Shocking aerial 9/11 pictures

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Owen Dare
Owen Dare:
Lets just stop fighting and just remember those who were lost
Silver Fern
Silver Fern:
i have a pakistani friend and we talked about the 911 out of the blue...he said "america deserves what happened to them".....and im like "oh okay"....i guess pakistan really hates america.he told me that there were a group of american soldiers who went to pakistan before and killed many children...thats why he has no symphathy of what happened to america
kirthana kirthxnx_
kirthana kirthxnx_:
but not all muslim are the same there are some muslim that are very kind
Oliver Janes
Oliver Janes:
it took ten years to photoshop these photos? gosh.
Zharia McFadden
Zharia McFadden:
this is so sad to watch
If there's a plane, why don't you show us the video moment of impact that you'd captured from the helicopter. No? Why? Because the video is hard to edit a plane into it?
sounds like 'siemen dinger'
Maja Hansen
Maja Hansen:
this is afghanistan social heritage....
they did it !!!!!! U know who nSA FBI AND TERRORIST FROM INSIDE
ProffesorSponge HD
ProffesorSponge HD:
he's probely in a state of anger
God, that WTC rubble pile looks like shredded wheat, sprinkled with powdered sugar on top.

America blows up towers = Americans die, go figure.
and all to start a war to get oil.
Jeff Jeffjeffedy
Jeff Jeffjeffedy:
Made me lol :')
Borivoje zyma
Borivoje zyma:
He talking Terrible Brooklyn accent...
Elizabeth noneofurbuisness
Elizabeth noneofurbuisness:
JosephDa Monsta
JosephDa Monsta:
the smoke was to thick
Kris Lind
Kris Lind:
ProffesorSponge HD
ProffesorSponge HD:
2:07 is that the antenna?
Cherri K
Cherri K:
I never heard that the roof had been locked off from the public before! I always wondered why people did not run to the roof. Thanks for the insight!
Nunya Biznes
Nunya Biznes:
Tire, Color, Gray, USA! USA! USA! lol ; )
jennilyn gomez
jennilyn gomez:
that is so sad :'( i wonder how they recoverd from that i will always honor the people gave up there lives for us such a sad day:'(
Brittney Thompson
Brittney Thompson:
There is no physical chance of those jets bringing down these towers. The odds are in the millions!
David Russell-Smith
David Russell-Smith:
Structural engineers disagree, where are your qualifications?
Jitender Dhillon
Jitender Dhillon:
He says the doors to the roof were locked, “to prevent suicides” .... but that’s not true... the Observation deck on the roof was open that day, like it is a lot of days out of the year.

Idk why he said they were “locked to prevent suicides” as if it’s common for them to be locked... there were people on that roof daily !

Only thing I can think of, is that he is saying, after the first plane hit, someone went up and locked the doors to the roof..... which would’ve been a moronic decision.
So... who would do that???
Or... possibly... it’s NOT TRUE.
swift change from Amazing aerial 9/11 pictures to 'Shocking' aerial 9/11 pictures
Charles Mills
Charles Mills:
the doors were locked on the roofs. . Ok. .
They knew and let it happen
My apologies, Harriet but, I can't tell if your comment is simply meant to be sarcastic/rhetorical OR, if you would sincerely like to know why helicopters weren't used to rescue people out of the building(s).
Please let me know. I will give you the answer, if you REALLY would like to know!
@JMMT7022801 yes. and we invaded Afghanistan to steal back Alien eggs from planet Zargon, who are gaurdian keepers of the New World order and Bohemian grove.

Shut the fuck up pothead.
@Scruffyiscool are you retarded? What u just said made 0 sence
Why don't you do that, kiddo?
"This was planned" BAHAHA ya planned by america but its good they blew it up because it would cause ww3. Its sad bush would do sad america so sad.
Sorry man but theres no planes.
Imelda Perez
Imelda Perez:
I don't think america would plan something like this. It would be crazy to do this to there own people...RIP all of the people who passed away that day.
Robi Stojs
Robi Stojs:
Hokay! So! This is what i think you stupid americans should do! First!
Place remote controlled rockets around your cities or whatevz !
THEN when you see a fucking plane going at a very low altitude shoot it with nanobots!
So no wrecks destroy the buildings!
Im fucking einstein!
Thumbs up so obama could see!
obama dooesn''t need to see believe me ;) , he already knows everything . Just like every one els , job well done excatly .

