SEPTEMBER 11th TRIBUTE: Never Forget 9/11

Never forget the lives lost on September 11th, 2001. We give tribute to the nearly three thousand people murdered on 9/11 -- whether inside the World Trade Center, the brave men and women who ran towards the danger, or aboard the four planes. And we remember the millions of Americans who stood together in the days after. ► Click HERE to subscribe to Glenn Beck ►Click HERE to subscribe to BlazeTV: Connect with Glenn on Social Media:

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2,977. 2,977 innocent people killed on September 11th, 2001.
We will never forget
I had just turned thirteen and was homeschooled. I was reading my history textbook that morning when my mama ran in and turned on the tv (she’d heard it on the radio). We turned it on just in time to watch the second plane hit. We were both in shock, but I remember thinking, “This is going to be in future history books. I’m literally watching history.”
R Statham
R Statham:
This video made me cry thinking of all the people who died. Thank you for making this video. We shall never forget.
Amanda Ott
Amanda Ott:
Thank you for that beautifully done tribute.
Happy Camper
Happy Camper:
Don't believe there are 4 dislike, must be the Squat
Jacob Doll Vlogs
Jacob Doll Vlogs:
18 years... and we will never forget❤️ God bless to the ones who died and there loved ones❤️
al mull
al mull:
Never forget the Alamo, Lusitania, Dec. 7th or 9/11. Maybe those were moments not finality.
Gwe123 Gwe123
Gwe123 Gwe123:
God bless America and are first responders and the members of are military that died in Iraq 🇺🇸
Jjsjsj JDndjd
Jjsjsj JDndjd:
I went to the Mets game yesterday and we did a moment of silence #Let’s go mets
Finn Mcguigan
Finn Mcguigan:
I remember when I thought I was going to die
Mel C
Mel C:
Beautifully done ❤🇺🇸❤🇺🇸❤
Thanks for this we need to not forget!
Nina Rines
Nina Rines:
I will never forget!!❤🕆🇺🇸❤🕆🇺🇸
Butteerr Guy
Butteerr Guy:
9/11,never forget 🇺🇸
Hunter Volcan
Hunter Volcan:
God help us. Thanks for posting this Glenn
Selena_ Playz
Selena_ Playz:
Never forget🥺😞
Finn Mcguigan
Finn Mcguigan:
It’s so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
jackmasters gaming
jackmasters gaming:
RIP to everybody that died in the attack 😭
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone:
It still makes me cry.
Oliver Morgan
Oliver Morgan:
I cried watching this and I have never been to New York but I want to my thoughts are there.
mike gilow
mike gilow:
18 years ago today I was in basic training in ft Benning Ga
Did we get those "cowards"? Better late then never. Final Judgment means Completed Judgment
liive wiire
liive wiire:
All buildings matter....NOW HOW DOES IT FEEL?
Good video. We will Never Forget what happened that morning September 11 2001. RIP all peoples who lost theirs lives that day!
joan Ark
joan Ark:
There was amazing documentary called i think 2 towers and the Cross- shame that this Cross is not longer on the Ground Zero where everybody walks.
Go Washington Football
Go Washington Football:
Never forget. 🇺🇸
shit nugget
shit nugget:
They actually found a wheel from one of the planes from 9/11 on it's 18th anniversary
Isabelle Ramirez
Isabelle Ramirez:
Lan Vo
Lan Vo:
.."everything went downhill from there" my dad says.
Jack fruit
Jack fruit:
Jeannine Booth
Jeannine Booth:
and the tears flow
Steven J. Trump 2020
Steven J. Trump 2020:
Excellent video Glenn Beck.
Laurie Cr
Laurie Cr:
😢😢😢 never forget
its honestly amazing as many conspiracies as Glenn has uncovered he still thinks 9/11 was a terrorist attack smh
Chris J
Chris J:
I remember my Mother woke me up. My Mom said a plane crashed in one of the twin towers. I jumped up, went to the living room to watch the T.V. I saw the second plane hit the other tower. I was in shock.

I was going to a DUI class. I remember how erie the lack of sound was. All airspace was grounded.

