Remains of Missing Kentucky Mom Savannah Spurlock Found

Police have found the remains of a young mother who disappeared six months ago. Savannah Spurlock, a 23-year-old mother of four children, went missing in Kentucky in early January after leaving a Lexington bar with three men. Authorities say they have now found her remains at a home in Garrard County. The home was checked after a foul odor was reported. A man who lived at the home has been arrested, authorities said.

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Beyond Tubular
Beyond Tubular:
Glad she was found, it hurts the most to hear when victims can't even get a proper burial
thomas plouffe
thomas plouffe:
Now two baby boys will never know there mother. Hope he gets the death penalty
Nothing good happens leaving a bar or a club at 3 am with a bunch of strangers.
James Dooling
James Dooling:
Never get into a vehicle with three men you've only known an hour... I'll pray for her sons.
Solid Chills
Solid Chills:
Damn now her 4 children will now grow up without a mother and a father. I hope he gets life in prison and dies slowly.
Guesem Arana
Guesem Arana:
What she did was stupid but nonetheless she didnt deserve what happened to her.
gina delsasso
gina delsasso:
4 weeks after giving birth! I didnt leave the house for 3 months after giving birth, except for doctors appointments.
John Wich
John Wich:
Why did she go out with strangers at night in the first place after giving birth 🤔
Rayne Lee
Rayne Lee:
Rip. At least she was found. At least the family can have confirmation. 😭 Hope the family is doing ok.
AdamGropper AG53
AdamGropper AG53:
My condolences to the family, my heart is broken for the baby twins that they will grow up without their mother.
Emily and Me
Emily and Me:
A break from the 4 week old kids should have only involved a bubble bath and good nights sleep, not a bar and a ride with 3 unknown males at 2am in the morning. Sad.
Real Christian.
Real Christian.:
She left with 3 strangers?
Why did she go with those men though? sad what happened but don’t go out with strangers ever
Vanessa Pavon
Vanessa Pavon:
She will never see her children grow up༎ຶ‿༎ຶ😭😭
suzanna brothers
suzanna brothers:
So sad that those precious boys won’t know their momma.
Cameron Ash
Cameron Ash:
Don't go with people you don't know.
Cyn La Texan xO
Cyn La Texan xO:
She took off with strangers because she wanted to have "Fun" Instead of being home with her newborns and her other children.. Now she is dead.🤷🤦
Clarissa Faye
Clarissa Faye:
This happened only an hour from where I live. Everyone was hopeful for a better outcome 😭 I'm just glad her family will have closure. RIP beautiful girl 🙏
Krystal M
Krystal M:
She shouldve been at home taking care of her newborns not at the club
marshall branin
marshall branin:
What was she doing with total strangers at 3 am? What do you expect to happen?
I'm not saying she shouldn't go out buy maybe if she stay in and left the party life for good those 4 kids will still have their mother, regardless is a sad situation and the perpetrators should face the maximum sentence.
Condolences to family and friends. What a shame! I hope justice is swift and harsh.
Omar Sharifi
Omar Sharifi:
It's sad to say but ladies if you ever go out at night please have some friends with you. You wouldn't want this to happen to you or anyone you care about.
Hi iH
Hi iH:
I feel horrible for her and her family but if I just had twins I wouldnt be taking a break partying.. Id be taking a break by napping or showering...
Shaylin Monk
Shaylin Monk:
23 4 kids and out at a bar after a month wow. Not saying she should be dead but she definitely was stupid and had literally no class. Sad her kids will miss knowing their mom.
Venus and Christy Vlogs
Venus and Christy Vlogs:
thats sad to grow up without a mother😔
The Happy Camper
The Happy Camper:
Don’t leave a bar ( or anywhere else ) with strangers!
Ana Barbara
Ana Barbara:
Seriously tho who goes out to a bar after 4 week's of having twin babies? I'd prefer to stay at home with my babies!
the adolescent parent
the adolescent parent:
Im a mother to twins.. this hits home.
She deserved better. My condolences to her family and her babies..
I stopped partying when i had my first child. I would go out to a friend house or out to eat.
ByeBitch 《
ByeBitch 《:
Who has twins a few weeks back and goes out in a tight skirt? Yuck.
What was she doing out, leaving her kids anyway?
Cadaver Dogs Should Be Mandatory In A Missing Persons Search Of Any Suspects House or Property.
What a Devastating Mistake.
Everybody makes poor decisions. *shrug* nothing really new.. Poor gal.. and kiddies 😔
Parents tells us dont talk to strangers.
Balenciaga Lifestyle
Balenciaga Lifestyle:
Wait what?! 23 with 4 children and has time to party and go out!? Of course it’s sad but come on! I have 1 and don’t have the time to go out?! Responsibilities and priorities ladies! Rip
Delores Heard
Delores Heard:
I'm sure she needed a break she had two boys and two twins, but wasn't expecting this long of a break. So sad. I have a son, and I couldn't imagine being away from him too long
Serasia: often ends this way, though we always hope otherwise. I'm not a parent but I've looked after lots of kids as a sitter and a nanny, and I know how difficult it can be, and how few moments parents have to themselves. It's rewarding having children but parents also have to think about their mental health, and they need to decompress after looking after children. It's rough, no matter how much you wanted kids. I wish she'd had a friend to go along with her that night, but maybe she just wanted to be by herself. Love and condolences to the family and friends. <3
K J:
I'm glad she's been found but this is heartbreaking especially for the family
Glad he was caught, he better get ready for prison. He is gonna get the biggest welcome of his life.
Wow that sad now the kids r motherless ☹️ rip savanna hopefully ur kids grow up to have a happy life
Elite Exposure
Elite Exposure:
She just had twins, whys she already ho-ing around?
isaiah thomas
isaiah thomas:
Did her drink get drugged
Smh why would she get in a vehicle with people she barely even met? People gotta be little smarter than that.
Plaq IOS
Plaq IOS:
give all prayers to the family of savanna ❤️ Rip.
EDUSA Diaz-54
EDUSA Diaz-54:
Too many thoughts 💭 in my brain to comment.

