'The Five' reacts to CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's viral dispute

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J Money
J Money:
He got so heated because it's true.
Billy Ruben
Billy Ruben:
Juan William's is the Fredo of the Five.
Ines Almeyda
Ines Almeyda:
Now Cuomo will forever be called Fredo. 😆 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Our apologies to Fredo. 😂
Celia yates
Celia yates:
Cuomo , If this has offended him , then he should stop doing it to others. Cuomo, is reaping what he sows.....
Larry Hillock
Larry Hillock:
Fredo has no dignity to lose, he’s a lying, manipulative tool.
SusanBailey AmazingEstate
SusanBailey AmazingEstate:
Chris "Fredo" Cuomo
That's his name now.
Richard Davis
Richard Davis:
'I'm a CNN anchor' like it's something to be proud of. Ratings are in the tank behind the 'food network'.
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Chandler:
His name will be Fredo from now until eternity.... he will own that s*** the rest of his life...
"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances." 
- Thomas Jefferson
CNN started the Fredo meme, not the right. Look how many times they used it on conservatives...Yet now it's "racist" LOL
I bet cuomo's twiitter page is lit up with fredo references right now.
John Connors 111
John Connors 111:
If He kept his mouth shut. They would have been Fredos. Because he reacted in such a weak cowardly way HE will always be Fredo
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith:
He said, "i'm Chris Fredo.... a faker from CNN."
Christopher Ray
Christopher Ray:
Shows hes just an actor. Not a journalist, hes an actor playing a part for the camera. Reading a script.
" FREDO " would seem to be this fella's New Nickname. So FREDO CUOMO is an Actor pretending to be a political commentator for the radical communist left.
Cuomo is probably pissed cuz his weekend excursion to Epstein island was cancelled!
His true character and insecurity is revealed...he exposed himself...exactly what Fredo did!!
Cuck ButtFurd
Cuck ButtFurd:
*Cuomo is a friggin stronzo moulinyan!* 🍆👀🇺🇲🤡🔫🐸🤫👌
Laura C
Laura C:
Dude needs to get off the illegal steroids...not that he had much intelligence to begin with but he's tossed like fredo!!!
Flying Gabriel
Flying Gabriel:
Fredo Cuomo counters offensive cultural stereotyping by threatening to "throw him down the stairs" lol. Now both shoes fit. That's what's called an epic fail folks.
Backwater Sage
Backwater Sage:
There is absolutely no excuse for Fredo's extremely aggressive reaction.
James Lewis
James Lewis:
What a hot head that Fredo is. You do The CNN family proud.
Eva Fabian
Eva Fabian:
Fredo admitted he was an “Actor” on CNN!
Cobalt Nebula
Cobalt Nebula:
This guarantees he’ll be known as “FREDO” into perpetuity.
Cuomo, protected by his human wall of force, talks like a big boy. I think Fredo actually fits.
now he knows how Sarah Huckabee sanders and ted cruse and other conservatives feel when they are out with there families.
Petie Stewart
Petie Stewart:
how about Sara Huckabee, got ran out of a resto,then Mitch McConnell and wife got ran out of a public resto, didnt Ted Cruz too? remember when mad max told her thugs to call out Trump supporters,make a scene, tell them they'r not welcome here anymore, WHERE THE FK IS SHE TALKING ABOUT, they'r not welcome WHERE anymore max? anyways now Fredo Cuomo AKA" Chris CORLEONE, and his honey friend donny lemon are getting a little payback hahahahaa dont MESS WITH OUR PRESIDENT you lil B1tches
Q: Where's Fredo?
A: Sniffing Hannity's fingers
Windows xD
Windows xD:
Cuomo's favorite snack is a bag of Fredo Lay chips.
BC Drummer
BC Drummer:
Someone else mentions Fredo....everyone who hears it sees Chris Cuomo in their mind & laughs internally. That's reality from now on Chris!!!
Fredo said the Catholic student should have just walked away when Philips was beating a drum in his face.

Fredo should take his own advice.

What a hypocrite and how insulting to African-Americans.
