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just another person who over thinks
just another person who over thinks:
This analysis is totally going to help me in my AP LANG exam tomorrow,,,
Moozy Foozy
Moozy Foozy:
The scene where she's getting into the truck not only shows that she's trying to get as far away as possible, but also to imply that she may be put into danger because of her mother. Most serial killers are truck drivers and highway killers are a very real thing. A young, pretty, blonde woman getting into a (likely male) stranger's truck really doesn't bode well according to statistics.
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318:
I need you to do USS Callister. Thats like, MY FAVORITE EPISODE!
Minaj Myles
Minaj Myles:
No I think her interpretation of getting in that van with the stranger at the end was implying she was going to get murdered, as numerous hitch hikers have been know to get abducted by lorry drivers in Toronto
Bella Souza
Bella Souza:
This episode is amazing, for me it is one of the best of black mirror. The way you analized is perfect, i love seeing other perspectives even if they are similar to mine like yours ^-^
April Rants
April Rants:
Ark angel sounds like a horrible idea
Although I've seen this episode a couple of times and already have my own interpretation of the meaning, I really love watching your analysis and explanations to get another perspective and a clearer narrative!
Just Dance Dezzy
Just Dance Dezzy:
I was trying to find this ending explained of this episode, but I guess my wish came true
TheDanMizerd 101
TheDanMizerd 101:
I wish this guy had more subs
Marc Shoji
Marc Shoji:
good analysis but like...USS Callister tho .... 👀
I love your videos. This was my first Black MIrror Episode, though not my favorite.
the cup RM throws in the Run MV
the cup RM throws in the Run MV:
you should review the new twilight zone series
Lauren Whitney
Lauren Whitney:
I love your videos so much! Can you do one on white Christmas??
Al Caponey
Al Caponey:
You usually explain endings well. However, the ending to this episode was not explained. You just repeated what we already knew.
She is apparently 14 but she look 22 I wonder what was the reason behind that decisions too?
Imagine if they had cast an actual 15 year-old for the role of Sarah. I was looking up child actors that age on IMDb to see who could have been a better fit, and apparently, Millie Bobby Brown is turning 15 this year. Now I understand why the mom was freaking out so much about her daughter's sex life...
Moon Blossom
Moon Blossom:
black mirror season 5 on 5th june!
A vicious Little queen
A vicious Little queen:
" It allows parents to track their children"
Oh boy. That never ends well.
Shichibi no Raijuu
Shichibi no Raijuu:
I am supposed to do y homework. I've never seen this episode or S4 of Black Mirror.
Why am I here watching this...

Great explanation btw.
Jack, The Scarab King
Jack, The Scarab King:
I watch these after breakdowns. Really helps. Soothing/10
Spy Dear
Spy Dear:
I like how you spot the easter eggs on each episode. Btw, that scene when the mom was searching for the guy in the internet, is her PC even a real thing? Same thing with Be Right Back ep, is her tablet even real?
Alex P.
Alex P.:
I’ve been waiting for this!
Smokey McPot
Smokey McPot:
Never fails to amaze me when you show me not only one new thing, but many. No matter how big or small it is. I’ve watched the series many times over and thought I had seen all the little connections, but alas, you’re breakdowns always show me something new! It’s refreshing.
Certainly not on the top of my favorites list, but this coverage on Arkangel breathed new life into the episode. Made me actually want to go back and rewatch it again. Keep up the great work!
Looking forward to season 5! Just announced today 🖥🖤
Cynthia Padilla
Cynthia Padilla:
Ugh. You don't know how long I was waiting for this.
Jorge Guzman
Jorge Guzman:
The Waldo under the stroller is actually a Skip Hop owl backpack not Waldo. You can see the red under the beak before the little girl gets off the stroller.
That’s not how you pronounce ‘homage’....
K W.
K W.:
Can't wait for you to do Uss Callister! 🙂
Seres Aura
Seres Aura:
You know, as a mother of a beautiful daughter, I felt conflicted with this episode.

