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The Ending of Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 2 "Arkangel" (2017) Explained. #Netflix #BlackMirror #EndingExplained Subscribe for more Analysis, Web Series and Everything Scifi: Stay updated on these apps! Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: This video was made by Bryce Edward Brown

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victoria b
victoria b:
I thought she was 17 at the very least. The actor they chose looks too old for 14.
Lovely Untamed Rituals
Lovely Untamed Rituals:
The mom really pissed me off.
April Rants
April Rants:
Ark angel sounds like a horrible idea
caitlyn who r u
caitlyn who r u:
They really made us believe that that white girl was 15 i—
A vicious Little queen
A vicious Little queen:
" It allows parents to track their children"
Oh boy. That never ends well.
Moozy Foozy
Moozy Foozy:
The scene where she's getting into the truck not only shows that she's trying to get as far away as possible, but also to imply that she may be put into danger because of her mother. Most serial killers are truck drivers and highway killers are a very real thing. A young, pretty, blonde woman getting into a (likely male) stranger's truck really doesn't bode well according to statistics.
just another person who over thinks
just another person who over thinks:
This analysis is totally going to help me in my AP LANG exam tomorrow,,,
Meka Shant'e
Meka Shant'e:
Why was that big aas girl in a stroller tho?!?!
Imagine if they had cast an actual 15 year-old for the role of Sarah. I was looking up child actors that age on IMDb to see who could have been a better fit, and apparently, Millie Bobby Brown is turning 15 this year. Now I understand why the mom was freaking out so much about her daughter's sex life...
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318:
I need you to do USS Callister. Thats like, MY FAVORITE EPISODE!
Horny Fruit Flies
Horny Fruit Flies:
Imo a GPS for toddlers is a good idea, but seeing what your kid sees? That's so fucked. No privacy whatsoever. And the censorship mode is even more deranged. Seeing a bit of unpleasant things is a part of growing up healthy human. An it really gets worse the older the kid gets.
Minaj Myles
Minaj Myles:
No I think her interpretation of getting in that van with the stranger at the end was implying she was going to get murdered, as numerous hitch hikers have been know to get abducted by lorry drivers in Toronto
Liberty Adams
Liberty Adams:
7:16 She looks like a damn 30 year old not a teenager. And the mum looks like a grandma (granted she may have had her fairly old)
Bella Souza
Bella Souza:
This episode is amazing, for me it is one of the best of black mirror. The way you analized is perfect, i love seeing other perspectives even if they are similar to mine like yours ^-^
Squelcher DZ
Squelcher DZ:
my parents forced me to have share my location with them once i watched this episode i immediately turned it off and i will never turn it back on just because of this
Although I've seen this episode a couple of times and already have my own interpretation of the meaning, I really love watching your analysis and explanations to get another perspective and a clearer narrative!
Alex Macdon
Alex Macdon:
basically it’s a fable saying “don’t be overprotective”
I feel like if the actor was younger, I would've sympathised with Marie more
Marc Shoji
Marc Shoji:
good analysis but like...USS Callister tho .... 👀
Spy Dear
Spy Dear:
I like how you spot the easter eggs on each episode. Btw, that scene when the mom was searching for the guy in the internet, is her PC even a real thing? Same thing with Be Right Back ep, is her tablet even real?
I liked the episode. It wasnt crazy hard to understand the story. Usually with BM episodes I have to YouTube the explanations but this one made sense.
Rae chuuu
Rae chuuu:
The way he pronounced homage 😂
She is apparently 14 but she look 22 I wonder what was the reason behind that decisions too?
Uncreative Green
Uncreative Green:
Also, in the archangel building, the marble patterns on the wall resemble rorsharch inks. Many of these patterns either resemble the uterus or an angelic figure with wings. And not only does the arkangel logo appear to be an eye, but it also has a halo. This representation is an allude to the name, of course, but also appears to show the filter over the eyesight that Marie had over Sara's eyes for so long.
Kitty Colemon
Kitty Colemon:
He called y’alls kids some snowflakes 😹
the cup RM throws in the Run MV
the cup RM throws in the Run MV:
you should review the new twilight zone series
Just Dance Dezzy
Just Dance Dezzy:
I was trying to find this ending explained of this episode, but I guess my wish came true
Love these kinds of video's since you cant really talk to people or comment on a netflix movie to see what people think!
If you buy a vr set.
Never play street fighter.
You will never know who will behind the character.
Lauren Whitney
Lauren Whitney:
I love your videos so much! Can you do one on white Christmas??
Pizza Pie
Pizza Pie:
I grew up in a small, overprotective, cult like town. Your speculations are spot on, because this story is actually not far from what happens
So, as someone fairly new to this series, it sounds like what George Orwell would make if he were aware of modern technology.
TheDanMizerd 101
TheDanMizerd 101:
I wish this guy had more subs
Jack, The Scarab King
Jack, The Scarab King:
I watch these after breakdowns. Really helps. Soothing/10
Smokey McPot
Smokey McPot:
Never fails to amaze me when you show me not only one new thing, but many. No matter how big or small it is. I’ve watched the series many times over and thought I had seen all the little connections, but alas, you’re breakdowns always show me something new! It’s refreshing.
Certainly not on the top of my favorites list, but this coverage on Arkangel breathed new life into the episode. Made me actually want to go back and rewatch it again. Keep up the great work!
Looking forward to season 5! Just announced today 🖥🖤
Moon Blossom
Moon Blossom:
black mirror season 5 on 5th june!
Marie reminds me of r/entitledparents
I love your videos. This was my first Black MIrror Episode, though not my favorite.
Seres Aura
Seres Aura:
You know, as a mother of a beautiful daughter, I felt conflicted with this episode.

