Officials urge anyone who spots Northern Snakehead fish to kill it

The Northern Snakehead fish was just spotted for the first time in Georgia. It's an invasive species that can breathe air and survive outside of water — and wildlife officials are urging people to kill it on site.


Nick Anon
Nick Anon:
Want me to kill them? Stop requiring permission to fish, and I'll target snakehead like there's no tomorrow. Until then, eh, the fish can do what they want.
Miss Example
Miss Example:
They good meat! Make snakehead curry 🍛
hirangan lapas
hirangan lapas:
Snake head have very high albumine,, and stupid people kill them all.. Good job.. 👍👍👍
jose amador
jose amador:
I saw one of these in Orlando Fl a couple weeks ago, is was a rainy day and it came across the street and disappear on the grass.
R A:
If you want to destroy snakehead you need piranha and African dog fish
Do completely opposite of what government says.