Retired Opera Singer Accuses Placido Domingo Of Sexual Harassment | TIME

For decades, Placido Domingo, one of the most celebrated and powerful men in opera, has tried to pressure women into sexual relationships by dangling jobs, numerous accusers told The Associated Press. Subscribe to TIME ►► Get closer to the world of entertainment and celebrity news as TIME gives you access and insight on the people who make what you watch, read and share. Money helps you learn how to spend and invest your money. Find advice and guidance you can count on from how to negotiate, how to save and everything in between. Find out more about the latest developments in science and technology as TIME’s access brings you to the ideas and people changing our world. Let TIME show you everything you need to know about drones, autonomous cars, smart devices and the latest inventions which are shaping industries and our way of living Stay up to date on breaking news from around the world through TIME’s trusted reporting, insight and access CONNECT WITH TIME Web: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Magazine: Newsletter: ABOUT TIME TIME brings unparalleled insight, access and authority to the news. A 24/7 news publication with nearly a century of experience, TIME’s coverage shapes how we understand our world. Subscribe for daily news, interviews, science, technology, politics, health, entertainment, and business updates, as well as exclusive videos from TIME’s Person of the Year, TIME 100 and more created by TIME’s acclaimed writers, producers and editors. Retired Opera Singer Accuses Placido Domingo Of Sexual Harassment | TIME


Raul Raful
Raul Raful:
This old lady is so ridiculous, she admits he never touched her and on her LinkedIn she brags about singing with Mister Plácido. Hey Patricia, next time you are going to falsely accuse someone, search for your social networks LOL
Rick James
Rick James:
Blasey Ford 2.0
Amanda Hussein
Amanda Hussein:
All of these Uncorroborated Accusations that are jumping out of the woodwork all these years later are having a real-world damaging affect to women in the workplace. As a women who works in HR, I can tell you that these Unverifiable Accusations that are being thrown around is starting to have actual Real-World affect, women are slowly but surely being Ostracized from the Workplace and in Corporate America in general because of the Possibility that women may use Sexual Harassment Accusations as a tool to further their Careers or as a tool to Destroy a Male Co-Workers careers.

Things are going to get very messy before they end up any better it seems...
Jade Sea
Jade Sea:
Yes, the problem here is misplaced ambition and idolatry. Nobody should ever believe anyone is "god" and then bow to their will regardless of how much you can gain from cooperating with disgusting intentions. Period. No person is god, no matter how high up the achievement ladder they climb.
File a case first, then go to the media when that fails.
I hope she gets her day in hell and never come back.
Well?!? .....We're all waiting with 'bated breath!
DID he ruin your career? .....You rejected his advances several times; and THEN what? What happened to your career? Did people start turning you down for performances due to his influence or something? ....Other than finding out that he was a hetero-sexual man with a classless, crude way of expressing his interest in women, what did he DO that harmed your career?
Betty Page-Crocker
Betty Page-Crocker:
Everyone knows in theaters the people are close all the time spending a lot of time together thing's happen affairs or just casual sex...
Людмила Шилова
Людмила Шилова:
Russia love Domingo!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jasna D.
Jasna D.:
He is “promoting “ Russian good looking easy giving in singer I can just imagine how Ana netrebko became his favorite hmmm and so so famous
What exactly did he make to you? Since the beginning I just listen to inexactly things about him. Where is the sexual harassement you girls are talking about?
Oh, my goodness... I really hope they have a lot more than this before ruing one of the most impecable careers in the History of Opera.
Sorin Preda
Sorin Preda:
My personal opinion : ☝️a wrecked biittcchh
jose miguel
jose miguel:
ahora ponéis una mujer que de eso se trata
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love:
and so
m skut
m skut:
I'm confused, so standing close to somebody is now sexual harrassment?
Isabel Mazanet
Isabel Mazanet:
This woman is unworthy, after 30 years! And, did he sleep with him for his profession?. Oh!, Please!!!!
Klondike Blame
Klondike Blame:
Alright, I dont care.
foresaken to none
foresaken to none:
Singing..."Nobody wants me Anymore"...
American Paisa
American Paisa:
Just now lady?
Come on...🤦🏻‍♂️
Innocent until proven guilty
Scaramouche da Vinci
Scaramouche da Vinci:
The death of Benny Fredriksson was initiated by the MeToo movement! Afterwards it turned out, all allegations were wrong.
RainyZ Bluz
RainyZ Bluz:
I don't like what people speak about the sexual harassment after they already had they careers
Those kind of Feminist women that are always saying Evil things about man they are all going to Die, when Jesus returns. Matthew 12:36 "But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken."
Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior
Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior:
Notice how she only says this After her career is over.
Super Saiyan
Super Saiyan:
Couldnt say anything while you were employed. Jeez no backbone
Oh snap 😱🤯🍿🍿🍿🥤‼️
Beto Ortiz
Beto Ortiz:
Cosny Axtros
Cosny Axtros:
Taras Demchyshyn  Conductor & Clarinetist
Taras Demchyshyn Conductor & Clarinetist:
it is very unfortunate to observe how the modern world is bullied by such high levels of singers it is possible to tell the treasures of the present with some dirty gossip on the Internet.
everyone wants only money and money! Make such scandals a sensation for the sake of money and the humiliation of such a famous, best singer, maestro in the world.He is 78 years old! What scandals can be discussed!we should be grateful that at this age he continues to delight people with his wonderful singing and music. if an old grandmother lies about a story of 30 years ago why should I believe her? Who is she anyway?and why are well-known music orchestras and online publications going for it? I know about Placido as a great man with a big heart from his divine voice and music and not from the internet or any scandals as is now fashionable in the world. The world has changed a lot and people are greedy and angry Unfortunately, they began to think only for the money.
I'm deeply disturbed, disgusted as well as shocked to see how easy it has become for us women to destroy within seconds not only the life of an individual but of entire families! What on earth is going on? These are all allegations - where is the solid evidence? The findings of an investigation committee? What ever happened to the good old "innocent until proven guilty"?

