September 11th Seen from Space | Space Week Live | Channel 4

Subscribe to Channel 4: For more visit: As the World Trade Center collapsed, astronauts on the ISS had a unique perspective on the unfolding events... #September11 #SpaceWeek #Channel4 #9/11 #Sept11th #September 11th #September11FromSpace #NASA

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"Where were you during 9/11?"

Oh, I was in space...
Imagine being in space when nuclear war breaks out this is a drop in the ocean.
Janco van der Westhuizen
Janco van der Westhuizen:
Shit, it broke my heart when he said "We're not having a very good day here on earth"
“i just want the folks in new york to know that their city still looks very beautiful” wow im crying
Marechal Zolotoy
Marechal Zolotoy:
You know this is intense when people see it from space
please end my suffering
please end my suffering:
where were you in 9/11

In a deep dark space of nothingness

you were in space?

no, I wasn't born yet
Ninja Please
Ninja Please:
“Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.”

Edit: I should’ve given credit to the man who originally made this quote, which was Victor J. Stenger, who was an American physicist. I cannot take credit for it, myself.
Lil Freeman
Lil Freeman:
imagine getting all the way to space and forgetting your trumpet..
This was sad but beautiful.
Buddy Guy
Buddy Guy:
Welcome to 2018 where flat earthers and 911 truthers can both enjoy trolling this video.
Imagine thinking that the earth is flat in 2018
“your city still looks beautiful.” 💓
Jeffery Jefferson
Jeffery Jefferson:
7/11 was a part time job
It is a lovely perspective, but of course you wish you had never seen it
Nx Doyle
Nx Doyle:
On the ground is a perfect example of the human species at its worst. Above them looking down we see an example of humans at their very best.
crazy to see your planet from space, and seeing it in action that the humans that are inhabiting it are killing each other. and you see it first hand, outside of the planet how devastating it is.
the wizard
the wizard:
'where were you september 11 2001 sir?'

