Pro-democracy protests turn violent as Hong Kong airport cancels flights again | ABC News

Protesters, angry that their demands aren't being met, blockaded entryways with luggage carts and targeted airport officials and police, at one point even detaining a reporter for state-run media. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 'WORLD NEWS TONIGHT': WATCH OTHER FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: #ABCNews #HongKong #HKG #Protests #

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Frank Lord
Frank Lord:
The guy was almost killed. Why does ABC News cut those bloody footage?
Eddie Z
Eddie Z:
it has been this much of violence since 3 weeks ago, you were just not reporting it.
Shame on you double standard US media!
Last Ace
Last Ace:
The truth is, the mojority of western people have nerver been to China. However, a lot of Chinese including international students and tourists actually have been to western contries.
And the westerners thought they know China more than those Chinese people. lol.
Jordan Zhou
Jordan Zhou:
He is a reporter! A journalist! Just from a different side. This is the freedom u want? Only one voice is allowed!
Kevin Sanchez
Kevin Sanchez:
I hope the folks trying to storm Area 51 have this much determination...
May I ask why not play the crowd beating Fu Guohao video?
Jeff Young
Jeff Young:
I have been a fan for abc world news for a long time. In this report, it shows FU JIAN Chinese letters on the highway entrance. This province is far from the border of HK.
He’s a reporter from mainland China and he was mauled by the angry crowd(thugs). This is not the right way you fight for the freedom.
"Pro- Democracy" or " Anti-China" ???
I support HK police and now y'all can hit me ! why you cut these part?
Doyoukown Uay
Doyoukown Uay:
Hahaha. This is pro democracy? So pro democracy equals pro criminals?
Alvarez Abel
Alvarez Abel:
Protesters attack police= democracy, fighting for freedom
Police attack protester= violent act
Shame on the press
Aakun123 Genius
Aakun123 Genius:
shame on the double standards and biased report from western media. The video has been cut, played without showing the journalist was kicked and injured by thoes rioters
Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang:
Thie violence in HK, is NOT because of HK young men, but because of western media.
Raza Khan
Raza Khan:
ABC= Another propaganda mouthpiece of US regime. This is not about democracy for USA. America has a long history of supporting dictators and terrorists and toppling democratic governments. This is about countering the rise of China. US wants to be the only dominant power in the world and doesn't want China to have any influence even in its own backyard.
Harvey Freeman
Harvey Freeman:
ABC, protesters tie someone to luggage cart. Can this be done in Australia? Anyone can take law in their own hand in Australia?
turns violent? The protest been violent for the entire month. Will you guys just call this a riot already like what you did to BLM.
The video shows troops have gathered in board next to HK is wrong... that’s not the correct video man!!! The boarder city is Shenzhen not Fujian
R. A.
R. A.:
A Hong Kong woman who lived in the US and recently travelled back to Hong Kong told me herself how she, following Western news when she was in the US, thought the police were exercising violence on the protester, and how she found out the truth once she got back to Hong Kong. WESTERN MEDIA ARE ALL LIARS!
Sydney dorono
Sydney dorono:
How about show footages of that poor journalist attacked to almost death by “peaceful protesters” ?
Nirvana Ann
Nirvana Ann:
Attacking journalists
for on-scene reporting
is not tolerated
anywhere in the world!!!
They tied up and beat two men, held them like hostages, who are these “protestors” to do that?! It was heartbreaking to watch the live stream last night...
yonggang li
yonggang li:
I start to know what really happened in Tiananmen 1989 now. I watched live television last night,what I saw is the violent protesters attached innocent passengers from mainland Chine, one of the passenger is the 23 years old journalist from Shenzhen, he said: I support Hong Kong police, you can beat me now. Then this journalist been violent beaten and pass out. After that the riots blocked the way of rescue team for more than one hour, I don’t know why ABC news just ignore these.
Leo Kiddle
Leo Kiddle:
They beat an unarmed civilian, besieged the police, and smashed the airport. If these happen in the US, what will the police do?
Joe ExtraKnow
Joe ExtraKnow:
Most of them pretty young, though, under 20. To me they are rioters. Attacking cops like this would not happen here in USA. They will get shot for sure here.
Terry Normalcy
Terry Normalcy:
Damn, this is getting crazy.
