Snakehead fish may be a threat to native Georgia species

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Tanuj Guha Thakurta
Tanuj Guha Thakurta:
Better build a wall and make those fishes pay for it
Albert Smith
Albert Smith:
So they’re like roaches
Xinnox Gaming
Xinnox Gaming:
Snakehead fish: ight I’m about to head out
Chris Corona
Chris Corona:
Snakehead fish: Oh so you're showing the game at your home, I'll be over soon.
kewl malibu
kewl malibu:
I love snakehead fish. They taste like fried chicken.
chow kodo
chow kodo:
Snakehead fish actually tastes great.
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar:
Humans are major threat to other species around the world
Itai Brown
Itai Brown:
It sounds like they have already started reproducing.
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo:
Snakehead fish: welp, lets head out to the next state
Jay Fish and Shoot
Jay Fish and Shoot:
If they have baby snakeheads they are already doomed ☹️
Swapnil Sutradhar
Swapnil Sutradhar:
in Bangladesh this fish known as শোল মাছ
Matthew Otto
Matthew Otto:
Kill absolutely every single one of them. Do not release them.
iyon saja
iyon saja:
we are the best predator in the world! just catch and cook them! it taste really good
Kamrun Nahar
Kamrun Nahar:
Try to eat them. They testes good
Sunyata Anatta
Sunyata Anatta:
This fish is really delicious. Just ask Chinese or Thai or Vietnamese how to cook it.
Che Com
Che Com:
Terrorist attack on America they did that years ago now them fish everywhere I seen it bin cought so it's to late Bass Catfish Crappy or Doom North Koreans pulled that STUNT
Chau Nguyen
Chau Nguyen:
New business adventure USA snakehead export to Asia $$$$$ label made in the USA.
Md Joynal Abedin
Md Joynal Abedin:
This fish Bangladeshi name shol.
Mehedi l
Mehedi l:
Lol this is very popular fish here in bangladesh! ! And expensive too ! 😂
Dipon Bhowmik
Dipon Bhowmik:
its common very tasty fish in my village
state meghalaya
Fish fry y'all! Jk
Jeffrey Balkaran
Jeffrey Balkaran:
I caught one at crossbay bridge last week in qweens ny
Thien Tru Deng
Thien Tru Deng:
In Vietnam, we love eating snakehead fish.
Snakehead fish hot pot is very popular in China, and it tastes great !
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne:
Just eat them. Good for slice fish porridge
Jordan Ogelsby
Jordan Ogelsby:
I know exactly were this shit is at smfh
Kamrun Nahar
Kamrun Nahar:
What’s wrong with this fish?
BankFish Vince
BankFish Vince:
Just Need Me Out There Fishing Them Out The Creek
Tman Bricks
Tman Bricks:
I want to catch one
Chau Nguyen
Chau Nguyen:
Catch and grill it a delicious white meat fish.... vietnamese love this fish when charcoal grill and we go spring roll... so people of Georgia catch and cook it
Robert Defelice
Robert Defelice:
Thanks we love fishing for them here in Philadelphia once they are in the water your not getting rid of them every fish was invasive at one point
R A:
I thought in dekalb County 😂
Mr J 007
Mr J 007:
Strangers Things in real life lol
Daniel Gallimore
Daniel Gallimore:
Old news they been here for years🙄🙄🙄
Marie Pierri
Marie Pierri:
Build a wall around it !!! Lol 😂
Mobile Players
Mobile Players:
Just catch it n cook it. It's fish
Mr T
Mr T:
Did you see the cans on Aiyana ? Impressive 👍
Paul Autry
Paul Autry:
Well they better close up the creek with Nets
Это повезло вам! Вкусная рыба. И размножается быстро. Только лови, готовь и ешь. Этим можно накормить очень многих бездомных и малоимущих. Да и в рестораны сгодиться.
king xenomorh
king xenomorh:
They are in fish feed and grow
What's up with the Ghostbusters backpacks?
arifur abir
arifur abir:
সালারা এটাকে বাংলা ভাষায় টাকি মাছ বলে,খুব স্বাদের একটা মাছ,আর তোরা নাম খুঁজে পেলি না,snakehead fish নাম দিলি,সাপই তোদের চোখে পড়ল।
Jhovanni VR
Jhovanni VR:
Robert Cote
Robert Cote:
All I'm saying is Lovecraft might have been right.
Al Is Up Outdoors
Al Is Up Outdoors:
Largemouth bass over the past 40+ years in South Korea have done what you fear snakehead will do in America. They really aren’t that dangerous and they are absolutely beautiful.
Th Ji
Th Ji:
Shakehead fish is further meal .
Mister President
Mister President:
Just eat them
Anthony West
Anthony West:
Damn Aiyana crystal fine as hell.
Linear Ellis
Linear Ellis:
Where gonna need more 🎣's
Eat em to Death!