That time I lost my Grandma in August, then this tragedy happened. I will never forget how profound this time was.
Sean Dunn
Sean Dunn:
Less we forget . I will never forget
Matt DeLand
Matt DeLand:
The sad thing is, we have forgotten.
lagen pul
lagen pul:

Never forget, may the souls have mercy
Taco Man
Taco Man:
Never forget God dammit
Patriot's Army
Patriot's Army:
Thankfully many people get it .... we've forgotten *Pearl Harbor* *JFK* *Normandy* and more.

*Never forget 9/11 over 2000 people died, many more died saving lives and cleaning it up.*

Hawkgaming2945 1
Hawkgaming2945 1:
I don't think I can even wonder what it was like even when I was not here at the time 😭😭😭
The only day where American flags were sold out in every store across the United States
There was supposed to be 10 more planes. Targeted to landmarks all around the country. But were shut down when all the planes were grounded.
Awakened Mind
Awakened Mind:
NEVER forget Tower 7! The third building that fell that day, at 5 p.m. into its own footprint at freefall speed. It was 47 stories high, taller than the highest building in most US cities. It was 100% taken down by controlled demolition, was not hit by a plane, and is now finally being looked at by numerous experts.
Filming Is Legal, Moron! (FILM!)
Filming Is Legal, Moron! (FILM!):
September 11, 2001.
I was supervising subcontractors for a steel erector in Mt Laurel NJ.
Around 9:00 am, a sheetrock delivery truck driver arrived and said a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center. Noted. Assumed it was a single engine general aviation Cessna or somesuch. About 10 minutes or so later, he (sitting in his truck listening to the radio) said another plane hit the other World Trade Center building.
I knew instantly that the world had changed forever.
Being in a supervisory capacity, and not having to 'actually work' on the building, I became glued to the radio in my truck. Rumors were rampant. Pentagon was hit (true), State Department was hit by a truck bomb (not true). Bridges to Pennsylvania were closed (not true), but my crew of Russian immigrants were from Pennsylvania, so I tried to tell them they may not get home today. They understood English, but not the gravity of what was happening.
Then, reports that a tower had completely collapsed. Then the second one. I was only conveying what I heard on the radio, but was confronted by an aggressive person from another trade. "That's impossible" he said. Being an ironworker, I understood how a collapse, even from something as substantial as the Trade Center towers could happen. It wasn't until we all got home that afternoon, that we all completely understood what had happened.
Another observation from that day. Where we were working was in the 'approach' part of the 3 leg flight path into Philly International. Being an Air Force vet and aficionado of aircraft, I often watched the commercial aircraft fly overhead every 90 seconds or so. That all stopped somewhere between 10:00 and 11:00 am. I remember the last 3 aircraft I saw for 3 days. At around 11:00 am, three 747's, a few minutes apart (banking sharply) at a right angle from the usual flight path to make their base leg into Philly. Yes, I am sure they were 747's.
In the days that followed, I did hear some of what I guess were F15's from time to time, but the lack of any other aircraft at all for 3 days, may be my most striking memory from that time, other than the day of the attack itself.
I have never memorialized these observations until now.
Happy Man
Happy Man:
1st comment?
victor roman
victor roman:
Evan if life is like that cause it’s supposed be like that
Braden Shepka
Braden Shepka:
I was born on 9/11/06 and just learning about this is just sad,. Just watching this video makes me cry. United we stand. We shall stand together and mourn the people who sacrificed their lives. May god bless all.
I wasn’t alive but... I had a family member in the tower. It was tower 1, 82 floor. I’ll never forget ❤️
chuck wick
chuck wick:
And the media will make sure we don't forget
Jeff Nay
Jeff Nay:
Sadly I do not think we will be able to forget, when we have invited these same people into our country, in the name of Diversity, to teach their children how to hate and destroy this country from within. And the politicians are allowing this to happen, right under there own noses and are unwilling to do anything to stop it..
Joseph Greenhorn
Joseph Greenhorn:
i gave a moment of silence by putting my beanie on my chest for those who lost their life on that day this morning before i went to school
Silver Legion
Silver Legion:
Still even to this day 9/11 is claiming lives
CCN Media
CCN Media:
God Bless You, and God Bless America....
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson:
If you believe the official story you are a fool.
Tony Cumming
Tony Cumming:
I was supposed to fly into boot camp on 9/11. I was asleep when the 1st plane hit. I heard my mom scream like I'd never heard her before. I ran out to see her crying, and pointing at the tv. I seen the replay. Of the first plane hit. I'll never forget 9/11.
Autumn Reidy
Autumn Reidy:
I remember this day me and my family were in Mexico and we were at the airport the lady said at the counter I'm sorry there has be a tragic accident in New York we will not be flying you back my mom was so worried we went to the nearest food place my mom said oh my god she looked at the tv she said the world trade center is in flames it got hit she started crying everyone was in a shock in sadness everyone was scared everyone was panic then we saw the Pentagon got hit and everyone was crying everyone was screaming and yelling and crying me and my family were trying to get back home we had to drive from cozmel Mexico to ohio I will never forget September 11 2001 it was very sad god bless everyone
still breaks my heart. May they rest in peace. God give strength to family's and friends left picking up the pieces. God bless America. Damn those individuals involved.
R Zu
R Zu:
9/11, the day some people “Did something”
jessyka power
jessyka power:
The key to 9/11 is this. Let us suppose we accept the main narrative which was sold to us by the Main Stream Media. Ok! The planes did all the damage and there were no explosives anywhere and if there were no explosives anywhere, as they claim, then no possibility of controlled demolishment.