I obviously saw that it was wrong to do such a thing, but at the same time, I understood the mother's feelings. You want to know what they are doing, you're afraid something bad might happen, you want to know where they are, etc. But then again, you know that pain and bad words and scary stuff are necessary for growing up— to an extent.
So in the end, you sortof understand the mom, but you understand the daughter too, it's wrong, but you can't help to feel sympathy with the mother (for some points, of course, spying on her daughter wasn't right and tricking her with the pill instead of talking with her or whatnot was completly not OK).
One of my clients has a teenage son who developed diabetes. She told me her husband prompted them to implant a sugar/insulin monitor which will alert them of when he's having spikes in sugar levels. She says he's severely overprotective and is always worried. I immediately told her about this show and this episode which she later told me hit too close to home but that she's obsessed with the show now.
Jorge Guzman
Jorge Guzman:
The Waldo under the stroller is actually a Skip Hop owl backpack not Waldo. You can see the red under the beak before the little girl gets off the stroller.
I think it would have been better if Sara was like 17. First of all the actor looked at least that old, and second, while I don't agree with the constant surveillance of one's children and think it's still unacceptable in most cases, it's more understandable at age 15. Still very detrimental to development though. By the way I loved your analysis.
Matthew Belan
Matthew Belan:
Fun fact!

The "Town near Toronto, Ontario" where it was filmed is Hamilton. :)
I love you and this series but I think you should change the title to “things you might have missed” because I see a lot of people saying you’re not really explaining endings and it kisses people off

You do you tho I personally love this series
HereIsWisdom 1318
HereIsWisdom 1318:
There's only going to be 3 episodes in SEASON 5!!!!!
I didnt like this one. Your video is great just the episode.
Liberty Adams
Liberty Adams:
Idk, with the adventure park I'd be more worried about some random kid yeeting a big ass hammer into my kids eye (purposefully/accidently) than my kid hurting themselves. There will always be that kid.
K W.
K W.:
Can't wait for you to do Uss Callister! 🙂
Dawn Phenomenal
Dawn Phenomenal:
This episode was the saddest one of the second. Marie made he daughter her everything and spent all of her time taking care of her and she lost her forever. I know she should not have parented her that way but it's still so sad and also if Marie didn't see them having sex, then she never would have put the pill in her drink and she wouldn't have found out she was pregenant until much later
how to pronounce homage: guide not by this youtuber
Lilah Michelle
Lilah Michelle:
Thank you SO MUCH for making these videos. Black mirror is my favorite show and it ALWAYS leaves me with so many questions after each and every episode.
Leslie Castiel
Leslie Castiel:
This device would instantly make me distrust my parents making me paranoid of every single thing I do.
Thanks man for another great video 👍👍 Especially the psychological analysis of Maria, I think you were on point.
This is one of my favourite episodes of BM.
Humorflix YPTH y mas
Humorflix YPTH y mas:
i just want to know if it is confirmed that the mom is alive. (now i kind of sound like her)
Cynthia Padilla
Cynthia Padilla:
Ugh. You don't know how long I was waiting for this.
Absolutely adore your analyses, keep it up
The sad thing is that there are a lot of parents in reallife who treat their children this way and wont accept the free will of them
Just letting you know I enjoy your videos a lot! Keep up the good work 👍
reminds me so much of the story of carrie white. especially the ending when sara beat up her mother.
I saw some people theorizing that Trick may have been older than Sarah due to the fact that her mother brings up that she’s only 15 when she confronts him. I doubt this since they went to the same school and were most likely in the same grade. As stated in the video, Sarah’s mom refuses to accept that her daughter can make her own decisions and that the world isn’t out to get her.
YESS I was waiting for yo to upload a BM video!!!!! Please keep them coming! You have the best analyses!
Alex P.
Alex P.:
I’ve been waiting for this!
That’s what I mean beat your kids 😂😂 let me use another word discipline
Such a good analysis
Al Caponey
Al Caponey:
You usually explain endings well. However, the ending to this episode was not explained. You just repeated what we already knew.
Jono Low
Jono Low:
so keen for season 5
Mati Abrahami
Mati Abrahami:
you gotta explain the new episodes
Ronnie Stewart Jr
Ronnie Stewart Jr:
Not what I thought. I thought “DAMN, with another Oedipus!”
Adam Baldwin
Adam Baldwin:
Another great video, thanks!
Jessa Joi
Jessa Joi:
You should do white Christmas in season 2
Shichibi no Raijuu
Shichibi no Raijuu:
I am supposed to do y homework. I've never seen this episode or S4 of Black Mirror.
Why am I here watching this...