imaging over 50 years ,.. wich story will be believed not the hoacky planes to much mistakes
Mattie Matthews
Mattie Matthews:
they werent aiming for the towers originally
@talabastardo It's great to see that some have taken the time to investigate themselves so that they can see through the lies that the main stream media pushes at us. Have you seen Dr Judy Woods work? Whats funny is when you walk through an airport you are filmed by at least 7 different cameras but there is no footage of these 19 people getting on airplanes that day. Thats called a total lack of evidence for their story. Only truth is some were going to flight school and that sold the story. SAD
Michael battle
Michael battle:
the doors were locked? who locked them? my only guess would be maybe some people thought they would make and didn't want the others to commit suicide
Samuel Elofsson
Samuel Elofsson:
I'm with you on that one.
ProffesorSponge HD
ProffesorSponge HD:
why has this got so many dislikes?
Adam Parkinson
Adam Parkinson:
black smoke no flames = cold fire .. bombs go boom, buildings (3) come down.
Jeff Jeffjeffedy
Jeff Jeffjeffedy:
Go burn a tyre, what color smoke does it make?
What are your qualifications? Are you a structural engineer? Which engineers disagree? The ones I've talked with at our city technical college have dozens of questions about what ACTUALLY happened. How come private companies aren't allowed to research the wreckage/remains? Where are the 12 center support columns? Didn't most of the jet fuel burn off from the inital impact? What about the reports that the building was designed to withstand jet impacts? Do you think they forgot about the fuel?
What is it really with all this hate...this isn't Islams fault....just some very badly guided muslims....yes we know they are terrorists but doesn't christianity also have extremists?
Jeff Jeffjeffedy
Jeff Jeffjeffedy:
Tire=American Tyre=English. He said that black smoke means that there is no fire, but if you burn tyres the smoke is black. (Or really dark grey, if you prefer... ) And I didn't say it produces more than one colour... So please think before expressing your deadbeat opinions.
hey alamlast, have some respect to the ones who died! You laugh at such a tragic event and yet you believe in this conspiracy that America would have the audacity to kill its own people in one of the most taxed cities? Obviously your an idiot, but why would America pick New York, and not, say Chicago?? Well, because they wouldn't, the Taliban is a mean spiteful conglomerate; such an event strikes our heart in New York but won't stop our jingoism!! America now and will always be the best,!!!!
@mrtoolegittoquit2 America did not kill it's own people. A group of scum that has highjacked america did. There is plenty of proof. Check AE911Truth, Dr Judy Wood and David Ray Griffin. PNAC and other groups. You are uneducated or a tool. Anyone with half a brain can see the truth when they veiw the evidence and not listen to hot air from the owned media. The media is a tool of the NWO and has been for a long time. A man in a cave did not pull it off. Inside job.Google dancing Isrealies. Wakeup
Okay so you should know that american is a mix of several nationalities and the americans inventions ( not iphone and jeans ) are invented by foreigners ( but financed by USA so it was good for you ) but you can find some of these idiots because the idiots who live in america say they're the best and the "idiots from all over the world" reply at these idiots that's very funny , you're 50% an idiot for saying what you said and i'm 50% an idiot for saying what i said.
Andrea Nervegna
Andrea Nervegna:
Inside job. Nothing is crazy. I think this world is ruined by money and power.
kim mullins
kim mullins:
I love how idiots from all over the world get on an American invention and American site and write such stupid idiotic shit while calling us stupid. I bet you're wearing jeans and have an iphone and listen to kid rock. Hypocrite.
User Name
User Name:
all of you 9/11 conspiracy's shut the f#ck up
Muslims take offense to Southpark showing Allah in their show, so America takes it off. Muslims take offense to American culture, so they crash planes into our buildings. Muslims do not deserve to live in America if they can't handle the caliber of our culture.
Mustakeem Ayuby
Mustakeem Ayuby:
This is so sad to see, I'm a Muslim and this video makes me sick. Islam actaully condemns terrorism. In the Quran it says "...whosoever kills a human, it shall be as if he killed the whole of humanity, and whosoever saves any human it shall be as if he saved the whole of humanity."