President Donald Trump: 'Chris Cuomo was out of control'

Donald Trump piled on Chris Cuomo on Tuesday after the CNN anchor uncorked a series of F-bombs at a man who called him 'Fredo' in public - and threatened to beat him up. The unidentified man claimed he genuinely thought Cuomo's first name was Fredo; it's the nickname conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh uses for the CNN host. Fredo Corleone was the dimwitted and disloyal older brother of Michael Corleone, the central character in 'The Godfather.' As CNN reeled from the public relations damage caused by one of its stars boasting to a viewer that he would 'f***ing throw you down these stairs like a f***ing punk,' the president weighed in. 'I thought Chris was Fredo also,' Trump tweeted. 'The truth hurts. Totally lost it! Low ratings @CNN.' Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:

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Refinery Dog63
Refinery Dog63:
Breaking News: Chicken Al-Fredo has been removed from CNN lunchrooms because of racial overtones
Cuomo is going to be now known as Fredo for the rest of his life.
Life in Common
Life in Common:
Outta control animal. Ha ha ha ha, love it.
Ike Swp
Ike Swp:
D&D Operations
D&D Operations:
Lol fredo needs to lay off the juice
I can not believe the times we are in 😂
My 2 Cents
My 2 Cents:
Remember when Fredo criticized the Covington kid for not walking away?
Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Dick Fitswell
Dick Fitswell:
Cuomo needs to be fired
A B:
Fredo lives matter !
NewYork Medical Marijuana
NewYork Medical Marijuana:
kevin cvalciuc
kevin cvalciuc:
Does this qualify as a RED FLAG law complaint against Cuomo? Im sure he has guns in his home but you cant.
This is a red flag on Cuomo. Let us hope he isn't armed. Cuomo should be reported to the proper authorities
to prevent any bloodshed by this nut.
American Paisa
American Paisa:
Fredo was out of control.
Ed Lancer
Ed Lancer:

Fredo ,fredo. FREDOOOOOOO !

Fredo 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👶
Captain America
Captain America:
Lol.... Chris Cuomo is fredo....... its funny to see Chris Cuomo out of control usually Chris is on cnn making stuff up and flirting with don lemon.
Pinball Pals
Pinball Pals:
Why does he keep calling Fredo Chris ?
Surprised there's no anonymous red flag call yet. He qualifies.
Insight Video
Insight Video:
Which is funny, because Cuomo called himself Fredo not long ago on CNN. What a clown.
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness:
I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart
Norm La Marche
Norm La Marche:
Chris having steroid rage? He's usually so...restrained 😂😁😀😃
CountryOverParty AmericaPhuckYeah
CountryOverParty AmericaPhuckYeah:
What timeline are we in?? You can't write this crap up... lol 🤣🤣
Harry Higgenbotham
Harry Higgenbotham:
Have the authorities been notified about Frito , they need to swat his house and get all his guns.
I sexually identify as that loud helicopter in the background.
I don't know what he did yet, but I like it already.
Todays dinner special?
William Baker
William Baker:
The only thing that could have made this better is if the president called him fredo
GJC 0621
GJC 0621:
Well done Chris. You shall now be known as FREDO for eternity. Moron.
Toxic Grunt
Toxic Grunt:
Fredo the Bandito... That will live on forever...
Red flag Fredo Cuomo.
How does this guy have time to watch TV all day?
Biffalo Bull
Biffalo Bull:
Dad was governor. brother is governor. and you work for CNN. that's what is really going on here.
Chris Cuomo should have reined himself in for his own dignity. If being called Fredo is such a trigger then work to deactivate it. And by the way being called Fredo is NOT the same as being called the N word. Not even close. You can do better Chris.
Arlene Iarossi
Arlene Iarossi:
it runs in the cuomo family
Andrew A
Andrew A:
This is why only mainstream media can interview this troll. They ask stupid irrelevant questions. How about asking him about his old pal that just “suicided himself” in his cell a few days ago.

Y’all know , who I’m talking about . Maybe she should have asked him about why he felt the need to lie about his feeling towards epstein.

