Sorry Chris Cuomo, "Fredo" is NOT the N-Word I White House Brief

Jon Miller says Chris Cuomo’s total meltdown on a heckler shows he is a highly privileged man-baby. Not all name-calling is racially charged, and to compare "Fredo" to the N-word is ridiculous. Cuomo was totally in the wrong, but of course CNN backed him up because crying racism is all they know how to do. Watch more White House Brief at: ► Click HERE to subscribe to TheBlaze! ►Click HERE to join BlazeTV! ► JOIN our NEWSLETTER - Connect with us on Social Media:

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Gerry nevermind
Gerry nevermind:
You should never go full Fredo 😁
Chris Cuomo Challenge: If you see him, call him "Fredo"
Christus Terran
Christus Terran:
everyone will call him Fredo from now on
Fredo is a fake Italian spewing fake news.
Cast Boldly
Cast Boldly:
and the only reason Fredo is on CNN is because he's a Cuomo...
"Fredo" is a reference to a movie...not to an ethnic group!
Cuomo is a beta male always looking for attention
William Griffith
William Griffith:
My dogs name is FREDO , so you can hear me everyday calling him , lets go Fredo , fredo, fredo , good boy fredo....
John Jones
John Jones:
Notice he said “I’m an actor on cnn” not a journalist fake news Fredo
mom raised u better be sweet
mom raised u better be sweet:
Punk with a bunch of guys who are paid to protect him and so he "Acts" tough 🤦‍♂️🤬🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤬
Shon Swinford
Shon Swinford:
F-r-e-d-o, f-r-e-d-o, and Fredo was his name-O.
Paloma San Basilio
Paloma San Basilio:

The lesson here is that *Fredo* Cuomo is an overly sensitive, *highly privileged* man baby.
💰🍼🧔🏻🍼💰 <<<< *FREDO* Cuomo
Harry Higgenbotham
Harry Higgenbotham:
Fredo Como a fake anchor for fake news CNN .
Tony G
Tony G:
“Never take sides against the family again FREDO” lmfao! 😂😂😂
Contact Info
Contact Info:
Cuomo is a disgrace to the Italian people.
Once you play the race card, you lost the argument.
Don’t Tread On Me
Don’t Tread On Me:
This just cemented the name Fredo in himself
Charles Beaudry
Charles Beaudry:
Hey fredo you douchbag.Luca epstine ah sleepin wit da
Charles Hull
Charles Hull:
The tale of Fredo is just frickin' awesome.
It tickles just the right spot. 😂
Peterbilt Pilot
Peterbilt Pilot:
"I'm an anchor on CNN" trying to get respect by saying that? It's like saying "I'm Jussie Smollet, the actor on empire"
bella roja
bella roja:
He wasn't being a "tough guy" cuz' he was with a group of his dudes. He's PSYCHO.
Patrick Paes
Patrick Paes:
He is Fredo ,he is slow ,dumb ,and a coward ,that is Fredo ,let his old man get shot!!!a dispectable person .
Ryan -
Ryan -:
I remember when Chris Cuomo went after AOC, didn't go well for him, he's just a peddler for the Clinton News Network, Pro War, they're trash.
Slurpingticklepest Christ's Chin
Slurpingticklepest Christ's Chin:
0:52 "My name is Chris Cuomo. I'm an ACTOR on CNN"

Well at least he's honest.
mark spannar
mark spannar:
Geez even when he’s off the clock he’s always pushing racism.
C J Bowen
C J Bowen:
fredos of the world unite. go beat up this chrissie cumhole who called u all the n word.
Linda V
Linda V:
It would have been great if he said, "I'M SMART"....
unknown person
unknown person:
I would of had him arrested for assault being its recorded.
Bryan Kenwood
Bryan Kenwood:
I'm thinking charges should b filed against fredo for threatening bodily injury to another person. Just saying.
A M:
Fredo is irrelevant as is his bro in NY. Anchor on CNN, who cares and his mock mobster voice... hilarious. This guy is a fool.
Clyde Piper
Clyde Piper:
Cuomo came off like an empty wind bag - who would have thought ? LOL
Rick Picone
Rick Picone:
The guy should have told him to go for it. Had he done it, just sue him for everything he's got.
Jim Elliott
Jim Elliott:
For the rest of his life he'll be known as Fredo Cuomo. No, idiot Cuomo GUINEA is the Italian N word maybe WOP.
James White
James White:
CNN should proudly rebrand themselves as FNN: The Fredo News Network. Sure couldn't hurt their ratings.
Bertud Lupon
Bertud Lupon:
Fredo Cuomo: it's MA'AM! I want respect, i'm smart!!
Scott Kinter
Scott Kinter:
CNN would support testicles if they thought 1 liberal was in em. We could always change it to Freko.

