Short Man's 'Bagel Boss' Fight CRACKS NICK UP! | The Nick Di Paolo Show

Nick Di Paolo reacted to the viral video of "Short Angry Man Bagel Boss Guy" and the hilarious rage filled fight that ensued at the bagel shop. Support FREE SPEECH via The Nick Di Paolo Show! FREE every Monday - 11:00AM EST LIVE on YouTube, Facebook, Patreon and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 11:00AM are also LIVE for Daily Show Members ONLY, so JOIN! or Monday’s show will be rebroadcast for FREE at 7PM EST on YouTube. LIKE AND SHARE! CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON & ENABLE NOTIFICATIONS DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST TO YOUR FAVORITE APP! Go to for a personalized video from ME! I can make or ruin the day for your loved ones or enemies. FOR ONE TIME SPONSORSHIP VIA PAYPAL OR CC MERCHANDISE & TOUR DATES **Legal Disclaimer: Sponsorship of The Nick Di Paolo Show is made at the sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsorship funds are NOT tax-deductible, are non-refundable, and do not represent any ownership, equity interest or decision-making authority in the organization.

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Nick Di Paolo
Nick Di Paolo:
Ladies! How important is height to you, in a man?
Dave R
Dave R:
And apparently he has a short temper too . I guess he short all around .
Julian Valenti
Julian Valenti:
Poor guy, he’s probably had a lot of bad experiences in life. 🙏🏻
That dude's so short, you can see his feet on his Driver's License.
The CIA:
So cute, he basically fulfilled his own stereotype, just adorable, can you imagine a🐧 penguin saying "you wanna step outside?"
StormWolf 613
StormWolf 613:
He should move to the Philippines or Thailand, he’ll fit just right over there.
Anthony Carreone
Anthony Carreone:
Danny Devito and Rhea Perlmans oldest.
Poor lil feller...😁
Melissa Resendes
Melissa Resendes:
So my buddy came over from Germany and we went to NY Bagels. Afterwards, he said "We don't have bagels like that back in Germany!" So I said "And just whose fault is THAT?"
Know Where
Know Where:
Me thinks instead of bagels, he should be having a ''short stack'' of pancakes at IHOP.
Buddy Sullivan
Buddy Sullivan:
Holy shit!! That's gotta be some championship level Napoleon complex there!!
Ironballs Mcginty
Ironballs Mcginty:
That's all I can stands I can't stands no more!!!
Sure that guy is loading guns into a hotel room across the street from female fitness center right now
Dating sites started adding rules and ways to prevent lying about height but not about makeup and pushup bras
Matrix Rebel
Matrix Rebel:
You can't deny the fact that what Mr. Small said is 100% true about women. It's just too bad he snaps and can't just let it go.

If no woman wants you then give up and move on. Focus on yourself. Save money, start a business, become successful and have the last laugh with those broads.
Know Where
Know Where:
UMMMM ...Maybe he should join ''little dwarf dating .com (it's real, I kid you not)...he could brag about his height there!
John Smith
John Smith:
Obviously he didn't burst out saying this. What was edited out?
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop:
The legendary George Carlin mentioned something about grabbing some popcorn so we can watch the world end, dude was right!!🙊
C-Los Drop Dog
C-Los Drop Dog:
You’re 5 feet on dating sites. You should be dead ! 💀🤣
Looks like he’s a little short on manners.
This guy is why Owen Benjamin is a Height Supremacist.
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy:
"You can't take midgets seriously, hopping up and down- all excited. It looks like they're gonna tell you a riddle or something." - Dave Attel.
Don't pick fights if you're a hobbit.
bob jordan
bob jordan:
Nick, you need to give this guy a job. He’s funny.
Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar:
As a Millennial, I approve everything you're doing.

No such thing as Racism or Sexism... Just pure honesty.