As an American,I am amazed China has tolerated this nonsense for so long. This violent mob has been terrorizing Hong Kong, not just government officials and police, but bystanders who disagree with them or are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The more they behave like this, more and more people will turn against them. It's also hypocritical of the US to lecture China when we say nothing when Israel guns down protesters, medics and journalists in Gaza, and US allies like France, Honduras, and Haiti violently crack down on protesters in a way which China has refrained from so far.
ZERO coverage of mobs beating Chinese reporter at Hong Kong Airport from Hong Kong media. Shame on HK media, FxxK!!!
TZ Kwan
TZ Kwan:
Western media cover these violence since the start of chaos. These media only tell you some truth because they can not cover it up any more.
Zixuan Cui
Zixuan Cui:
It has been like this violent since 1 month ago but all your western media did was editing the videos and convince people that police are doing wrongly attacking to those people who r " peacefully force CHINA to reply".
Jamies Lee
Jamies Lee:
shame on you !! are you blind ??? "I support HK police and now y'all can hit me !" why you cut these parts?
Elvis W
Elvis W:
This is not protest, this is killing and murdering innocent unarmed individuals just because of their nationality.
feng chen
feng chen:
Our countrymen, one of whom was just an ordinary tourist, was treated as a public security officer who fainted just because our ID card would write the name of the police station where he was located. Another of our reporters, an Anfen, did not do anything, that is, to interview.
And hit in the head, you told me it was called democracy?
That's really democratic.
Bowei Cheng
Bowei Cheng:
If this is not called terrorism, what is terrorism?
rzp08 zrp
rzp08 zrp:
Two people, not just one as ABC mentioned, were held hostage and beat by the protesters at the airport. ABC needs to get the fact right.
Guan Max
Guan Max:
Since when my hometown Fujian become the border of HongKong?
assault police officer.
these group just pure criminal.

force the government to reply on their demand?
sound like a terrorist to me.
Liang Ke
Liang Ke:
Two innocent people were tied to luggage cart and beaten till almost passed out, this is PEACEFUL PROTEST GONE WRONG! It's purely VIOLENCE!
Suzumiya Haruhi
Suzumiya Haruhi:
Obviously being pro-democracy meant that you attack whoever that was not with you, including bystanders.
chen mark
chen mark:
The crowd is beating innocent Chinese Citizens, this is getting out of control.
Jake Tom
Jake Tom:
Pro democracy = pro violence = pro west= pro lying
Zombie in Hong Kong, I don't think they are part of Hong Kong. Shame on them.
Jing Sun
Jing Sun:
As a media, you should be shameful for your report.
YouTube restricts the traffic of many Chinese videos that are good for Hong Kong police and expose some truth. Some videos that are not good for the protesters can only be praised, but they can only be evaluated. After watching, the playback volume has not increased. In addition, the video and even the seal number are deleted.
No need to care about the U.S media anymore even trumps say they r fake news
Zhe-Chen Wang
Zhe-Chen Wang:
US supports Hong Kong protesters millions of dollars this year, hitting Hong Kong Economy as well as US Economy.
Stephen Chen
Stephen Chen:
If anyone or any groups still supporting this protest, please stop. Look at what they are doing right now. Frustrated with Government is one thing, but it can not be the excuse to attack police officers and harass innocent travelers.
Arcana Imperii
Arcana Imperii:
Hong Kong protesters - the world supports you, but please don't become violent. Exercise peaceful non-cooperation. Block streets, block highways, sit down and refuse to move, block government buildings, but please don't become violent you will lose the support of the world and you will justify China to bring in a heavy hand and crush the demonstrations.
I am from mainland China, the foreign media report is not true! Only film the police, not the demonstrators attacking the police
pa pa
pa pa:
There is always an excuse to be violent in the name of God, in the name of democracy, in the name of freedom, and even in the name of human right. All those people are liars.
Yang Cao
Yang Cao:
The US Army M320 Grenade Launcher is in the protesters' hand. There is no denying that the US is the black hand behind HK's chaos.
If these HK rioters were in the US or UK, they would have been already shot dead after they attacked the police officers.
Irvin WC
Irvin WC:
When China has had enough of the protesters. They will come down on them with an iron fist. Just like in 89'. Then, Americans will realize why we need a 2nd amendment. That's it's purpose!
