NYY @ HOU - Altuve sends the Astros to the World Series! ᴴᴰ

Jose Altuve sends the Astros to the World Series with a walk-off home run!

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Carlos Inda
Carlos Inda:
Someone in Cooperstown better get a plaque ready for Altuve.
ALFredo C
ALFredo C:
After that Hit, Jose just shoed himself into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. His longevity stats are proof enough. Congratulations Houston. You got the Michael Jordan of the Astros.
Remember Yanks:
“ Offense Sells Tickets 🎫 “
“ Pitching Sells World Series 🎫 “
Go Astros 👩‍🚀 !!!
Pennants since 2010

Mets: 1
Yankees: 0
Jim C. Goodfellas
Jim C. Goodfellas:
The legend of Altuve grows..
homero molina
homero molina:
Jose altuve is the Houston Astros captain period!
Justin Cote
Justin Cote:
Yo James harden and russell Westbrook we’re front row
Antonio Gonzalez
Antonio Gonzalez:
That crowd must have been insane
Brian Chua
Brian Chua:
Aaron Boone thinking, man I did that 16 years ago
Taste of his own medicine
Soulchenko 7
Soulchenko 7:
Chapman's look says it all.....candyman eyes...
Ronaldjaviermerc 18448225
Ronaldjaviermerc 18448225:
Él.pequeño.gigante representando a Venezuela 🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪🇻🇪😍
Spino's Gaming Channel 2.0
Spino's Gaming Channel 2.0:
Man, My Brother and i went Insane when that Happened!
Mediocre Cousins
Mediocre Cousins:
Astros vs Nationals is about to be epic! Great hitters and pitching on both sides .
Christine Aromando
Christine Aromando:
Mets fan here, but quickly developing a place in my heart for the Astros just like the one I have for the Red Sox! Amazing game, amazing team. This should be an interesting World Series!
Ron Mexico
Ron Mexico:
An inspiration to people with no legs everywhere.
Matthew Brewington
Matthew Brewington:
I’m a dodgers fan but that was one of the best postseason moments maybe ever
Austin Sepeda
Austin Sepeda:
Was watching this and as an Indians fan I went nuts!!!
O L:
Not quite like winning it all last year, but watching the Yankees lose is as close as it gets for this Red Sox fan.
Ya Boi Tom
Ya Boi Tom:
Two outs and you give that GOAT the slider he crushes throughout his career
Zicdood 2
Zicdood 2:
0:12 he looked like he was gonna murder someone
Brandon Donovan
Brandon Donovan:
Harden and Westbrook in the background
What God and religion does Altuve worship and how do I sign up? Seems pretty legit 😂👌
Rodney Edwards Jr.
Rodney Edwards Jr.:
Down goes the Yankees, Astros baby! 🤘🤘🤘
The Punisher
The Punisher:
Altuve is such a blessed man , he plays like he has mutant powers 😂
Matt Kepner
Matt Kepner:
and the fat lady has sung tonight: "Yankees season over!"
Adam Brown
Adam Brown:
I still remember when everyone made fun of my Lastros
Josh Ross
Josh Ross:
Even Chapman smiles lol
Dane Webster
Dane Webster:
The lady behind the plate who is clapping and doesn’t change her expression or cheer bothers me 🙄🙄
Paxsoprano Dynasty
Paxsoprano Dynasty:
Craig Biggio is so proud, as he should be. I wish he had won one himself .
Ethan Gilbert
Ethan Gilbert:
Red Sox fan here. I've watched this home run on repeat about 20 times now and still gives me chills, not only for knocking the yanks out but because of Altuve (mr. Clutch). I'm all in on the stro's for another title!
Nate The Great
Nate The Great:
The New York Yankees fans 🖕 will have the rest of the offseason to abuse as many people as they want to now! What they did to some of the Houston Astros fans as well as some of the players was simply ridiculous! Karma is a MF, huh? This home run was a good way to stick it to em!
Juliet Thompson
Juliet Thompson:
Tiny man, Big impact.
Daniel Ficarra
Daniel Ficarra:
I’m an Angels fan, always appreciated him, he really reminds me of David Eckstein. Seriously incredible
Finally joe buck made a Great call
John Emmanuel Ramos-Henderson
John Emmanuel Ramos-Henderson:
0:04 (Howard Cosell voice) THAT'S GONE!! (few seconds later) Jose Altuve from Venezuela has won the American League Pennant with a two-run walkoff homerun for the Houston Astros!!!
Erick Macías
Erick Macías:
I've watched the walk off at least 50 times. Imagine how many more times than that Tim Wakefield has!
Just incredible. This team is relentless
Cesar Angel
Cesar Angel:
As a dodgers fan I respect Altuve,amazing player.
James Harden and Russell Westbrook in the background be like: What just happened?! Why is everyone standing?! LOL
Eagle Three
Eagle Three:
Altuve, absolute stud. Plays the game the right way, fundamentally sound, does the little things, base running, defense, good leader, and ABSOLUTELY CLUTCH.
Ryan Hungerford
Ryan Hungerford:
Let’s talk about that opening second mustache though 👍
Kyle Baptist
Kyle Baptist:
You leave a slider like that hanging up in the zone against arguably one of the best hitters in the game right now, you should expect that!
Prime Choi Min-ki
Prime Choi Min-ki:
Altuve literally saved baseball, no chance of the yankees winning the title is a win for baseball.
bLaCjAcK Daniels
bLaCjAcK Daniels:
When you throw 100+ mph and the 2017 MVP is up and already represents the winning run with Marisnick in deck, it makes total sense not only to throw an 84 mph slider, but to pitch to him at all!
God that's why I love this team
that crowd...that feeling has to be insane
philly_ sports
philly_ sports:
Pablo Sanchez from Backyard Baseball comes up huge yet again.
John Cook
John Cook:
Lmao. Chapman just keeps a smiling composure. God bless baseball!!
I just now peep harden and Westbrook showing no emotion 😂
John Emmanuel Ramos-Henderson
John Emmanuel Ramos-Henderson:
0:04 (Russ Hodges voice)
There's a long drive, into left field, it's gonna be, I believe...... THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT! THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT! THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT!! Jose Altuve, the Venezuelan, has hit into the lower deck of the left-field stands! The Houston Astros have won the pennant and its' going crazy tonight in Houston!
Shane Brennan
Shane Brennan:
Did anyone else watching this real time get a vibe that fan smiling knew Altuve was going to hit this walkoff. Dude was smiling while his wife was having an anxiety attack.
Texas Made
Texas Made:
I can never watch this enough times!!! Such a beautiful finish! Let’s go Astros!!!!
iran lassninja
iran lassninja:
This one hurts my soul
But it is extremely impressive
Jose Atuve , if you want to be honest ,has been the best player in the MLB the Past 4 years.

