Patriots Trade WR Demaryius Thomas to the Jets

In today’s video I talked about the New England Patriots trading wide receiver Demaryius Thomas to the New York Jets. I talked about why this moved happened and how it affects the team. What do you think? Tell me in the comments below! In this video we discussed the latest update on the New England Patriots moves. Patriots global is a page for all New England Patriots fans to be able to connect and get caught up on the latest news. You can expect me to make videos as soon as possible for you guys to be able to enjoy! ————————————————————— HOW TO CONTACT ME


Kimberly Peacock
Kimberly Peacock:
Sad I did want to see Thomas.
Robert gibbs
Robert gibbs:
This was surprising to me I feel like they believe in ab I don't know if I do yet
PatriotsNation Tattoo
PatriotsNation Tattoo:
We got now Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Julian Edelman,Phillip Dorsett, Jakobi Meyers, N’keal Harry
Andre Persaud
Andre Persaud:
I am just glAd they keeping Jacobi
This was extremely unexpected for me but we can take receiver cuts because we have good depth.
I don't like it but I get it, as far as AB we can with him or without him so I'm rather neutral on his signing
Robert Luna
Robert Luna:
I bet you Rob Gronkowski is come back for other ring
particle 6
particle 6:
Would love to see you do game recap and thoughts of the Patriots development every week
Dumb move. AB might be getting suspended & it's only a matter of time before Gordon fails a drug test & is suspended for the rest of the year.
John Kim
John Kim:
This is extremely upsetting as Demaryius Thomas is only two seasons removed from a great season and a few from many consecutive Pro Bowls.
darrell perrz
darrell perrz:
Gonna get real here. Gronk IS coming back. Bruschi didnt just pick him up on his fantasy draft for nothing.
MR Automotive
MR Automotive:
We know the deal as soon as Antonio Brown was signed somebody gots to go and like I said Bill Belichick was sharpening up the Ginsu knife once again and it had to be Demaryius Thomas goodbye🤣🤣🤣🤣🔪
Jacobi Meyers seems like a better fit...he's a beast along with. Dorsett which is a beast...we have 2 deep threats...Flash Gordon...NKeal Harry...and 2 nuclear weapons...Edelman and Antonio Brown...we don't need. Thomas at this point as WR...we're good!
Josh Noman Sports
Josh Noman Sports:
You know I’m kind of glad they made this trade because the dude rejected me at Ford Field giving me a high five 😂😂😂
David Sabillon
David Sabillon:
Thanks for being on top of this 🤜🤛
Madden Jet
Madden Jet:
Just shows that the Patriots don't see the Jets as a threat in the division. Pats don't need him anyway
Lena Hedger
Lena Hedger:
Ummmm they better hold up, AB was just accused of sexual assault.
Big Meatball
Big Meatball:
This strengthens another position where Belichick thinks we need someone.
Ian Williams
Ian Williams:
smarter would have been to place dt on ir nd could bring him back mid season if ab is problem jg relapses and someone else gets injured 6 rnd choices for ne are pretty irrelevant they pick up 2-3 undraftyed fa each year who work out fine snd you can't keep all your draftees on the roster each year. personally i am a little sad would liked dt to win sb7 with tb12
cristhian B
cristhian B:
honestly i wanted to see DT playing :/, i know we got a lot, but still AB and sadly gordon are not completely reliable yet, this could be the best offense ever or a disaster, i hope for the first thou.
patriots Nation
patriots Nation:
I saw this coming when they signed ab and they need offensive line depth
Chase McBrien
Chase McBrien:
If Thomas stays healthy and has a decent season, then Jets could snatch that last wildcard spot come late December.
Nathan Milani
Nathan Milani:
I like this move because lets face it pats nation which is more important o-line to protect Tom Brady or WR's to give Tom Brady more weapons to throw too? To me I would pick oline because Brady is 42 and he needs a offensive line that can protect him more than ever expressly after Marcus cannon going down with a injury.
tj hoping I make it 2 heaven
tj hoping I make it 2 heaven:
Jakobi meyers is the future
Cameron Brian
Cameron Brian:
John Cutajar
John Cutajar:

Pretty old
Injury issues
Big contract compared to young guys

Not sure he is healthy now....sent to Jets so i expect he is done as BB would not have sent a real threat to the Jets.
A 2021 6th round pick. 🤦‍♂️
R K:
This trade sounds fine until Brown self destructs and someone else gets injured.
Light Yagami
Light Yagami:
Should of kept Thomas because of the AB situation 💀💀💀
Jim Cahill
Jim Cahill:
Audio sounded great on this one. Sad to see DT go. Prior to game 1, I heard some say Dorsett might be on the outs. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case after he lit up the Steelers. Hopefully N'Keal Harry heals up and will have quite the roster of receivers.
100% sure he plays immediately on MNF.
Blake Ratliff
Blake Ratliff:
Best YouTube channel for sports keep up the great work. Always a must watch.
Angel Rosario
Angel Rosario:
That’s sad 😢 wanted to see him play with Brady
PatriotsNation Tattoo
PatriotsNation Tattoo:
Why got trade 💔
V T:
If he plays right away for the Jets, I’ll be pissed.
Adam Davis
Adam Davis:
My thinking on this is nikhil Harry is coming back week 8 and they want to keep a variety of receivers in keeping Phillip Dorsett. You have another big-bodied receiver coming back mid-season in in Harry so that gives you Gordon and Harry 4 size and Dorsett Edelman and Brown for space. That being said I was looking forward to seeing Demaryius Thomas line up with these boys guys
Percy Knowlton
Percy Knowlton:
Better him than the rookies. We still have to look to the future and I think we have a great rookie we class
Jared J
Jared J:
Thomas probably wouldn't sign with the Jets if he was cut so they traded for him.
David Gatzen
David Gatzen:
I was kind of neutral about Demaryius Thomas when the Patriots got him. Thomas was good in the past, but he was slowing down, his production was down, he was injured, and he did not participate in most of the preseason. I think the Patriots take too many chances on players who are injury prone. I got more excited about Thomas when I finally saw him play in the last preseason game, because I thought he played well, so I thought at that time that he might make the team. The Patriots have a lot of good receivers this year, so no matter who got cut some fans would not be happy.
We don"t need AB...make this clear...
Eman Paul
Eman Paul:
Trade him for a RG because Marcus Cannon hurt.
The Bear Minimum
The Bear Minimum:
But where just gonna need to signs WR in a month or so once the injuries start to pile up. I guess we need backup for Cannon but DT still has enough in him it's a shame really.
Michael Direnzo
Michael Direnzo:
I dont love it but id rather trade thomas than dorset
Andre Persaud
Andre Persaud:
I really like Thomas why couldn’t we just destroy defense with these type of receivers
Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career
Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career:
AB's accused of sexual assault on three occasions. I wonder how Belichick is gonna respond to that.
Nah, Pats just helping the Jets be competitive to ensure Pats can lock up home field advantage for the playoffs.
Jon Hawkins
Jon Hawkins:
Harry will be off the IR list soon. And with the addition of AB that gave them 11 receivers. Now their down to 10.
Lamp Long Bust
Lamp Long Bust:
I didn’t want him to go away!
Rich Ovejero, CPA
Rich Ovejero, CPA:
D.T. was just a butt on the bench. Pats did the best thing and got a draft pick. Maybe they will get a back up corner or linemen with that pick?
Jasonjjw west
Jasonjjw west:
Huuuuuuuge mistake. AB is a disaster.
Tim Looney
Tim Looney:
Not a surprise. What is surprising is that we got a draft pick at all. Since it was a trade, the Jets assume his one year contract which should take that off the books for 2019. My laziness means I didn't check that number from Migel's site. The roster spot was the determining factor seeing that Cannon will miss time. Maybe Bodine is still in town.
The Lop
The Lop:
I would rather have him than AB
James Bond
James Bond:
Offensive lineman, yep
Henry Quarles
Henry Quarles:
Don't no about this
Kevan Brose
Kevan Brose:
If your rich and famous find a good girl and marry her. Dont cheat. If you stay single document every single thing. Save texts. Getting treacherous out here
J Coleman
J Coleman:
Dorsett has hit his stride
Patrick McAvoy
Patrick McAvoy:
If I was DT I'd be pissed he basically been over backwards for them getting cut not signing any were coming back and now just to be traded away . Could've at least let them play a game to see what you had who knows how long Brown sticks around for or if he gets suspended for games or not