Much love and God bless you all.
WisdomOverWicked 777RULES666
WisdomOverWicked 777RULES666:
Should have Just Knocked Out Cuomo just for being A LYING LIBTURD!!!
Thee Rebel
Thee Rebel:
Hey man this proves ur no freakin uncle tom. Pretty logical view point brotha! Thnx! Oh and i subbed... Cheers
Linda V
Linda V:
He is what we Italians call, a mamaluka. (A crybaby)
JohnPatrick Martinez Consonero
JohnPatrick Martinez Consonero:
Fredo...should be 🔥FIRED!!!
Lindsey Corum
Lindsey Corum:
At least he can take comfort in the fact that Don Lemon is the Fredo of CNN anchors.
Nickster64 ELP
Nickster64 ELP:
Coumo is two bit punk-just love the new TAPPAN ZEE BRIDGE
J.D. Vine
J.D. Vine:
well said-these asshole manbabie's do a good job of showing there true nature
If anyone earned the name Fredo he has. Fredo is not equivalent to the N word. Maybe Guido, Guinea or WOP which actually stands for With Out Papers stemming from stowaways coming to Ellis Island and New Orleans in the late 1800s to the early 1900s because they arrived at Ellis Island without travel papers. Coming from NYC and NJ trust me I know what words have historically been equal to the N word Fredo wasn't one of them.
With all that aside, couldn't he be Fredo to his father and brother, the governor. If I were that guy I would've said yeah I called you Fredo because compared to your late father God rest his soul and brother you have nothing but your name. No power, no influence just name recognition. I'm sorry if that offends you but it is your reality and it must feel so sad. Then I would've let him hit me. I mean honestly was anything I said wrong? I would've laughed all the way to the bank from the interviews and lawsuit against him and CNN.
I'm going to check out what it cost to make a tshirt with his face and the phrase Hey Fredo! on it lmao!
"Goomba" is closer to the "N-word" among Italians and Sicilians.
bella roja
bella roja:
CNN demeans and degrades conservatives racially ALL the time!
Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey:
Definition: of Deplorable, Chris al Fred Cuomo. Who does he think he is, a Kennedy
Oh boy "Fredo", because of this your carrier as a broadcaster is circling the drain!
Dr. Gonzo
Dr. Gonzo:
Dude says he’s not Fredo but then goes full Fredo 🤣🤣
charles ratcliff
charles ratcliff:
Moose Blitz
Moose Blitz:
I hope everyone calls him Fredo now
Libertyeven4 U
Libertyeven4 U:
What a dork. Now everyone will call him Fredo.
Violinist 1
Violinist 1:
Listen, Fredo - You are NEVER going to have Class. Just give it up!
Mark Pitre
Mark Pitre:
Hey Fredo. Let’s go fishing. You say Hail Marys. I’ll bring the gun you won’t need any canole.
"It ain't the way I wanted it! I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everybody says... like dumb... I'm smart and I want respect!!"-Chris "Fredo" Cuomo
Fredo "hold ur handrails" cuomo..the raging
Cnn hallway enforcer
Too Perwin
Too Perwin:
“The word ‘the’ also equals the N-word” (Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo, 2019)
Thirsty4Socialist& CommunistTears2020
Thirsty4Socialist& CommunistTears2020:
Let's call him Fredo Cuomo from now on!! P.S.- he called himself an actor 🤣🤣 on CNN
Alberta Vila
Alberta Vila:
Outrageous! Trump tweeted Cuomo with the Italian N word "Fredo." That be like calling a Latino the S word ... or calling a Jew the K word. We demand immediate impeachment. What next ?... a horse head in Cuomo bed?
Jake Wattson
Jake Wattson:
I love you--you say it just how I would say it. You are the best!
Max Riley
Max Riley:
I've had quite a few people tell me (bye felicia) and I'm caucasian. No I didn't get offended. I just said bye back at them and laughed about it.
Fredo Cuomo has a guilty conscience. And why he reacted so dramatically. He doth protest too much
Diane Campbell
Diane Campbell:
Fredo! The Cuomo's are what make decent Italians like myself ashamed.
Fredo gonna got a promotion at cnn now.
Did these liberals never attend high school?

What's the surest way to make a nickname stick? Freak out when you're called it.

