Shocking Research Trip for Northern Snakehead (3 of 4) | Field Trips Virginia

WATCH PART 1 FIRST: WATCH PART 2: (COOKING EM UP): WATCH PART 4: (CATCHING MORE): In part 3 of my 4 part northern snakehead series, I'm joining John Odenkirk from the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries on a research trip. We'll be using electrified anodes to shock and net snakehead to conduct research on this invasive species. John and his team have been tasked with determining what the exact impact of these fish has been on the local waterways, and whether or not they are as detrimental and dangerous to the native fish and plants that share the Potomac River basin with them. Learn more about the Northern Snakehead at COMMENT BELOW if you think this kind of video is cool, or should I stick to fishing? Also comment any questions you have about the snakehead! WATCH PART 1: WATCH PART 2: For the best RV camping in Virginia, check out Download the FREE Fishbrain app: Comment in the app that you watch my YouTube & I'll follow back! Get the ActionHat I'm wearing - it FLOATS with a GoPro on it! Use code YAKFISHTV for 15% off at ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow Me on Social! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Facebook → Instagram → Twitter → ▬▬▬▬▬▬ Follow YakFish TV on Social! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Facebook → Instagram→ Twitter → Website → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ My Favorite Brands ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop the Camera Stuff I Use! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Main Camera → Garmin VIRB → GoPro → Editing Software → Editing Computer → Drone → Audio Recorder → Smart Watch → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop the Fishing Stuff I Use! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Fish Finder → Fish Finder Battery → High End Spinning Reel → Low End Spinning Reel → VHF Radio → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop the Kayak Stuff I Use! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Gear Crate → Camera Boom → Rod Holder → Visibility Kit → Paddle → Life Jacket → Knife → Rod Leashes → ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Shop the RV Stuff I Use! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Cell Signal Booster → Emergency InReach → WiFi Signal Booster → Verizon Jetpack Hotspot →