Nevertheless! Someone made a big mistake while promoting the narrative and I am very surprised nobody has ever pointed this out

Larry Silverstein mentioned (pull it)
Well! Let us not focus on what his explanation for (pulling) actually is, let us more concentrate on how the (pull) could have occurred without first placing explosives in for the (pull).

Now we all know that explosives to achieve a (pull) cannot be placed within minutes or while a building is on fire. So in reality Larry Silverstein is admitting explosives were already in building 7 ready for a (pull)
Awakened Mind
Awakened Mind:
The Pentagon was hit by a scud missile, and no plane ever crashed in Shanksville.
Hylie Doobius
Hylie Doobius:
“Never Forget” should mean more than lowering the flag and praising our firefighters. It should mean rounding up the traitorous DS perps and give them a bar-b-que they’ll never forget...
My heart breaks every year ,over and over ! We will oveercomet he evil that has tried to destroy our country , our way of life and our freedom to worship God ! The WORLD IS AWAKENED ...PRAISE GOD !
Ярослав Беспалов
Ярослав Беспалов:
Remember. Mourn. Feel pity. Never forgive.
Grant 04
Grant 04:
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭may all those 2,977 inocent unfortunate people rest in peace and I say thank you you for those brave men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice trying to save the lives of others. NEVER FORGET!
It seemed bush Jr. Already knew it was going to happen. When he got word about the attacks he did nothing but sat there and kept reading a story to the classroom. Trump would've been out of the classroom immediately.
North Dakota Ham
North Dakota Ham:
September 11th, 2001 was my first day of work on the dayshift at the hospital, moving from the nightshift. It was early morning, a time at which I would have been just arriving at home and heading to bed. Instead, I was there at work and headed to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee to start the day. On the TV in the nearby lounge, a picture of a huge, tall building on fire near the top. The first of the Trade Center buildings to be hit. My thought, that's a really tall building! I wonder what country that is? Upon looking closer, I realized it was New York. I ran back to the office to let my co-workers know what had happened. They turned on the TV in a nearby waiting room just in time to see the second plane impact the other Trade Center building. Very little work was done that day as everyone sat, glued to the TV, trying to imagine the impact all of this would have on daily life. Sadness for those lost, especially when both towers collapsed. Eventually we learned of the strike against the Pentagon and the crash in PA also.
Tanner_ Playz
Tanner_ Playz:
We will NEVER FORGET the 2,977 of all you people
Never forget? Forget what? We don't know what happened. So, will n other words, forget it. Glenn Beck is the 3rd-most unpatriotic minion on air.
Jon Nyassae
Jon Nyassae:
Do you remember the American pride we ALL felt after this day? EVERYONE flew the American Flag, from their houses, car window's, shirts & hat's we were ONE nation ONE people ALL affected by this day. Shoulder to shoulder we would stand to defend our nation, our people OUR WAY OF LIFE. I ask you...... what has changed? I haven't, I remember, I'll never forget
maiq •
maiq •:
My mother was in Highschool at the time, doing work as usual. Then the teacher got to the tv, and turned it on. That's when the 2nd one hit. She tells me that it was the worst time of her life, and she can remember it so clearly. Also, she wasn't in new york. If ya'll curious people are wondering. Never forget. Never.
Viktor ScruelberG
Viktor ScruelberG:
Never forget 911 as a Muslim moderate don't let radical ideology change what you are, we're all human after all.. 🇺🇸🇺🇲🇺🇲
Awakened Mind
Awakened Mind:
Beck, I love your work as of late, but I recall back in the day you calling anyone questioning the official Narrative of 9-11 a conspiracy theorist. An apology by you may be in order.
BallTistic Screecher
BallTistic Screecher:
Lana JDL
Lana JDL:
