The Journey: Mal Pugh

The Journey is an original U.S. Soccer series which follows U.S. Women's National Team players on and off the field as they work toward earning their place in the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in France. In this episode of The Journey, Sponsored by Motrin, we catch up with Mallory Pugh, who made history when she decided to turn pro at 18. While the rising star is enjoying her unique journey on a path she hopes will lead to the 2019 Women's World Cup, there has been an adjustment period for the teenager who until a few months ago had never lived on her own. More info: Subscribe to U.S. Soccer on YouTube! U.S. Soccer ...on Facebook: ...on Twitter: ...on Instagram: http://www.instagram/ussoccer

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captain weasel1776
captain weasel1776:
Does she make a gun hand sign and then go Pugh Pugh Pugh when she scores
Daniela Roa
Daniela Roa:
Malory Pugh and Rose Lavelle are our uswnt future❤️💙
She's got a bright future. Once she becomes more consistent, she'll really be at the top. She's young and has time to improve and I love watching her. And she looks so much like her dad aw
Nia Davis
Nia Davis:
Who’s watching now and is happy that Pugh won a World Cup!!!!
Hailey Hudson
Hailey Hudson:
ahh she's such a pure cinnamon roll
Mark Dowdy
Mark Dowdy:
Good question, Mal. Why ARE there so many choices for salt?? :D
Shannon Curley
Shannon Curley:
The new baby horse. It's so cool and such a full circle thing seeing Alex with the captain band on now and Mal playing like Alex did when she first joined the national team. Gonna have to get a Pugh jersey very soon!
John McKeon
John McKeon:
She's the future of the USWNT 🇺🇸⚽️❤️😍 there is just so much to love ❤️ about her 😍
Ashlie Cabral
Ashlie Cabral:
whats not to like about Mallory? shes so inspirational. i love her so much
She’s got a great attitude! I’d like to see one of these videos for Press too
Jesse James Atencio
Jesse James Atencio:
Kofi Riddick
Kofi Riddick:
She is so fine.
I wonder if she will look back and regret not experiencing college. So young, so talented.
Pugh : Why is there so many options for salt?

Anerican Economy : Yes
Connie Cheng
Connie Cheng:
She is only 19 . I watched her games. She is very fast; of course she scores very fast.
True sneakerhead
True sneakerhead:
She is cute.. Small player making big plays.. Wow so fun to watch her!!! I can't wait to see her in the world cup...
Jordan Cordova
Jordan Cordova:
Pugh & Morgan are my favorites
E b
E b:
Such a beautiful soul !

