The Draft's Forgotten Star: Inside the Potential of Darius Garland

Before going down with a knee injury that ended his freshman season at Vanderbilt, many scouts had projected Darius Garland as the top PG prospect in this year's NBA Draft. Now instead of playing in March Madness, Garland finds himself being the "x-factor" of his class and having to prove himself all over again. Can he overcome the adversity and show NBA teams that he still deserves to be a top pick? Beats: JCole- Fire Squad Remastered Mac Miller- Hurt Feelings Remastered JBA- Righteous Minds Remastered JCole- Dreams Remastered Kendrick Lamar- Sing About Me Remastered All rights go to their respective owners. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to drop a like, leave feedback in the comments section below, and Subscribe. Remember to turn on post notification so you don't miss any new content! God bless.


Since we won't have a shot at Zion, RJ or Ja... Bulls please.
Jiggy Bah
Jiggy Bah:
Best PG in the draft to me. My guy Darius he’s literally Dame 2.0
Gilmore Adventures
Gilmore Adventures:
Exactly what we we need! Great dribbler and 3 point scorer! Welcome to LA and congrats for winning rookie of the year!
easymoney A.B.
easymoney A.B.:
He moves to nice wit tha rock
Carter Monroe
Carter Monroe:
Lakers betta take him
Neil Smith
Neil Smith:
Bobby Pulido
Bobby Pulido:
Love that Isaiah Rashad intro
Brandon Ohiri
Brandon Ohiri:
Daruis is going to be great mark my words
Ninja Ozai
Ninja Ozai:
It would be nice to see him on the bulls if we don’t get a top 3 pick in this upcoming draft, and I feel like they will unless the suns keep winning like they are right now.
Jergstein Feierabend
Jergstein Feierabend:
Love the Mac Miller in the background
Caden Breier
Caden Breier:
Vid is great I think u can make it better by scouting the player more and giving example plays of why he has that skill or weakness.
should do a video on Kevin Porter Jr.
Welcome to the Lakers!
Mike More
Mike More:
Hopefully he’s gonna be a Laker. He’d be a nice complimentary fit with Lonzo. Great video btw. Keep it up!
Rafael Sandoval
Rafael Sandoval:
He’s going to the Lakers at 4. He would pair very nicely with Lonzo Ball.
Steven Trice
Steven Trice:
I had to leave a comment since we share a very uncommon last name. Great video keep it up.
Greg Sudol
Greg Sudol:
Lakers please
Cmore the Ghost
Cmore the Ghost:
Nice Video! I hope he falls to my Wolves, but I doubt he lasts that long.
Mohammed Idrees
Mohammed Idrees:
The lakers are probably going to draft him
Kai L
Kai L:
Damian lillard type beat in this dude 💯
Pretty Boy
Pretty Boy:
Lakers should take him..
Kanye south
Kanye south:
Is it just me or trae young and darius garland have the same jumpshot form lol I mean it looks identical
Jay Watts
Jay Watts:
Let’s go Lakers!
Welcome to L.A
If the Lakers keep Zo, then the Lakers could trade down if the Suns and bulls want a point guard. If the AD trade happens and they still have that #4 pick, it will be Darius Garland.
Josh Rhodes
Josh Rhodes:
One of the best to come out of highschool
mitch TheSaintsFan
mitch TheSaintsFan:
Reminds me of lillard
Brayden Miller
Brayden Miller:
Thought I was in reading class listening to a presentation for a second.
Oh I'll be ah watching for this kid! Looks good.
Patrick Krisko
Patrick Krisko:
Great video.. If the bulls pick at 4 they will take him.. I just hope he will stay healthy at the next level weather he is on the bulls are not..
Hugo Garcia
Hugo Garcia:
Welcome to Los Angeles
Luis Joel Borrego Soto
Luis Joel Borrego Soto:
He is going to the Lakers
Alex Amerling
Alex Amerling:
Lakers? I hope so :)
Chris V
Chris V:
CP3 clone. I hope the lakers take him
He's like D'angelo Russell mixed with De'Aaron Fox.
Absolutely love this dude
Ruben Magana
Ruben Magana:
Damn bruh I remember Darius
Porter Billingsley
Porter Billingsley:
He reminds me of jeff teague
macho tony
macho tony:
Zion, Garland, Ingram is a nice nucleus. Pelicans have to make that trade with the Lakers now. AD don't wanna be there anyway.
Ben McMahon
Ben McMahon:
The Suns plan B 🤷🏾‍♂️
fire squad
Bao Nguyen
Bao Nguyen:
SUNS PLEASE!!!!! I was bummed we landed 6th overall but would still be over the moon with excitement if we draft Garland.
Gideon Ozumba
Gideon Ozumba:
He better than ja morant
Norman Philip Johannessen
Norman Philip Johannessen:
Lakers pick or AD trade asset.
The next Unstapabull player
It king of sucks that if the Bulls miss out on getting a top 3 pick they will have to think about picking a kid who played 5 games and had an knee injury. It’s not that he’s bad it’s just after 3 years of Tanking this year really needs to land the Bulls Zion or Ja.
KingRolex Caceus
KingRolex Caceus:
Sun or Lakers !!!!
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas:
He look like a buddy hield
i hope he drops to the pistons
Ian McRay
Ian McRay:
The fire song is shot you down by Isaiah rashad
prvt Jet
prvt Jet:
Tony Cervantes
Tony Cervantes:
Jk Okkl
Jk Okkl:
Goooo cavs
Kevin Fabela
Kevin Fabela:
Reminds me of dame
I wonder will the injure drop him to the Celtics
Leonardo Dabestio
Leonardo Dabestio:
Baby Kyrie?
He says he's 6'4 now
levance reed
levance reed:
Mark my words... He’s James Harden 2.0
I’ll wait years to be right!🤷🏾‍♂️
Bankroll Deebo _ Ramirez
Bankroll Deebo _ Ramirez:
Magic or grizzlies need to draft him
Cooper Skidmore
Cooper Skidmore:
whos here after the suns fell to number 6
IF the Bulls get the 4-7th pick..Garland isn't worth a 4th pick, maybe 7-10..A good player but not nearly as skilled as COBY WHITE, a 5 star recruit that is opening eyes with his shooting skills and ability to attack the rim with various moves and finesse..He's a solid playmaker with improving passing skills and various moves as he can go with his quick first step or change of pace as a strong rim finisher..He would fit PERFECTLY on the BULLS because of his size and versatility to play PG/G..He can be the unselfish playmaker but could also be main scorer if needed..His game is polished and mature with a very high basketball IQ that reminds me of Harden/Irving..Just add some muscle and this kid could be a superstar. In round 2 they could use another strong defender and rebounder to help Carter and possibly take over for Lopez..Daniel Gafford, Bruno Fernando, Jaxson Hayes..or they could add another shooter like Cam Johnson, Tyler Herro or a great defender with improving scoring skills like Brandon Clarke.
Samein McEachern
Samein McEachern:
Video about Markus Howard?
Nashville Saint
Nashville Saint:
He was born right outside of Chicago in a small town called Gary Indiana. Let's go Chicago!! 🐂🐂🐂
Ross JP
Ross JP:
There are several teams in the lottery in need of a playmaking PG, especially when we look beyond just the starting position.