Pablo Escobar.
Ronan Valhalla
Ronan Valhalla:
With an attitude like that he's never going to represent the lollipop guild !
Being short isn't even in the top 5 of his worst traits.
Riga Fraction
Riga Fraction:
Little man syndrome, usually works because no one wants to blast a little pissant like that, this dude was the exception :)
The CIA:
Thats a tiny Nick with anger issues
Honestly with the way he is dressed he looks like a child lol poor bastard, hopefully he has a big dong to make up for it.
Mike Latta
Mike Latta:
Why am I hearing Randy Newman singing in my head?
noah mccormick
noah mccormick:
He does the best Pesci I’ve ever seen , but here he was just being himself.
Damn, Jimmy Norton really let himself go! Seems a bit more chipper than usual... good for you, go get em tiger.
TJ Strong
TJ Strong:
Pissed cuz he cant get on the Coaster at Busch Gardens
Mighty Incel, eh?
Anthony Farrish
Anthony Farrish:
Hey man this guy needs our prayers. He’s living in Hell.
He seems like a type of guy who will come back with a gun to shoot up the place...... or just go home and cry himself to sleep....
Basket of Deplorables
Basket of Deplorables:
start @ 1:16 on .25 speed. that guy has done this before. he does a 1-2, hands on both sides of the neck AND a knee to the groin before the take down. beautiful! :D
Dan H
Dan H:
This guy has it harder than any race hustler guaranteed.
The CIA:
To be fair his life is very stressful, he is in constant danger of being carried off by a large bird.
The Married Couple
The Married Couple:
This was by FAR the funniest vid, Nicky!!! You have no idea how bad I needed this laugh! 😂 Love your channel!
Mark Brodhead
Mark Brodhead:
Cant blame you for laughing at this. The little man was angry. New book to write. " Dont make the little guys Angry" 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ranic Khaan
Ranic Khaan:
Perfectly situated for oral. What’s not to love?!
that's funny. He can't get any loving, blaming everybody. but maybe he should look in the mirror, cause there's the REAL problem LMAO
oscar g
oscar g:
look with his attitude he will be alone for a while
My Dog
My Dog:
Nick, I think some shadowbanning is goin' on. First forced login to see your vid clips.
Fast Internet
Fast Internet:
dont hate women...its hypergamous...they can't help it
Justin Walsh
Justin Walsh:
Should of put him in a baby Bjorn carrier. And just let him kick till little guy gets tuckered.
That’s 100% Jim Norton. change my mind
This poor guy. You can tell he's just bottled this up for times like this. I've heard he's done it before as well. Guys got balls tho. Damn.
I've seen enough to know when I hear yelling, get TF out! I survived Detroit that way, Js....
Tom K
Tom K:
I honestly thought that was Jim Norton at first
John Chase
John Chase:
Why the hell would he bring up chicks on dating sites though.
The dude has serious issues.
Jesse Ball
Jesse Ball:
Hit his breaking point. I feel sorry for the guy
John Paul
John Paul:
Owen Benjamin will have something to say about that kid.
Dennis White
Dennis White:
Nothing is funnier than real life, when it's genuine.
Robert Miller
Robert Miller:
Somebody has a "short" fuse.
Frugal Neen
Frugal Neen:
He has some serious anger issues especially towards women. Women beware.
Professor Gomez Bolt
Professor Gomez Bolt:
“Short people reason to live”.
Vinnie Provolone
Vinnie Provolone:
He's still salty because the height requirement's at carnival's,fair's and every theme park on earth have oppressed him since birth.
Craig R
Craig R:
The way Nick says “donits” cracks me up.
Maybe Randy Newman was right.
He's the definition of an *INCEL*