These snakehead fish are VERY ferocious. I had my oscar fish eaten by them. Even an arowana is no match against them. But piranha can survive them. Hadn't had my hands on any african freshwater predators fish to co-habitat yet tho.
Erick Barba
Erick Barba:
Evolution right before our eyes. In a couple thousand years, I think these animals will just be a regular normal snake.
Get rid of snakeheads, longish and pythons. Thanks
Titas Yadav
Titas Yadav:
It is the native fish species of India 🇮🇳
shamsunnabi taqib
shamsunnabi taqib:
Idiot there are not threat to you eco system.. This fish are very commo in asia, they are very much expensive & their curry is too good..
Nice tittys news crew
Blaine Bickle
Blaine Bickle:
Anyone see that episode of King of the Hill where the exterminators didn't have much work so they spread panic about a python in the sewer to get more business? This reminds me of that episode for some reason...
snakehead? hmm delicious.
Bass Fishing Freak
Bass Fishing Freak:
Dont kill my bass!
It s delicious
Dr. Glassicur
Dr. Glassicur:
We go to Georgia every year to fish for largemouth bass but I can ponder what this can cause so I think we're going to fish Florida next year instead
I believe that all fish are related to sneak if you look at the shape the color scale I believe fish and snake taste the same or is the same
Michael Kraemer
Michael Kraemer:
Cyrus The Virus
Cyrus The Virus:
So Sharknado is a reality now!😬
More videos with Aiyana Please.
Du Perfect
Du Perfect:
It looks like a fish head .. . .Not Snakehead !
T_A outdoors
T_A outdoors:
This sounds just like when they were found up here in va and now years later they realize theyre not that bad or devastating. Alot of fear mongering and over hype. What you dont hear is that theyre absolutely delicious and probably the best fighting freshwater fish.
Chel sea
Chel sea:
Government created it.
Jyaj AquaRoom
Jyaj AquaRoom:
USA nasty fish
Asian tasty fish
Jessi Wilgenbusch
Jessi Wilgenbusch:
they are cool fish
23 Jordan
23 Jordan:
Are they poisonous?
jerish joseph
jerish joseph:
Its our ancestors
Shigure Official
Shigure Official:
How will the world change if people keep getting involved lol
Oura Lego
Oura Lego:
In North East india people eat it
They are fun to catch
Jimmy Vang
Jimmy Vang:
I didn’t know Americans were also racist towards animals Lol!!
Not fishes, fish
A B:
They make good soup
Aiyana Crystal is hotttttttt dayum!!!!!!!!
Can we eat them ?
Giselle Newhall
Giselle Newhall:
I wonder what species besides humans could help kill them off?
jhunzio dionzkie
jhunzio dionzkie:
How can they evolve if you will kill them.
News reporter is hot hot!
The main damn question that wasn't asked nor spoken on was do they bite humans & if so what's the effect. But aye I'm black & dont swim n lakes, " If it ain't blue it ain't true😅
Roland Cabral
Roland Cabral:
So can you kill those snakeheads and eat them?
Damn why they hatin on my snakehead boi. He do be looking pretty chill ngl
Reminds me on the anime "Gyo"
Wise Man
Wise Man:
The Rack on Ms. Cristal is Just stupendous’
To kill the food... Hmmm. Just eat this fish.
Even walks on land:
To walk it needs arms or legs. So extra🙄
aj. ëmœ
aj. ëmœ:
That fish from my country Indonesia .. i keep one in my aquarium tank right now so wonderful fish snakehead i hope u cant kill so much of them
Shakirul Muntakim Akand
Shakirul Muntakim Akand:
Stupid news channel, those are fishes which are mostly found in ponds in assam, India and they aren't not poisonous as these stupid media channels are showing, stupidism at its best. Keep it up western world.
jumpee racing
jumpee racing:
My country snakehead fish is peaceful
Thanks China
Snakehead invasion? Have you seen the human invasion of earth?
Robert Defelice
Robert Defelice:
Let’s kill something cause the news or government said to
Tien Tran
Tien Tran:
There is no real biologiest research claim this fish throw the ecosytem out of balance. In MD and FL fishermen still catch more Bass. This fish in my country when my childhood. I know this fish well. Stop the lie, this fish walk on land. Live out of water up to 3 days. They lay 250k of eggs and mate up to 5 times a yr. All this is BS. They lay about 200-300 eggs max, hatch about 100 or so.
Oh i get it... translation:yall actually experimented and created a snakehead fish which is( non native) meaning not created by GOD/GODDESS and its actually a hybrid species made in a lab of a snake and fish and now u have just released it in Georgia to further your sinister experiments /plan
i think humans are the real threat
It’s dayo Millennial
It’s dayo Millennial:
Wee don’t give a 💩 we make it ceviche