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Dons Adventures
Dons Adventures:
John was filleting Snakeheads and holding a intellectual convo like a real Gangster!
Rad Reeling Fishing
Rad Reeling Fishing:
Wow Robert, this sort of video really sets you apart from the ordinary fishing channel. Thanks for delivering this excellent content, so interesting.
Extreme Philly Fishing
Extreme Philly Fishing:
Very nice. Anyone who knows about Snakeheads and takes the topic seriously knows about John Odenkirk and his research in VA. Very knowledgeable person. Snakeheads and Bowfin have suffered so much in the last decade or so, mainly due to lack of research and mass hysteria...thus, it is very nice to see a video like this on YouTube!
•gominola- sempaii•
•gominola- sempaii•:
Lol :0
Scott Ehrlich
Scott Ehrlich:
Great departure brother. That was very interesting, thank you. Over
Collie Yak
Collie Yak:
Very interesting content mate.
John seems like a true hard working professional who knows his job very well 👍
Brenda Field
Brenda Field:
This by far the best video. So proud of you ❤️
Alyssa D
Alyssa D:
Love this type of series! Make more!
I love the discussion about native and invasive species. That is applicable to other areas too. Bugs and plants and everything. It is never black and is so much more complicated!
Adisa Griffin
Adisa Griffin:
Man, I LOVED WATCHING THIS VIDEO!!!! It great seeing the research that's being done on the sneakhead. Excellent work sir!
Yakin The DE
Yakin The DE:
Great video, Rob! Probably one of my favorites.
Free Spool Kayak Fishing
Free Spool Kayak Fishing:
Awesome info for everyone! I am going to school for this kind of thing! Can’t wait to help be apart of something like this and mayb end up helping the research of these snakehead! Thank you for diving into this subject!
KennyP's Country Catfishing
KennyP's Country Catfishing:
Excellent continuation of this series! Really good stuff!
Paul Lopes
Paul Lopes:
Great episode jammed packed with with a lot of information!! Thank you! #YouTheManRobert!! 🙌🙌🙌
Carl Hale
Carl Hale:
Hella Informative! Definitely changed the way I feel about snakes.
Francis Garcia
Francis Garcia:
This is nice video, it's very informative nice job sir.
Jared Tomanek
Jared Tomanek:
Great video. I could watch these informational videos often. Let's see more in the future!
Thank you for this video. There are too many people that still believe these fish are monsters that will destroy everything and then rely on cannibalism to sustain themselves... which clearly isnt the case. I wish people would just start accepting these fish and maybe even put a creel limit to them as theyre excellent gamefish.
Wes Jones
Wes Jones:
Great video, man! Tons of information. Loves it! 👍
Hike Paddle Bike
Hike Paddle Bike:
Thanks for this video! Keep the excellent and diverse content coming!
Joe Digout
Joe Digout:
Thanks for the knowledge man! Love your channel.
Delaware River Fishing Dude
Delaware River Fishing Dude:
Great interview 👍
Brock Blazier
Brock Blazier:
Great video Robert zapping is always interesting to see what is really down there
Neil Smith
Neil Smith:
Fascinating content, Robert. Excellent content! Thanks for sharing
S Le
S Le:
beautiful fish, fun to catch good to eat. welcome
Great video Robert! A nice break from actual fishing to see and hear from a researchers perspective. The work these people put in is absolutely vital for the health of all the fish species we love to catch.
Awesome video, keep up the great work.  I've been telling people in South Florida the same thing for the last couple years.  Catch and release!!!
James Ireland
James Ireland:
Awesome video very informative thank you for making it. Have a good day and stay safe Jimmy from Massachusetts
Herb Wag
Herb Wag:
Great information on this controversial fish.
Barton R
Barton R:
Great video bro. Keep them coming. Watching these make the corporate grind more manageable.
Mark Brady
Mark Brady:
As a student studying to become a marine biologist I loved this video!!
The passion of fishing La passion por la pesca
The passion of fishing La passion por la pesca:
Another good video buddy I'm already waiting for the next 🤗👍👍😎...
Scott Springer
Scott Springer:
Thanks! Learned a lot about this species.
Miguel Pereira
Miguel Pereira:
Great video, Rob! Do you have any idea if John is related to Bob Odenkirk? I just got curious, I guess
Travis Muhler
Travis Muhler:
Damn! Look at those ramp fees!
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker:
Super like
OFF Fishing
OFF Fishing:
John knows his stuff. I enjoyed all the info this video brings to light. Can't wait for the next vid👍👍
Tamara Rocha
Tamara Rocha:
What a cool episode . Fascinating. Thanks for doing this series , it has been interesting.
Running Cajun Man
Running Cajun Man:
Great information on the snakehead. Thanks for sharing.
Quin Calkins
Quin Calkins:
very imformative
GreenHouse ExoticX
GreenHouse ExoticX:
Cool i like john he was the first guy what say dont start a witchhunt on a animal we dont konw. And on the end this fish are good for this envirment.
David Thibodeaux
David Thibodeaux:
Awesome I learned a lot about a fish I did not even no existed. Thank you.
Dennis Norman
Dennis Norman:
Very informative video. Awesome job Robert. Little too much info on squeezing the gonads 😂😂😂
That was a good video brother
so is it manage to keep them around , ? good stuff Rob
San luis stripper #1
San luis stripper #1:
I like it man
just an awesome video!!!
Very exciting and informative video as usual... @20:10 your caption says '' not 'gov'
Coop W
Coop W:
Wow that was a shocking vid . but i knew thats what the out come was going to be. if their not destroying the fishery their filling a niche not a bad deal if their tasty . bless up brother and be safe out there.
William Brunjes
William Brunjes:
John is a great guy and he does some excellent research on snakeheads in Virginia. He’s very knowledgeable and people can learn a lot from what he has to say.
Lance Lewandowski
Lance Lewandowski:
Good content man.
Some very good information
Robert Cochran
Robert Cochran:
What part of the Potomac dude you John, and hailey fish?
Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire:
I'm Asian, I love to eat snakeheads.
RWA Fishing
RWA Fishing:
Very informative, also gives me an idea of what type of artificial lures might work best for catching them on rod and reel.
Nathan Peterson
Nathan Peterson:
Very good, informative video
Inter Mobile
Inter Mobile:
🔰🙄Oh yeah that's Freshwater Shark..!? 🐋
Dom's Fishing Adventures
Dom's Fishing Adventures:
Hey Rob great vid, hope you not thinking of rigging that electrical thing to your kayak 😉
GabeQ01 IG
GabeQ01 IG:
Great Video!
Hamid Baaoui
Hamid Baaoui:
Those fillets should be labelled "scientifically filleted" hhh
Dan Alexander
Dan Alexander:
Great Video. My son just caught a 10. 5 lb snakehead fish out at the mouth of Aqua Creek last week. We fish here for Bass all the time
very informative.. anytime people can learn it is a good thing
Great video. I wanted to do some research and looked up the website. It was unavailable. Any other sites I can visit that you would recommend? Thanks again.
Great vid. I'm here in VA and Odenkirk is the man in our region. What a great day and cool learning experience. Hopefully he tightened you up with a bag of fillets!
James Mathews
James Mathews:
Bro. Love the short sleeve button down. What brand?
Ben Jenkins
Ben Jenkins:
Excellent idea for a series! Kudos to VGDIF for agreeing to be on camera.
Flyboy Phil
Flyboy Phil:
John Odenkirk is a very talented man. I would have lost a finger if I tried to talk while filleting. 😂😂
Joseph Harrick Fishing
Joseph Harrick Fishing:
Cool stuff Bro! Those snakeheads have made it clear to PA, crazy
Phil Carr
Phil Carr:
Great video Robert! Very educational as far as Snakehead go. I guess all the panic was unwarranted, at least for now. Fear and panic seam to drive alot of people's emotions so, it's good to have people like John Odenkirk out there doing the research and finding the truth about these "invasive specese".
Troy Rakes
Troy Rakes:
Where exactly ru guys catching these fish at? I know it’s the Potomac river but I live in NC and would love to take a day trip and catch some of these any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Ficsh. Predator
Ficsh. Predator:

