Snakehead: Game Fish of the Future

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who else loves fishing for snakeheads?
Viva Frei
Viva Frei:
I once had a Bangkok hooker.

Cristian Rios
Cristian Rios:
I know that spot at the beginning of the video. I use to love in that neighborhood I caught a lot of bass there.
Jim J
Jim J:
Florida is the best, can fish everywhere
Ronnie O
Ronnie O:
I'm gonna start soon...Fun watching you fish!
Catch Em All Fishing
Catch Em All Fishing:
I would have said carp lol when people ask what I catch I always say carp 😂
8:48 for the big boi
Jalal Madara channel
Jalal Madara channel:
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics
ZiggiesAquatic Exotics:
That lake Wellington your fishing this video ?
Kyle Sene
Kyle Sene:
i almost had my first snakehead the other day on a spook that i was reeling in but he got off on the edge
keep it up:)
Flyer Dude
Flyer Dude:
nice and good quality content - you get a sub. keep it up :) greets from germany :D
Mark Welch
Mark Welch:
Great footage as always..
Michael Phan
Michael Phan:
I’m trying to catch one of these here in VA!
EZS SoundWave
EZS SoundWave:
Mark Welch
Mark Welch:
Great footage as always..
Tim Cee
Tim Cee:
Liked the video as always, disliked the downtime tho lol. Keep up the great work
Talon Hawk
Talon Hawk:
WOW 70cm!?
I love eating them.
Mark Welch
Mark Welch:
Irfan Fishing
Irfan Fishing:
Super quality outing right there..great catches..great to get the stress off from assignments here..can't fish at the moment..added to favourites

