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Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career
Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career:
Unpopular opinion: If AB continues to be an idiot, Patriots should go sign Torrey Smith and release AB.
The thing that makes AB and Josh Gordon dangerous tandem is that they both are still in their prime and led the NFL in receiving at one point. It reminds me of the Reggie Wayne/Marvin Harrison or James Lofton and Andre Reed in addition to who you've already mentioned.
Samuel William Wilkinson
Samuel William Wilkinson:
Aww man! DT is gone!
Tough! Feel bad for the dude. These leagues are business though. Thanks for uploading Ingraven. Team #KeepItCleanAlways
Tydrekus Robinson
Tydrekus Robinson:
They was like we got Ab so we straight
Josh Abrahams
Josh Abrahams:
Ab said im here dt u out of here in mr McMahon's voice
Natasha cutie pie
Natasha cutie pie:
Wait, we traded DT because we got AB?! 😠
King Amart
King Amart:
TO and Ocho was a good duo also
S H:
When Jets get Chris Herndon back they will be nice! It’s a reason why Jamison Crowder had 14 catches and Quincy Enunwa only had 1 catch...Robby had a touchdown that he tried to run under instead of high point it 😂.

Thomas can come in at 1 spot and take over or draw coverage to him. Can block and help running game too!
aaron hockey
aaron hockey:
I’ve seen this coming
Matias Morales
Matias Morales:
As a Jet fan we’ll take it to bolster our wide receiving core and to provide more help for Darnold ✈️ good move Joe
Neight Key Cichlids
Neight Key Cichlids:
Jerry rice and T.O
Natasha cutie pie
Natasha cutie pie:
Everyone keeps forgetting the Patriots tried to acquire AB back in March for a 1st rd pick but the Steelers wouldn't do it. AB has known Bill wanted him for a loooong time.
Christopher Do44
Christopher Do44:
Demariyus Thomas doesnt belong with the Pats.
Too much faith in A.B not getting released. I hope Belichick got this one right, but I have my doubts.
Show me De wey
Show me De wey:
Tom Brady/Edelman/Gronk/ & belechick was enough for the league alone last year .... 😂 🤷🏾‍♂️
Larry McMillan Jr.
Larry McMillan Jr.:
Imagine if Gronk comes out of retirement.
D 3
D 3:
They don’t respect his skills if he is traded to a division rival
Larry Hamilton
Larry Hamilton:
Marvin Harrison - Reggie wayne
Johnny C
Johnny C:
Weird fact... Pats have lighthouse emblems on Gillette field (a nod to New England's shore communities). Kind of fitting when they have a history of taking talented players and steering them right. Hate on them if you like, but I think it's cool.
Johnny C
Johnny C:
Maaan, bad news. 8 receivers is ridiculous, though. Silver lining: DT got paid to heal & re-up a contract. Pats did him justice. I wish him well.
Marcus Rutledge
Marcus Rutledge:
Making Room for AB I see.
Ravens Elite 20
Ravens Elite 20:
Dang, we need to get in a game soon.
Paul Jacobson
Paul Jacobson:
davon milton-duvall
davon milton-duvall:
U know we cut the wr modster I hope patriots don’t pick him up he fits them to good lol
c k
c k:
Free draft pick for a guy the jets could of singed as a free agent tomorrow. Silly jets.
I knew they was letting him go after they signed Brown Edelman, Brown, Gordon is enough Thomas was like a extra body
Show me De wey
Show me De wey:
Belechick/ Danny Ainge is some RUTHLESS maf*ckas .... that’s why BOSTON keeps winning ✊🏾 😂 ✌🏾
Marcus Rutledge
Marcus Rutledge:
But you know how Karma works Demaryius Thomas will go to the Jets, have a monster year, and will probably beat the Pats at least once. As far as AB goes....We just have too see how that works out.
Stal Zemsty
Stal Zemsty:
The Steelers got one sack. The Patriots O Line needs some work. It collapsed pretty quickly but Tom managed to get the ball out fast.
Jets and Yankees Nation 40
Jets and Yankees Nation 40:
Marshall and Decker were really good for a year in 2015. Also Juice and OBJ.
The Winter Brigade
The Winter Brigade:
People still play madden 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Carlo Ironaddict
Carlo Ironaddict:
Tiger/Texan SuperFan
Tiger/Texan SuperFan:
Nuk and Fuller V similar
/ Scotty178
/ Scotty178:
I love this video, great insight, i hope Thomas goes off on the Pats
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia:
"AB is destroying the team already!"
John Cutajar
John Cutajar:
His salary was high. Health a Jet so it ends bad.

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