He has a clutch trait like all the greats. ( Jeter , Ortiz )
ALFredo C
ALFredo C:
Some News Channel needs to interview that couple prior to Home Run because they were the Astros “Good Luck Charm”.
The Rush
The Rush:
Harden and Westbrook in the front at 0:04
YES SIR!!! Astros winning it again!!
I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin
I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin:
Greatness!!! Go astros
Danny Ryan
Danny Ryan:
Now we need titanic on this 🛳🛥⚾️
That old man right in the start was smiling like he knew something
Andrew /\ H-TOWN
Andrew /\ H-TOWN:
Dude their was fireworks and gunshots all night long 🤣🤣🤣
Wes Cottongim
Wes Cottongim:
Dude I went crazy when I saw this #Yankees suck
win lose
win lose:
Fking New York bye bye
Kenny Nipp
Kenny Nipp:
He's so tiny! Compared to his teammates!
Is this real?!?! Oh my God😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Justin Briggs
Justin Briggs:
dude that initial roar of the crowd when he cracks it
The train is moving so get out the way Yankees
oh Brucey
oh Brucey:
Altuve acting like he’s been there before.....
Inez Ojeda
Inez Ojeda:
Altuve grand master, you did it buddy 🤣💚
satyagraha a
satyagraha a:
Amazing player .....a giant and always showing awesome class.
Steve At Random
Steve At Random:
Congrats to the Astros, but damn, that was definitely one of the weakest game-winning on-field celebrations I’ve ever seen. Especially for a walk-off home run to send your team to the World Series
All of the youngsters who carried the Yankees most of the year deserved to be on the roster...all of the overpriced, overhyped players sunk this team when it counted.
Sean Collins
Sean Collins:
James Harden @ 5 seconds to the left. He thoroughly enjoyed it.
kaleb kuykendall
kaleb kuykendall:
After all those years of struggling the Astros have finally put together a great organization. Can we say the start of a dynasty?
lil bud
lil bud:
Such an amazing feeling. I remember sending the Astros to the world series in 76.
All Day
All Day:
The roar from the crowd after a hit is so dam cool
Ronnie Guitar
Ronnie Guitar:
I noticed that at 0:56 last night when it was live. Got the camera on that real quick. All an old man can say is "DAMN!".
Seriously Malfunctioned
Seriously Malfunctioned:
Never gets old watching this
Who were the dancers at 0:55, asking for a friend. 😁
Robert Gunner
Robert Gunner:
Expos gonna get whooped!
Ronnie Guitar
Ronnie Guitar:
@0:56 He should get some of that for hitting that home run.
Kim H
Kim H:
Altuve will mess you up!
My predictions were right!!!!! The World Series is between the Astros and the Nationals
Jesse Gonzales
Jesse Gonzales:
Westbrook n Harden don’t know what’s going on lmao
That guy can Fu€kin hit!!!
Bill Barnes
Bill Barnes:
New york New York 🤣🤣🤣
Nunya Business
Nunya Business:
Better call than "see ya later"
TreyJames 19
TreyJames 19:
Lets go!!!!!!!! ALTUVE!!!!!! Astros back in the World Series!!!! Man what a series this game was so stressing!!!! All else i can say is Great series man absolutely phenomenal series!!!!!
1.68 mts full power! 🇻🇪💪
Roberto Chapa
Roberto Chapa:
I need Osuna to change his number you noticed their both 54
little big man
It's almost like he knew what was coming.
Sergio Gonzalez
Sergio Gonzalez:
I love my city go astros
Ether 12:27
Ether 12:27:
Altuve.......fudging SAVAGE! !!!!!!!
I thought that this series wouldn’t follow up 2017 because that series was so good

I was dead wrong...
Jemone Hamilton
Jemone Hamilton:
Htown holding ain't a damn thang stolen
LOL @ Aroldis Chapman smiling
Beast boy Johnson
Beast boy Johnson:
An inspiration to all midgets