Stating he never liked the guy. While video of them at parties and comments he has made in the past about epstein say other wise.
"Free the Fredo!"
Valerie Love
Valerie Love:
Fredo fits. I love it.
Eugene Sant
Eugene Sant:
Fire Fredo!
leftist vermin can dish it out but whither when it gets thrown back at them...and chris cuomo is now REALLY FREDO! LOL
Michael RS
Michael RS:
Fredo? A better Italian name for Chris Como is STRONZO 😄
Das UNO:
"you never seen me do that" bwhaha did you here the inflection in his voice when he said it? this man is very aware of his words and actions, VERY!
whatsyurprob ?
whatsyurprob ?:
FREDO CUOMO, is an 'ethically' bankrupt SELL-OUT who's going to GITMO.
Jimmy Cline
Jimmy Cline:
He says, I only go by Fredo from the people on the right! Lol!
hydra xc
hydra xc:
Fredo, why are you the most triggered Cuomo in rhe family? You've embarrassed them all again with your weaknesses. Time to go fishing.
Terry Crews
Terry Crews:
I cannot BELIEVE that they keep sticking a mic in this dickheads face....Then again, I DO understand why....
Rip Wheeler
Rip Wheeler:
Wow did you hear what Cuomo told that kid? He should be arrested. You talk about rich white privilege , that guy is it to a tee
John Nelson
John Nelson:
Attention attention news anchor Chris Como just committed character assassination on himself yes that's right news anchor Chris Como formerly known as Frodo career just ended
Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia:
Be very interesting in 2020, it will show who America is and becoming. Who ever wins
I sure hope that unstable Fredo doesn't own a gun.
Fredo should just calm down and stop taking Steroids!!!
Fred Poarch
Fred Poarch:
Christine Cumo Fredo is a sensitive, it must have been time for his monthly cycle.
Oh please, you swore the F bomb years ago on the news.
J Swett
J Swett:
Fredo is on that juice yo! lol dude is going to have FREDO carved into his gravestone
Oui Bay
Oui Bay:
What is up with all these over emotional CNN anchors? They either crying on the air or in their feelings like Drake.
Ivan Muniz-Brown
Ivan Muniz-Brown:
Cuomo lied when he said Fredo is a racial slur for Italians. It’s not. Nobody in Italy even know what Chris is talking about.
ricky coker
ricky coker:
For the rest of Mr Cuomo's life no one will ever have the nerve to call him that utterly dispicable used to it Fre, I mean Chris
John Mac
John Mac:
Hey Fredo - go get your shine box !
Mark Freedom
Mark Freedom:
Cursing language shows low self esteem and low body light. Hence , CNN Chris Cuomo is a low-life. It's just plain logic.
Sharad Majumdar
Sharad Majumdar:
Fredo was full of toxic masculinity! Where's my safe space?
dead space
dead space:
"you never saw me do that" haha i laughed so hard i nearly passed out
Hona Wikeepa
Hona Wikeepa:
Chris Fredo the clown is falling apart.
Bennie Mangle Jr.
Bennie Mangle Jr.:
And in my opinion, he should lose his job!
ALberto Martinez
ALberto Martinez:
To be forever known as 'Fredo' Cuomo. Hoe totally delicious. Totally.
robert dixon
robert dixon:
Pedro was a total out of contole demon crap..... he sure was tough on camera
Dark Knight
Dark Knight:
Chris got what he wanted...Racial Injustices he's claiming Racism, Racial slurs equivalent to the n'word...he is now officially part of the team...that was a career and highlight of his life time. He always says "own it" he can
Keenan Brooks
Keenan Brooks:
I gotta admit, we never had a president so damn entertaining before 😂
Animal control/Fredo Cuomo control!😏
The Law
The Law:
Fredo Cuomo has rage issues.
w p
w p:
Chris " Fredo" Homo went off because word's out that him and Lemon are playing "cornhole" without beanbags !
Meesta Meesta
Meesta Meesta:
I bet CNN is covering the hell out of this! 😉
chris fredo cuomo is on steroids. he was simply having roid rage.
" You are a much more reasonable guy in person then on television " lol!!
"I thought your name was Fredo"!
Haha..."You are in for it!"
Fredo, she was out of control!
Rk RK:
Free Fredo 🍌🤣
Hallands Menved
Hallands Menved:
What's the Cuomo-fool done now?
Sookie Jones
Sookie Jones:
Fredo just got red flagged by the chief
Mitchel Hitchu
Mitchel Hitchu:
"I guess his fist is not a weapon or he would have done something you know he talked about it but he didn't do anything". that part 😂
My 2 Cents
My 2 Cents:
Lol. Fredo, you broke my heart.
Marie Taffe
Marie Taffe:
Did he just say, you never see him do that. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Saniel Myst
Saniel Myst:
Fredo talks about it but doesnt do anything. Lmao
Janet Airlines
Janet Airlines:
The internet is going to eat this guy alive now. Let the memes begin😂😂
Jasper Perrywinkle
Jasper Perrywinkle:
Fredo wrecks the internet. !!!! Lol
Trainer Nomed
Trainer Nomed:
lol, snowflake
Eleazar Hernández
Eleazar Hernández:
Poor Fredo Cuomolione
Dub Nagrom
Dub Nagrom:
This will go down in history as Fredo and CNN's most watched clip. Hahahahaha
Gets called Fredo, proceeds to act like Fredo but better. Wants respect, he's smaat!
Diego Venegas
Diego Venegas:
Coming from a crazy bigot
Sheri Munson
Sheri Munson:
Oh Frado Calling people racist, natzi and all kinds phobias is okay. So you have now earned the name. Frado. Fraidie Frado
Gary Burke
Gary Burke:
Great words from a great Man.
He said, “ I’m an actor on CNN...”
Beast Slayer
Beast Slayer:
Who is Chris? I only know of this Fredo person
Michael Lynady
Michael Lynady:
A total & uncalled for insult - to Fredo Corleone 😂
Mr. Peanutbutter
Mr. Peanutbutter:
Streisand effect
blegh bleghinson
blegh bleghinson:
"It's like the n-word for us"

Okay, Frigger.
He is now known as Fredo'!
Bjorn Ironsides
Bjorn Ironsides:
Lighten up, Fredo.
Kevin Barletta
Kevin Barletta:
The shoe is on the other foot Chris🤔 🇮🇹🇺🇸🇮🇹🇺🇸
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love:
fredo just words
Fredo was way smarter than Cuomo
Has anyone seen Fredo ?

I'm gonna cook some al...FREDO. Anyone want some?