Any One
Any One:
Short people got nobody
To love -Randy Newman
Giant Booger
Giant Booger:
Well... I really feel bad for that guy and whomever assaulted him should have charges pressed. You cannot assault people like that.
Tundra Bear
Tundra Bear:
So I tried talking to a ummm little person the other day...….everything went way over his head.
Anonymous Hatchet
Anonymous Hatchet:
What? They kicked him outta the Loli Pop Guild!!!??? WTF???
Omega Bear
Omega Bear:
Nick, you're the man!
Erik Richards
Erik Richards:
Let's get him together with the Toon Town family.
Mike Bromeo
Mike Bromeo:
Thank you Nicolas for the extended version!!!
Trump 2020🇺🇸
Chip Chipperson
Chip Chipperson:
tss aww guess they serve Mini Bagels too or sumtin! DVV DVV DVV!
sissy lou
sissy lou:
"Tippy toes." It makes me laugh just hearing Nick speak those words. Surely there is a dating site for short people. Maybe he should try physical comedy.
George Koch II
George Koch II:
Making it on Nick's show is like getting roasted by Don Rickles.
Cant wait for my turn..lmao
What an honor.
He attempts to bump chest with the taller guy but instead goes chest to balls..
Thank you for addressing this, Nick! Was so hoping you would. Love your channel!
Lou Klobucar
Lou Klobucar:
Hilarious! 😂😂😂
Frank Moran
Frank Moran:
I hope this dude can make peace. He obviously has a lot going on in his life, and for a LONG time.

Obviously he's not reading this, but if anyone that is and had been going through similar issues about anything physically.....personality goes a MILLION MILES farther than physicality.

There is HONESTLY someone out there for EVERYONE. We all have our own issues. Just don't try so hard, and most of the time it will work itself out on its own.
Employees at the bagel shop were completely unprofessional!
Edward Grimsley
Edward Grimsley:
Good thing he don't BITE, could be very PAINFUL
Nick C
Nick C:
asks 1 guy to step outside, ask 2nd guy and he tackles him immediately lol
Caleb Foster
Caleb Foster:
That takedown from the guy in the blue shirt was pretty sweet. As far as takedowns in random bagel store conflicts go.
Jan Veidt
Jan Veidt:
I'm 6'4''. It's GREAT!
A 12 year old with the voice of a Bronx bus driver.
Water n Woods
Water n Woods:
This is my f****** boss are you kidding me I'm 6ft 6in 285 I got to deal with this s*** all the time
Anthony Navarro
Anthony Navarro:
I’d be cracking up when that dude jumped on him. He can be pissed but cut the screaming and close talking in half .
I heard he works across the street in the Diner as a Short order cook....
Nick wants you to never talk to him or his son ever again
Roger Furlong
Roger Furlong:
MIDGET!? The politically correct term is "Shapiro."
Jonas Mattsson
Jonas Mattsson:
That guy would probably have a better life if he just swallowed his pride, accepted his fate and forgot about normal sized women. On a midget dating site he'd probably be seen as a catch, like a one-eyed person among the blind.
alejandro castillo
alejandro castillo:
He is huge in Japan, and taller than me in America
Kip Tucker
Kip Tucker:
Patrice would've loved that guy.
That’s sad. Anyone who’s would lay hands on him is an idiot.
Your not proving anything attacking him that way.
Sure he has a mouth but that doesn’t mean u lay hands on him.
Steve Chalmers
Steve Chalmers:
Jim Norton really let himself go....
I’ve had it up to here with midgets 😂
Every short bald guy I knew was angry like him.
james edmiston
james edmiston:
Jim Norton is feeling bad for this guy I could see a little jimmy in this guy
Billy Kimbler Cantu
Billy Kimbler Cantu:
A video about a short guy losing his shit and not one Joe Pesci reference, I'm almost disappointed. Jk
Thanks for the clip Nick.
Kcorb Lewis
Kcorb Lewis:
The happiness on nicks face is pure bliss
James Bennett
James Bennett:
Jim norton finally vented his frustration with women
James Robert
James Robert:
Lemme guess "city of brotherly love" right? Never has there been a incorrectly motto been bestowed!

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