"Ohio, Tim Conway, Crying Weight Loss, Empire and more" | Full Show 05.15.19

The show opens today and we give thanks to God. Another day another dollar. An Ohio high school removes the distinction of valedictorian and salutatorian to minimize competition among students. Comedy legend Tim Conway died yesterday at age 85. We give out another friendly reminder that this years star studded Sand and Soul is selling fast so getting tickets for you and yours is of the utmost importance. A controversial video of a police shooting in Texas leaves social media divided. Little did we know that shedding tears can actually help you shed weight. Good and bad news for Empire fans. Empire will return this Fall, however, Jussie Smollett is still a question mark. The sixth season will also be the last. Today in Closing Remarks, Big Dog talks about accepting God's will and so much more.


Kay T 38
Kay T 38:
Happy Humpday!
Victoria Malik, Realtor
Victoria Malik, Realtor:
I’m crying Steve said “I ain’t never seen none of the people turn out to be nothing, tell you the truth.” .... and he’s telling the truth
Alexander James-Palmer
Alexander James-Palmer:
Tim Conway was such an amazing actor and comedian. He was absolutely awesome.
I love Kier - when he laffs, I laff! And it's valedictorian, Mr Harvey (almost Latin) lol
Omar Scott
Omar Scott:
What's up my people, I pray every one is well! One of the greatest gifts God has given us all is the power to think. We either thinking positive, or negative. What you put out, you will receive. Whatever you believe in your heart will manifest in your life. So let's all exercise positive thinking, faith over fear, and victory over defeat!
Elite Hair
Elite Hair:
Late but here! Hi guys. Hope you are having a blessed week.
Jalece Woodley
Jalece Woodley:
Loving ya'll everyday from the ATL!!
Johnny Emerson
Johnny Emerson:
Tell junior he has the job he dont have to laugh that hard at what Steve says
Belle O
Belle O:
Heyyyy beautiful people....

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