Derrek Cook
Derrek Cook:
Very cool but it just seems alil crazy how long have these fish been around
steve mckibben
steve mckibben:
Other species must predate the fry enough to control for all the other advantages snakeheads have within that ecosystem. But we only have balance until we don't
Gavin Blake
Gavin Blake:
If I may add something to the trout statement. I am currently in the high country of NC and have been fishing the rivers here for 3 years. I have never once caught a native Brook Trout because the released Brown Trout have entirely out competed them in my area. The only time I have ever seen a native trout was in a hatchery that's main purpose is to keep the Brook Trout alive in at least some of its native streams.
John odenkirk is a legend. His studies are where I got the most information about snakeheads and we have even emailed back and forth about them before. Great series, Robert!
Sorry for asking soo much witch boat ramp did you launch at in part 1 and part 3.
Crappie-Master RC
Crappie-Master RC:
Very interesting.
Robert Curtin
Robert Curtin:
Snakehead do like current, in the spring they push up stream like salmon.
Robbie Hampton
Robbie Hampton:
Great video, I live in south FL, we have the Bullseye snakehead here. They are a ton of fun to catch. Its a huge debate here whether to kill or release, same laws here, can't posses a live one or transport it. I choose not to release, I'm dying to try eating one but our water quality here is questionable in my opinion. Thanks, for the interview from John Odenkirk, was very informative.
They haven’t taken over because everyone is killing as many as they get their hands on
Send those fish to this hungry mouth here...
Fishing Fool
Fishing Fool:
That was a great video. While I’m not okay with people introducing new fish species to a water body, is a difference between invasive and detrimental. We shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that every new species should be eradicated. Sometimes nature will remove an unwanted pest.
Snake? Fish? Monster? I just want to know about his mobile tailgate style fillet station. Seems like a truck accessory I need to acquire/diy. Great video as always.
Hamid Baaoui
Hamid Baaoui:
No views, No comments, which means?
John Gutkoska
John Gutkoska:
Im your 200th like. Send me a bass lure. John Gutkoska 32 s Broadway Baltimore Maryland 21231. Send some help i aint catching any fish.
Nathan Goodson
Nathan Goodson:
John O. did a great job of modeling the role that fish biologists play in today's world. My father worked for Fish and Wildlife as a fish biologist for decades. It's a tough job, straddling the line between what sportsmen think/want and what the ecosystem needs (to the best of our understanding). Great video and I hope everyone gets something that they want and the ecosystem can sustain itself.
Robert Blackford
Robert Blackford:
Pc, you need to educate ourselves a bit more about Snakeheads.

Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Walleye, Musky, Blue Catfish....ALL non-native species to the Potomac River.

I think the Snakehead is a great sport fish. I’d like to see reasonable creel limits and no more bowfishing.
Blake Houlihan
Blake Houlihan:
Robert your vids should get a surge in views now this fish is all in the news today. Up to part 3 and I don't even fish but enjoying your presentation.
Blue Ridge Musky
Blue Ridge Musky:
I have not met a VDGIF Biologist that wasn't honest and informative about our fisheries! All of them top notch guys and gals! Great Video Rob!
Chewy Ltd
Chewy Ltd:
Very interesting video Robert Field from the aspect of the fisherman .. where as I am not a fisherman I am a former professional aquarist from the aquarium industry, The Genus Channa or Snakehead gets a lot of press due to the species that you are hunting and with myself being from Canada I can tell you that both countries have banned the Genus as a whole however there are peaceful little snakeheads that are kept in Europe that would pose no danger to the majority of the United States. It would be interesting from the aquarist angle to see what they say about the smaller dwarf species.
Victor Franqui
Victor Franqui:
Dude what a great video man and if they don't want snakeheads over there they can send them to me here in Puerto Rico can't wait for some of those to show up here
Taher Mia
Taher Mia:
This is my snakehead fish
Petra Meyer
Petra Meyer:
They come up in the summer because oxygen levels in warm water are lower than in cold water.
steve rogers
steve rogers:
Snakeheads are here to stay
doug deakin
doug deakin:
Very cool
sara z
sara z:
beauty fish.
I kind or wish you had filmed closer while he was filleting the fish. He was pumping out a pile of meat in a hurry while you were talking and I would have like to seen the actual high speed cutting he was doing.
IMO here in Florida the peacock bass (which were introduced by the state) has been more detrimental to largemouth populations than the snakehead. The bass I have caught in peacock populated areas look stunted and skinny, whereas bass in snakehead areas (and bowfin) are fat and healthy. I believe it has to do with direct cmpetition for the same forage.
ClashWithBoss YT
ClashWithBoss YT:
P.s if you want his hat download FishBrain and scrolldown and buy a shirt with it
Kaze Jah
Kaze Jah:
Look at all that meat.
far out really big snakeheads. its a shame u didn't get to get them on a rod n reel lol but still this research video was really cool n lot of cool facts haha