Emojis; 🧔🏻👱🏻‍♂️👱🏾‍♂️+👩🏼 / 🧐😲😮😧😵. 🙁☹️
Rest In Peace!

For future women that decide to go to clubs or bars or even men, have a friend with you. A good friend that has a brain and makes good decisions when you don’t have none!
Alicia Mutheu
Alicia Mutheu:
This is so sad. I really was hoping for another turn out. I feel bad so very much
I hope the killer gets the punishment he needs.
Should not go out alone by yourself clubbing too many crazy people in this world want too harm women
Tina Hang
Tina Hang:
So we just going to ignore the facts the Cops didn't find her the first time 💅🤔
Betty Kegley
Betty Kegley:
She just had twins and has 2 other kids, but thinks it’s a good idea to get into a truck with some guys she may have just met? She should have been more worried about getting home to her kids. Nobody deserves this and I’m sorry for her and especially her kids, but this is a lesson to be learned. Don’t get into a vehicle with people you barely know! From a bar!
Juan Ruvalcaba
Juan Ruvalcaba:
A little break from mommy duty so she's hanging out with a bunch of guy's, "really" and where's her man the father of the twins she just had? She put herself into that situation.
Anais Gouati
Anais Gouati:
I feel so bad for her family and especially her twin sons who will never meet their mother
L Coters
L Coters:
" A break from mommy duty." More like, lookin to lay on her back and breed again.
LogiK Frwit
LogiK Frwit:
Damn, 4 boys now will never have there mother for them. Hope he gets the death penalty.
Potara Gaming
Potara Gaming:
“Nothing good ever happens after 2 am” remember that :/
Maggie Merlino
Maggie Merlino:
this is so heartbreaking i pray for those little boys
Silux Khan
Silux Khan:
Her kids will grow up without her. Very heartbreaking.
Tony Amati
Tony Amati:
I don't want to judge her, but I feel like ditching your 4 children to go hang out at a bar with strange men should have never been a priority in her life. No offence, but look where it got her. I feel really badly for her children.
Amya. Sutton
Amya. Sutton:
God I hate this world an the sick people in it .
v Happy
v Happy:
"After giving birth to twins" 😑😑

