited many murders. He likes to sneak into local restaurants and terrorize the employees. And the scary thing is... He's never been caught. I get the chills just writing this.
Aidan Bastillo
Aidan Bastillo:
Random person at a bar: I bet nobody in the bar can fly around the globe! Amelia Earhart: Hold my beer....
“These bones don’t belong to anybody 😂😂”
“The expert is only as good as the material he has in front of him”. Such truth 🙌
xzxyoinkerlilli ee
xzxyoinkerlilli ee:
Legend says Gordon Ramsays lamb sauce is still out there.
I'm not even subscribed to BuzzFeed anymore, I just come by every once in a while to see if there's any new unsolved mystery videos 😂😂
Every single episode one of the theories would be abt aliens
Johnny Clash
Johnny Clash:
Proof feminism was a failure from the word GO! lol...
100 subscribers with no video challenge
100 subscribers with no video challenge:
They got morphed into another dimension. 😂
Terri Jones
Terri Jones:
Wow... in school they blamed it on the Bermuda triangle🤷🏽‍♀️
Lil Desiy May
Lil Desiy May:
“she’s a bit too bold.”
“sorry, you have no culture.”
Metal In Your Head
Metal In Your Head:
When I saw those Coconut Crabs I was like “oh hell no”.
Shadow Storm12
Shadow Storm12:
Amelia Earhart disappears

*the watcher*
I know it’s just to have some movement on the screen, but the propellers shouldn’t be spinning at 2:54 while they’re up there checking things out lol
I think the most shocking and craziest thing about this video... Is finding out that Ryan is 5'10!!! I was dead sure he was like 5'4 or 5'5 !!!! LOLLLL
Sierra LuAnne
Sierra LuAnne:
Totally off topic but has anyone ever figured out wtf the plot of LOST was .....
Jarl Balgruuf
Jarl Balgruuf:
Amelia Earhart: goes missing

Eric Baker
Eric Baker:
They became flesh eating zombies, had evil puppies and died of natural causes...😏
Clint James De Paz
Clint James De Paz:
0:12 Honestly you did freaked me out with that mannequin.
Chicken Mcnuggies
Chicken Mcnuggies:
Shane:is that what she thinks she's gonna do?-
Ryan:tHe skY bEloNgS tO mEN-
I watched a documentary that they could've landed somewhere in Japan, and were killed
Juan M Garcia Jr.
Juan M Garcia Jr.:
Was the mannequin moving in the background?
New-found-land is how he said it,

Kill me
Grace Dorothy
Grace Dorothy:
i expected ryan to say something like she was eaten whole by a sky whale
Ellie Ernsteen
Ellie Ernsteen:
timestamp 19:04, the file number is NCC-1701. lol
Lilith [Alien hybrid goddess] {SCP-5002}
Lilith [Alien hybrid goddess] {SCP-5002}:
Jonte Stevenson
Jonte Stevenson:
"Amelia Earhart drove a lot of airplanes except for that one time she didn't come back"-Family Guy
Bobby Joe
Bobby Joe:
Shane and Ryan are the epitome of the relationship between my left and right side of my brain.
Jack Carranza
Jack Carranza:
This week on buzzfeed unsolved I'm holding all my employees hostage until I find my sandwich.
Dru Owen
Dru Owen:
Earheart - Air-Heart, Air-Jordan, Air-Plane ... yup, i got nothin.
Ashley Plunk
Ashley Plunk:
Amelia Earhart's disappearance has always interested me and made me confused but I still love it and her!!! I wish we could know what happened to her and Noonan!!! this will always be one of my favorite cases of all time and one of my favorite women in history!!💙
Malik Evans
Malik Evans:
Michael Jordan disappeared from the court when he went to play for the White Sox
April apineru
April apineru:
You should go more in depth with the alien contact theories for Amelia
Steve Sucks
Steve Sucks:
If Amelia was still alive she would be about 121.
Asaka Leddick
Asaka Leddick:
That mannequin in the background when they are at the table gets me every time. -_-
Patrick Carlos
Patrick Carlos:
Lol New-FOUND-land??? It’s pronounced New-fin-d-land
Muhamad Shafiq
Muhamad Shafiq:
Make a video about flight ✈️ Malaysia airlines MH-370