Shawn Porter Sends His Love And Well Wishes To Errol Spence | TMZ Sports

Errol's most recent opponent Shawn Porter is sending his love to Spence and his family -- telling TMZ Sports their professional rivalry comes second, Errol's health is the priority. SUBSCRIBE -- About TMZ Sports: Some of the best stories in sports have been off the field and we’re reporting on athletes from NFL, NBA, UFC, WWE, MLB and more! Subscribe to TMZ Sports on YouTube for the latest news, exclusive interviews, clips from TMZ Sports on FS1 and videos of your favorite athletes and celebs. Need More TMZ? TMZ Sports Website: LIKE TMZ Sports on Facebook! FOLLOW TMZ on Twitter! FOLLOW TMZ on Instagram! TMZ on TV & TMZ Sports on FS1 Tune In Info: TMZ is on iOS! TMZ is on Android! Got a Tip? Contact TMZ: Check out TMZ, TMZ Live, and toofab! TMZ: Subscribe! TMZ: TMZ Live: Subscribe! TMZ Live: Toofab: Subscribe! toofab:

100+ Comments:

Some Boxing fans are dumb as hell.. They take these professional rivalries so seriously.. Its a goddamn sport. Wish Errol the Best
Porter is a Classy guy how people can’t respect the man
Michael Brown
Michael Brown:
Shawn is a true guy this is sportsmanship
Shawn porter is one of the Classiest men in boxing! Prayers to Errol the Champ!
john doe
john doe:
I’ve seen “fans” with disgusting responses but his actual professional rivals have been nothing but respectful.
MAn Str
MAn Str:
that's why I like Porter prayers to Errol and his family
Christian Ferenal
Christian Ferenal:
Who would dislike this? Smh
Sincere One
Sincere One:
Whoever said that shit to Shawn on Twitter needs to be blocked
Randall Reil
Randall Reil:
Mad respect for shawn porter
Wasn’t robbed tho. Everything thing else is accurate 🙏🏽 porter fought like a true warrior. its the Savage dog in him.... I hope Spence is well and return to boxing soon
Roczilla Carley
Roczilla Carley:
U heard his music entrance is it god in me, u kno he don’t have nothing but positive things to say about the brother classy man right here! Wish Spence a speedy recovery!
Yellow Man
Yellow Man:
Smh Spence one of my favorite current fighters
Wade Higgins
Wade Higgins:
Mr. Porter is such a nice guy!
Frankie Miles
Frankie Miles:
I love this guy personally 💯
Khalid DXB
Khalid DXB:
See this is what is all about. Respect in the game of life.

Respect for others ,is your respect.
Dwane Walker
Dwane Walker:
Porter seems like a genuine good man. Class act💯
Cee Zee
Cee Zee:
Blessings to Errol! Shawn is a class act! Salute to them both!
Sean porter is such a class act man, love this dude and praying for Errol
glenn oakley
glenn oakley:
shawn went up in my estimation after the fight respectful humble a real decent intelligent guy
Anthony Coleman
Anthony Coleman:
I've always like porter.. has a good heart but I cant stand his dad
Chris Hawthorne
Chris Hawthorne:
Gotta love the guy porter man the respect 👊💯
Ke Hubbard
Ke Hubbard:
Say what you want about Shawn Porter...
He's always classy and presents well.
Jakes Awake
Jakes Awake:
Epitomy of class act... Love Porter..
Nerf Block
Nerf Block:
True class. Ej is gonna bounce back like a real warrior.
