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Pat Bluetree
Pat Bluetree:
Old news , I've already watched all the seasons on Inter dimensional cable.
Some dude -
Wow TV’s getting a bit boring

Rick -
Hold my portal gun
Move over game of thrones Rick and Morty’s comin back
The Wrench
The Wrench:
Rick and Morty: We’re gonna be Back on November 2019

Me: *Extreme happy noises*
*rewatches the entire series again to gain the IQ for season 4*
I can’t wait to be intelligent again.
akeel brown
akeel brown:
Tbh you have to have a very high IQ to understand and appreciate this announcement
Rick and morty fans after this trailer:
“I wAnT sEshWaN SaUce”
Yes! My highs ain’t been the same with out rick and morty😢😂
Marcelo M.M.
Marcelo M.M.:
You understand how good a show is when only need the characters over a black screen announcing a simple date and got +100k likes in a day...
“12 things you missed in the Rick & Morty season 4 announcement trailer”

- Looper
La Puerta De Virgil
La Puerta De Virgil:
PROFIN! la mejor serie del multiuniverso !!!
Ranger 08
Ranger 08:
Rick and morty is back, so is my will to live.
Hmm, wonder what will happen this time, didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would for them to announce season 4.
Mushy P
Mushy P:
Time to get shwifty!!! Did I spell that correct? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍😍😍
Clément Bertaux
Clément Bertaux:
Nobody :

Looper : 10 things you missed in the last Rick and Morty trailer
Jet Black
Jet Black:
Finally those Morons at the [ADULT SWIM] are making shows that are worth watching again. Rick and Morty are the best of the best.
Will there be corn? I won't watch if there is no corn
Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher:
I am going to be counting down the days yeah we are blessed that they are making a new season
Am I the only one that doesn’t like/get this show...? Imma give it another go before season comes out.

I have DONT have a 200iq so maybe that’s why.
High Turtle
High Turtle:
Welp, I guess mr. poopy butthole’s prediction was true, a year and a half
It's finally coming Mr. Poopybutthole !!!
*grabs lubrication gel*
tony ashley
tony ashley:
Some guy: what to watch click click click
Rick and Morty announced: throws all game of thrones TV series DVD out the window and get over excited
Happy Guy
Happy Guy:
O my God, it's happening, get the seShWaN sauce!
I said get the SesHWAn sauce mom!
troy moseley
troy moseley:
Stark: how many of the time lines do we rewatch Rick and Morty 20 times? Dr. strange: all of them.
jeff loving
jeff loving:
Looper : Here are the 10 things you didn't notice in Rick and Morty Trailer.....

While i got Top comment right i wanna take the opportunity to suggest a cartoon called Duckman. Its stars George from Seinfeld and its honestly the best cartoon ever made besides Rick and Morty. You can watch all the episodes on youtube Check it out and let me know what you think.
Yellow Target
Yellow Target:
Wow during my birthday?
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson:
Yes!! Finally Season 4 to Rick and Morty is coming!
cali_ kush70
cali_ kush70:
Can't effing wait!! season 4 😈💨🤘
Can anyone with a 200 + iq help me decipher this 50 second message?
Freddy Btn
Freddy Btn:
Game of Thrones: We are going to be the most hyped series of the year

Rick and Morty: Hold my Sezchuan sauce
Angry Mc
Angry Mc:
I've been waiting for this! This was my first anime ever enjoyed!
Jorge Jaramillo
Jorge Jaramillo:
Spread the news boys, the old man is coming back
let it rip studio
let it rip studio:

Me hyped

Also me what if they push the wait time back more for our disrespect
Can we watch rick and morty season 4 on netflix ???
Steven Matthews
Steven Matthews:
Old news , I've already watched all the seasons on Inter
dimensional cable
Railey Loupis
Railey Loupis:
Welp looks like I'm getting rick and morty season 4 for my birthday.
Greson Villaluz
Greson Villaluz:
So This Upcoming November is when we’ll see Season 4 of Rick & Morty, OK we’ll be waiting!
Юрий Павлов
Юрий Павлов:
Nice. In Russia, Rick and Morty very popular. Thanks, Adult Swim))
music is life
music is life:
Damn they changed it from July 30 to damn November 2019 why they postpone 😭
Just call me ORANGE!
Just call me ORANGE!:
*trailer starts
"Hey, we're gonna be back"
*Trailer ends
Ronald McPaul
Ronald McPaul:
*Waiting 2 years for a season of a TV show?* I'm super excited, hold my dragon.
ViViSenpai ViViChan
ViViSenpai ViViChan:
My friends: You’ve been waiting forever, it has to be cancelled by now.