Great explanation btw.
Kahlee brock
Kahlee brock:
I hate life360
Coldgrace 14
Coldgrace 14:
You should cover Love.Death.Robots
Ben’s Recovery Journey
Ben’s Recovery Journey:
Yeah... I’m sorry I wouldn’t let a group of kids be left alone with hammers. I know for a fact back then my brother would have bashed my skull in.
Morgan Marvel
Morgan Marvel:
Does you need to explain something about that episode?😂
Roman Zolanski
Roman Zolanski:
do an analysis of men against fire
Kelly S
Kelly S:
I watched this episode with my helicopter mom. She didn't get it.
Morgan Roberts
Morgan Roberts:
Season 5 trailer is up!
Adan Gallardo
Adan Gallardo:
I watched this entire season twice when it came out, while I was tripping balls. And this episode was very scary to me for some reason.
Yay a new video from you!!
Saanjaly Srivastava
Saanjaly Srivastava:
My mother is like a muted version by Marie...
I'm not even allowed to stay alone at home even though I'm 16
Adam Whitbread
Adam Whitbread:
Marie way of parenting is the wrong way of parenting
Chris Leigh
Chris Leigh:
This is the only episode of BM that really shook me to my core because it hit HARD. My relationship with my mother has been literally this and as a result the second I was allowed to see the world at all I went complete batshit self destructing so I could finally see everything after not seeing much at all. Even now, the whole scene where she gets in to a truck with a stranger never so be seen unless she wants to be is pretty accurate to how I basically peeled off the face of the earth to live with a boyfriend and only really see my mom every however many weeks after extensive periods without contact.
Astrid Ella
Astrid Ella:
Marie is also a psychopath
libby honda
libby honda:
he said hOmAGe wrong
Just watched this episode and this video came out.
Green Angelynn
Green Angelynn:
OOOOOOOO you sly dog, when you said you were going to do another comparison that same story from the previous episode, 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Emily C
Emily C:
my favorite episode
Madness With Agnes
Madness With Agnes:
I don’t know why, but I lost it when he yelled the oedipus quote, “WHY SHOULD I HAVE EYES”
Life is life. Don't try to dictate someone's life. Guide but let them face the consequence of their actions.
Scuba Boy
Scuba Boy:
Please man upload more I need some more content to watch help😖
Aleida Garcia
Aleida Garcia:
Season 5, baby
alex /\
alex /\:
The only thing I wish you said more about that episode, is giving reason why the mother at the end of the episode, ruined her and her daughter's life by using the tablet, she still holds it and is searching for Sara... By the way, perfect videos, keep doing this stuff, I enjoy it so much.
Laura Álvarez del Río
Laura Álvarez del Río:
This is REALLY great, don't stop doing this videos if you don't mind ;)
Aquafina Ending Explained
I remember going to an adventure park when I was younger. It was so fun for me! You collect nails and trade them in for tools/ paint. You have to return it later so it gives you a sense of responsibility. You can literally build the park and paint it!
im replying to this comment
im replying to this comment:
Good work
dOn't tEll mE whAt tO dO, mAmA
dOn't tEll mE whAt tO dO, mAmA:
Ending of the society explained please
Corrine Donovan
Corrine Donovan:
I think I grew up in a different way, but when I got a smart phone, I got the "find my friend" for my household so when im out in the woods are at parties, my brother, parents and close friends can find me incase I get murdered.
new season just came out. get on it!! lol i like your explaining vids.

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