Tesla Model Y Unveil in 8 minutes

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I love how honest and unscripted this feels. I can’t imagine another CEO at an unveil like this talking about how the model 3 almost killed them.
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko:
He's so funny. His stage fright is kind of adorable. We all know he can do great in small group, see Meme review, but here he is an awkward, stuttering, lovable man.
John Smitherson
John Smitherson:
The room is so dark . I can’t see anything.
Mr Gray
Mr Gray:
All tesla model Y cars will have a dead deer combo with it.
brian yvr
brian yvr:
that roadster 2 looks sweet. I actually think the model Y to be something i would buy.
Miki Nike Invicta Skyxer
Miki Nike Invicta Skyxer:
Wow, this is so S3XY!
Said Abdi
Said Abdi:
*So...Model 3 and Model X had Baby called Model Y*
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko:
Model S.
Model 3.
Model X.
Model Y.

I love it.
I'll have an opinion after I drive it. Elon Musk is incredible. I wish there were more people like him
Other TechLead
Other TechLead:
Basically, they took a model 3, put it on higher profile tires and changed the passenger doors to Mazda RX 8 style
classified idea
classified idea:
5:30 Tesla Model Y
elon: *sneezes*

Djone Tan
Djone Tan:
Tesla Model Y unveil in 3 minutes start at 5:30 .. yeah thanks me later
Other TechLead
Other TechLead:
just as I expected, another EGG shaped car!
brian yvr
brian yvr:
i love you Elon ! you the best
Lake 42
Lake 42:
Elon Musk you are the best!
Brandon Lindsey
Brandon Lindsey:
Wow you manahed to make a video longer than elon actually talked about the model Y .
Dark car in a dark room, and this guy talking in front of the car the whole time.
The Woofies
The Woofies:
Tesla's road map = Semi S3XY
Andy S
Andy S:
im loving elons semi
Suzana Steele-Clark
Suzana Steele-Clark:
Could we really we see an electric car that has 700 miles per charge or 700 mpg
Say in 2O28-2O33
Michal Jareš
Michal Jareš:
Tesla now has S3XY Roadster. :D
Any images of the open rear hatch?
Desire La Belle
Desire La Belle:
Will these cars become transformers ? Lol probably he will send all cars to the moon then to the sun.
Henry Liau
Henry Liau:
...and they play The White Stripes on the PA. As if we need more proof of Musk being an awesome dude.
Luke Ashwin
Luke Ashwin:
New Game: Drink every time someone says "Wooo".
That's an suv?????
Pathetic Gamer
Pathetic Gamer:
Tesla model y performance
Bring it elon
Robert Bidochon
Robert Bidochon:
thanks for posting ! @Engadget
Cristian Zorila
Cristian Zorila:
Many "Tesla Killers" are trying to do something, but so far...just sh1t. So tesla will be the b3st electric car in the world. All up to my opinion are junks.
So sad that there is no central dashboard. TESLA MODEL S. The best looking car.
Deal Unboxing
Deal Unboxing:
"I am bringing S3XY back"
Maxwell Vargas
Maxwell Vargas:
How do I watch this whole conference?
A suv model 3
Bruce Burns
Bruce Burns:
Hardly different to the 3 , and he should start to move on with the styling its getting a bit stale every model looking the same .
Nicolas Corbalan Calvo
Nicolas Corbalan Calvo:
Para mi es el mejor coche de Tesla en plan familiar @t
Nintendo Addict
Nintendo Addict:
Definitely Elon musk is better than Elizabeth Holmes!
Planet Auto
Planet Auto:
Another step in the right direction, excellent EV’s, slowly covering each car sector, impressive design the Y. We can’t wait to drive this.
This u-u-u-u-u-u That u-u-u-u to be continued 🥴🥴
I'm really happy drunk driving will be returning... lol.
I love how Human and genuine this presentation is. The Model Y looks like a Model 3 but with a big ass for the 7 seat thing. I'm wondering what the Model Z will look like too. Maybe a nice cross between the Model Y and the new Roadster, a 3 seater Hyper Car like the McLaren F1 was, that would be cool as fuck =)
bundu bashing
bundu bashing:
Anyone else find Elon's awkwardness/stuttering kinda endearing?
He's promising the moon again I see. Or should I say, Mars.
Richard Albert
Richard Albert:
i love elon but jesus hes aweful to listen to. worst speaker ever
Show the rear hatch already. It's how the 3 should have been.