I obviously saw that it was wrong to do such a thing, but at the same time, I understood the mother's feelings. You want to know what they are doing, you're afraid something bad might happen, you want to know where they are, etc. But then again, you know that pain and bad words and scary stuff are necessary for growing up— to an extent.
So in the end, you sortof understand the mom, but you understand the daughter too, it's wrong, but you can't help to feel sympathy with the mother (for some points, of course, spying on her daughter wasn't right and tricking her with the pill instead of talking with her or whatnot was completly not OK).
Rae chuuu
Rae chuuu:
The way he pronounced homage 😂
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318:
There's only going to be 3 episodes in SEASON 5!!!!!
Thanks man for another great video 👍👍 Especially the psychological analysis of Maria, I think you were on point.
This is one of my favourite episodes of BM.
Absolutely adore your analyses, keep it up
Morgan Roberts
Morgan Roberts:
Season 5 trailer is up!
Abbey Frank
Abbey Frank:
You pronounced homage wrong. 😅
Sponge Boobs
Sponge Boobs:
I love this episode tbh
Coldgrace 14
Coldgrace 14:
You should cover Love.Death.Robots
Joe House
Joe House:
Please man upload more I need some more content to watch help😖
Laura Álvarez del Río
Laura Álvarez del Río:
This is REALLY great, don't stop doing this videos if you don't mind ;)
Diana Bates
Diana Bates:
As some other people have said, thank whatever higher power, whether science or some spiritual god, that this doesn’t exist. That would literally destroy me. I would either make myself blind or keep my eyes closed almost all the time or keep looking up while I write out conversations I wouldn’t want anyone watching or knowing about and texting on my phone looking away etc so that she can’t tell what I’m writing at least until I can create a code language to use and then I can look at my writing or phone and if she ever catches on look back up again away from what I’m writing or texting but the fact I would have to do that in the first place is horrible and the fact that everything is visually censored is horrible U know god forbid I blink and she doesn’t know about it the sad thing is I know if this were happening today, that my in laws would have done this to my husband. To this day they constantly bug things and I have to get rid of them, them putting cameras around recording visuals and conversations, tracking his car, tracking his phone and having to look up how to shut it off, putting things in their name even if he’s paying for it all so that they can control everything, adding their name to all his financial accounts and making sure I don’t have my name on it so they can take out money that he works hard for whenever they want even though we struggle to afford enough food and rent and gas/metro money (depending on what transportation he uses, which usually is the bus or train now bc they took his car away that he bought bc legally it’s in their name to make life difficult for him so he will “come back to them” Bc he’s married and moved out again bc at some time in our life we had to stay with them in the beginning), but yet they’ve went on four vacations in the past four months across the country and bought a condo and new expensive jewelry and everything, but they apparently still need his money when they know sometimes we struggle with food and rent and my doctor appts bc I’m chronically ill and sometimes I have to choose between not having: pain, and constant vomiting, or headaches, or chronic nerve pain, or my GI system not working right and needing another procedure (I’ve had over 30 in the past two years and I’m 23 years old), etc or not being hungry, but they want to control everything and I’ve had to in the past since he is too scared to take them off the act and they know if my name is on it I will do that, that i have to often take out everything with his extra card and put it all to cash and take it home and put it somewhere hidden in the house for my husband and I to get to if we need it and everytime they know immediately bc they have an online acct to watch everything we buy with the card and everytime they call both of screaming on why there isn’t anything in the acct again and they hate how I just want him to have some space and control in his life bc he has literally cried to me before and had panic attacks not knowing how to deal with these types and people and too scared to act on setting himself free and luckily I’m not as scared I grew up in violence and abuse and a different type of control so I’m not afraid of threats especially empty threats but even if I know I’m gonna get beat idc cuz I’mma still put up a f-cking fight I’m not a scared little girl anymore and slowky my husband is growing from being that scared little boy and I always tell him go see them, go have a family day, at least once a week especially during the warmer weather, unless it’s his work or college schedule that stops him, I tell him go have fun even