Antonio Brown is now being sued for “Sexual Assault”.
G3 Heathen
G3 Heathen:
And a.b. mucks it up again by assaulting someone. The old Scorpion and frog story.
Ronald Chump
Ronald Chump:
D . Thomas went bananas in the preseason finale,but he is a super bowl champ,should've kept him
R.J Williams
R.J Williams:
Ehh!!! He still gets a Super Bowl ring if they win.
Steffen Samlal
Steffen Samlal:
Distraction numero uno rape gate
Making room for Gronk?
George Selleck
George Selleck:
Trade within division? To Jets?? Really??? DT is not the player I would’ve traded anyway., good value given an injury happening. Yeesh
Diesel Johnson
Diesel Johnson:
Absolutely loaded at WR, best core we’ve ever had, even better than ‘07. I love having Harry waiting in the wings, getting fully healthy and learning, in case anything happens with Gordon or anyone else. Plus this lawsuit against Brown is the perfect thing to have happen and really keep that little monkey in line and on his best behavior.
Jelmail Lawson
Jelmail Lawson:
Yes but I would have kept him if even if he was on injury reserveand we got all rookie receiver so he's on injury reserve so I know that's why they got rid of him but I would have kept him for backup as well we looking for a Superbowland Antonio Brown got to keep his mouth shut and do what he supposed toso maybe he would do that you know Bill ain't going to take no crap from
Disgusting news lol
Whoever says that they didn't expect this is definitely not aware of anything football. This guy hasn't played due to injuries and he's injured again, it's ridiculous. He'll suffer more injuries throughout the year as well, I'm sure of it.
It doesn't matter if Antonio Brown works out or not we are stacked regardless. Gordon, Edelman, Dorsett , Meyers and eventually Harry.
We are so much further ahead of where we were last year we won the Super Bowl last year to boot!
The money we still have Burkhead, White and Sony Michel
Brandon Wallace
Brandon Wallace:
Will AB be playing Sunday after what’s just happened
They did it because of all the flack they were getting from the rest of the league for being too powerful. The pats didn’t even use Thomas in game 1, and they already proved they had the receivers they wanted. So Thomas is a ZERO loss, makes no difference.
Undefined Channel
Undefined Channel:
This horribly surprised me and broke my heart to see him go. I was so hyped to see this guy play for us. It make sense cause of our depth and the additional of AB. We just had to many outside receivers. But now with AB and his charges It becomes murky.
Elf of Courage
Elf of Courage:
But why trade him to the Jets?
Baylieez MADX CREW
Baylieez MADX CREW:
If brown gets put on commish suspended list this is bad trade
B B:
AB starts his bs up, and goes then we’d need DT. This is a mistake by Bill.
Burt Gordon
Burt Gordon:
I think they realized Thomas wasn't going to be able to get to a level that Meyers could.
Ben Dupre
Ben Dupre:
Would have preferred D.thomas over Brown, assuming he stayed healthy.
cyborg cyborg
cyborg cyborg:
that's suck .why jets.he come back to beat pats
Now we are in trouble after trading this guy and ab being accused of rape.
Nick ______
Nick ______:
I liked dt wtf, now ab is under sketchy rape charges... well not charges but more like a grab for his wallet lol
Biggz Smith
Biggz Smith:
Fuck the patriots!!!!
Well we might miss him quite abit if AB ends up getting pulled because of the rape charges.
Antonio brown has a rape case hope this dont come back to harm them
J Coleman
J Coleman:
AB is being charged of raping a gold digging whore
Jeff Neilson
Jeff Neilson:
NowAntonio Brown has been accused for rape🤦🏻‍♂️
Not shocked. The trade itself, but who it’s with I’m a little surprised with but w.e. I Was never a big fan of the acquisition of Thomas in the first place. AB from recent stuff seems like a real piece of sh*t person but hope it works out on the field. Go Pats!
Scotty Dodd
Scotty Dodd:
Hey guys AB has been accused of rape. He is being sued by a so-called Trainor. I don't take this subject lightly but this is the most ridiculous accusation ever! Please go on NESN to read the court documents and see for yourself. She isn't bringing the police into the situation, she is sueing him SMH.
vu thieu
vu thieu:
Come on man why the hell did you trade this guy he's a fucking beast
You subscribe to your channel can you sub to my channel and I knew this would happen
H B:
AB is being accused of rape wtf.
michael taylor
michael taylor:
Antonio Brown accused of rape by former trainer let the distractions begin.
Antonio brown is accused of rape

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