Poll: Joe Biden Leads President Donald Trump By 13 Points Nationwide | Hardball | MSNBC

Even as the President tried to parry reports that he's afraid of Biden, a new poll out today undercut him. The new Quinnipiac poll shows the President losing to Biden in a general election matchup by 13-points. » Subscribe to MSNBC: http://on.msnbc.com/SubscribeTomsnbc MSNBC delivers breaking news, in-depth analysis of politics headlines, as well as commentary and informed perspectives. Find video clips and segments from The Rachel Maddow Show, Morning Joe, Meet the Press Daily, The Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House with Nicolle Wallace, Hardball, All In, Last Word, 11th Hour, and more. Connect with MSNBC Online Visit msnbc.com: http://on.msnbc.com/Readmsnbc Subscribe to MSNBC Newsletter: http://MSNBC.com/NewslettersYouTube Find MSNBC on Facebook: http://on.msnbc.com/Likemsnbc Follow MSNBC on Twitter: http://on.msnbc.com/Followmsnbc Follow MSNBC on Instagram: http://on.msnbc.com/Instamsnbc Poll: Joe Biden Leads President Donald Trump By 13 Points Nationwide | Hardball | MSNBC

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Bobon Meiknob
Bobon Meiknob:
Slow down, I'm still celebrating Hillary's Victory in 2016. :-D
Lol polls.....
few faf
few faf:
yeah...i doubt it. Remember when New York Times said there was a 98% chance of Clinton winning? LOL
Joel Werre
Joel Werre:
Quinnipiac polls also gave trump a 25% chance of winning the election in 2016 so this poll is cold comfort and hardly news worthy.
Brad Lipka
Brad Lipka:
But... this is what happened in 2016?? Don’t trust these polls..
william hill
william hill:
He looked creepy the way he got in her face.
Winston Hicks
Winston Hicks:
I feel like I saw this before...
Biden was hired to sabotage the 2020 election and prevent a real progressive from winning
Marcus Darby
Marcus Darby:
Sleepy Joe really really wanted a kiss, then thought about who he really is. Reporter showed no respect 🤣 🤦 " You answer the question!"
Che Cardona
Che Cardona:
Of course its your polls duh!!
So was Hillary Clinton and look how that turned out.
Ikechukwu Onwuegbuna
Ikechukwu Onwuegbuna:
Hillary led till she lost. Trump has two terms and it matters not what fake news polls says.
Gilligan Charlie Brown
Gilligan Charlie Brown:
Research by Clowns reaps funny conclusions! (#Honk! times infinity!)
El Pachuco Loco
El Pachuco Loco:
Trump vs Biden only on pay per view! 12 rounds of boxing!! Let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!!!!!!
nakka badz
nakka badz:
Here comes the poll again. I dont know if the pollster manipulate the result or the voter trolling the pollster
Kitty Watson
Kitty Watson:
Oh Ya! I remember THOSE polls. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
Ah yes, because polls were so accurate in predicting the 2016 winner!!
mark price
mark price:
Polls taken at CNN ,so they are no way biased?
Michael Dolap
Michael Dolap:
This is hilarious polls...comedy at its best.....I think it's meant for Alec Baldwin... can we show the 2016 polls again...never learn ha..
P J:
MSNBC forget Joe Biden. What is it with MSNBC? Does Joe Biden have major stocks in you's that you have to promote him like this. I prefer Mayor Pete or Elizabeth Warren.
Willie WMS
Willie WMS:
For all polls, just subtract 20% from any democratic candidate and that's your real number right there.
George P
George P:
Trump, at the moment is working to allow prison inmates a 2nd chance
to obtain employment. something Obama/Biden never lifted a finger to do.
America sees the big picture,Trump is MAGA, middle America will be out in

full force again in 2020.
Jeff Pedersen
Jeff Pedersen:
Low energy Joe giving you a tingle Chris?
In Black America Radio
In Black America Radio:
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 POLLS! We dont trust no stinking POLLS!!!!
Boat adventures
Boat adventures:
Yup just like Hillarys polls so accurately wrong . It will be more tears & riots & hate crimes by the left in 2020.
Don Kenyon
Don Kenyon:
HEY!!!!!! MSNBC, are these the same poles that stated Hillary Clinton would win by over 90%????? Yea, we have not forgotten that either.
Quick Silicon Valley CEOs, initiate Voldemort algorithm for all of Joe Biden's racist political footage and transcripts...