The Dominator
The Dominator:
When GTA 6 will release soon ???
Stephen Ye
Stephen Ye:
F...king media misleading people and distorting the fact, those protesters tied people up and have been beating them for hours, throw the stones and Molotov cocktail to the police. If you guys call that democracy, you guys should be tied up and torture like that
Imagine 20 years later when these "protesters" have status in the society. I bet they wouldn't even hesitate to pull out a firearm against newer protesters. When they are the protester, protesters are correct. When they are being protested, protesters are wrong. Simply put, ultimate selfishness.
gaogle censors
gaogle censors:
Here's the thing.... If you shine a laser in my eyes, I'm going to put a hollow point in you.
*This is not terrorism. Would USA call it terrorism if our rights were at risk? No, they would say we are fighting for our rights.*
Lizy Liz
Lizy Liz:
The reporter was not just tied. He was tortured, gang beaten and the rioters even try to burn his eyes with laser pointer. The whole ordeal was broadcast live!
I support HK police and now y'all can hit me !
Wane felicia
Wane felicia:
Solidarity with ANY human seeking LIBERTY✌✌
Keats Yo
Keats Yo:
It looks like western country will allow these “ pro-democracy peaceful protesters” appear in their countries. What a funny joke.
Linda Li
Linda Li:
why they are wearing masks? scared of being recognized by people?
Hong Kongs Airport represents 5% of Hong Kong GNP. The protests have hit the economy hard. Did they think China would stand by for long. I believe in the freedoms Hong Kong has that Mainland China do not. Be safe everyone..
christine schmidt
christine schmidt:
It is the beginning if the end of george soros and end of product globalisation
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lilly:
YouTube partners with the tricoms. I will continue to report the massive amounts of shadowbanning YouTube is doing
baller desu
baller desu:
rofl, look all those chinese bots and fake likes
Andrew Huang
Andrew Huang:
If this is a democracy, I don't want it.
ben h
ben h:
Pro-democracy? Wearing mask in protest without permit? This is a crime if happens in Canada. Bill C-309
Preventing Persons from Concealing Their Identity during Riots and Unlawful Assemblies Act.
Some truth:
1. The majority of those protesters are getting paid for protesting. Some Bad funds pay them to make HK chaos;
2. Those protesters don't love HK. their ultimate goal is to destroy Hong Kong economy, they can't represent millions of innocent quiet hardworking and kind HongKong people.
3. The protesters have been attacking the police. But the HK Police are toooooo nice to them.Respect to HongKong Police!
4. That girl's right eye was actually hurt by her protester teammate NOT police. Video already proved that. But the protesters lied and accused the police did that.
Peter Peng
Peter Peng:
More like pro-violent protests
Honesty, this is ridiculous. It has no advantage of doing it inside the airport with a lot of foreigners who don't even care about it. WHY AIRPORT?!
I am transferring to Hongkong in a week... Ihope I can safely ride the plane.
Airport staff should put a heater on just the entrance about 40 degrees so that protestors leave the airport.
JUST CRAZY... please be over...
Nian Liang
Nian Liang:
Why did you expunge the recording where the journalist was suffering from mass brawl!?
Hong Kong belongs to China and Hong Kong is a part of China!
Shame on HK police!!! In states, people who beat cops will get 20 bullets!
darren wei
darren wei:
Umm tries to make HK gov listen by beating up a Chinese person? Perfect Logic ...

Even if u have beef against Chinese Gov why would u beat up random people just because of their nationality. Even if he was a spy, what has he done to ruin your freedom and democracy. He does not control the HK gov. This is brutality for the sake of brutality.
J. Lee
J. Lee:
China should do what USA did to Occupy Wall Street. PS. those Hong Kong protesters wear black masks, that really always remind people of TERRORISTS. US / UK manipulate these young protesters through NED / CIA to try to destabilize China. So better send them to US or UK, and see if the democracy over there love anarchy or not...
Why is it that CNN, BBC, DW, CNBC, MSNBC, etc., never host people who have opposing opinions on the matter?? Why are they only interested in voicing one point of view? What do you call it when "news" presents only one side? What kind of "news" is not interested in telling the truth?
