OnePlus 7 Pro Hands On Unboxing!

OnePlus 7 Pro Hands On Unboxing! Hello all and welcome to my hands on unboxing video of the brand new OnePlus 7 Pro. In this video we will do a first impressions and look of the phone and what comes in the box prior to the pre-order so you can try to figure out if this is going to be the phone for you. The OnePlus 7 Pro features a 6.67" 2K+ 90HZ refresh Fluid Amoled Display with over 500ppi, a 4000 mAH battery, triple 48MP+8MP+16MP camera, warp charging, and up to 12GB of ram with a Snapdragon 855 7nm cpu. If you have the OnePlus 7 Pro or plan on buying one, please consider sharing your experiences and thoughts with the community down below in the comment section of this video! Any further questions, video suggestions, leave them there as well and enjoy the content :) Application for OnePlus 7 Pro wallpapers: Nick Ackerman Channel MERCH: TOOLS I MAKE VIDEOS WITH: STUDIO VIDEOS CAMERA: MAIN EDITING LAPTOP: LET'S CONNECT!! SUBSCRIBE: WEBSITE: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM:

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Nick Ackerman
Nick Ackerman:
OnePlus 7 Pro Hands On Unboxing! Let's Gooo!!!

OnePlus 7 Pro vs iPhone XS Max Speed Test is now live on the channel:
Gene Paradiso
Gene Paradiso:
With all your subscribers, you didn’t get a package from 1+ ?!!!
jecelyn x
jecelyn x:
nebula blue? i'll wait for thanos purple, iron man red or hulk green.
sad OnePlus 6 owner crying in the corner
Andre Arthur
Andre Arthur:
Could you do Xiaomi Mi 9 vs OnePlus 7 Pro?
Reuel Burton
Reuel Burton:
One of the best YouTube reviewer
Mark's Tech
Mark's Tech:
what really blows my mind is the TWO CHANNEL UFS 3.0... that is insane. TWO CHANNELS.
Omar Rahwanjy
Omar Rahwanjy:
Man ,, Your Intro Is So Fancy,, Specially The Soundtrack ❤️❤️
Warp 30w but Huawei P30 Pro has 40w!
I'm really thinking about buying the 7 Pro.
I can't believe you still have the same carrier bloatware there in the US in 2019 😐
Lucas Frazier
Lucas Frazier:
Love your reviews. Would be awesome if you could do some in 4k or even 1440p.
Raf Margaryan
Raf Margaryan:
Waiting for the speed tests! :))
Tigran Ohanyan
Tigran Ohanyan:
Mi 9 vs oneplus 7pro
Sherry shrey
Sherry shrey:
No headphone jack dongle in the box ☹️🙁
Salman Farooq
Salman Farooq:
Speed test and full comparison between oneplus 7 pro vs IPhone xs, one plus 7 Pro vs Samsung galaxy s10 not s10plus....... 👌😉
Sarthak Talukdar
Sarthak Talukdar:
You are a great youtuber Nick😋😋😊. Loved ur hardwork .
DieHardSkilletFan_ 2000
DieHardSkilletFan_ 2000:
I really enjoy watching your videos.
I really like this phone but No headphone jack no SD card slot yeah ☹🙁
Very exciting video, One plus should pay u for this. l Im 99% determined of getting it, since im all in to a nochless,punchless and clean screens. but im Not a fan of their colour choices(blue,grey,almond). Do u think they will come with brighter a differnt colour veriants later on.
V.R Education
V.R Education:
*One plus 7 pro fans like here*
Daniella Rose
Daniella Rose:
mbbl 14
mbbl 14:
This thing is sick. I wanna see that 90hz screen in person
Saurabh Shivam
Saurabh Shivam:
You really nice person please try speed test vs iPhone xs max.
prakash sunny
prakash sunny:
One Plus 7Pro Better Than ShitPhone X😂
emanuel pimentel
emanuel pimentel:
Let's Gooo!!!
First and foremost... KEEP HOLDING IT DOWN FOR THE CHI 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. Secondly, what camera are you using for your reviews!? It is my favorite out of all the creators on YouTube FRFR!!!
Oliver H
Oliver H:
Think my next phone will be oneplus 8/8 pro, if they manage to not rise the price too much
travis villarreal
travis villarreal:
Please do a video how to make your Samsung a50 BEAST MODE.
This is my first time on this channel and I really like the representation along with background music. Every thing is great. Nice work. 👍
tamil selvan
tamil selvan:
Amazing one
1. How is the new Vibration motor compared to Apple's Taptic Engine?