Jason Gillow
Jason Gillow:
Shawn Porter is a good man, was raised right. He knows that the rivalry is just part of drumming up business. Something serious like this, yeah Shawn’s gonna say something because he’s a humble, grown, and mature man that shows respect to his competitors. Period.
lonnie santana
lonnie santana:
I'm a Spence fan!! But on God I respect Shawn for this 💯💪🏾🥊
Latherio Robinson
Latherio Robinson:
Shawn kept it genuine,and Earl has been through something,time like this the gloves are off and don't nothing matters but life is important
E World
E World:
Prayers for Erroll "da Truth" Spence 🙏
HTX 713
HTX 713:
Damn bruh Spence is such a good humble dude god please dont take another great sould away from us😥🙏🏽
Elijah Tiller
Elijah Tiller:
Love to Shawn that was some grown man shit
ubayd kasXm
ubayd kasXm:
The entire city of Dallas has his back.
Kwon 22
Kwon 22:
He’s a great fighter and a solid dude outside the ring much respect Shawn porter 👍🏾💯
Boxing Knowledge
Boxing Knowledge:
Much respect 2 shawn porter this guy is very classy and I remember I was against him thru the whole spence vs porter build up but I promise I got nothing but love 4 this guy respect on a whole nother level
Quest Barron
Quest Barron:
Get well Spence. Porter you're a stand up guy!
Pedro Reyes
Pedro Reyes:
Much respect to this man , A true champ💪
Sebastian Bolt
Sebastian Bolt:
Shawn always a true gentleman, class and conduct he carries with him always. Good vibes out to Errol Spence.
Peter Lehman
Peter Lehman:
Shaun porter keeping it classy..
Paulos Kidane
Paulos Kidane:
This is so heartbreaking 😔
stillchangin tv
stillchangin tv:
Anybody that asked why he was concerned should kill they self
flow flow
flow flow:
Shawn is a great dude for this! Really a great class act
Marcus Weathers
Marcus Weathers:
Beautiful strong message sending a brother some love because you're right there's life after Sports and that's a good message right there.😉😉😉.We need Love"
Erykk Frippzz
Erykk Frippzz:
Porter just buttering him up for a rematch 😩🤦🏾‍♂️
Kenny Porter you done a wonderful job raising this young man Shawn Porter and Shawn Porter thank you for all the wonderful things you do in life and in the sport of boxing and get well Errol Jr. and keep your head up we love you little brother stay bless 🙏.
Sudarshan Aravamudhan
Sudarshan Aravamudhan:
Praying for Spence. Meanwhile Shawn! this is your chance! take the Crawford fight and show the boxing world your grit and lion heart
Lonnie Miller
Lonnie Miller:
What a great guy I really love what your dad taught you.! Prime example that it all starts at home get well Spencer and great message Shawn 👊🏽
Haters Have Opinion
Haters Have Opinion:
A lot Of Fatherless Men Hate The Relationship Between Kenny Porter & Shawn But When Your Young With Money You Need A Mature Adult Around You For Advice So You Won't Make Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Life... Mike Tyson Wishes He Had A Kenny Porter All His Life
Aidan Brown
Aidan Brown:
pray for Errol spence jr 🙏
sione toutai
sione toutai:
Mad love to u was going for errol on the fight but u held it true with showing some love and respect, u got me on ur corner 2 g
Author Rahsaan Ali
Author Rahsaan Ali:
Much love and prayers to brother Errol. 🌹
Kevo DaDon
Kevo DaDon:
Shawn a real dude 💯
Sedrick Santiago
Sedrick Santiago:
Love Shawn porter , one of my favorite fighters
Well said brother, Get well soon Errol Spencer 🙏🏿✨💫
Ramone Spicer
Ramone Spicer:
Shawn a stand up Dude.... Much love....
runnerman x
runnerman x:
Nuff respect to shawn porter a true warrior✊🏿✊🏿💯💥👊🏾
veterans for equality
veterans for equality:
Shawn and canelo, my current favorites
Carl Dias
Carl Dias:
Shawn Porter gained my respect with the fight and paying respect good man always gonna stand tall...
tony stark
tony stark:
hope errol will recover.. my prayers is into you champ!
Sylvester Gilbert
Sylvester Gilbert:
Much love to Shawn Porter!
Way up & stay up Shawn...proud of him..🥊❤❤❤
Kenyatta Wells
Kenyatta Wells:
Glad to hear you okay champ got you in my prayers and wish you speedy recovery Errol spence jr
Kiki Terrell
Kiki Terrell:
Awe beautiful words. Respect for Shawn and prayers for EJ! Much love EJ♥️
Javier Canan
Javier Canan:
God bless errol spence..🙏🏽
Overtake Quinn
Overtake Quinn:
Love Shawn! You can see the Genuineness in his eyes! He meant every word!
Milspec Machine
Milspec Machine:
Spoken like a true Champion 👍🏽🇺🇸
Joe Fanchun
Joe Fanchun:
😭😢definitely correct, its all about respect and caring for each other,love another,its sport
Jarod Davis
Jarod Davis:
Class Act! Thts real compassion from Porter! 👏🏾
Shawn is truly a good man!
Much respect🙏🏿❤️
Paul Barton
Paul Barton:
Respect! 🙏
Derrick Jarvis
Derrick Jarvis:
Pure Class, God Bless Shawn!!!!
In4mous 1
In4mous 1:
I love seeing us brothers stick together like this 💪🏾 get well champ
What was you reaction when you heard about this.
Rematch? Can you he make it?
Camion Goldson
Camion Goldson:
Damn! So classy a lot of respect and love for shawn poter and may the almighty continue to blessing Errol Spence on his recovery.
The Boxer
The Boxer:
Shawn is a class-act! and I wish Errol a speedy recovery.
Gera Rodriguez
Gera Rodriguez:
Porter my man.. A true gentleman always keeping it real..
Mr. Grinch
Mr. Grinch:
Porter a real one! 🙏🏽💯🔥
Bill Carson
Bill Carson:
Didly Doo
Didly Doo:
Love this
Trump Maga
Trump Maga:
Porter You Gained A Fan💪🏽🔥🔥🔥
Porter always a CLASS ACT Respects! 🙌
Prayer up for Errol!! 🙏
Shalon Thomas
Shalon Thomas:
Love you Shawn Porter very respectful humble man we need more guys like you
King Kut
King Kut:
Salute and praying. Thx Shawn. Much love.
Falcon Foot
Falcon Foot:
I totally respect Shawn Porter he's a stand up class act kind of guy I always thought so! Also wishing Errol Spence Jr. A speedy recovery!
Qna Buyard
Qna Buyard:
First class 💯💯💯
dezmond roman
dezmond roman:
Shawn just happy cuz he know the belts are about to get vacated
Jay Stew
Jay Stew:
I respect Shawn porter he’s a great guy....👊🏾 dope
Pure class from Showtime....💯
Respect ✊🏿
tina wilson
tina wilson:
Great sportsmanship much respect for this genuine display of class Errol we love you man and wish you a speedy recovery champ
Andrew Isley
Andrew Isley:
Showtime is the man. My brother have so much respect and seeing him concerned about The Truth is dope. Mr. Kenny Porter raised him right. You have always had my respect black man.
Robert Shepherd
Robert Shepherd:
GOD bless all involved and effected..
Makini Davenport
Makini Davenport:
Alesha P Austin
Alesha P Austin:
Upstanding guy Showtime, prayers up, blessings & faith to Errol Spence Jr & his family & friends... GOD is good...
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody:
Class as always. Love Shawn P.
Troublesome Individual
Troublesome Individual:
Respect to porter!!! All business in the ring, plenty of love and humbleness outside..
Rashon Pittman
Rashon Pittman:
SALUTE to Shawn..that's class..😀💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥✌️
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones:
Shawn is one of my favorite boxers now he fights everyone no ducking goin on over there i think he would do better with a new trainer but his style is very hard to beat and his stamina is top notch
Halfmoon Hill
Halfmoon Hill:
*Shawn is awesome guy. God bless your family Shawn Showtime Porter*
henry herrin
henry herrin:
Nice Respect 👌 one love 💗 Shawn Porter