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Let's face the facts, Jordy Nelson didn't live up to the hype coming to the Raiders, he couldn't stay healthy and didn't produce as expected!
We don’t need jordy! We got AB Williams and atemen
Jordy is old slow and wanted to be a packer!
Kalai Dolfo
Kalai Dolfo:
I don’t see jordy working out with Carr during the off-season . Brown came and is building chemistry.
Did jordy help light a fire under coop? So we need a alpha personality
We signed 2 WR to big contracts. Maybe jordy doesn’t wanna be the 3rd WR
Jonny Augz
Jonny Augz:
Jordy is a nice guy but is past his prime. It's that simple.
Andrew Duran
Andrew Duran:
Glad they released Nelson
So Cal Hispanic
So Cal Hispanic:
I hope they keep Cook now that they freed up some cap space with releasing Jordy and Aj!!
Seth Roberts is way faster than jordy Nelson
TROUBLE Fallen Angel
TROUBLE Fallen Angel:
Jordy Nelson is old and thats why the packers let him go and we seen it this year he is slow and with AB and Williams been 1and 2 Jordy nelson is going lose to Atmen watch and if we go after a WR in the first round we are going have the deadliest WR trio in the NFL
Omc 559
Omc 559:
Maybe making more space for cook
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez:
I think in the draft we should draft Devin white with the 4th pick he’s a really good linebacker and in the 24 we should get a defensive end not sure which one but the best available and with the 27th we should get a corner and with the 2 Nd round pick we get a tight end
Jordy's fate wasn't because of the AB signing. It was because we hired Mike Mayock. He knows what he's doing.
Jack Ramsey
Jack Ramsey:
I'm not worried about losing Jordy. However losing Cook wouldnt be too good. I dont know if Waller can make up for the loss of Cook. Oh and Mikey, you need to edit your intro so it doesnt cut out where you removed a couple words. Not trying to be nasty just a small piece of advice
Arturo Granados
Arturo Granados:
I like Seth Roberts better than J. Nelson.
Fernando Gomez
Fernando Gomez:
I think we should put kolten Miller at right tackle and and put Parker in the guard position
Andrew Duran
Andrew Duran:
They will get rid of Seth
Bernando Turner
Bernando Turner:
Jordy Just Wanted A Check'! Raider folk that Writes the Check's for the Players' are not having that nonsense.🤧🤪
Jordy is too expensive and old and the team needs to get younger... we can still draft marquise brown at 27
A name for the Carr/AB bromance: Carrtonio.
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar:
Jordy Nelson could leave the f out.
AB better 100 x
Never die Mikey!!!
Cut Seth and penn
Andrew Duran
Andrew Duran:
Nelson was way to slow
Shay Perry
Shay Perry:
Power over the WR core RNFL!!!!
Melvin Barlow
Melvin Barlow:
Remember he's a professional ACTOR!!!🤔🤔🤔
k block
k block:
dudes got brushed yo 🏴
So Cal Hispanic
So Cal Hispanic:
Roberts needs to go next!
Abel Gomez Jr.
Abel Gomez Jr.:
Best of 53 man roster only
OC Run
OC Run:
Fitzpatrick. Resign Cook. OLB Houston.
Jasmine Young
Jasmine Young:
Headphones for draft so we don’t hear sound
Jason Sheets
Jason Sheets:
Let me help you on this one... think of it as good cop, bad cop... firstly... Antonio, is a beast!! made for sin city!!! made for $$$... Carr and Nelson, aren't exactly, sin city material!!! and one is overpriced, expendable... the other, is a mans man, yet, still, expendable!!! sooooo, you have Antonio, start shit, with both!! ;) get them annoyed... one wants to leave, one, has no choice!!!! and then, enter scene, Kyler Murray!! orrrrrr... Mr. Haskins!! ;) now you have sin city material!! for cheaper, combined, and better!!! combined... once its done, more $, more free agents!! no1 likes the jesus shit anymore!! especially, if your a Sin City Raider!!! ;)

Toouucchhhhhdddooowwwwn, Raiders!!! ;) smart play coach... and league!!
Melvin Barlow
Melvin Barlow:
Chris Hogan smh it's blatant this guy
kagnazz da campagna
kagnazz da campagna:
Why not?
Cut Seth Roberts
Speak the Truth
Speak the Truth:
Bring back EJ Manuel on veteran minimum, knows the system better than Peterman
TROUBLE Fallen Angel
TROUBLE Fallen Angel:
The saying someone trash is someone else gold will Jordy Nelson was just trash all around and we was the only WR the we had in our team with talent and experience he just old listen a young Jordy Nelson ok but he last long with the packers because they had WR the were deep treat if you go and see Nelson big plays the last few years it was from the slot or a ok CB was on him or were broking plays where Rodgers keep the play alive AB and Williams are dangerous they can't double cover both one is going put the 🔥 on we good more money and more playing time for our young WR the will benefit from Ab and Williams and plus they younger faster then Nelson next move fire Tom cable
Clearly something happened to make him find his way to the door so they why they cut him obviously makes sense
Jordy looks like a serial killer in that picture they showed of him on the network
Still upset over the Jordy Nelson release. I’m been trying to figure out a valid reason for the release but I can’t. He wasn’t pricey and once Carr started targeting him he was playing at almost the same level he was in Green Bay. Gruden said he wants the best receiving corp and imo Jordy, AB, and Tyrell Williams would’ve been the best receiving corp in the NFL. Really dumb move.
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Aaron Ward
Aaron Ward:
Lizzy Love
Lizzy Love:
Raiders Blackhole
Raiders Blackhole:
Jordy should have been cut, lafell and seth is better than him, and we haven't even mentioned him, Seth and Jordy should go
Raider Nation Bavaria
Raider Nation Bavaria:
Raider Rocha1974
Raider Rocha1974:
No disrespect to Jordy, but I didn't like his body language. He reminded me of Cooper, and he to me lacks passion. It almost seems like he wishes he was still in Green bay but bitter he has no choice but to play for Oakland. Just sayin
They're going to bring in a rookie for Antonio Brown to mentor. We have to build for the future
Melvin Barlow
Melvin Barlow:
And he's copying the raiders report with the put fc if you want to fire cable and he wonders why he gets flagged then plays the sympathy role and begs for donations. This guy is a joke and a scammer but blames the NFL and YouTube. Mikey is a dirt bag.
R Phillips
R Phillips:
Mikey since they released Jordy I got a feeling there going after the WR from Mississippi in the draft

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