I just took my 15 year old daughter to school and seen it on tv as it was happening. I will never forget the feeling of terrible helplessness and anger !!! I remmember the kids needed to be commed down by counselors because they were so scarred they couldn't even understand !!!! We can never forget !!!
I was only ten years old at the time, but I'll never forget my parents calling my sisters and me into the living room that evening. They told us that some bad people had crashed planes in New York City and Washington and killed thousands of innocent people. On the next night, September 12th, our church held a prayer meeting. I remember crying as those around me prayed for our country and the families that had lost loved ones in the attacks.
September 11 2001 I was supposed to be eating breakfast at the windows on the world in the north tower on a school theater arts trip, our itenary said we would meet at 730am and head up. The money for the trip was supposed to be raised by my class, we did not save up enough so we did not go. On the morning of September 11th that same group of students including myself watched the aftermath of the 1st plane and then watched the 2nd plane hit the tower while sitting in our theater arts classroom. 16 years later I visited the memorial and starred at the names and pictures of those who were killed realizing my name and picture could have been there. You just never know how close you are to dieing, so try and live your life to the fullest.
I am Hongkonger... God bless America. Very sad about 911.
Unko Toire
Unko Toire:
Never forget 9/11 Rest In Peace 2,977 innocent people.
Carol Maafala
Carol Maafala:
We will never forget 911. Our prayers and thoughts are forever with families and loved ones who were affected on that Day. 💞💖💗🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🌹🌹🌹🌹
Office fires Don't bring down buildings.
John Gates
John Gates:
After December 7th, 1941, the United States responded by attacking Japan and bringing the Japanese Empire to it's KNEES. After September 11th, 2001, the United States responded with kid gloves and "nation building", not willing to attack those responsible for these actions. We have lost our HEART, and instead have become a paper tiger. The American people, those that served, and those that volunteered, still have heart; but our Government, especially in the last 20 years, have NONE. Only recently have we been taking the fight TO those responsible. Instead of propping up puppet governments, we should only be worried about eradicating those that would do us and our country harm. We should make it SO painful to Muslims, that they remember for HUNDREDS of years, not to poke at us with the stick. I joined the Army in 89, I served in over 20 countries in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. I did 3 tours in the Middle East after 9/11, during the GWOT, before I retired in 2011. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing on 9/11. I will NEVER forget, nor FORGIVE.
Jamie B
Jamie B:
We will never forget the brutal killing of so many people on Sptember 11th. All to launch the so called war on terror on behalf of Israel. The biggest inside job ever #insidejob #911truth
Augusta Vaughan
Augusta Vaughan:
Obama wanted to build a mosque at ground zero to symbolize islam conquering America.
Why would the government harm us. They are the parents of the adults, just like we are the parents of our kids. We are the children of the government. We cannot exist with them. We need their control over us till the day we go bye bye.
Draka Von
Draka Von:
That was the true face of Islam.
Deborah Whaley
Deborah Whaley:
Donald Trump in a phone interview, on that day, said it had to be explosions. He also said, if elected, he would look into it. I know he's busy, but I'm still waiting!
Curtis Tisberger
Curtis Tisberger:
I will always remember that day when 2 supposedly planes hit 2 buildings and three fell?🙈🙉🙊...and Israel and the USA attacking us then blaming some dude dying of kidney failure in a mountain on a dyalais machine while George Sr was having breakfast with the Bin Laden family in Florida