Also, Fredo is not the n word for Italians; wop is.
I'm your REAL dad.
I'm your REAL dad.:
Chris Cuomo is a traitor.....that's why he got so pissed off for being called Fredo (The traitor brother in the Godfather movies)
Panda Power
Panda Power:
Chris "Fredo" Cuomo, freshly pumped up with testosterone by Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon. 🙃🙃🙃
Robert Krober jr.
Robert Krober jr.:
Bread and Circuses folks! Right now Protesters in Hong Kong are carrying AMERICAN FLAGS and singing THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! At this moment! Cuomo is Irrelevant!!
Marie Neely
Marie Neely:
in the video I swear he says I'm an actor on CNN, that's exactly what he is too.
Robert ÓhÉigceartaigh
Robert ÓhÉigceartaigh:
"Fredo" is so perfect, I have to smile. With first cousins in my family, who are of Italian descent, I of course won't disrespect my blood.
It just shows you how triggered and angry the left are compared to the right who have been getting harassed like this for years including having leftist nuts going to their homes.
italo style
italo style:
"Im your older brother, and I was stepped over", "it's the way Papp wanted it. "ITS NOT THE WAY I WANTED IT"!! 😂
Linda V
Linda V:
All of a sudden, he gets toughtalking!! Lol. Funny and so insincere.
The “Fredo” moniker connotes weakness and insecurity, characteristics displayed here in abundance by the “CNN Anchor “.
Skippy M
Skippy M:
I've never heard Fredo being offensive to Italians. Now the word WOP is offensive to Italians.
Nicolas Romero
Nicolas Romero:
fredo my beautiful cat {*_*} 🐈
D z
D z:
Fredo yeah he acted like Fredo wouldn’t want him on the family.
mr NlightNment
mr NlightNment:
Chris's name to me will forever be AL (FREDO)
Randy Carlisle
Randy Carlisle:
Fredo should be Cuomo’s new name both publicly and all forms of Media from this day forward...
he’s Fredo for life with me lol
Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog:
Cuomo is one bad mf'er! Anyone who admits he's an anchor on CNN in public has to be one tough s.o.b.!
CUOMO hates his life. He is a fool.
Bon Chance
Bon Chance:
Steroids are known to cause aggression & shrink testicles.
CNN Low Life Trash Network Anchor.
Mr Fredo Cuomo is an Embarrassment who
does weights & watches old movies.
Twisted American
Twisted American:
When you’re weak minded... It’s always racism. Cuomo is a punk...
Where's Fredo ?

"FREDO", forgot to check his "White Privilege"
What race are you mixed with?
J One
J One:
I know it was you, Fredo!!

CNN producer: "should we fire Cuomo for this?"
CNN executive: "Not while his father is alive."
Keith Douglas
Keith Douglas:
He meant to say he's an ACTOR on CNN.
If that were a pro athlete they would have been disciplined, and endorsements Lost IMMEDIATELY!
That fake gangster act was "Fake News".
almost as bad asPedo Joe "Poor kids hair smells just as good as white kids hair if they give it a shot "of perfume"- no, i really mean it- biden".or something to that
Espen Christensen
Espen Christensen:
Chris Cuomo is a red flag, will he be the next mass shooter?. he loves Donna Lemon secretly, have a concealed weapon, had a meltdown, his carrier is over, is a chronic liar, he sees racists, and nazis everywhere in his head, he has an angry personality, maybe a user of steroids, Fredo is a RED FLAG.
Beyond Light
Beyond Light:
Those guys really hit a nerve by calling him Fredo. I know Italian slurs and Fredo isn’t one of them!
Skydancer Red White Blue
Skydancer Red White Blue:
FREDO Cuomo. It suits him.
I called my Italian friend a “Fredo” and he had no reaction
Daniel Hale
Daniel Hale:
Fredo Cuomo and DL Fughley...
David Council
David Council:
A real "Fredo" would be someone who got a TV news anchor job because his brother is governor of New York
Oh, wait
Gene Vincent
Gene Vincent:
Fredo the Clown gets mad... Ho Ho Ho.
America Reigns
America Reigns:
Cuomo is less than Fredo. He is a complete chooch and moolie. Cuomo wishes he was half as smart as Fredo! Fcking stugatz!"🖕😎🖕
Fredo is NOT an Italian Slur!
Cuomo Unhinged!
Epstein died mysteriously. 2 mass shooting in a 24 hour cycle but THIS IS NEWS FOR THE RIGHT WING.
Cuemessiah Ortega
Cuemessiah Ortega: