Report: 9 Women Accuse Placido Domingo Of Sexual Misconduct

Placido Domingo is the director of the Los Angeles Opera and one of the most powerful and prolific men in opera. Kandiss Crone reports.


Few hours ago you could find NOTHING about Patricia Wulf. That make's me think ....
alexandra stevan
alexandra stevan:
this "me too thing" is becoming a witch hunt!!! Remember what happened to Morgan Freeman???
Highly Medicated
Highly Medicated:
Next they're going to be saying I was tryin to get in their pants
Adolfo Gonzalez
Adolfo Gonzalez:
Show me the đź’°
Veronica Williams
Veronica Williams:
I was there thank you
H4KD Games
H4KD Games:
He got me-tooed. His career is over
Gabriel Gambino
Gabriel Gambino:
Decades of Sexual Assault? This is why nobody wants women in the work place or for that matter, as friends! When they see fit to open their legs to better their career, they see nothing wrong with it. As these low life women move up the ladder or start a family and in many cases, need money, and after prostituting themselves for money, power or stardom, what they wanted in the very beginning, they claim no, it was not consensual, they were touched inappropriately or raped. It MUST stop! The Senate needs to pass a Statute of Limitations Bill to stop these money hungry low life women from ruining peoples lives! Until a statute of limitations bill is passed, men should continue using women and throwing them to the curb! Treat them like they want & wanted to be treated like, Money Hungry Call Girls!