Orange Man Bad...Sleepy Man Good
Da Choppah
Da Choppah:
Bwhaha. Meanwhile back here in reality, Trump can't find facilities large enough for his rallies.
45 state landslide on the way.
Marcos Pedroso
Marcos Pedroso:
*Eliminate the Electoral College Now* Then we can call ourselves a Democratic Republic.
Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones
Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones:
I want to hear the results of melania's STD test
][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll]
][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll]:
0:10 - Chris matthews always sounds like he cant control all the spit that's coming out of his mouth...
Jacob  Houk
Jacob Houk:
Creepy joe seemed creepy when he said look at me lol
Randy Tonner II
Randy Tonner II:
He’s just a groping version of Hillary. #JoeChina
👀 I remember when the polls in 2016 said that trump only had 13 percent votes in and KiLIARy had 87 percent!!!! 🤣
Just like killary. If Trump 'loses' then we'll know it's rigged
Da Choppah
Da Choppah:
45 state landslide on the way. Trump 2020.
Just stopped by for the laughs.
sherri richardson
sherri richardson:
It’s like they never learn. The 2016 election taught us to disbelieve what is being stated by all news venues. As I recall Hillary was projected to win until the last moment. Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CBS.........CNN became the worst of them. all credibility his been lost .... Americans will vote how we see fit. History tells us the good economy basically ensures a re-election for Trump. It’s generally the way it plays out. Who participates in these polls? I never have and I always vote. Most people would say the same.
Ash Roskell
Ash Roskell:
And, cue the Triggered Trollery 🤣
We don't elect the president according to a national vote it's state by state.
Michael Moon
Michael Moon:
How can any msm lie without smirking. Great acting talent, and even better pay checks
Lamont Hicks
Lamont Hicks:
I dont know about Biden..
james snow
james snow:
🔴 If you say Papadopoulos 5 times in a mirror
Meriana Kumtak
Meriana Kumtak:
Same MSNBC that said Donald will lose the election...
Seems pretty accurate (sarcasm)
I really like the way Biden speaks and the way he puts the Trump debacle into perspective. If I didn't know any better he would be my guy. However, Biden is my last choice out of all the Dem candidates because of the actual things he has done for the last 40 years. Biden is largely responsible for mass incarceration of cannabis users and has always been against a woman's right to choose. We can do better! I really like the idea of a Warren/Buttigieg ticket. Those two could actually MAGA after years of Trump tearing it down.
][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll]
][000l][ll0l000] [lll-lll]:
1:33 - Dang Joe.. That's a mighty fast change of emotions when she mentioned the word "stamina.." I'm thinking perhaps this insult hit closer to home...

Erectile Dysfunction is a common issue affecting more than 3 million people...
john hopkins
john hopkins:
As opposed to breaking results up in small pieces;
Perhaps, far more insightful/useful: A general question of will you be voting for a Democrat or Republican President?
(and/or: do you intend to vote a straight Democrat or Republican ticket?)
Time for Newsweek to send out magazines as Joe Biden as the winner like they did with Hillary 😂.
Natalie Deyton
Natalie Deyton:
Yes we need to believe these polls 😆
Really? You're kidding
Really? You're kidding:
Trump will win reelection.
Timothy Hickcox
Timothy Hickcox:
Who needs Biden? Old people with old ideas, that never worked and never will.
Ronnie McDee!
Ronnie McDee!:
Polls were probably done between 9-5
Mark Time
Mark Time:
Get Bernie&Tulsi, anything else will lead to more death and destruction.
Tymal Leco
Tymal Leco:
He basically said he like to prey on the weak. No wonder he get away with things. Evil man
Wahn Cologne
Wahn Cologne:
does biden give chris a tingle up his leg?
Mo Fo
Mo Fo:
It is time for Jailbait Joe to win...
Vincent Lindhorn
Vincent Lindhorn:
Stewart Professional Services
Stewart Professional Services:
Now your average Iowa voter we see may be thinking about help with the Flooding, the farms in the soy war with our chinese trade partners investing & buying our exports, like Soy. Talking about other figures may be early. Why give Biden any press? A good target would be Russia. Making a stand on Russian bad actors may make them respect him. No more hotel manger now! We can clip Putin at any time anywhere. Give the order & he is retired first. just like that. When you are in trouble like this, then a national emergency does suspend Habeous Corpus and can institute a military draft of 5 or 6 millions of 18-25 males, in a day. ( ironic) Set Defcon 3 and rattle the world. Have you ever tried?That would change the news cycle & rather quickly to giving him way more power. Worked for emperor palpatine in SW2 & SW 3?

