Sources: Ferrari Driver Injured In Dallas Crash Is DeSoto Boxer Errol Spence Jr.

Sources tell CBS 11 News the driver of a Ferrari who was seriously injured in a rollover crash in Dallas is local boxing sensation Errol Spence Jr.

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Lucid Night
Lucid Night:
May the universe bless you with a speedy recovery. Come on man don't get carried away with the drinking and partying! You're better than that!!!!
We're All Thieves
We're All Thieves:
Driving fast in a Ferrari without a seatbelt... come on bro...
Oh man noooooo. I hope he gets better. Shades of Paul Williams, Salvador Sanchez, Diego Corrales. Too much work to be done. Hope he’s alright. Let’s go champ! I hope we don’t find out he was driving drunk. I’d still feel horrible either way. Gotdamn.
Kathymarried Christ
Kathymarried Christ:
When my husband showed me a picture of him last year and asked me what I saw on him, I told him that I see a humble man of God. The Lord has told me that he should live and not die to declare the works of the Lord. I see him like a son and a warrior in Christ. My family and I are praying that as he rest, the Lord has a hedge of protection around him and he is being visited by Jesus so that instructions will be made for his future in God. His life will never be the same because this is the beginning of his new beginning and he will obey God and do His Will that will continue to add blessing to him and his family’s life. God bless you Errol. Brother we love you and we are praying for you. To the parents: you raised him well. You brought him up in the Lord. You taught him to acknowledge God in all things. Now trust the process. The Lord’s Will is perfect and He never fails. You will see the hands of God like never before upon his life. It’s not that he is a bad person because he is not... it’s just time for the next level in God. He is separating him so that he will walk in perfection in God. God bless you all. Amen!!!
Get well Spence. You could have died. May God angels heal you quickly.
Fabian Gonzalez
Fabian Gonzalez:
Prayers🙏 for Errol Spence Jr and his family.
Monkia Ray
Monkia Ray:
killerbee killebeejr
killerbee killebeejr:
😔I'm so hurt right now champ I hope he'll be fine our prayer goes out to you.
DJ Suave
DJ Suave:
I had a friend get ejected from his vehicle and as a result had to have one of his arms amputated.

I hope for the best champ!
Dee Wood
Dee Wood:
It broke my heart to hear the news but I pray Errol can make a full recovery.
B Wade
B Wade:
I'm so hurt ! Praying for him and his daughters/ family, smh
Chuck Watson
Chuck Watson:
Car held up amazing, if he was wearing a seat belt he prob would have walked away from this.
j jones
j jones:
Sad, I hope he's able to recover.
Sbdhudhxbb Djdjdjzjjd
Sbdhudhxbb Djdjdjzjjd:
First of all if he was drinking and driving who the fuck let him drive like that. Prayers for spence tho god bless you bro
fabian mora
fabian mora:
Everything happens for a reason this will make the champ stronger 💪 thoughts and prayers are with you 🙏
troy the king of basketball talk
troy the king of basketball talk:
Praying for a fast recovery may god bless him 🙏 🙏 🙏
Mohammad Khan
Mohammad Khan:
Shitttttttt, feeling gutted mayneee.
Ted Unseth
Ted Unseth:
My God. Please not Spence. He has so much left to give as not just an elite boxer but a role model to the community. Thoughts and Prayers are with him and his family. I don't care if he boxes again I just care about the person.
Lemar J
Lemar J:
We gotta wear those seat belts folks!#ihopehehasaspeedyrecovery💪
Hayden Garin Zakharenko
Hayden Garin Zakharenko:
Pulling for Errol and his family 🤞
Can’t believe this
The Greasy Strangler
The Greasy Strangler:
When he recovers, he will be driving a preyus 😂😂😂 these fast cars are for people who understand them if you don’t you’ll roll it!!
D. Bynum
D. Bynum:
Prayers up for Erroll for a speedy recovery, I was just speaking about early in the career for this bs
Michael Barclay
Michael Barclay:
No Errol Man!!😢😞😔