Apart from all this: if women value their possible career higher than their dignity and pride ... then they're simply prostitutes trading sex for a role and career. If I were the judge I'd simply throw out and dismiss cases where we women "remember" only after decades that we got back then sexually harassed or raped ... by a today rich and famous man. Interestingly enough I've never heard of a ... taxi driver or a truck driver being accused!

All these stories are ridiculous to say the least; all these wanna be "celebrities" want is their 5 minutes of fame after all. Add to this that those Opera Houses where (in this cases) Placido Domingo was in charge weren't and aren't the only Opera Houses in the world. All they needed to do back then (if he truly harassed them) is to blow the whistle on him and move on to another Opera House. Where's the problem really?!?!
Tammy Powell
Tammy Powell:
How many years ago it happened?
DECiNERGY | Expressiver Realismus
DECiNERGY | Expressiver Realismus:
US-"Girls" 😉✌🏻🇪🇺
Great now the other women in her profession, who were strong independent and empowered enough to sleep their way to the top, to make their dreams come true by any means necessary...will have to climb on the MeToo band wagon, and denounce Placido, if they don’t want to be shamed as a whore?
Johnny Goode
Johnny Goode:
William Baker
William Baker:
I need evidence not accusation
Brick Sprickly
Brick Sprickly:
Hey!! It's Enrico Palazzo!
Latin men, it's in the blood.
B Black
B Black:
Geez, this comment section is so toxic. I respect her for being brave enough to come forward and be honest despite the MANY folks who are going to attack her for this just like the people in this comment section are. I can onky imagine the death threats she's probly already recieved. I hope this inspires any other women harassed by this man to come forward as well and shine a light on this problem.
Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior
Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior:
An old woman wants the attention she had in her youth again,
Whoop de do.
Sally Ram
Sally Ram:
What a times sorry guys now everything is sexual harassment, what it was a flirt before now a sexual harassment but only to personalities money money money .
M. Rici
M. Rici:
Oh oh the women in coma woke up exact when the new law came to be . Dr. Ford followers 😠
Funny how you speak out after it becomes no longer financially viable for you.