Im sure she wouldn't of gone missing if she was at home taking care of her babies 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Miranda K.
Miranda K.:
Thank you god for giving her family her body.
Heather Nikki
Heather Nikki:
It's not victim blaming to point out that she made bad decisions that contributed to this. 4 weeks after having 2 babies she goes out alone and meets up with 3 men? Why??? No she didn't deserve it but come on. This was preventable. Again she did not deserve it and he deserves to be drawn & quartered. He would have hurt another woman , no doubt.
Marcos Villalobos
Marcos Villalobos:
Well she should've go to her house instead of hanging out with 3 strangers she met at one of the most horrible places you can meet someone A BAR so
Marty Versitti
Marty Versitti:
Thats why you dont leave with strangers. Never!!!!
suvignan pothuraju
suvignan pothuraju:
It's really sad to see and hear the news of another murder of woman after the devastating news of Mackenzie Lueck.
Yahaira Y Loera
Yahaira Y Loera:
Instead of staying at home taking care of her newborns and recovering she decides to go out!! But she didn’t deserve what happened to her.
Angel sixx
Angel sixx:
After 11 years I'm starting to have some fun (nothing crazy) just doing things i like... but 4 weeks? Jesus !
John citizen
John citizen:
another killer we get to pay, TO KEEP ALIVE. that sound like punishment to you ????
gacha tube
gacha tube:
My heart is broken to hear that the mother of two handsome twin brothers has died and will never get a chance to see her babies again
R. D.
R. D.:
Despite such a wreckless decision, this should never happen, so many lives changed forever. Rip
Damn just had twins and was already out smh where was her babies fava at? R.I.P to the victim though, yah ladies need to be careful out there 💯
Jennifer Coleman
Jennifer Coleman:
Omg......this breaks my heart.
Why in God's name would she get in a truck with men she just met? You can not do things like that in today's world! She should have had a close girlfriend with her if she wanted a night out, and not go anywhere with men you do not know! She already had 4 kids, was she seriously looking to hook up? SMH
Shauhara Rojas
Shauhara Rojas:
Heavenly Father except her with open arms into Your Kingdom. God Bless her precious baby's heal their broken hearts your Your Mighty name Father God I Pray Amen.
ghost walk
ghost walk:
Well at least you idiots found her the second time around
Mr Ch33seHed
Mr Ch33seHed:
And this is the reason I dont wanna have kids. Psychological impaired people destroying lives every second somewhere.
keto mo
keto mo:
3 men you dont know for a woman leaving a bar in the middle of the night? practically gift wrapped herself to become a victim
WEE A GEE IT'S canon up 24hr 7 days
WEE A GEE IT'S canon up 24hr 7 days:
Why would she leave with them weirdos in that old as raglee truck she was to beautiful to just disappear with a few creeps rip to her sad
Gripit L
Gripit L:
So sad. I’ve had strange men offering me rides when I was just on a walk. We have to be very careful.
That poor girl..those poor babies never getting to know their mom. prayers for their family and the little sones
Not a single detail in this clip is correct ... wow inside edition making me rethink how I watch TV
Kenny Fernandez
Kenny Fernandez:
Rip we rather you keep living on
Sarah G
Sarah G:
Should've taken care of your kids. instead of meeting guys
Broke News!
Broke News!:
She took the quote seriously”you can do whatever you want to”
Jackie Husein
Jackie Husein:
Aww how devastating. Fly sweetly ❤ 🌹 ❤ with the angels Savannah. Those two precious twin boys don't get to see their mom. This breaks ❤my heart so much.
Something with this story is not correct. From the beginning. Who goes out after a month of giving birth and where is the father? Why’s she leaving with men? Why is she out alone at night in the first place for her first time out
Why would she get into a pick up truck with people she's never met before? This is why women should be stay st home moms while us men do the heavy lifting.
Gave birth and then went out to party 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Sandy Rodriguez- A nation under God
Sandy Rodriguez- A nation under God:
🙏 may you rest in peace now
Jennifer S
Jennifer S:
So sad. My deepest sympathy to the family will pray for them 🙏♥️
Meaghan Kennedy
Meaghan Kennedy:
Oh my god, my heart.... i was praying she was alive
Y T Comment Police
Y T Comment Police:
Never is it her fault but ladies.......LADIES.....3 MEN U DONT KNOW???????? come on now please be aware and use caution......dont leave with strangers
loretta d
loretta d:
I wonder why they haven't identified the other 2 'gentlemen'...
Marie Lee
Marie Lee:
😥 truly sad story but women still have to remember to always be careful dont be out by yourself
daniela rossi
daniela rossi:
*never go out with strangers, let alone Three men!!*
Someday Melanin Momma
Someday Melanin Momma:
Prayers and condolences to this family! I feel sorry for these baby boys I hope they have a father or other family members that can raise them. 😭😭😭
Should of never been thottin
josh chigurh
josh chigurh:
Been waiting to here about this. Glad its solved but very unfortunate and sad
deadmeme_lover OwO
deadmeme_lover OwO:
This scares me that this happened wear i live. But im glad she was found