Smart Ass
Smart Ass:
So his response was the stereo typical mobster response. ...."YOU TALKING TO ME!!! I"LL THROW YOU DOWN THOSE STAIRS AND BREAK YOU"
William E Lanning Jr
William E Lanning Jr:
LMAO... did Juan defend Donald Trump Jr. when all the media and lame comedians called HIM Fredo? Of course not. Juan is myopic in that regard.
Howdulike Themapples
Howdulike Themapples:
Telling people not to call you something usually has the opposite effect
Kevin Tyser
Kevin Tyser:
Remember when Maxine Waters said... You should continually play those clips back to back.
ZeroFox Givin
ZeroFox Givin:
The guy was just doing what Auntie Maxcine told people to do.
Yurit Cardenas
Yurit Cardenas:
5:04 Juan Williams, who cares if this guy went out with the intention of getting under Fredo's, oooops, I mean Chris's skin. As a member of the media Chris should be able to control himself. If he was offended, tough, get thicker skin. There was no need for the f bomb barrage, or making threats.
Chris makes a living critiquing the actions of others in public. Not so fun when the camera is pointing at him.
American Dad
American Dad:
If memory serves , it was the democrat/liberal type of individuals that were the first to behave this way .
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith:
When you pretend to be a journalist and and spew lies all day you are asking to be set up like Fredo was.
James Williams
James Williams:
Remember Maxine Waters started all this two years ago it's okay to interrupt of Republicans but Democrats can't be disturbed this one-sided America is about to blow up in everybody's face
Rita Corpier
Rita Corpier:
So the left calls for mobs to go after Conservatives in public places, but Cuomo can't take one person calling him a tiny name. What's good for the goose...
Miss Lancaster
Miss Lancaster:
Fredo is a cnn low rating guy , all dems are sick and low life +CNN
Diana Artemis
Diana Artemis:
Fredo Coumo is a disgrace to the Italian community
Cumo's is a low life. this proves money cant' buy you class Fredo.
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube:
"My name is Fredo Cuomo! I'm an anchor on a sinking propaganda ship known as CNN!"
Nostalgia For Infinity
Nostalgia For Infinity:
4:24 Let's not forget, the democrats and the leftist mainstream media were the ones who started this a couple of years ago in the first place. They were the ones who were encouraging harassing and publicly humiliating public figures for not aligning with their ideology and supporting Trump, until they change their mind and start toeing their line. But now, just like with calling everything "fake news", it's backfiring on them, so NOW it's suddenly wrong to do it.
G man
G man:
CNN only hires the best and brightest don't they. I would rather be called a Fredo than Cuomo. Whining spoiled silver-spooned brat.
Snark & Twisty
Snark & Twisty:
Interesting - so because someone recorded this it was obviously a set up. But no one though Trump was set up when someone recorded him years ago talking about grabbing body parts. Typical leftist double standard.
Cuomo lambasted a teenager for smirking when confronted...his duplicitous standards are typical of the Left.
Jared Lowe
Jared Lowe:
From now on his name is Fredo, and thus it shall be until the end of time itself.
Timothy Flanagan
Timothy Flanagan:
This is fredos sparticas moment !!!
Dirk Novio
Dirk Novio:
I love laughing at Fredo Cuomo. He’s a joke to point out and laugh at everyday
Mysterious Stranger
Mysterious Stranger:
Translation: 'Fredo' Cuomo was in a beer-tent, had a few too many and someone triggered his festering feelings of being second-best when compared with his brother. Mr 'Anchor-Man' already has an inferiority complex - that much is obvious. Not that either brother is worth a light, of course - not in the REAL World.
stefan baran
stefan baran:
Fredo is such a tough guy with all that security around him.
Jamie McFall
Jamie McFall:
All of cnn msnbc and left have brought this public harassment onto themselves
Riverflyswatter S
Riverflyswatter S:
I think he’s more like a Harpo
Fredo is his middle name
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith:
Wants to Fight someone over a word..... poor Fredo :(
Joanna Bikowska
Joanna Bikowska:
That’s exactly how snowflakes react! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🙄🙄
Bagrilla Jenkins
Bagrilla Jenkins:
Didn't Maxine Waters say get in their face and push back?