Report it when it happens or keep quiet. No one believes you.
Scaramouche da Vinci
Scaramouche da Vinci:
Denunciation has high culture! This is not uncommon now victim-victim reversal. Keyword: Benny Fredrikson.
cn 250
cn 250:
Mr Rodgers??
L J A:
Who's next?
Brandon Huggins
Brandon Huggins:
cant do nothing about it if you tell them 50 years later
Ugh not another one. These women are so annoying.
😕There must be more to this story, otherwise it seems a lot of nothing. So what if he asked her to stay and she said no?🤷‍♀️ Being a horney old goat isn't illegal, just toss 'em an empty can to gnaw on and walk away. 🐐🤺
alexandra stevan
alexandra stevan:
what a horrible false woman
Why Women are coming out with their stories now #meetoo?
Andy M
Andy M:
Maybe if he had a thing for burn victims.
Berny Sutton
Berny Sutton:
Primero andan de calientes y luego se quejan.
Donna Magrath
Donna Magrath:
If we accused every man of sexual harassment who made a flirtatious suggestion towards us when we were young, we'd all be millionaires by now. And so would the lawyers. Leave the bloke alone for God's sake. He was just a young man keen to hook up with a pretty girl. It's been that way forever and will always be.
Ha,dam this has Oh poor me.lets find some rich guy and milk'em
Women are only good for one thing.If them an kick them.
Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior
Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior:
Rape Shield laws did exist back then, why wait?
B M:
This is just slander at this point, I hope he takes her for everything she owns...
quinn hendley
quinn hendley:
wherever men have even a scintilla of power or authority ~ expect that sexual harassment has; will; or is continuing to happen. at all levels. in every country. in any occupation. #everywheremenare
Lil Rocket Mane
Lil Rocket Mane:
Time are nothing but smut peddlers
Jose DeJesus
Jose DeJesus:
How long Ago did this happen?
Nicumecu 2
Nicumecu 2:
This what happens when you give them rights..Lies and drama..
Coming to think of it: I believe we normal women should start a movement like e.g. "Not Without Evidence". These career and publicity hungry females are destroying our reputation. I would not be surprised if in the future men only talk to us through or with their lawyers present. How far can this nonsense be taken?!
Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior
Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior:
If she was telling the truth she would’ve gone to the police right after it happened and not waited years.
Just by looking at her eyes you can tell that she's lying as usual for a LYING BITCH.
She probably tried to seduce him and he rejected her. This type of behavior is very typical of women.
Psycho metoo strikes again. Watch it! Pretty soon your cat will accuse you of stroking her.
A. Walter Busse
A. Walter Busse:
So let me repeat this slowly: this lady is comming up with a story almost not able to hold back her tears.
What happened?? He was asking her: Do you go home tonight?? Thats all?
I dare you... I double dare you.. say harrasment one more fucking time!!!
Eternal Maria Callas
Eternal Maria Callas:
Why would Domingo want sexually assault a ugly looking piece of garbage, his standards are not sewer level.
Cosny Axtros
Cosny Axtros:
IN HIS SOCIAL NETWORKS «Before dedicating myself to real estate –explains the soprano–, I was lucky to sing opera as a soloist with some of the most famous artists, including Plácido Domingo and Mirella Freni. CREDIBILITY
Jason Gibson
Jason Gibson:
Do you have to go home? OMFG RAPE!
Get a life fuckstick!
Another fucking whore ruining the name of a legend.
Super Scared Corncutt
Super Scared Corncutt:
Is that it? Correct me if I'm wrong, he went up to her (maybe a little too close for comfort) and said "Do you have to go home tonight?", if thats the case then this is a fucking joke
B M:
If you sleep with someone for fame, money, or a job you are not a are a prostitute...
the ART of LaPierre
the ART of LaPierre:
"she sucked a horrible the flat keys..." - Placido Domingo
Mr. Tactical
Mr. Tactical:
Her face screams CASH GRAB! you know how lucrative the MeToo witch hunt has been for these ladies, they get talk show invites, sponsors, "Victim" Donations, media coverage, book deals, and list go's on. I've met real rape victim (WHICH HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN PROVEN) and the stuff they have been through is horrible. They feel ashamed, embarrassed, depressioned about what happened to them and the last thing they want is media attention. So when i asked them about the Metoo moment, almost all 80% said MeToo has made it worse for victims and how they feel that half (not all) of these women are making these claims up. Shame truly, fucking shame.
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody:
hahahaha ffs IF he did i bet she enjoyed it and IF she didnt then WHY not tell someone THEN ? Shes full of shit me thinks 😎
Bitch shut up
USA 1:
Not saying the singer is innocent but...Now? Lady seems bat shit
Mgtow Saved My Life
Mgtow Saved My Life:
Another lying bitch. Nothing new here.
Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd
Almighty God George Soros #420 #GetRekd:
Another MAGA scum gets taken down by justice. Thanks amazing lady for exposing the right-wing devils