This video:

Me: They called me a mad man...
I'm surprised he didn't burp while making the announcement.
LØF1 uwu
LØF1 uwu:
Yay more news while we was announced that Jim Carrey has back problems for carrying the sonic movie
YEAAAAAH!!! I've just started to like Rick and Morty I ain't gonna miss this one!!!
So Flowers Gaming
So Flowers Gaming:
Damn was hoping for Summer. Guess I'll just watch seasonal anime until November lol
Echo Light
Echo Light:
Literally everyone: YESSSSSSS!
No one: We can wait another year or two...
In the meantime, you can catch Dan Harmon working out on Insta...
i am inevitable
i am inevitable:
now i can make my IQ go up to 400, thanks adult swim

matpat:if you get the bright to the max on the black background, you can see a ghost, the ghost of beth's clone which will die in the first episode of the new season
Finally! I'm so glad to see these two buttholes back! Goddam sweat coming from my eyes again...
GetSchwiftyMr J
GetSchwiftyMr J:
Finally..... Everybody it’s time to Get Schwifty well in November but still
Well I mean it doesn't say OFFICIAL release date so...
i cant wait to absorb myself in a fourth rick and morty season this upcoming november

*_what a fulfilling life i lead_*
Can't wait for more rick being a d*** to Morty😂
Stealth Sports
Stealth Sports:
This is how many people Rick will roast in Season 4
If it’s on my birthday That’d be lit
# cringe
# cringe:
Honestly I would've loved to see like 10 minutes of the uncut footage of that interaction with Morty and Rick
ffawz YT
ffawz YT:
*Game of Thrones season 8 ending*

Rick: Hold my Portal Gun
S6N 6F G6D
S6N 6F G6D:
i hope there won't be any Pickle Rick references.
Maybe it won't be as forgettable as a majority of Season 3
Quincy Edenfield
Quincy Edenfield:
You'd better be back. You're not allowed to stop making Rick and Morty episodes. I forbid it!
Time to rewatch the other seasons to become intelligent enough to understand the jokes on season 4

Edit:WTF thanks for likes!!
Son: mum can we watch tv now?
Mum: No it’s nearly your bedtime.
Son: But Rick and morty is on!
Mum:*Goes and grabs popcorn*
17 cats
Will it be released on the 17th???
Dimitri Isov
Dimitri Isov:
Rick and Morty, The Moon, Mars... It's about Goddamn time
Earth Radio
Earth Radio:
Someone leaked the new opening theme: /watch?v=UWiJKkm4K00

Upvote so people can see it.
No one:

Insider: 12 Things You Missed In The Rick and Morty Release Date Video
TypeWriter YT
TypeWriter YT:
YESSSSS FINALLY RICK AND MORTY so much has happened sense season 3 a game known as Fortnite has taken over
Game Mouse
Game Mouse:
God oh my lord you have blessed me with you intergalactic series
I honestly hope that Rick wasn't lying when he said, "NINE MORE SEASONS, MORTY! NINE MORE SEASONS!"
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez:
This drives me even more crazy so not only habe we waited idk 3yrs for the new season now whe got to wait 5 months 😠 😠 😠 ughhhhh their killing me
Shaggyeatstacos 17
Shaggyeatstacos 17:
This is about to overtake all shows that were coming out.
Finally. School make me feel so stupid but this show give me that 9000 IQ
the king of the fat
the king of the fat:
yeah so this November I won't be looking forward to turkey day instead i will be looking forward to Rick and Morty premiere day Yeah!!!
fortynite boii
fortynite boii:
I watched season 5 when I was in 2021 it better then season 4 🤣
٤v٤r١٨s - ٤D٤N
٤v٤r١٨s - ٤D٤N:
2 years & 9 months in the making😲! You got me waiting this long so This better be good!
Time to re watch rick and morty for the 20th time
Good Tips
Good Tips:
Thank you Adult Swim, You're the best!!!
Rune The gamer
Rune The gamer:
Rick and Morty is my life. I love Rick and Morty.
kokayi Newsome
kokayi Newsome:
And so it begins.
Now it's finally time for them to come face to face with EVIL MORTY!
Diogo Miguel
Diogo Miguel:
November 2019??? That's like a whole 2 years from now :( I'm sad
Ha jist kidding. Actually November 2020 with maybe a delay
Alright boys. We can get an A on every test next school year.
Baekhyun’s Chopsticks
Baekhyun’s Chopsticks:
why am I trying to analyze fictional people's body language rn?
Aperture Testers
Aperture Testers:
One word that explains everyone’s thoughts: *Finally*
Seananon Eggar
Seananon Eggar:
Says November 2019, really means April of 2021. Lol
time for all the Normie's to start saying pickle rick again
Jon Mateos Blanco
Jon Mateos Blanco:
Lol finally thot is back!!!!! I'm so happy 😊
Maggi Madison
Maggi Madison:
I was a huge fan from day one but I’ve waited so long idgaf anymore. It was good while it lasted but I’m bored with their long delay. I doubt I’ll even watch season 4.
Adiv Kuray
Adiv Kuray:
I honestly lost hope that Rick and Morty would ever come back
gacha girl ashleyplayzz
gacha girl ashleyplayzz:
Yasss in have been waiting foreverrrrrrrre i love rick and morty
Gigantic Animatics
Gigantic Animatics:
Mr.poopybutthole at the end of season 4:
Ooh wee see you all in like 80 years
Josh Johnston
Josh Johnston:
Well we've seen a pickle Rick already so hopefully we'll see a dildo Rick in season 4.
Anime Mula
Anime Mula:
Yes finally now I get to watch Final Space S2 and R&M S4 what a year.
Please have unlimited episodes
It better have an bigas amount of episodes I've been waiting😂
Rick and morty a hundred times over rick and morty dot com forever and for a hundred years
Gaming KnockeR
Gaming KnockeR:
Finally its been years i remember being like 13 or 14 idk maybe 15 and now im 17 AND FINALLY i camt wait for it to come out