if I don’t wanna go too sometimes bc I want him to have fun with his family and bond, etc, I just don’t want them controlling every part of his life, and only liking me if I help them control him but if I don’t, then I’m a terrible wife and will spread rumors about me that I’ve had to show receipts to my husband to show they aren’t true and that I was where I was or wasn’t where they say I was to prove i am not doing or saying etc any of the things they say I am, or sometimes it’s really fun when he was with me the whole day that day but they don’t know that so they will try to claim they saw me somewhere doing something or with somebody and that it was me look how terrible I am and we’re both trying not to laugh bc I don’t even gotta prove it bc we were together and not there...I’m glad this doesn’t exist bc already with today’s technology it’s a f-cking hassle dealing with all this BS of them trying to control his life, imagine with this technology what they would do...I don’t even want to imagine his life with this device in it...nope. That’s a giant nope for me and everyone I care about, and even people I don’t care about. And the same goes for his sister though I know she doesn’t life me either bc I “took her brother away” when he still sees her, but I can’t force them to hang out and they’re moving including her anyway...whatever, I’m not getting into this again, but even for her, bc I still care about her well being even if she doesn’t feel the same, I understand mentally from her point of view why and if blaming me helps that’s fine but already, even though she has a much better time with them and more freedom with them than my husband does, I still can’t imagine what it would be like for her either and I wouldn’t wife this for her either. And I still care for her. I wouldn’t wish this on someone I don’t care about. I actually wouldn’t wish this upon someone I hate. This just would screw up a lot of people’s lives, physically and mentally. There is so much wrong with it I could go in but I think I’ve said more than enough and will stop here.
Just letting you know I enjoy your videos a lot! Keep up the good work 👍
YESS I was waiting for yo to upload a BM video!!!!! Please keep them coming! You have the best analyses!
I didnt like this one. Your video is great just the episode.
Emily C
Emily C:
my favorite episode
I love you and this series but I think you should change the title to “things you might have missed” because I see a lot of people saying you’re not really explaining endings and it kisses people off

You do you tho I personally love this series
Dawn Phenomenal
Dawn Phenomenal:
This episode was the saddest one of the second. Marie made he daughter her everything and spent all of her time taking care of her and she lost her forever. I know she should not have parented her that way but it's still so sad and also if Marie didn't see them having sex, then she never would have put the pill in her drink and she wouldn't have found out she was pregenant until much later
Jenifer Joseph
Jenifer Joseph:
I didn’t like this episode because if Booker wanted me to sympathize with the mom, he failed miserably. I also think the daughter turned out too normal given what the mom did to her.
Such a good analysis
alex /\
alex /\:
The only thing I wish you said more about that episode, is giving reason why the mother at the end of the episode, ruined her and her daughter's life by using the tablet, she still holds it and is searching for Sara... By the way, perfect videos, keep doing this stuff, I enjoy it so much.
Aquafina Ending Explained
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin:
Another great video, thanks!
Yay a new video from you!!
Morgan Marvel
Morgan Marvel:
Does you need to explain something about that episode?😂
Sandy Han
Sandy Han:
great explanation!
Renee Brady
Renee Brady:
Fantastic job breaking down the episode!
I'mma try it
I'mma try it:
My favourites were the piggie president( couldn't remember the name. and black museum.
Just watched this episode and this video came out.
Jono Low
Jono Low:
so keen for season 5
Astrid Ella
Astrid Ella:
Marie is also a psychopath
Jacob Mull
Jacob Mull:
Anyone know if any more seasons of Black Mirror are coming out?
Emma Jane
Emma Jane:
homage = ho - mah - j not homidge
Nice thanks Bryce
Aleida Garcia
Aleida Garcia:
Season 5, baby
Luna Ban
Luna Ban:
Wait but did she killed her mom?
im replying to this comment
im replying to this comment:
Good work
April Rants
April Rants:
Does anyone else think the Adventure Playground looks like Fortnite?
I saw some people theorizing that Trick may have been older than Sarah due to the fact that her mother brings up that she’s only 15 when she confronts him. I doubt this since they went to the same school and were most likely in the same grade. As stated in the video, Sarah’s mom refuses to accept that her daughter can make her own decisions and that the world isn’t out to get her.
Sadeeq Bello
Sadeeq Bello:
Go straight to the point.

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