2. Some said the dual speakers were muffled compared S10+ at high volume is that true?

3. The curved angle at the sides seem to be overboard to the point of distorting content at the sides ?
I had to travel 9hr on plane to get the phone lol but I never use It i just use my s10+
Cantona Anthony Ofori
Cantona Anthony Ofori:
U kept long why by the way get me one
Renato Guedes
Renato Guedes:
Shakeel Tunio
Shakeel Tunio:
One plus 7 pro many videos coming soon let's go 😍😍😍😍
I'm interested in a battery test with different screen settings (Hz and resolution) cuz reviewers are reporting mixed results but most leaning towards poor battery life
Florin Dascalu
Florin Dascalu:
Man cut the grass. It started to grow on your desk
Radu Ionut
Radu Ionut:
You and Flossy Carter looove this one plus
Jad Khalil
Jad Khalil:
Hows your nephew Levi doing?
Khalilou Koita
Khalilou Koita:
No headphone in the box....
Patrick Chong
Patrick Chong:
A great phone👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Love the display😍😍😍
Som Rach Prak
Som Rach Prak:
Wow nick
Jeremiah Sgro little bit of everything
Jeremiah Sgro little bit of everything:
I dont understand why t-mobile dont get more then one version of a oneplus phone.
Kun Khmer TV
Kun Khmer TV:
when you compare its camera?
Cali 4nia
Cali 4nia:
7in would've been perfect
If I wasn't waiting on the Note10 I'd DEFINITELY get the one plus7pro
Pato Pimentel
Pato Pimentel:
I guess you will speed testing against all over your phones
Nice vid that is the most powerful phone i have ever seen and we will se in your future speed test with the one plus 7 pro that this will be the fastest phone of all till the 2020 i know this for sure
Pippaass Crack
Pippaass Crack:
90 hertz refresh rate and animations .5?hmmmmm🤔
Gamer Zone
Gamer Zone:
I stuck with the S4
That T-Mobile screen when you turn on the phone is *GROSS* 🤮
it's a very cool phone, but OnePlus is Chinese and is probably fast-tracking your data to the Chinese Gvt.
Tinnakorn Sai
Tinnakorn Sai:
One punch pro lol
Engie Guy
Engie Guy:
Does anyone know of where i can purchase an unlocked one plus 7 pro? thank you so much
i just don't know if its on their official website or what, from the looks of it on their website it comes with tmobile locked in
Saurabh Shivam
Saurabh Shivam:
Snapdragon 855 support upto 16GB ram DDR4X 4266 atleast you should buy 12GB ram varient of OnePlus 7 pro.
lawan GULL
lawan GULL:
Which is iphone x or s10 plus or oneplus 7 pro?

For meeeeee😜😜😜😜😜
Matthew Kudavor
Matthew Kudavor:
Pls do speed test
I love the color on this one. 💙
hate the light reflection that one can notice on the edges of a curved screen. Not a fan of curved screen at all.
Amin Shah
Amin Shah:
waiting for Nick style Speed test, what do say guys
Saurabh Shivam
Saurabh Shivam:
Bro this is not a top model of oneplus 7 pro because top model have 12GB ram varient
Włodek 1410
Włodek 1410:
Xiaomi mi mix better
Ananth Ananth
Ananth Ananth:
7pro over cost . 7which time launch
Cata Versi
Cata Versi:
this have T-MOBILE branding all over it 🤢🤮
superboy ddd
superboy ddd:
compare one plus 7 pro to iphone xr ,for this price xr looking garbage 720p lcd phone
Angel Dave
Angel Dave:
The best phone is Galaxy Note 9
Renato Guedes
Renato Guedes:
Speed test
Javier Hernandez
Javier Hernandez:
No headphone jack 🤧
Koty in the club
Koty in the club:
I find that one plus phones look weird on the back and I hate it. I just personally like the glass back on the iPhones because they look cleaner and more modern
Tech Mystery
Tech Mystery:
Everybody's jelous about this beast
Ionut Codrut
Ionut Codrut:
Speed test!!!!!
Brett M.
Brett M.:
Background music?
WHY DID YOU BUY THE T-MOBILE VERSION?!?! You're not getting any updates from oneplus if you buy the T-Mobile version
OnePlus 7 vs iPhone SE Speedtest pls
Goddess Hylia
Goddess Hylia:
Doesn't have 5G
D DarkD3viL
D DarkD3viL:
when you look at the back that color makes it look like a cheap plastic.... :(
Jean Grey
Jean Grey:
What about thanos purple or gamora green
Night Star
Night Star:
Sorry google, one+ is better
Nice video Nick
Happy Cloud
Happy Cloud:
oppo find x 😏
Sameer Rai
Sameer Rai:
Can you compare between iphone xs max vs oneplus 7 pro with full detail
Tech 'n' Tricky
Tech 'n' Tricky:
C'mon oneplus!
Why dud u remove headphone jack & card slot?????????
Toppers Hub Official
Toppers Hub Official:
Following u since 15k subs now u r close to 500k way to go man😊
Surkamal Singh
Surkamal Singh:
In 12 gb ram phone
we will get earphones in the box ????
How does it stack up with the iPhone XS Max?
Ezden Khaled
Ezden Khaled:
with the new 90z who do you think is the smothest : iphone xs max or one plus 7 pro🤔
Samar Preet
Samar Preet:
How much free space we get?
Did it come with screen protector to like the 6t?0
Shahkar Khaliq
Shahkar Khaliq:
Gabriel Martins Gabriel
Gabriel Martins Gabriel:
Roubaram minha ideia de câmera
Who else is seeing the glare and distortions on the curved screen?
Docc Johnson
Docc Johnson:
Have you checked your RAM availability? It appears after updating to 9.5.5, my RAM availability is non existent. Right now, I'm at 94% use which seems virtually impossible with an 8GB of RAM.
Moe A
Moe A:
And of course, no headphones included lol. It's definitely a deal breaker for me.
Orange is The new black
Orange is The new black:
And the xr cost the same just look at both no need to say more
Let's goooooooo
Sagnik Banerjee
Sagnik Banerjee:
I will buy Zenfone 6
Baibars I.
Baibars I.:
Can you do a 96 hour front camera stress test? Oneplus did a 12 hour stress test but i dont trust them.