Chicago, Charlotte (Kemba may be out the door), Detroit, Golden State, Miami, Oklahoma City, Phoenix are all in need of a backup or starting caliber PG which should boost his value. Ending his season early should also give him a jump on preparing his game and refining his skills for the draft process.
will ad
will ad:
Get him lakers
Pure pg
Jo Berg
Jo Berg:
Why did a 5 Star recruit go to Vanderbilt? A lot of hype around Ja Morant but he turned the ball over a lot and played in a shit division.
Justin Dominguez
Justin Dominguez:
He reminds me more of kyle Lowry wit a better jumper
Sean D
Sean D:
Sixers should take him 🤣😂
David Sun
David Sun:
Please Grizzlies draft this man. Please. His family is in Nashville, so Memphis would be close enough for games. Mike Conley would be the perfect mentor for young Darius. Fingers crossed.
Lee Jackson
Lee Jackson:
I see Markelle Fultz
jezues Water
jezues Water:
am i early?
Eric Lee
Eric Lee:
This is the Lakers best bet. But they will most likely get Bol Bol because their scouting directors are literally bastards. The worst kinda bastards. Bastards who got their jobs through nepotism
Reminds me a bit of smaller CJ McCollum.
His form is just a sight to see, beautiful.
Michelet gene Mathurin
Michelet gene Mathurin:
Darius garland is bigger and taller than trae young
DeAndre Page
DeAndre Page:
Kyrie Irving and Lebron James duo REPLACED BY
Darius Garland and Lebron James duo. 😂😂😂
Lebron James has more influence on the draft selection than Laker fans, who don't want Lebron James to get his 3-point shooting point guard.
Coby White is Option #2
Spiceworld 904
Spiceworld 904:
He's going to LA wit Bron.. He's better than zo
Justin Onu
Justin Onu:
Hoping he falls to the lakers at around 10
Georan Williams
Georan Williams:
Suns need a pg they should take them
Martin Mikkelsen
Martin Mikkelsen:
most overrated player in the draft
OnceYouPop YouCantStop
OnceYouPop YouCantStop:
Garland is going to L.A Lakers. Just saw him with Lebron and company at Lebrons sons game....
And with the 4th pick the Los Angeles Lakers select : Darius Garland
Lakers might trade Lonzo Ball to the Bulls for the 7th pick and select Cam Reddish/D.Hunter/C.White
Dont see A.Davis joining the lakers, He is going to be a Knick.
Bubl Sports
Bubl Sports:
The Bulls aren’t in desperate need for a PG tho lol. Garland isn’t touching Kris Dunn