i was playing a trupmet in space!
Customwinder 1
Customwinder 1:
Space Station and 9 /11 in one vid at the same time. Conspiratard overload 😂😂
When he started playing Taps I cried
Ruin Nation
Ruin Nation:
damn i never thought i about seeing it from space.
Peter Griffith
Peter Griffith:
THAT WAS BONE CHILLING. especially while he played as the camera focused on the smoky island thousands of miles away.
It brought confort to my heart as soon as he said “the city still looks BEAUTIFUL from up here in space” 😢
I will never forget the anxiety we all felt that day while I was in the middle of class in middle school, since we were only within the 10 mile radius of the city, parents poured to all schools to get their kids. The look in my mother’s eyes... everyone feared schools might be targeted next so she scooped me off of class without even asking the teacher for permission and soon every other parent followed. 9/11... WE WILL NEVER FORGET 💔
axe bodyspray
axe bodyspray:
It’s crazy to see so many people talking about 9/11 from their points of view. While watching 9/11 footage it never crossed my mind that some astronauts in space were watching the second tower collapse all the way from space.
This century started off well didn’t it?
Pounds J
Pounds J:
This one video is disproving three conspiracies !
This was the most interesting and strangely beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. So much respect
Mega Raph
Mega Raph:
Wtf how did he bring a trumpet up there.3:03
This is incredible footage, I can’t believe it’s been 18 years already 😔
Gareth Mckeown
Gareth Mckeown:
Jeeeez so it was directly over the towers, conspiracy theorists will go ape over this !!!!!
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant:
That's scary as hell can you imagine in space don't know what's going on with family
Tadek YouTube
Tadek YouTube:
It’s insane to know that when the second tower came down, our only American in space at the time witnessed it as it happened.
Paco Montiel
Paco Montiel:
It’s sad to know that the captain of AAL 77 was his friend.
Imagine that, it must be devastating. Your friend was murdered by a bunch of inhuman people.
"honey did you remember to pack your trumpet for your trip to the space station?
" yes dear"
Paige Leigh
Paige Leigh:
Wonderful condolences from space! ❤
Such an incredible man.
"I'm looking up and down the East coast to see if I can see anything else." What an amazing thing to be able to say..
Wow, good camera with a great zoom. How they captured that from space idk..
Dr Magus
Dr Magus:
smoke is flat
John Douglas Racing Video
John Douglas Racing Video:
I can't imagine how alone he felt in those moments.
Viola Gentsch
Viola Gentsch:
"Our world still looks good from up here". Sure does from UP THERE!
It's kind of weird seeing this. Knowing you're thousands of miles above the Earth with chaos and destruction going on, it's...strange.
Future Quagmire
Future Quagmire:
This man gave them a trumpet salute from a satellite I respect the hell out of this man
Sifter of Gold
Sifter of Gold:
I had just lost my job, came home , turned on the TV to see the devistation unfolding, never forget the date I lost that job , and feeling the pain from that horrible day . Prayers for all that were lost by the hands of our countries leaders, may they all burn in Hell for such a hitlerish crime !
Dragon_ Nite
Dragon_ Nite:
When you feel sad to the people on earth...
Meanwhile you in space and it broke your heart
J Chr G
J Chr G:
Why do you keep thinking that I want to fall in love with you!, your physical appearance does not attract me, ( aphone and notes in text an.letters an cyberspace)
Learn how to love your own!
3:12 was very touching and respectful. Tears naturally fall
Nessy 2244
Nessy 2244:
2:34 he's literally floating
Kate Blakemore
Kate Blakemore:
The trumpet playing finished me off- so, so moving.
Artique Vlogzz_
Artique Vlogzz_:
imagine being on the moon and seeing the earth blow up😱
Trey Pohe
Trey Pohe:
Wow... Great camera skills...
Eduard Pena
Eduard Pena:
I wish there had been more video footage!
We used to sing Taps at my summer camp when the day ended, every time​ I hear it, it makes me really sad.
Bagua Gaming
Bagua Gaming:
That camera controls is like me when I set my mouse to max sensitivity
Raymond Jahnsen
Raymond Jahnsen:
How amazing is this video. And hearing that song always makes me cry
Tuong Lu Kim
Tuong Lu Kim:
Imagine hearing about 9/11 from the viewing distance of the moon where Earth looks like a small marble. Or the distance from Saturn, where it's literally a speck of a dot in the infinite vaccum of space. Must make you really think that there is *nothing* out there that will save us from ourselves. Earth is all we have right now and if we're treating each other like this over religion, borders, or resources, we're not going to last very long.
This Sucks
This Sucks:
I prefer Jimi Hendrix's version of Taps played as part of the line "O say does that star spangled banner yet wave".
Robert Matheus
Robert Matheus:
"Outside, the world seems a violent place"
Lance Nickel
Lance Nickel:
I have never thought of such a unique perspective, thank you for this
zlaoejjdjdjakskdioeqoixjs osjdjjwjeje
zlaoejjdjdjakskdioeqoixjs osjdjjwjeje:
It's weird hearing "we're not having a very good day here on Earth."
Seen from SPACE...still no clear images of the pentagon impact.
Melody C Jefferson
Melody C Jefferson:
Playing Taps from space for his friend, so sweet
It's so weird to see the ISS incomplete like that...
Rushil Johal
Rushil Johal:
It’s disturbing how from nature in space, on our planet our humanity is literally killing each other.
This reminds me of Sim City back in the day.
3:48 I remember being in the brooklyn that afternoon and how there was a smoky haze in the afternoon sky as the winds pushed the smoke into brooklyn. My parents made me close all the windows but even then you can smell the fire and soot. What a traumatic and devastating day it was for all those involved. What would always stick with me was that evening when they began to realize that majority of the bodies being recovered...were mostly firefighters
I think they mean "The coverup as seen from space"
jacob luna
jacob luna:
Oh wow, I never knew it would be so big. I live in Chicago so all we see is beautiful buildings.
Comrade Charlotte
Comrade Charlotte:
1:30 Hey! There's my hometown!
Joshua Sambrano
Joshua Sambrano:
2077. "We're not having a very good day here o-" *static*.
He didnt see all happy arabs😂
must of been hanging by a string all day bugle boy
ItzYaboi Lambo
ItzYaboi Lambo:
Wow that is just amazing that u can see it from space. Rest in peace everyone that died
LiveAction Link
LiveAction Link:
I can't believe I'm just now finding out about this footage
helicopter weewee
helicopter weewee:
1:27 where are the trees? lol, we humans have come to take over all the lands in the world like a cockroach infestation. Damn.
3:12 Who just happens to have a trumpet on hand in space?
I can see my house from here!
The end of this was incredibly moving.
seeing the second tower coming down in space....
Johnny Metz
Johnny Metz:
Frank Culbertson - Holly Hill, SC - Thank you for all you've done for our country and the in way in which you served. My family and I are especially proud of you. You have represented our beloved Holly Hill very well. God bless!
*insert random flat eart/fake ISS meme in here*
Gordon Adams
Gordon Adams:
I'm down there at somewhere at 1:34 which shows Baltimore, MD. I remember being at work and hearing the news.
Cullen Johnson
Cullen Johnson:
I was sad when he was playing the music
Can zoom from space but pentagon 3fps security cam
Maximiliam Mus
Maximiliam Mus:
Now imagine a guy playing CS one minute before the event, “Terrorist win”.
What if in a different timeline a time traveler stopped the hijack from happening?
Im BaTmAn
Im BaTmAn:
This gives me chills big time 😖
Daniel craft
Daniel craft:
moment of silence to all the families with lost love ones god be with you all
It's like seeing a hurricane from space:

Both awe-inspiring... And horrific
Jameson Oof
Jameson Oof:
i bet taliban was like, how we gonna hit the guys from space
Hit2003 Gaming
Hit2003 Gaming:
how am i seeing this now , this was uploaded in 2014
David Leos
David Leos:
Wow, this video’s so sad
Colleen Wendland
Colleen Wendland:
Omg I'm in tears
Morgan Germani
Morgan Germani:
I thought it was very touching that he wanted to let them know that their city still looked good from up there. Like it was his way of asking people to stay strong through all of that.
The Official Industrial Static
The Official Industrial Static:
You can hear the hurt in that man's voice
i cry when i wii
i cry when i wii:
WOW!...NO other words for it
"We are Darwin"
Hazza 775
Hazza 775:
We call ‘taps’ ‘the last post’ in Australia

Edit: actually it might be different
Isaac espino
Isaac espino:
Dang trumpet gets me every time😂😢☹️
This is a Disappointment
This is a Disappointment:
140 people didnt get enough love from there parents
imagine being in space and you can’t do anything to help anyone down there.
We’re now living in a time where most of the people making all the memes weren’t alive when this happened. Let’s meme it even more boys
Crazy. Never Forget
im bhopping
im bhopping:
*Imagine not knowing every 12 year old on the internet comments toxic shit and are at a raised level of Stage 4 Autism.* oh yea *only in 2018*