And face... and everything about her is just sooo beautiful!!!
Moinak Bhattacharya
Moinak Bhattacharya:
Having watched many of her games - the speed, anticipation, sense of placement, sneaking in lethally - all these qualities somehow resembles the great Ronaldo.
Addam Priyatna
Addam Priyatna:
may i say,,,"mariah carey on the football field"
She's the Romario of women's soccer : small, not the fastest yet technically gifted and possessing an amazing ability to score goals (from both right and left foot).
And future generations will be comparing talented female forwards to her, not Romario.
Yes, I'm a big fan of great soccer which makes me a big fan of hers.
Edward Andrews
Edward Andrews:
Mallory, you're not only an awesome player, you are also a very unique player!
You bring joy to the game! Its always a pleasure to watch you on the field ⚽
Good luck and Godspeed, dear Mallory! Always be rooting for you!👍🌷
Kailyn_ TheStrange1
Kailyn_ TheStrange1:
Megan: *Backs up backs up*
Mal: *JUMPS*
Katherine Nass
Katherine Nass:
#11 United States women's national soccer team
#11 Washington Spirit
I'm a soccer player and I really like it and I'm a USA fan.
haleigh nino
haleigh nino:
looking back at this and now she has a world cup i’m in tears, and i’m so proud of her.
Hannah Deitsch
Hannah Deitsch:
Representing Colorado so well! ❤️💛💙
She is so cute and a talent on field imo.
Franceta Robinson
Franceta Robinson:
She is the next best for the USA national team.
It's weird she looks exactly like her dad.
she's hot
Jonathan George
Jonathan George:
Very bright young star. Akin to Pulisic on the men's side.
Rome Alvarado
Rome Alvarado:
Her & Ashley Sanchez are the future of team USA!
love this little youngster! And I love the way she plays, she just needs consistency then she's going to be unstoppable. Glad to know the USWNT future is looking bright :')
Andrew Ongais
Andrew Ongais:
Great playetr.
I'll prepared for the rest of life: how does that happen in the 21st century?
Ashlee Najar
Ashlee Najar:
When can we see a Alex Morgan one
Mallory Leigh
Mallory Leigh:
It's so weird to watch because my name is Mallory too
Maya Schindler
Maya Schindler:
I was at her first game and I'm #11, love her!
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Brandon Weilburg
Brandon Weilburg:
Quality ! Makes me proud ! I love uswnt
Rose and Mallory are
My fav just live em wish you guys a World Cup victory!! Going to France
Mich Rico
Mich Rico:
I love Pugh 😭
Yudah Best
Yudah Best:
I love Mallory Pugh... she my one and only favorite soccer player from Washington Spirit and uswnt ❤️⚽️
Jason Lee
Jason Lee:
i feel ya pugh on living alone at 19, i went through that in a situation where I had no choice.
You are living what so many girls dream of. You show them it IS possible. Congratulations
Duc Le
Duc Le:
Pugh is cute I like her
Donna Housley
Donna Housley:
Great game last night, Mal.  Keep going for it!!
Brandon Weilburg
Brandon Weilburg:
I hope you have much success great play cool
Great family glad you’ve put the injury behind you rooting
For ya!!
Alfredo S
Alfredo S:
She’s beautiful
Mike Pony
Mike Pony:
Great to see such a young composed bad ass
Laurenjohnson0410 Johnson
Laurenjohnson0410 Johnson:
Keep following your dream Pugh you are so inspiring
Jeremiah Ramos
Jeremiah Ramos:
Believe to success 🔥🔥🔥
M B:
Mallory pugh , remember the name !!
Raul Torres
Raul Torres:
Muy buena futbolista y guapísima no se diga
U look good Mal .. keep @ it👍👍
sayeed sikder
sayeed sikder:
She’s a magnificent player. Best of the best
Ruby Shine
Ruby Shine:
You Go Girly so proud of you !!! You Got This !!!!! 😊💜✌
Bianca Rodriguez
Bianca Rodriguez:
3:49 oh mother😂
Kevin Summers
Kevin Summers:
Lots of love to Mallory. I enjoy your fancy footwork! Please never take a knee🇺🇸
Alan Velez
Alan Velez:
She will be the Carli Lloyd of 2019.
Love her!
dung mai
dung mai:
shes so funny! great video wish her all the best in the professional world. she has true raw talent
They should make "the journey" videos for CANwnt I love these videos
Sameer Singh
Sameer Singh:
Edwin Maldonado
Edwin Maldonado:
the best player
Chelsea Fisher
Chelsea Fisher:
I'm really hoping they do every player on the team!!
Young king
Young king:
Mal the 🐐 and extremely 😍🔥
her father looks like corey assaulticus booker.
John Quick
John Quick:
Mallory Pugh is sooo hot !! 🔥
She is a great player
Malorie McMillan
Malorie McMillan:
my name is malorie too and i look up to you because i also play soccer
Dennis arsenault
Dennis arsenault:
Pugh who is your best friend on the team?
Rambo II
Rambo II:
wonderful girl , I love to watch her playing ,. she plays much better than me
afro deity
afro deity:
beautiful and talented....way to go!!!
Tony Zhen
Tony Zhen:
She's now a champ :D
Minna Blottner
Minna Blottner:
go Pugh but also Becky is such a good sport love both of them
Чинтогтох Бадмаадорж
Чинтогтох Бадмаадорж:
You can really feel it Mal Pugh
david r
david r:
Go get the world cup trophy
Jimmy Chen
Jimmy Chen:
I love Mallory Pugh.
Kaja Dionne
Kaja Dionne:
Yasssss she should do that 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 make guns signs with her hands and say pew pew pew
glenn terare
glenn terare:
future giant in the game,very centered,focused and motivated.growing with all the challenges coming her way.
Tuyên Tào lao
Tuyên Tào lao:
I love her
Tanner Poole
Tanner Poole:
i love her!
Rahul Ratnayake
Rahul Ratnayake:
Here because of the phantom ad
What I admire the most about her is being humble
Macie Jones
Macie Jones:
Wow to be that Independent right out of high school is so great ! Bright future ahead of you Mal Pugh!
Chase Tyson
Chase Tyson:
She's no alex hunter
Kid Flash!
Future G.O.A.T.
She's got that Colorado cardio!!
What a young Super star
Payton Dunne
Payton Dunne:
“ Why is there so many options for salt?!
Joey p
Joey p:
Ava Collins
Ava Collins:
love mal
Ketlene Charles
Ketlene Charles:
I love this girls
Rachel Dobbins
Rachel Dobbins:
Nice little feature on her. Talented kid.
Devin Perkins
Devin Perkins:
Hahaha 2:41 is me and why we love her
abiodun odeleye
abiodun odeleye:
@ Red: I guess LeBron and Zion and Shaq and Kobe should have stayed/gone to college too. So the schools/coaches/ AD/ etc can make millions off them. In exchange for tuition/board.
By the way, college will always be there. It’s all about options in life
Alex Wagner
Alex Wagner:
Since when is Washington on the east coast?
Kay Productions
Kay Productions:
She has a bright future