elon can be the e in sexy
Max Power
Max Power:
All hail our alien overlord!
Passion & Reason
Passion & Reason:
Tesla became SEXY
Mujtaba Azim
Mujtaba Azim:
He is a 47-year-old genius child.
Bruce Burns
Bruce Burns:
Why so dark ?????
John Denison
John Denison:
excellent edit ....thanks
2:20 did he say Model Y before he official revealed it?
Steve Spam
Steve Spam:
Looks like they cheaped out on the interior, just like the model 3.
Needs more lighting and a rotating platform
Other TechLead
Other TechLead:
I'm utterly underwhelmed...and what is it with the backward opening Mazda 8 passenger doors?
weird boi
weird boi:
Nexus Symbiosis
Nexus Symbiosis:
LOLOL the auto shy swindler attacks Once more with the custome lies , nothing to declare only the LIES and the stupid ZOMBIES applaud.
rob tran
rob tran:
Take a shot every time he says uh...
Michael Lubek
Michael Lubek:
Thank you Elon, we need more people like you /bow.
Did you check out the car on their web page? In black it looks absolutely stunning. Seeing it drive makes your jaw drop.
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar:
Clearly shows how under-appreciated and under-rated Steve Jobs was in delivering a new product in public.
Christian Bram
Christian Bram:
S3XY? Model S Model 3 Model X Model Y
Amir A. Amini
Amir A. Amini:
The 1 in 7 billion
Aleksandra Petričević
Aleksandra Petričević:
Great job
So there was S3XY and a semi? Excellent!
Francisco Velazquez
Francisco Velazquez:
진정한 혁신을 이끄는 회사..
Dane L
Dane L:
I love the nerdom
Top Cars Channel
Top Cars Channel:
i love tesla
Eddie Jack
Eddie Jack:
Sk Ali
Sk Ali:
5:23 the actual reason I came on this video 🙂
Pritam Bissonauth
Pritam Bissonauth:
Elon you will achieve your goal in transforming the Auto industry when you release your model T @ US$ 35,000! It should be a sedan no longer than 4.36m with a battery pack of 100KWh, 2 wheel drive, seating capacity of 5 including the driver, no auto pilot & not a fancy SUV.
Roger Marshall
Roger Marshall:
Can you make a solar panel charging system that could go in your garage? Solar panel mounted in your home roof?
Its Elon’s unscripted realism that makes his approach so trusting! Bravo 👏
Polestar better
James Loehr
James Loehr:
Now they just need a large suv and a truck.
Levin Worth
Levin Worth:
I want the black one with yellow stripes!! Yeah babY!
A S:
Panoramic glass roof?...SOLD
Shame that in the UK these are way more expensive than most cars
I know that the Y is based on the 3, but what are the differences between those vehicles???
I mean, the Y REALLY looks like a 3 with a slightly different roof angle
Model 3 is looking a little too sexy
Adeeb Md
Adeeb Md:
Oh Elon
Jose Torres
Jose Torres:
uh um ahem am um um
Random Guy
Random Guy:
Elon is getting a lot better at these presentations!! He sounded reallly good here
This is not sexy at all
Seats 7. AhahahahahAAhHAHAHAHAAA!
Need more details. Are the back two seats (seats 6 and 7) comfortable? They don't have a headrest. If they are optional then does that mean it eats into trunk space?

With all the evidence of intellectual property theft originating from China, why have manufacturing in China?
Bliss Atya
Bliss Atya:
This guys a billionaire but can't even fix his stuttt-ttt-tering.
Nintendo Addict
Nintendo Addict:
Bring this model Y to the Philippines.
Jack Bull
Jack Bull:
Just take my money!
It's nicer than I thought it would be, looks a bit like an Audi sport back
These are truly the ugliest cars I have ever seen. Love the technology inside of them.
DIEU en personne
Nexus Symbiosis
Nexus Symbiosis:
LOLOL the auto shy swindler attacks Once more with the custome lies , nothing to declare only the LIES and the stupid ZOMBIES applaud.
kb lasalle
kb lasalle:
Time to let go of the leaf..lol
Still can't afford
i searched for iron man 4 premiere !
Cool 🚀
Gonzalo Calvo
Gonzalo Calvo:
Afghanistan is the source of all that Lithium. And they will never admit it! Empire guilt...
IPTV World
IPTV World:
Slam Down
Slam Down:
Seriously?? Scan lines in 2019?????? Would only makes sense in a world where all the people interested in the brand new Tesla are watching their content on a CRT monitor hooked to DVD player

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