Tight lines
flogrown ethan cowboy
flogrown ethan cowboy:
Jungle Jay Adventures
Jungle Jay Adventures:
hope it tasted good. ;)
everett grover
everett grover:
sweet video and great fishin andrew,
Fishing Channel
Fishing Channel:
3:30 lololol ahahahah sweet video, thumbs up
Ahh snakeheads I heard a story about them taking over a pound so they had to poison the pound
Jaylen Maxwell
Jaylen Maxwell:
Any good spots in Broward to go get some SnakeHeads?
Jay Fish and Shoot
Jay Fish and Shoot:
I fish in that same spot lol.
hoan ho
hoan ho:
Me : fishing
Girls . Lmao . Broo . Please take me one day . I been looking for snakehead but seem like they dont like me .
Fortnite orDie
Fortnite orDie:
nice ass setup bro! i was like hopefully he will show us his gear besides just putting the info in the description. ima have to go buy the same setup 👍much thanks
Work that rage toad!!! , that's my personal confidence bait for topwater , want a quick tip to modify those and displace more water?
Jake Derado
Jake Derado:
where in florida are you from?
Daniel Ortner
Daniel Ortner:
I just caught my first snakehead, 2 feet, woodbury new jersey, broadstreet lake by the radio tower in the cvs/ mcdonalds parking lot
Chris Ong
Chris Ong:
mike mike y
mike mike y:
that was nice of you to release it.
Dilanda Strike
Dilanda Strike:
Awesome video.. 👍👍🎣🎣 like it
Ken Beam
Ken Beam:
Noiiiiice! Love those Snakes up here in Jersey!
lmfao that fish flew back in the water
looks fun. would love to come down there to fish for em. up here in Wisconsin we have a fish similar to a snake head called dog fish. same looking toothy fish only different coloring.
love your channel
vids coming soon
Carleigh Wofford
Carleigh Wofford:
Dont even try!
Charles Truong
Charles Truong:
what state are you in?
Jenesis Rahming
Jenesis Rahming:
Where were you at in this video
got I'd love do catch those haha my kind of fishing right there
Cade rudiger
Cade rudiger:
Would love to catch snakeheads like this!! Awesome video!
Cena John
Cena John:
Snakehead fish in uk?
Alex A Fishing
Alex A Fishing:
is he even using leader
Viva Frei
Viva Frei:
Is this in Boca?
Wild Borego
Wild Borego:
good eating
sky dose
sky dose:
That's a really small snakehead compared to the ones you can catch in tasik kenyir the one I caught was at least 7 kg
Alex Sigala
Alex Sigala:
What brand braid and lb were u using?
Tien Tran
Tien Tran:
50lb really.?
ilhan G
ilhan G:
6 ponder hehehe hehehehehhe
you use poizon adorena?
Laxus90 Adventure
Laxus90 Adventure:
its fun to catch asia like my country,snakehead is of of the most favourite game fish
Grablifebythefish 1
Grablifebythefish 1:
Love these snakehead videos!
Jefry Kusuma
Jefry Kusuma:
in central borneo, we call that fish "Peang"
Ty Frederick
Ty Frederick:
What's the name of that location?
Diza Nasrullah
Diza Nasrullah:
What lure ?
Lobstermania Lovers
Lobstermania Lovers:
In the Philippine we call it dalag and they good in barbecue and coconut
Blake Marchetto
Blake Marchetto:
Where do you fish for snakeheads?
rudy vargas
rudy vargas:
This snake is going to be huge!
I remember the days of catching 7-10lbers on outings being common place, not so much anymore.
Jake Zanyk
Jake Zanyk:
Where in Florida do you fish, I'm from Florida and I've seen similar places
cool video. what kind of scale is that?
Red Reef Media
Red Reef Media:
I have been fishing the Zoom frogs with pretty good success. But I really like the commotion these put out.
What size hook are you using?
Post more content so you can grow.
Let your soul Rest In Peace
Let your soul Rest In Peace:
ahhh thats why they called snake-heads lol
Jim Mansayagan
Jim Mansayagan:
Snakefish? Ti! eruan ayan. mepiya ne'd tepaan na yan pa ne'g getaan. Na reremetan niyu ra mula.
Christopher Arndt
Christopher Arndt:
yeah I got 38 inch snakehead on a piece of bread in Tamarac
the trailer hitch
Rocky Silvestre
Rocky Silvestre:
Cook em... They are good... Try roasting it then dip it in soy sauce with lemons and chillies... You're welcome.
Fishion Fishing
Fishion Fishing:
hahaha....... the big one was lucky.
The Irish Pickel
The Irish Pickel:
Are you ever going to keep one and eat it
Snakehead is very healty for food
Jake Bolen
Jake Bolen:
what camera do u use?
Otw Road Dinn
Otw Road Dinn:
Future casting snakehead in Florida what i seeing it become fun game and benefit for caster day people will see that snakehead is not threats to another local fish because it can live in family bass
Fabian Cardenas
Fabian Cardenas:
what line do you use
Aaron Shreve
Aaron Shreve:
I have lived in south FL for almost a year now and have not caught one ugh. I live in Cooper City. I catch plenty of Peacocks. I will keep at it. I almost caught a freshwater tarpon where you did your subscriber tourney.
I used to pay a lot of money for that exact species of Snakehead back in the 80s and 90s for my aquariums.
Snakehead is very healty food
Jett pac Jeff
Jett pac Jeff:
Where in Florida is this wat county?
use double frog hooks, especially for snake heads since they tend to swipe it. It will probably increase you hook up ratio. I'm not trying to sound smart lol.
The Dream Catcher
The Dream Catcher:





Everything else
hey NoobAngler what is your favorite bait to use for everything?
Colin McCue
Colin McCue:
Hey noobangler, what type of frog are you using?
Kyle Hinds
Kyle Hinds:
Love the vids.. don't think snakeheads will ever become a gamefish tho lol
Wess Reiley
Wess Reiley:
I don't know man that is a weird looking fish to me.
Judah Soremy
Judah Soremy:
Do you eat them?
Chan choon leng
Chan choon leng:
may i know what brand of a paddle frog u are using?
Si Ikhwan
Si Ikhwan:
Dude, that new Daiwa Zillion with 9:1:1 gear ratio is sick !
Mike Lollar
Mike Lollar:
you are supposed to kill and keep snakehead
Robyn Smith
Robyn Smith:
I know this video is 2 years old but I really wanna know the best place to fish for snakehead and what to use? Thank you!!!
KENNEDY the Cosmetologist
KENNEDY the Cosmetologist:
Are there any in the North?
Woody McKay
Woody McKay:
Are you left handed or right handed fishing with left handed reel?
Woody McKay
Woody McKay:
Is this in Florida?
Landshark Outdoors
Landshark Outdoors:
Get ready for some but hurt people commenting up a storm.
Sentinel Fishing
Sentinel Fishing:
if you want to try some snakehead specific lures try some Megafrox USA gear, they have hard-bodied topwater frogs that work like a charm on all toothy critters