People say jet fuel cant melt steel beams. But they never thought of the possibility that what if the plane crashed in it and the remaining plane falls towards the bottom floor already damaging the frames of the building to the base so it fell and collapsed in on itself ? What i dont get is how does a 3rd world country that doesnt have planes high jack it and know how to use it and press all the buttons and fly it. And also know where their flying to fly so accurately into their destinations.
pa. encema
pa. encema:
I'll Never Forget it Was an Inside Job
JoPa GeRi
JoPa GeRi:
Don’t ever forget that OUR OWN government was complicit in this.
Erik Lopez
Erik Lopez:
9/11 was a inside job never forget that
Rip for the past ones
The FBI raided Urban Moving Systems on 9/12. An Israeli M.D. Decided to give Moving a go in NYC. After the interview, both he and every employee got the hell out of the USA. A van belonging to them showed up on Church Street with a Mural on the side. It depicted a plane crashing into NYC. Israelis jumped out of the van and ran while over 200 citizens watched. Firefighters tackled the men and you can hear every word of the radio transmission right here on YouTube. The van exploded and the men were handed over to police. Also, another van was stopped and searched near the George Washington Bridge (Also Urban Moving Systems) the van was filled with over a ton of explosives. The reports can be seen right here on YouTube. Every major network announced it. A third vanload of illegal Israelis was apprehended when they set up a camera and tripod and began filming the towers BEFORE the planes hit. As each one crashed into the tower, they danced and high fived. The 26 year old arresting officer can be seen right here on YouTube as he heard the call come in on his day off and he headed in that direction, upon approaching the driver , he said "We are not your problem. The Palestinians are your problem. We both have the same problem" later on a talk show in Israel , one of THE DANCING JEWS said WE WENT TO DOCUMENT THE EVENT. Right here on YouTube you can see Bret Hume and another reporter talking about how over 200 Israelis were arrested for being in the country illegally in the months surrounding 911. It goes on forever. There is 50 times more evidence that Israel performed 9/11 than any high jackers did.
9/11 was an inside job!
Liberation pocket
Liberation pocket:
No disrespect but "never forget" is kind of stupid and misleading. If "never forgetting" is a way of showing respect, then why did we all suddenly forget about The War of 1812? Or any other forgettable war in which more people died than 9/11? Also, never forget that 9/11 was staged to divert our attention to bigger issues that were happening in the Middle East. Anyways, thoughts and prayers go out to the families who were involved in 9/11.
Bass Addiction
Bass Addiction:
I know you don't believe the "official" story Glenn you know our tyrannical government did this the deep state wanted a war so they could make money thru war buildings do not fall like that period any engineer will tell you that you know what our founding fathers would do you know what they did just for raising the tax on tea our gov has turned into the one we came here to America to get away from
I tried listening to Glenn Beck's 911 anniversary show yesterday - it was unbearable. Unfortunately, Americans have a delusional tendency to fall back on idealistically sentimental fantasies ...with tears of hysteria streaming down their cheeks at the sight of 'Old Glory' waving in the breeze. The rotten (and obvious) truth is too painful to deal with. We're still expected to believe a ragtag group of Arab men, who had never flown passenger jets before in their lives, hijacked four airliners and flew two of them, with pinpoint accuracy, into the two largest towers in the largest city of the world's most powerful nation, without any resistance whatsoever from the most high-tech and well-funded air force on the planet. And then crashed another aircraft into the very heart of the nations' military intelligence power. When will Americans SNAP OUT OF IT and begin to ask serious questions?
Linus Littlefield
Linus Littlefield:
Controlled demolition... Thermite incendiary bombs...
XxxShadow GunnerXxx
XxxShadow GunnerXxx:
If you disliked you must be Bin Ladens cousions