Having the Russians and Chinese flush their forces would reveal weaknesses that we can detect and likely cause some mishaps for their boys, thus raising the stakes with these tribals. OK ,they could buzz Non Nuclear Iran's boats. Or attack a base in Venezuela. and likely take losses. Bad COIN exposure though. Everyone hates those small IRGC boats they use in the Strait of Hormuz, maybe? I would probably resign and spend down my Billion, that's me.
On fitness, Perhaps lower that Statin from 40mg daily to 30mg for a month, given the greater activity level & ease any symptoms, given his peer rated, 72-75, good cholesterols in check for now. No fatty foods ever again, & he will feel GRRRREAT. Freebie
Diplomacy takes years and pays off in your second term. Go in strong and set the terms of any battle or withdraw. The Fen Phen supplement seems harmless and for sinus. Sober as a judge & healthy as a horse, by a real doctor this time, and marked satisfactory for duty. No 25 amendment talk today. Torturing a senior with dementia charges, he has not really earned in car crashes and episodes in hospital, is unkind! Unsafe even given the man's responsibilities? Pick on Graham, he is so last year right? Friggin Graham and that Bill Barr!!
Kitty Watson
Kitty Watson:
MSNBC...Real people NEVER vote because of polls/peer pressure. We get over that in High School.
US Of Zion
US Of Zion:
Biden is a Corporate slimeball and will be doing what all Presidents has done, War. He's another establishment who yakes bribes.
New York to UK
New York to UK:
Fake poll. Did even one of you vote in this?? Pfft.
Kersen Sour
Kersen Sour:
The clown....🤡🤡🤡 con man 🤠🤠🤠 fake president 🤓🤪🤪
Stupid Durr
Stupid Durr:
High impact psychology, the shattering of ones core values. That which radiates the necessary crowd control authority at certain events and uneventfuls. Well enough then
Bernie for 2020!!!
David’s Ambriz
David’s Ambriz:
truth troll
truth troll:
Are you going to listen to polls again?, *_or are you all going to vote like your democracy depends upon it?_* *BECAUSE IT DOES!!!*
Golf 18
Golf 18:
Did VP Biden ever do coke with his son? Will Biden take a polygraph?
lola Mamacita
lola Mamacita:
How can our kids be safe from bullies in school when we accept one in the White House.
Robert McCoin
Robert McCoin:
Uh, sure. Uh, ok.
Trash talking and THUGERY IS MSNBC
Joseph Pace
Joseph Pace:
Trump is sharper than Biden, and Trump is a buffoon.
What was that???
What was that???:
Are these pills going to be as accurate as last time lol......the polls....the worst part is people actually look at these and are like "yeahhhhhh" hahah
I think we should let the Dems nominate Biden...
once nominated and debates with Trump
voters will se the difference, Trump energetic, Biden senile
lets see who wins ! ! ! !
Michael Moon
Michael Moon:
Biden looks as old as this anchor!
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson:
Well that's that. No point in having an election now.
The Missing Link
The Missing Link:
Sanders 2020
Man, Trump is really having a bad comb over hair day !
trans am
trans am:
And we should believe there poles
So funny! Here are the fake polls that had Killery Clinton winning in 2016 !!! Pathetic . . . Tragic.
league of lito
league of lito:
Joe leaning in.
Pan- Shot
Pan- Shot:
Creepy Joe at it again :)
its wakeuptime
its wakeuptime:
Just looking at the comments here is soo blatantly made up! Everybody is awake to the truth! They lie lie lie MAGA!
Shirley Andrews
Shirley Andrews:
None of these polls mean a thing if the Russians hack into our voting system.
California Girl
California Girl:
Trump is good at one thing - destroying other people competing with him.
These poll numbers don't include the help Trump is OK receiving from Russia, China, etc. :) He could never win on his own.
Patriotic Texan
Patriotic Texan:
This is easy peasy !!!
Thomas Moeller
Thomas Moeller:
I had to watch the Biden Q&A twice. Biden leaning in like that and the arrogant response confirmed my view of him. There were so many better ways to respond and he went creepy Joe. That said, if it comes down to Biden and Trump, Biden will have my vote. I'll take creepy Joe, without hesitation, over narcissistic, sexist, egotistical, hypocritical, lying Russian/Chinese/North Korean Bee-ache any day.
Kevin Hsu
Kevin Hsu:
it’s ok! Trump trailed a even bigger gap behind Hillary!😎
Dushi Dobermann
Dushi Dobermann:
Biden should attack his low iq .... 😂😂
Seoul Man
Seoul Man:
It's june of 2019. Why bother with polls this early?
Quiet Entropy
Quiet Entropy:
Go to Quinnipiac itself. Landline and cell, randomly dialed. 4 or more call attempts? Yeah, I'd block you. 1200 or so called. Biden actually lost five points since their last poll.
Okami_No _Heishi
Okami_No _Heishi:
Cant wait to cast my vote against the cheeto and hid anti christ vice demon.
Daytrading Lifestyle
Daytrading Lifestyle:
That's what the polls said about Hillary Clinton in 2016, she was always in the lead and LOST in spectacular fashion 🤣🤣🤣 repeate of 2016 polls ??? 😂
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop:
but you can't win based on biden's race and gender so why would you choose him? I thought the left only cared about identity politics?
Rigged polls
Chuckle Head
Chuckle Head:
A good idea would be to make them run a quarter-mile and see who wins
Grim Reefer
Grim Reefer:
Here come the Bots and loyalist to protect lying king!
BERNIE leads Trump by almost 20%....just sayin
Stephan Maurer
Stephan Maurer:
Omg...Biden? Really America? It's switching shady pimps, that's what it is

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