Our Thoughts are with you Champ..
#Life #StrapSeason #ManDown #TruthNeverLies
Felix Pascual Jr
Felix Pascual Jr:
He'll never be the same after this car crash. Say goodbye to Pacquaio vs Spence. I wish you a speedy recovery Champ! 🇺🇸👊
Mr. Ferntastic
Mr. Ferntastic:
Damn this is bad..ICU? People are never the same after a crash like this. I hope he fully recovers.
GI Zoe Sports Radio
GI Zoe Sports Radio:
Being thrown from that Ferrari probably saved his life
Jaleel Hunter
Jaleel Hunter:
Damn bro my favorite fighter in the world.. I pray you have a speedy recovery champ.. Praying for you and the family 🙏😇
Brady Tom
Brady Tom:
He needs to leave the liquor alone dam ...hope you make it
Jake O.
Jake O.:
Get well Errol, Manny is waiting for you!🙏🏼❤️
I love EJ however ""DAMN"" Nichole the reporter is SO DAMN FINE!!! 💞❤💞❤💞 SEXY BLACK QUEEN!!! EJ STOP DRINKING BRO!!! BE A KING!!!
Fire Ice
Fire Ice:
Man Down 🔥🤣
Sharp Jab
Sharp Jab:
Saleh 1
Saleh 1:
Common Errol, no belts in a open top. Hope your ok champ
Dey Dekio
Dey Dekio:
Prayers 🙏 to Errol, God Bless always!
Sincere One
Sincere One:
God damnit, EJ!!🙏🏾
Hope My Boy pulls thru with a complete recovery 🙏🏾🙏🏾😕
Constantine Vu
Constantine Vu:
Maybe the reason he will survive is that he wasn’t wearing the seatbelt. Hopefully he will recover fully.
frankie guevara
frankie guevara:
Pray for our champ.Dallas tx keep strong.
KingNews 20
KingNews 20:
This mans shoe is on the ground
The Mythology
The Mythology:
This news made me sad! I hope he survive .
Prayers going up🙏🏾...#TBC
grim reaper
grim reaper:
Wish you a speedy recovery champ🤲🏽
Damn Errol! Thank God you are alive! Sheesh! He must’ve been hauling ass
Mr Grandi
Mr Grandi:
I don't know what to say!!!!! This is unbelievable, so many questions, hope he pulls through, he's a warrior, hope he pulls through. He will!
Ochoa Bey
Ochoa Bey:
Damn same thing happen to my family *Paul Williams* Peace and Love from all *Moors* 🇲🇦
Marc Valdez
Marc Valdez:
Broke my heart man
619 San Diego
619 San Diego:
Keep fighting champ🙏🏼
Check Hook
Check Hook:
Thank u for that update. My Prayer's going up
J C:
Where’s goon squad at to fix this mess
Nooooo c'mon Spence boxing needs you
Nathan McLean
Nathan McLean:
Rico TV
Rico TV:
Errol Spence Jr's clearout though!
Mike J
Mike J:
Yhung Jefe
Yhung Jefe:
💔💔💔 get well soon champ
Miami 808
Miami 808:
Damn man. Hate to wake up to this. Hope he fully recovers.
Hear AHAYAH O Israel Philippines
Hear AHAYAH O Israel Philippines:
May The Most High Ahayah send forth healing in the name of Yashaya.
Jay Pixelo
Jay Pixelo:
D Brown
D Brown:
Santiago Yera
Santiago Yera:
This is sad news.. Hope he recovers.
Bob Cummings
Bob Cummings:
OMHG! I hope and pray he will be ok! I just heard about it on Instagram! What a shock to hear this. Why was he driving so fast??
King SavageE
King SavageE:
I’m sooooo happy you was ok Errol
Louis Jones
Louis Jones:
Cause and effect😎👍
Oh Gee
Oh Gee:
Fights for a living now fighting for his life. Heart hurts. Get well champ.
Stieve Bow
Stieve Bow:
you know what? im afraid he will lose on his next fight,
if. he was injured -_-
Angie Ussery
Angie Ussery:
🙏🏼 for Errol Spence Jr
Gene Norris
Gene Norris:
Praying for Errol Spence Jr and his family for his speedy recovery!!🙏🙏🙏
Anderson Fielding
Anderson Fielding:
Prayers are with you Errol Spence jr 🙏🏽 may god help you make a speedy recovery 🙏🏽
Dee Sanchez
Dee Sanchez:
“The lord giveth and the lord taketh away”!
LaVal Adams
LaVal Adams:
Wow Errol.. glad he’s alive.... damn that’s tragic
KT Da Prez
KT Da Prez:
Damn g get well soon
richy booth
richy booth:
Thought's for spence and his family 🙏
ronnel meyers
ronnel meyers:
Hope this is not a career
Ending crash 🤦🏿‍♂️
Sherrion Jenkins
Sherrion Jenkins:
Oh Lord have mercy
ken J
ken J:
Marvin's Reviews ETC.
Marvin's Reviews ETC.:
Are fines waived because he was injured? How does that work? Dude was speeding and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, absolutely reckless
T 'mo
T 'mo:
Ouch man🤦🏾‍♂️
Gilbert Lopez
Gilbert Lopez:
Prayers up 🙏
josephb.yoatc control
josephb.yoatc control:
Ms.Jacobs is SeXy!!!😋
Ernesto james
Ernesto james:
Damn Errol Spence there goes a great he will never be the same
M R:
Come on spence lets all pray for his fast recovery :/
Praying for your fast recovery get well soon champ prayers from your Filipino fans
Edith Kinga
Edith Kinga:
My heart his broken,quick recovring My champ
X Yz
X Yz:
Hope you're doing alright champ!
Thoughts and Prayers for a full recovery Champ.
Robert King
Robert King:
Sho logs
Sho logs:
In my prayers champ . I’m hurting right now
tony stark
tony stark:
sad news.... get well soon champ! i hope and pray that you will recover! .... love from philippines
Estevan Martinez
Estevan Martinez:
Why is it always something look like this for the star athletes . Man this is terrible news. I'm saddened af
Roczilla Carley
Roczilla Carley:
Daaam shake back my brotha prayers to him!
Marcus Arroyo
Marcus Arroyo:
Jason Khawaja
Jason Khawaja:
Come on Spence recover let's Go Champ
James Flaherty
James Flaherty:
Get well champ!
nacho cheese
nacho cheese:
driven fast out seat belt😔omg
Tim Kim
Tim Kim:
Youtuber "I just bought salvage Ferrari"
- YaBoyGrind -
- YaBoyGrind -:
Prayers bro🙏 real talk