Cuomo is Fredo and stays Fredo. Period! 🤣🤣
Richard Clarke
Richard Clarke:
Juan Williams and Chris are Fredos. 🐸👍
My World
My World:
Tell Maxine Waters not to promote harrassment to Republicans.
Fredo Cuomo was out of line.
Threatening violence.
Yuuma Uezato
Yuuma Uezato:
Why did Trump get re-elected: Cuomo
Tim Rogers
Tim Rogers:
If there are “red flags” in NY, than Chris/Fredo should have his firearms confiscated by the courts. That boy is coming unhinged,
Alex Gomez
Alex Gomez:
Well at least they didn't go to Fredos house like antifa did to Tucker Carlson.
Or yell at him with a min of people.
Ax Sundstrøm
Ax Sundstrøm:
Fredo is the weak brother of Don 🍋.. 🤣🤣🤣
Gimme A Break
Gimme A Break:
This was nothing like how they treat conservatives like Cruz or Owens etc...
Kenneth Miller
Kenneth Miller:
Chris says “I’m Smart” Fredo !
Daniel Duvall
Daniel Duvall:
Maxine Waters asked everyone to do JUST THIS!!
Ric of Vic
Ric of Vic:
Fredo: the new “F” word.
Luke Rogers
Luke Rogers:
Hmmm didn’t some “news” show freak out when Tomi?
Timmy Moynahan
Timmy Moynahan:
FREDO now and forever
Dana : once at an airport someone called me a war criminal.

Greg: I apologize for that.
David Council
David Council:
A real "Fredo" would be someone who got a TV news anchor job because his brother is governor of New York
Oh wait
One of the best thing i heard this year !! 😂 we could feel Gutfeld trying to retain his laugther ... and what about miss Perino !! What a strong woman 😘💪 ! From Canada
Doug M
Doug M:
"I should be better" yeah so should CNN, they're getting beat in the ratings by cartoons.
When Fredo said, "I'll throw you down those stairs!" That's the instant the guy should have planted five across Fredo's chin in self defense. Opportunity missed. So, sad.
Douglas Baer
Douglas Baer:
Cuomo nickname  will stick forever Fredo!!!!
Jim Jam
Jim Jam:
Every time a Cuomo speaks a Fredo gets his wings.
Eric Seaverns
Eric Seaverns:
Fredo, Fredo, Fredo, Fredo,
T Tree
T Tree:
Fredoism, I'll throw you down these effing stairs
Silly Putty
Silly Putty:
From the brotherhood of Fredo's, thanks for joining Chris.
Terence Fong
Terence Fong:
Greg's best line, "racism is part of CNN profit model!".
The Other Guy
The Other Guy:
For what he put the Trump family through, Fredo needs to grow a thicker skin.
Sniper Dolphin
Sniper Dolphin:
Fredo needs to take it easy. I never understood why Fredo gets upset so easily
Gut-Z Guy
Gut-Z Guy:
Now u see what happens when the left get a taste of their own medicine.
Steve Barkley
Steve Barkley:
FREDO, FREDO, FREDO, FREDO, FREDO !!! I'm still standing at the top of my stairs.
Blankie Ruiz
Blankie Ruiz:
Casey Jones
Casey Jones:
Cuomo just gave himself a nickname what a DUMMY. "FREDO" Hey FREDO go get you shine box!!!!
6:12 - Fredo took the bait because he is a narcissist.
joey smith
joey smith:
Demorat🐀 chris cuomo true colors come out.
Derryl James
Derryl James:
What a f..king 'FREDO' ! He just labeled himself for the rest of his life LMFAO!
Fredo Cuomo from this day forward...
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson:
Fredo is going to hear the word Fredo a lot more. He fits the bill.
the cnn video clip cracks me up, he’s just frozen & expressionless 🤣😭
G. Buchnoff
G. Buchnoff:
david walsh
david walsh:
Russ Monte
Russ Monte:
Love how coumo immediately threatens extreme violence and the littlest provocation.