Nexus Clarum
Nexus Clarum:
Start taking the riot police guns from them. You're gonna need them.
Max Sluiman
Max Sluiman:
No shit. The response of Trump had the word "me" in the scentence. Surprise surprise.
Lau Sonin
Lau Sonin:
The biggest problem is the people’s us versus them attitude.
spy reviews
spy reviews:
Trump : why are people blaming me ?
sophon block
sophon block:
the walking dead live action!
Victor Chen
Victor Chen:
Ur freedom, not mine. Let's make it clear, protests are fine. However, to attack innocent people, to stop the airport from properly functioning, and to hurt other people's ability to proceed with their lives should always be criticized and discouraged. There are people who don't believe in the freedom and ideals that those protesters have, but they have to suffer gravely for those protests. How is this oppression and authorian in another sense.
你们掩盖不了真相 这场事件马上就会过去 真相终会大白
jinke Wu
jinke Wu:
it is totally CIA organize riot ,not pro-democracy protest!
Troy Keeling
Troy Keeling:
Yes,hug your enemy.
MingYuan Wei
MingYuan Wei:
Those people betray their country and doing this violence activitiesfor $400-$500 per day(The anti-China organization fund them ). I am shame of them. China mainland provides them preferential political and economic policy and gas,water and electricity facilities,urban construction support,economy support etc and HK does not need to pay any taxs to China mainland. For other big city in China like Shanghai,they need to pay lots of tax to China government and they never betray their country.
Linda Li
Linda Li:
This group of riots are trying to kill people, it doesn't matter what identity is it! he is still human being!
So crazy!
Franklin Lockhart
Franklin Lockhart:
#hong Kong airport #It is 21st century and we still have people beating others up because of where they are from, their skin colors , their religious beliefs and their ideas. These protestor protest not because of their political views but their hatred towards mainland Chinese. I was in the airport last night and what I saw just made me feel extremely angry. Travelers are banned from boarding by these rioters. And they spit , beat, use racial slurs on mainland Chinese! Now, I urge the American community to understand the real purpose of these rioters and do not be fooled by them! I am a man free world, I know what democracy is and beating people up because of his nationality is not democracy. It is nazi !!!!!!! Plus my Taiwanese friend sent me this picture, he said he was harassed by the rioters because of speaking mandarin
Franklin Lockhart
Franklin Lockhart:
#hong Kong airport #It is 21st century and we still have people beating others up because of where they are from, their skin colors , their religious beliefs and their ideas. These protestor protest not because of their political views but their hatred towards mainland Chinese. I was in the airport last night and what I saw just made me feel extremely angry. Travelers are banned from boarding by these rioters. And they spit , beat, use racial slurs on mainland Chinese! Now, I urge the American community to understand the real purpose of these rioters and do not be fooled by them! I am a man free world, I know what democracy is and beating people up because of his nationality is not democracy. It is nazi !!!!!!! Plus my Taiwanese friend sent me this picture, he said he was harassed by the rioters because of speaking mandarin
Mike Hall
Mike Hall:
I love that you threw in "Donald trump said why do people blame me?"

Yeah. This is about donald trump, better throw that in. Jokes.
Democracy is worth fighting for, democrats in the West bend quicker than the oppressed
Lu Yang
Lu Yang:
Abc news good at cutting videos and changing order, so make a news as they wish. The police was beaten at first and many civilian were beaten.
Clard CR
Clard CR:
This is something you CAN do in China, but CAN'T do in America...very Democracy !! LOL
Subhankar Bera
Subhankar Bera:
Hong Kong protester you boder China miltery come city
Oh, it's affecting Americans' vacations. ABC is finally revealing the truth!!
Ket Yap
Ket Yap:
ABC , you are protecting the criminals in Hong Kong by demonise China and mislead people. China can be brutal and please do not be antagonistic, you are not the one who will face the China central government. The west, spearheaded by USA and Britian have used Gullible people as sacrificial lamb for political purpose. I fear for these innocent young people who are clearly misled, may pay for the ultimate price.
David Liao
David Liao:
Just think about those violent protesters are gathering in John F. Kennedy International Airport and all flights are canceled policemen are hit, one of the journalists is tied to the baggage car and tourists are beaten for no reason, what would your policemen do?

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